Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1488: Two Illyas, reality broken


The deafening explosion echoed out from the Edelfelt mansion, and the combined attacks leaked outside as hundreds of people were awakened abruptly by this mysterious explosion.

If the citizens outside can hear the leaked shockwaves from the enclosed mansion then the impact on the people there could hardly be imagined.

Although they prepared for the tracks, they were still blinded and deafened by the lights and shockwaves emitted.

The space cracked under the two ultimate attacks.


Hinagiku yelled.


Mikoto jumped to shield the ladies. She summoned a thick wave of iron sand from underground.

Completely covering the ladies with a thick wall of iron.


The shockwave hit the solid 10-centimeter-thick iron wall, cracking it under immense pressure and heat.

Wu Yan pulled out a giant iron sand Noble Phantasm from his Gate of Babylon to defend against the shockwaves.

Meanwhile, Illya used Rho Aias as the petal-like floating shield that blocked the shockwaves.


The Edelfelt mansion is no more.

With two ultimate attacks executed here, the mansion never stood a chance as the mansion got disintegrated in the fallout of the attacks.

The foundation also gave way to a scene that looked like a cataclysmic event.


In no time at all, the mansion was gone in a cascade of explosions and a sea of flames.


The ladies cowered behind the barrier as storms, flames, and shockwaves rampaged all around them.

Rin, Miyu, and Luvia were huddled near Hinagiku and Mikoto after Wu Yan released their bindings.

They swore they saw mini-tornadoes and bullet storms made from rocks and boulders. Some of the smaller debris slipped through the iron sand barrier and pelted them as they yelped in pain.

Soon, the flames would engulf the two fighters, making visual confirmation impossible.

The Illya with golden eyes started losing consciousness as she poured the last of her powers into the Rho Aias.

Her field of vision blurred.

As the chaos died down, the smoke started clearing up.

The ladies peeked out from the iron sand barrier.

The mansion is nothing more than charred bricks at this point.

The courtyard is still burning.

The place needs a complete overhaul if they want to live here again.

Wu Yan walked out unharmed from the iron sand sword shield. He wiped away his cold sweat.

The ladies sighed in relief.

In any case, everyone’s okay.

Except, Rin noted that someone is still missing. Luvia also looked around.

“Where is Illyasviel?”

The ladies also roamed their gaze over the entire place, Illya couldn’t be seen.


Miyu and Rin immediately searched the area.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Luvia also pitched in.

“Where is she?”

Wu Yan was bombarded by their questions.

“Where is Illya?!”


He looked around with a frown.

“Don’t tell me…”

Rin turned pale.



Wu Yan denied it.

“I saw her using a defensive Noble Phantasm. That attack might have harmed her but she should be alive.”

Rin looked around frantically.

“Where is she?”

Miyu yelled one more time.


Someone replied.


A trembling pile of loose rubble replied.

“I-I am over here…”


They removed the rubble.

Then, they were stunned by what they saw.


They tried to comprehend the scene.

Illya was holding her head in pain. She couldn’t stand properly as the dizziness impaired her motor functions.

That’s not the real problem.

They saw two Illyas.

Two Illyas are standing here.

One of them had normal clothes on, her red eyes told her she was the one they knew.

The other one was the tanned Illya with golden eyes who fought Wu Yan just now. She is still in her Archer attire.

The two fell on their butts.

Against this incredible scene, the others also felt light-headed.


Wu Yan gasped.

“What’s going on here?”


The Illya of this dimension tilted her head. She didn’t understand why they were gawking at her.

“Why are you…?”

Illya noticed something wrong.

She looked to the side to see the Alternate Illya looking back at her.


The tanned Illya reacted first.

She jumped up. She roamed her gaze over everyone with a complex look.

Then, with another leap, she jumped out of the Edelfelt estate. Soon, she was out of sight.

Nobody could react because they still couldn’t fathom the complexity of this situation.

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