Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1496: One less problem, one more source of stress


Wu Yan laid down on the couch as if to let loose the pent-up frustration inside him.

He had the back of his right hand held against his forehead. He stared at the ceiling with a distant gaze.

This is very troublesome.

Chloe Von Einzbern, the girl known as Kuro has a tragic fate waiting for her.

The last card, the Archer Card is within her.

She needs it to live.

If he wants the card, he has to snuff her life out.

In other words, people might come after Kuro to kill her and get the card.

For someone as young as her, this is a tragic fate.

He doesn’t know why she needs to rely on the card, who is she, or what is her origin, however, the card is within her and that’s all he needed to know.

The second round of the Path of Demigods required him to obtain all 7 cards.

He has the other 6 cards except for the last Archer card.

Kuro is neither friend nor family to him. She also tried to kill Illya, he should have found enough reason to kill her.

But, he just couldn’t bear the thought of killing the brat who shares the same age as Miyu and Illya.

Plus… His reaction when he heard Kuro saying she had nowhere to go and no money to buy food.

He saw her loneliness and sadness.

He just couldn’t find it in himself to kill Kuro.

“The Path of Demigod…”

He mumbled.

“Maybe I should give up on it?”

His garden sliding door opened as a young lady entered with a frown. She was on the phone until just now.

“So, it still turned out like this, huh?”

Wu Yan looked at her.

“Rin-san, you look like you just found trouble.”


Rin jumped back as she didn’t expect anyone to be inside the living room. She blushed when she saw him. Then, she yelled back.

“W-Why are you here?!”

“Interesting question.”

He answered.

“This is my home, I should find it normal that the master of the household gets free passage in his own living room.”

“Y-Your home?”

Rin recalled something after roaming her gaze over the room.

“Right, we’re at your place. Anyway, I have something to do so, bye!”

Rin tried to run like she had something to hide. Then, someone blocked her path, she collided with a firm but familiar chest.

“You look like you really want to avoid me.”

He grinned.

“Do you want to tell me why?”

Noticing that he has a hold on her, she shrieked while struggling.

“Let me go!”

“Not talking, eh?”

He chuckled.

“Let me guess, you’re still thinking about the kiss last night so you couldn’t handle seeing your first kisser, hmm?”

Rin turned beet red, and her temperature also rose. This confirmed Wu Yan’s suspicion.

“I know romance is new to you but this is too pure of a reaction, don’t you think so?”

He hugged her tighter.

“But, you’re cute.”

“Romance? With you?!”

She crossed her arms while looking away. Her red looks didn’t give her any credibility to stand on.

“I am the Tohsaka’s heiress and a trainee of the mages of the Clocktower. I am a genius mage, why would I run away because of a kiss?”


He chortled. He raised her chin again while leering back at her with passion.

“Want to have another go at it?”


Rin sprouted steam off her head.


She mewled.

“People can see us. We will get found out…”

“Oh, you don’t want to have a sizzling smooching session in broad daylight?”

His breath was just 2 inches away from her lips.

“How about you answer my questions?”

Rin nodded frantically.

“Okay, where are Mikoto and Hinagiku?”

“They went out to buy ingredients.”

“Okay, what were you doing outside?”

“Taking a call…”

“From whom?”

“My master…”

“The Second Magic user?”

He drew closer.

“What did you say?”

“No-Nothing much…”

Rin’s eyes were already misty.

“I just told them that I am still gathering the cards, nothing more.”


He couldn’t help but gasp.

“You didn’t tell them about me, Illya, Miyu, the Phantasm Summon, and tanned Illya?”


Rin fidgeted.

“I really didn’t say anything…”

“Why is that so?”

Wu Yan was curious.

“You might have something to hide since you can’t say you dragged Miyu and Illya into this. The tanned Illya is also involved in this debacle so you omitted her as well. The Phantasm Summon is something you two can’t explain where you got the information from so I understand why you omitted it. This still leaves the mystery of why you omitted us from your report. I am in the way of the Clocktower’s operations, am I not?”

Rin hesitated.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes before drawing closer again. Rin quickly spilled the beans.

“I thought they might send people after you so I delayed that part of the report.”


He grinned.

“You chose to willfully omit details from your superior to cover us?”

“Yes, what of it?!”

Rin shrieked with her eyes closed.

“I answered every question you have. Now, let me gwop!”

Rin opened her eyes because a certain wolf didn’t hold up his end of the bargain.


She moaned in a gagged manner as the sound of tongues slapping into one another echoed throughout the room.

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