Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1491: We come from different mothers

The next day…

By the time Wu Yan & co wrapped up their fights, it was already 1 am. After housing the defeated party, they slept around half past 1’o clock.

After getting some much-needed rest, they woke up around 7 in the morning.

In other words, they only got less than six hours of sleep.

Illya and Miyu need to go to school while Rin needs to report back to the clock tower. With Luvia’s home destroyed, she needs to check on the integrity of the illusional barrier she deployed to ensure nobody comes snooping around.

Even if they still wanted to sleep, they had to get up.

Hinagiku and Mikoto would like to sleep in but the guests are already up so they must wake up too.

As for Wu Yan, he was already wide awake.

In reality, he didn’t sleep because he wanted to prepare breakfast for the ladies.

The dining table became crowdy as a result of the presence of guests.

Luvia, Illya, and Miyu started drooling when they saw the feast he cooked for them.

Then, they proceeded to decimate everything on the table.

As for Rin, she kept to herself while eating breakfast, her meek movement should have drawn some attention from her friends.

More importantly, she was trying to avoid eye contact with Wu Yan. Her suspicious movements were hidden by the rapid movement of chopsticks in her hands, indicating that she liked the food as well.

In no time at all, the seven hungry individuals wolfed down everything on the table.


Illya slumped back against her chair.

“I am so full…”

“Delicious as always.”

Hinagiku said.

“It’s been a while since we last had some of Yan’s food.”


Wu Yan blinked in surprise.

“It shouldn’t have been that long, right?”

“You never cooked once we got to Fuyuki city.”

Mikoto explained.

“Talk about nostalgia.”

“You two are blowing this out of proportion.”

“So Wu Yan-nii is a great chef…”

Miyu said after looking at the two empty plates in front of her. This was double her usual serving.

“If one eats this every day then getting fat is just a matter of time, right?”


He waved his hand.

“I don’t use high-calorie ingredients. It’s hard to get fat with me counting the carbs. In any case, you two are still growing so you need to eat more.”

“Oh, I think we ate more than our daily recommendations.”

Illya and Miyu bitterly giggled.

“This is high-quality food.”

Luvia wiped her mouth. Then, she turned to him with passionate eyes.

“Hey, why don’t you come and be my chef? I will let you decide on the salary. Your job scope will just be cooking three meals a day for me, how about it?”

“He’s as rich if not richer than you, bourgeois.”

Rin said.

“I thought Auguste prepared your meals? He would cry if he heard you.”

“Auguste is not as petty as you.”

Luvia pursed her lips.

“I want the finer things in life. I am not content eating bananas like a certain gorilla near me.”

“Who are you calling a gorilla?!”

“Oh, there she goes, making a ruckus like a money would.”

Rin and Luvia stared each other down while Hinagiku and Mikto exchanged nervous looks.


Hinagiku continued.

“Were they always on such good terms with one another?”


Luvia and Rin pointed at one another.

“Who would want to make friends with this rich bitch (gorilla)?!”


“I mean, you two aren’t helping your case…”

“We are at someone else’s home, please mind your manners…”

Illya raised her arm.


Miyu tried to dissuade her mistress.

“You need to go check on your house, don’t waste your time on squabbles.”


Rin and Luvia gave each other another cold glare before turning their heads the other way.

“Anyway, what’s with you three? You three are freaks with so much power and you live together. It doesn’t look like you guys are just friends. Are you siblings?”

The air turned still.

The two girls wanted to know the answers while Rin’s twitching twintails suggested she was listening in on the conversation too.

“Since we are living here, our relationships should be obvious…”

Wu Yan didn’t try to hide it.

“They’re my…”

Mikoto and Hinagiku covered his mouth with two strong slaps almost knocking his teeth out.

“Y-Yeah, it’s obvious isn’t it?”

Hinagiku blushed.

“We are siblings, isn’t that right? Mikoto?”


Mikoto is flustered too.

“We are siblings! We are definitely not what you’re imagining…”


Luvia is still doubtful.

“You three look nothing alike. Your hair color is also different.”

“That’s because…”

The two ladies came up with a lame excuse.

“We come from different mothers!”

Wu Yan almost collapsed when he heard this lame excuse.

They are trying to hide the intimate menage a trois relationship but the lame excuse just gave them away.

Even shockingly, Luvia bought it.

“I see. Your powers must have their origin in your clan. So that’s why your father had multiple romantic partners.”

“No, I think his father just couldn’t keep it in his pants.”

Rin said.

“Philanderers should die!”

Wu Yan prayed for his father who did nothing wrong.

Then, someone stabbed him in the back.


Hinagiku squeezed his fat waist meat.

“Death to philanderers, times 100.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Mikoto pinched his back muscles too. It was like she could communicate telepathically with Hinagiku to inflict harm on his back.

“I want to electrocute playboys when I see them.”

Illya and Miyu also nodded.

Wu Yan silently endured the physical torture while the ladies inflicted mental harm on his psyche.

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