Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1495: Answer, the unavoidable choice

In a family restaurant...

Wu Yan sat near a table with his hand under his chin. He couldn't help but look at the kid near him with exasperation.

Tanned Illya is out of her Archer outfit. She wore a normal T-shirt with a pair of short pants.

Her tanned skin, one-sided ponytail, and casual outfit made her look like a young Gyaru.

More importantly, Kuro is currently chowing down on plate after plate of food like a hungry ghost.

She gave up elegance and started eating like there was no tomorrow.

The others also looked at them like they were looking at a bunch of brutes.

"That kid, she sure can eat..."

"How many dishes did she eat?"

"20, at least..."

"Oh, dear, what a pitiful child."

"That man, is he the brother or father?"

"Doesn't he feed the child?"

"What a sinful man..."

The people whispered about his character while looking at Kuro with sympathy.

???: Level 75

Wu Yanan frowned at the data he just received.

The system probably couldn't assign an identity to her.

Then, Kuro rubbed her belly in satisfaction.

She put the plates aside while beaming radiantly.

"Talk about eating my fill..."

"Yeah, your appetite astounds me."

He rolled his eyes.

"Were you that hungry?"

"Of course!

Kuro waved her hands.

"I've been starving since yesterday. You can say I've been starving since I was born yesterday."

"Huh, is that true?"

He flinched.



Kuro chuckled.

"Isn't it obvious?"

Kuro said with a slightly sad and forlorn look.

"I don't have a place to go and I don't have money to buy food."

Wu Yan's heart sank.

He let the silence float awkwardly before asking her a serious question.

"Are you Illya?"

He asked.

"Or should I call you Black Illya?"

"What do you mean Black Illya? I am Illya!"


He pursed his lips.

"Other than your looks, your personality is completely different compared to Illya."

"I am glad that I am different. This means my personality is unique."

Kuro chuckled.

"Chloe Von Einzbern."


He gasped.

"How does that name sound?"

Chloe asked.

"Better than Black Illya. Or, alternatively, you can call me Kuro."

He scanned her again.

Chloe Von Einzbern

She just didn't name herself, the System had nothing to identify in the first place.

"Okay, Kuro."

He answered.

"Now, I have more questions. I wonder if you can be forthright with me."

"I can be honest, for Onii-san, I will answer questions..."

Kuro winked.

"Questions, I want to answer anyway..."

"You won't answer questions you don't want to?"

He bitterly laughed.

"Sly girl..."

"At least, you will know truthful answers or have them hidden from you."

Kuro leaned forward as if mimicking Wu Yan.

"An unknown answer is better than a fake answer, right?"

Kuro had a point.

"You're good with words."

He rubbed his head.

"Okay, first..."

He asked.

"The Archer Card, is it with you?"

"With me?"

She smiled without friendliness.

She pressed her hand against her chest.

"It's inside me."

"Inside you?"

Wu Yan had a bad hunch.


"Yes, it is as you predicted."

Kuro continued.

"I was born from the Archer card."

"If you want it, you will have to kill me."

Kuro's words froze the air around them.

He looked grim as he contemplated his moves.

"You came for the cards just like Rin and Luvia, right?"

Kuro asked.

"It's in me. You need to kill me to get it. You won't be able to complete your objectives without killing me, you know that, right?"

Wu Yan's eyes turned cold.

"You want me to kill you?"


Kuro grinned.

"I just want to hear your answer."

Wu Yan closed his eyes.

Kuro continued staring at him. She was prepared for the worst as if she was ready to bite the bullet.

But, she won't face the outcome she envisioned.

"No, I can't do it."

Kuro gasped.



Wu Yan stood up.

"I said I can't do it."

Wu Yan walked away with a bitter smile.

Kuro smiled when she realized what just happened.

"Onii-san, you're really warm."

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