Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1504: Taking in your past and anguish

Kuro felt like she was soaking in water. It felt like she was floating around like an astral entity.

This feels weird.

Kuro thought to herself.

Kuro’s muddy consciousness slowly cleared up as she opened her eyes.

Faint light entered her eyes. She winced subconsciously before looking around.


A familiar voice responded.

“Finally awake, huh?”

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Rin, Luvia, miyu, and Illya stared at her.

She was in a large living room.

There are chairs, tables, cupboards, and a mini-kitchen near the corner. The light that hit her came from the glass sliding door near the patio entrance.

This looked like a villa.

Unlike villas, there are four magical formations spinning in the air.

Dark ropes chained Kuro up.

She got ambushed when she was about to retreat.


Kuro struggled with clenched teeth.

“Save your strength, Kuro-chan.”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“Those things can absorb and disperse your powers. Unless you can release more power than me, you’re stuck there until I say so.”

“An absorption and disbursement circle?”

She analyzed the magic formations.

‘What magecraft is this? It doesn’t match what I’ve seen…”

“You’ve seen little, young one…”

He explained.

“Do you profess to know all the magecraft in this world?”


Kuro turned her head the other way.

“I didn’t think Onii-chan would sneak up from behind like that, I’ve misjudged you.”


He lifted her chin before pinching her cheeks.

“You shot arrows from far away at Illya, I don’t think you can call anyone a sneaky individual here.”


Kuro protested.


Rin grumbled.

“Can you tease her after we are done extracting the information?”

He shrugged before letting go.

“Onii-chan, you meanie!”

Kuro used misty eyes on him.

“I thought you were kind, turns out you’re just a liar.”

“Save your theatrics…”

He sighed.

“You kept attacking Illya, you left me no other choice but to capture you.”

“I attacked her for a reason.”

Kuro retorted.

“I had every right to attack!”

“Stop talking about attacking me like you’re swatting a fly!”

Illya roared.

“Think about how I feel, think about what it is like to be on guard 24-7 against arrows from the dark?!”

“Yeah, you kept us in the dark too.’

Rin told her.

“We have many questions to ask.”


Kuro turned her head the other way.

“Why do people have so many questions for me?”

“Because you’re a bag of mysteries.”

Luvia snickered.

“We want to know what you are.”

Kuro snorted.

“Too bad, I don’t feel like answering. I don’t wanna answer any lousy questions from you all!”

“That’s not for you to decide!”

Rin said.

“You’re a prisoner, you will do as we say.’


Kuro taunted her.

“Why don’t you try your violent techniques with me, see if I will spit out the answers?”


Rin stared at her while Kuro leered back.

Rin is the first one to break eye contact.

“Jeez, you’re making this unnecessarily hard.”

She looked at Wu Yan.

“You, you’ve many unknown magecrafts, do you have one that can make people talk?”

“I wish I did.”

He pursed his lips.

“But, I have a magic that can read memories.”


They knew this was the perfect magic to use.

“Reading memories?”

Kuro turned pale while staring daggers in his direction.

“If you use that on me, I will never forgive Onii-chan!”

“If I wanted to, I would have used it.”

He explained.

“Look, you have things to hide and that’s fine. We all do. But, you attacked Illya, we need to know why. We can’t sit around and wait for Illya to get hurt, right?”

Kuro stayed silent.

She finally spilled the beans.

“I just got too emotional.”



She stared at Illya.

“I just don’t like how she gets to live an ordinary life with a happy family. Her life was designed so perfectly!”


Illya huffed.

“Is it wrong to want to live a normal life?!”

“Nope, but, why wasn’t it me?!”

Kuro started losing control of her emotions again.

“Why am I stuck with carrying your past and pain?!”


The others exchanged weird looks.

“What do you mean?”

Illya felt a foreboding sense.

Deep inside, she instinctively knew this to be true.

She clutched her shirt nervously.

“Wh-what do you mean by that?”

Kuro wanted to say something but her expression shifted.

Kuro’s figure turned blurry like a mirage. It looked like she would disappear if she continued.

Everyone gasped.

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