How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 58

Qiao Yanzhou was too sleepy. He didn’t even know how he ended up being dragged by Gu Zixing from his room to the training room. 

“Xiao Zhou, follow Qi Chen today. Yanzhi, follow Gu Zixing ba.”

This was the first thing Coach Chen announced as soon as training started. He patted Qi Chen on the shoulder, indicating him to sit down next to Qiao Yanzhou as he dragged Gu Zixing towards a different group. 

Coach Chen’s arrangement was actually very reasonable. Qi Yanzhi was someone who only played mid lane and his champion pool were only midlaners, so he should follow Gu Zixing. Although Qi Chen was a jungler, he had previously acted as the substitute coach for EG many times, so taking Qiao Yanzhou was considered a way to train himself. 

Training was carried out using the basic formation. The 5 man team was divided into 3 v 2, adding on 3 training partners, with Qiao Yanzhou and Qi Yanzhi on opposite teams.

“How about it? In a moment I’m taking you to go beat up Gu Zixing.” Qi Chen laid his face in his hand and smiled at Qiao Yanzhou. 

“It would be me bringing him to do it. Why would I need you? Don’t lose face on your first day of training with him.” Tang Xuan glared at Qi Chen from the side. He turned around and patted Qiao Yanzhou again, “Xiao Zhou, honestly, perform well during the next few days of training, and maybe you could even get a chance to get into the starting lineup.” 

“Really?” Qiao Yanzhou was startled.

Tang Xuan nodded his head. “How to say it? The previous people who were in the talent selection competition never had a chance to come to training, Qi Yanzhi and you are the only two.”

“Like the PC you are currently using, the people before, even if they wanted to they couldn’t even touch it.”

“Don’t say it like that, if they wanted to touch they could still touch it.” Tang Xuan waved his hand. “Coach Chen would call them in to come sweep the place.” 


“You two, stop being mean.” Fu Xiaohai couldn’t take it anymore. What they said was true, but how come when it came from those two’s mouths it sounded faulty.

Qiao Yanzhou also laughed along, but his gaze unconsciously floated to a different area. Gu Zixing was not in the same group as him. As far as Qiao Yanzhou was concerned, this wasn’t entirely a good thing. 

Seeing Gu Zixing with a mouse in his hand as he was explaining something to Qi Yanzhi, Qi Yanzhi was also listening very seriously and on occasion would respond with a few words. The two groups were separated by two glass walls so Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t hear the conversation between the two, he could only see the two people talking harmoniously. 

When Gu Zixing was serious, the feeling was different from his normal every day attitude. Qiao Yanzhou stared at him and watched him, but was discovered by Qi Chen. 

“What’s wrong? Find it hard to be separated from Gu Zixing?” Qi Chen smiled as he asked. He turned his head to take a look at the other group then said, “Qi Yanzhi grips his mouse too deeply, Gu Zixing should be saying that to him now ne.”

“How do you know?” Qiao Yanzhou asked. 

“It was discovered during the talent selection competition. The index and middle finger were extended past the mouse by almost a centimeter.” Qi Chen spoke as he grabbed his mouse to demonstrate to Qiao Yanzhou. “This kind of posture makes it very hard to click quickly. Although the demand for mouse movement isn’t as bad for midlane champions, a professional player would definitely not use it that way. Even if Gu Zixing didn’t say it today, Coach Chen would bring him out privately during training tomorrow to say it.”

“So attentive ah…” Qiao Yanzhou smacked his lips, heart suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. “Gu Zixing had never told me this before.”

“Why would he tell you this, “Qi Chen laughed, “Xiao Zhou, have you not noticed that the way you move your mouse is very similar to Gu Zixing?”


“You both use your thumb and ring finger to grip. The palm of your hand doesn't stick too close to the mouse, this way your mouse will be very light and sharp.” Qi Chen put the mouse down in front of Qiao Yanzhou to demonstrate, “I even thought that Gu Zixing taught you.”

“He didn’t… could be because my thumb and ring finger are particularly strong…” Qiao Yanzhou said honestly, he didn’t dare to touch Gu Zixing’s spotlight at all.

Qi Chen laughed.

After debugging and adjusting the settings, Qiao Yanzhou was arranged to go botlane with Tang Xuan. Qiao Yanzhou and Tang Xuan didn’t really have any contact with each other. He only knew that he was going to retire soon, and also… that his alcohol tolerance was very high. 

“Xiao Zhou, Ancient Coin got buffed this batch, so we can first pick Janna for support.” Tang Xuan told Qiao Yanzhou during the pick/ban phase. “After you upgrade Ancient coin, get Ardent Censor. The money you get from Ancient Coin should be enough to buy Ardent Censor.”

“En.” Qiao Yanzhou nodded his head. 

“Because our jungler is Qi Chen, we want Kalista as our ADC.”

“Why?” This condition confused Qiao Yanzhou.

“Because Qi Chen’s specialty is losing dragons. If we have Kalista, we’ll lessen the chances of us losing more dragons.”

As soon as Tang Xuan had just finished speaking, the enemy team banned Kalista without hesitation.


Tang Xuan was originally patiently analyzing things with Qiao Yanzhou, as soon as he saw the Kalista ban, that appearance was thrown away. Throwing the mouse down, he leaned back against his chair. “This match is over.”

“Ai ai ai, I’m not defeated yet.” Qi Chen glared at Tang Xuan for a moment. “You value your teammate this much? Don’t want red buff again?”

“No, daddy isn’t like this.”


Qiao Yanzhou felt that in a few days, he would be more familiar with these teammates. 

In the end, Tang Xuan chose Jhin. 

The game started. On the blue side, Qi Chen started on F6. 

F6 = Raptors

“Xiao Hai, help me put a ward in the jungle up there.”

“Eh ok.”

The jungler on the opposing team was Qi Chen’s substitute. Although he was a substitute he was still pretty popular as a jungler. Sometimes, even Qi Chen had to obey him.

Gu Zixing and Yao Le went bot lane together. Gu Zixing picked Ashe, the Frost archer, while Yao Le picked The Fae Sorceress, Lulu. 

“Gu Zixing’s frost arrows uses mana in the early stages, Lulu’s range is bigger by 75 compared to Janna, so in the early stages we can only play safe.”

Qiao Yanzhou was genuinely impressed by all the pro players who managed to memorize all the ranges of auto attacks and abilities for over 100 champions from League of Legends. Although he also knew a portion, but to be able to do math as quickly as Tang Xuan, he felt that he couldn’t process as fast.

Gu Zixing played very dirty. Although he dominated before, he never cut off that thread of life and death. He froze the minions in such a spot that even if Qi Chen came, he wouldn’t be able to catch him. 

“Tsk,” Tang Xuan clicked, “Annoying.”

Gu Zixing’s Ashe was very intelligent, but was also not greedy. Along with Lulu, he didn’t even kill anyone. It was just to deliberately make you feel sick.

But Qiao Yanzhou knew inside, that it wasn’t necessarily to kill anyone. 

“This Boss Gu is really indulging you ah…”

After farming for ten minutes, Tang Xuan finally couldn’t help but say.

“Yes.” Qiao Yanzhou frowned.

Let’s not talk about how whenever Tang Xuan wasn’t there, Gu Zixing would bully Qiao Yanzhou in lane. What made Qiao Yanzhou’s mind explode even more was that every so often, Gu Zixing would turn his head to talk with Qi Yanzhi. 

Everytime Qi Yanzhi finished listening, he would always giggle.

Fuck, if he wanted to flirt, he didn’t have to do it at training ba. Was it such a long time to wait?!

Qiao Yanzhou furiously pressed the recall button and twisted his head towards their midlaner Zhao Qin. “Bot lane support is missing, I’m going mid.”

“Come come, help me put a ward in the river.” Zhao Qin said. 

The progress in midlane was deeply worrisome. Afterall, it was against someone who taught videos online. Qi Yanzhi had that kind of mental strength. 

Qiao Yanzhou after going back to base and getting some items, quietly ran towards midlane. However, he knew that Gu Zixing should already know that he had run off to a different lane, but Qiao Yanzhou decided to gamble on it. 

“If you land your tornado then keep going. If you miss, then leave.” Zhao Qin said to the concealed Qiao Yanzhou in the bushes. “Qi Chen,”

“Coming.” Qi Chen made a noise in response and started heading towards midlane. 

Qiao Yanzhou started first and placed his Q in the bush. In about 2 seconds, a tornado came out from the bush towards midlane and knocked up the greedy Qi Yanzhi. Zhao Qin’s Orianna flashed over and RQW’d. Qiao Yanzhou hurried to follow up with a slow on Qi Yanzhi. 

But Qi Yanzhi’s reaction was also fast. Seeing himself being ambushed, he quickly flashed away. Zhao Qin wanted to give chase but didn’t expect a frost arrow to come hit him from bot lane. It stunned him under the tower.

Gu Zixing’s frost arrow was timed well. It stunned Zhao Qin under the tower, causing him to take two hits. After the stun wore off, it scared him enough to back off. Seeing that if he took one more hit he’d die, Zhao Qin felt that this fight was over.

But he didn’t think that Qiao Yanzhou would flash next to him and give him a shield. 

“Awesome! This shield is really awesome! Happy!” Just when he was about to accept death, he suddenly stayed alive and shouted as if he was drinking.

Zhao Qin on this side looked great, suddenly saw someone dart out from the enemy jungle and in a few seconds, took Qi Yanzhi’s head.

Qiao Yanzhou stared blankly for a moment. Zhao Qin also stared blankly, but the one who was distracted the longest should still be Qi Yanzhi. 

“Special thanks to the mid and support for giving me this kill!” Qi Chen’s despicable voice came from the side. 

Qiao Yanzhou, at the time, didn't really pay attention to Qi Chen. Instead, he lifted his head to look at Gu Zixing. 

Originally he thought that it'd be like last time at the talent selection competition when he solo killed someone, he would be beaming with smiles at him. 


Qiao Yanzhou watched as Gu Zixing turned his head towards Qi Yanzhi to talk with him. His expression didn’t have any blame towards him whatsoever, instead it even carried a light smile. 

Qiao Yanzhou bit his lip.

Heart was sullen.

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