Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1502: Pincer attack, the ladies' teamwork

A cool breeze blew away the smoke and flames of the fight, revealing a wrecked pathway.

Cough cough cough

Hinagiku, Rin, Luvia, Mikoto, Illya, and Miyu coughed. They emerged unharmed from within the smoke.


Rin looked at Illya in annoyance.

“Don’t use your magic cannon near us!”


Luvia interjected.

“Are you trying to kill us too?!”


Illya apologized.

“I forgot.”

“Hmm, his is odd.”

Miyu said.

“That’s a high-powered attack, why is the damage so little?”

“Did you hold back?”

Hinagiku praised her.

“To think you still have mercy for someone trying to kill you.”


Illya gasped.

“I didn’t. That was my full-power attack.”

“Hold up.”

“Your magic cannon felt more powerful when we fought in Luvia’s mansion.”

“I did use my full power.”

Illya raised her staff.

But, they could sense a visible reduction in the maximum output.

Her usual cannon should have been 3 times that output.


Illya gasped too.


Hinagiku and Mikoto scanned her.

Illyasaviel Von Einzbern: Level 62

She was at level 66 before.

She weakened?

“Boy, you’re growing weak, Illya…”

Kuro climbed out of the explosion with a smile.

“Understandable. My powers came from the Archer card but the circuits were robbed from you. Your magic output went down because of that.”


Rin, Luvia, and Miyu exchanged a look.


Kuro dashed in Illya’s direction again.

“She is just firing mana so with reduced magic circuits, her maximum output of magic also fell. This is why her magic cannon became weak.”

Kuro isn’t afraid they might gang up on her.

Hinagiku leaned forward before unleashing a jab at Kuro’s navel.


Her crystal sword hit Kuro’s Moye and Ganjiang.


Kuro swung at Hinagiku.

Hinagiku just smiled. Suddenly, Kuro narrowed her eyes when she realized something.

Fwish fwish

Kuro looked up just in time to see a blade falling down.

Kuro used her strength to parry that iron sword.

Fwish fwish fwish

More came falling from the sky.

It rained iron swords.

Rho Aias!”

Kuro used a pink-petal type barrier to block.

Clang clang clang

She shielded herself against the storm of iron swords.

Her shield turned heavier as more swords fell.

It felt like someone unleashed a divine deluge on her.


The ground beneath her cracked as the onslaught continued.

Then, she saw something.

Beyond the rain of iron swords, in the sky, a fairy dressed in blue is readying a magic formation that conjured a massive ball of magic about the height of a prepubescent kid.

Miyu is charging up for a final strike.

This is the moment she has been waiting for.

Kuro’s eyes narrowed.


Miyu unleashed the massive ball of magic like a falling meteor.

Wherever the ball of magic went, everything was disintegrated.


The blue ball of magic struck her Rhoa Aias. The magic was scattered into the surrounding.


Her charged attack was enough to defeat a projected Noble Phantasm.

The blue laser made contact with the ground.


The street was struck by another deafening explosion.

Kuro crawled out of a portal near the top of a building. She couldn’t help but sweat cold bullets.

“This is just reckless!”

Kuro scolded her.

“This is a residential area, right? Aren’t you afraid you might hit the humans here?”


Someone assured her. That voice came from behind her.

“The two magician ladies already constructed defensive formations.”


Kuro didn’t expect this.


She was already too late, Hinagiku had unleashed pink sword beams by the time she turned around.


Kuro wanted to do something but a black silhouette wrapped around her arms.

Iron whips.

Shirosakura danced as beams flew.


Tearing sounds came from Kuro.

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