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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1503: Staying hidden to attack from the dark

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The sound of something being torn echoed across the road.

Miyu, Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Mikoto watched as Hinagiku felt something odd coming from her Shirosakura.

She aimed to give Kuro superficial cuts at best.

Instead, when she swung her blade, rags flew everywhere.

Kuro was panting in exhaustion. She used her magic to blow the iron whips away. Then, she took cover near a tree.

Kuro is in dangerous shape.

They could see her light chocolate skin and her smooth belly.

More than that, they could see almost every inch of her body. She was tanned like a regular beach-goer in the tropics.

She had nothing to cover herself.

Kuro shrunk slightly during the pincer attack.

Her sword only ripped apart her clothes.


The others also gasped.

“Oh, Onee-san, you like playing strip-the-girl, eh?”

Kuro teased her.

“I could have let you see if you asked politely.”

“No-No no no no!”

Hinagiku stuttered.

“It’s not like that.”

“Well, anyway.”

Kuro tore away what bits of rags she had on her before standing under the moonlight in all her birthday glory.

“It’s night so I doubt anyone will see us.”

“We’re still here!”

Illya shrieked.

“Don’t use that face to spout shameless things!”


Kuro frowned as she dusted herself off.

“1 vs 6 is hard. Plus, Onii-san’s lady friends are here. Judging by how they went easy on me, they probably could take me down 1 vs 1.”

Kuro is still nonchalant in front of Miyu, Illya, Luvia, and Rin. She has no reason to fear them.

Although they’re in the tier 7 power realm, with Miyu being at the peak. They posed little threat to her if she is serious.

Kuro had tier-8 power.

And, she isn’t just a normal tier 8.

With Hinagiku and Mikoto being her only worthy foes here, she had confidence that she can somehow pull off a victory with her unique skill.

Projection magic.

Kuro’s Archer-card-bestowed ability.

Projection magic is infamously useless.

A mage needs to trade magic power to create these projections based on imagination.

It has three main weaknesses

1: It relies too much on imagination. The more concrete the better, but, imperfect imagination will lead to defects in the projected item.

2: It relies too much on the mage’s mana capacity. It needs magic to create and sustain the constructs. The more powerful the construct, the higher the mana consumption. The user runs the risk of dying due to magic overuse if they project something beyond their mana capacity.

3: It is unstable. Projections don’t last long and once separated from the owner, they will usually fade in no time at all.

It is a novice magic for training mage disciples but few users can practically use this to a high level and/or efficiently.

However, Kuro is using the Projection Trace version.

This can Project Noble Phantasms.

Due to the extra steps taken, she can also use the special abilities of the Noble Phantasm and wield them as proficiently as the original wielders.

However, mimic Noble Phantasms are lower 1 rank than the original.

However, due to the versatility, it offers in combat, this is a strong card against Mikoto and Hinagiku.

Plus, she has more tricks up her sleeve.

But, she is still up against too many enemies.

“Forget it.”

Kuro stepped back.

“This isn’t favorable for me. I must retreat.”

“Running away?”

Mikoto stepped forward.

“You think we’re going to let you run?”

“Ara, Onee-san, did you forget?”

Kuro grinned.

“I can teleport.”

“Think again…”

Hinagiku giggled.

“You forgot something too…”


Kuro tilted her head.

“What do you mean?”

“You haven’t noticed it?”

Hinagiku and Mikoto both stepped back with the other ladies.

“Where is this Onii-chan you? Hmm?”

Kuro turned still.


A yellowish-grey light with Kuro as the center expanded outward.

Kuro felt a terrifying gravitational pull on her. She couldn’t move under this immense pull.

“Sleep, for now…”

The familiar voice hit her the same moment she lost consciousness.

Wu Yan exited his hiding place with a naked Kuro in his arms.


He shook his head.

“What a naughty brat…”

“Hand her over!”

Mikoto and Hinagiku covered Kuro up while the others leered at him.

“What are you looking at? Turn around!”

“Okay, jeez…”

He caught the culprit, why are they treating him like this?

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