Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning chapter 1483:

“Alright, hand over the cards.”

The area turned silent.

Illya and Miyu were still getting up from the craters in the ground while Rin and Luvia struggled against the Chains of Commandment.

The disparity in strength is too salient.

Rin used the dragonvein against the foes and she still lost.

Initially, they wanted to use the flashbang gems to get a first-strike advantage on the trio but they underestimated Mikoto’s power.

Mikoto can manipulate electromagnetism. This means she can manipulate more than just lightning, she can influence the magnetic fields around her with the extrasensory powers extending to detection too. This means robbing her sight isn’t enough to blind her.

In one minute, the trio almost defeated Illya & co.

In reality, Rin & co saw Mikoto using Iron Sand against Berserker.

However, the trio assumed that the iron sand was just a weak distraction against Berserker who seemed immune to the effects of the iron sand.


“This is just the beginning. Don’t think it’s over just yet!”

Luvia lifted her hand.


Luvia didn’t cast a stone or Jewel magic formation. However, she still chanted the trigger word for gem magic.

Then, the ground beneath them lit up before a band of light surrounded the trio.

Wu Yan & co also didn’t sense this until they were already surrounded.

They lifted their heads only to find something invisible pressing them down.

The unrevealed lock’s contract.”

A magic formation appeared underneath the trio. The magic formation split into four formations.

It seemed like a compound formation that took up the four cardinal directions.

The band of light turned dark as it restricted Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto.

It felt like someone placed a mountain on them. They felt incredibly heavy and inhibited. Hinagiku and Mikoto had to kneel down.

“What is this?”

Hinagiku and Mikoto expressed their shock.

“Gravity-type restriction spell?”

He endured while scanning the formation.

“I see, you buried the gems ahead of them.”

“I don’t think you can sense normal gems in the ground even with your EM detection.”

Rin cast out a gem.


The gem exploded like a grenade the moment it entered the bounded fields of the gravity restriction spell.


Smoke and flames filled the bounded fields, cloaking the trio’s figure.


Rin yelled.



The magical girls bombarded the bounded field although they were recovering from their unsteady gait.

They didn’t stop there, they continued firing into the bounded field with their shining magical wands.

Boom boom boom

Pink and blue magic shots mixed in a chaotic cascade of magic bullets that made the ground tremble and generated multiple bouts of strong gusts.

What the two magical girls did was nothing less than throw round after round of magical grenades into the bounded field. The dust even generated magical lightning due to the concentration of magic residue in the bombardment area.

Huff huff

Miyu and Illya stood up while heaving like cattle.


Rin struggled in vain to get out of the chains around her. However, she also kept an eye on the flashing dust clouds ahead.

“I hope that did something.”

“No, it must!”

Luvia turned dark.

“If that didn’t work then we can’t help out anymore.”

They used up most of the gems they brought. With the Chains of Commandments severely restricting their movements, retrieving more gems looked unlikely.

If that didn’t even scratch them then they can only watch as wrapped riceballs.

“Even if the brown-haired lady can use iron sand to defend herself, I don’t think anyone can stay unharmed under intense concentrated magical bombardment, right?”

Rin didn’t answer. She looked at the magical cloud of dust and flames with bated breaths.

The smoke slowly settled.


The four ladies gasped at the same time.

The ground had been leveled by their combined attacks. It looked like someone dropped the napalm in that area.

The charred ground aside, they saw four giant iron sand blades stuck into the ground to form a defensive barrier. The blades were smoking too.

The trio emerged unharmed from within the defensive formation.


Luvia couldn’t believe it. Her shock and amazement were written on her face.

“Can that brown-haired girl defend against so many magical shots?”

“No, it’s not her.”

Rin growled.

“It’s that guy’s Noble Phantasm.”

“You got that right.”

He stored away the giant swords as red spatial ripples swallowed the iron sand constructs.

“I blocked the magic bullets and grenades with my Noble Phantasm.”

“No-Not even a scratch?”

Illya felt a drop of cold sweat rolling down her cheek.


“So powerful…”

Miyu gnashed her teeth.

“Well, since you already know that. Hand over the cards.”

Hinagiku sheathed Shirosakura. She decided this fight is already over.

“Not to say you girls never stood a chance, we just never planned to lose.”

“I am sure you girls should have noticed by now.”

Mikoto roamed her gaze over the ladies.

“Yan hadn’t attacked yet.”

That was the handicap given to them.

“Stop resisting…”

Hinagiku advised them.

“Let’s stop this here.”

The ladies were anxious.

How are they going to get out of this one?

“One more time.”

Wu Yan told them.

“Hand over the cards.”

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