My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Extra 3: Blue Planet 3

Fantasy Smoke Blue, deemed a loser by the blue phoenix, just logged online at this moment.

He rubbed between his brows. For some reason, he dreamed that bizarre dream that started a year ago again, and when he woke up, he felt an indescribable sadness.

Fantasy Smoke Blue sighed, manipulated his avatar, and said to a female mage in the game by voice call, “Lin-lin, I’ll definitely help you get the Jade Moon Hairpin today.”

The female mage’s gentle voice rang, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Fantasy Smoke Blue felt tingles all over his body. “Don’t mention it. Let me clear the scene first. Wait for me.”

But before he took two steps, the female mage said, “Fantasy-gege, let's just try to get the hairpin without clearing the scene. It doesn't feel good to kill people for no reason.”

Fantasy Smoke Blue smiled, thinking that the person he liked was really kind and cute, but this was a game. Equipment, level, and strength set the rules. So what if others were killed? He only cared about his enjoyment. Blame it on the losers who were too weak to fight back.

Fantasy Smoke Blue chuckled softly. “Lin-lin, you’re very soft-hearted. The game is actually very fair. They can fight me when I clear the scene, but they’re just too weak to defeat me.”

Yeah, he was very cool when he said this. Fantasy Smoke Blue silently gave himself a thumbs up.

On the other end, the female mage fell silent. Fantasy Smoke Blue thought that he managed to convince the other party and felt quite smug about it.

He finally found the opportunity to get in contact with the goddess. Lin-lin was the class belle in their class, and she came from a rich family, definitely the ideal bachelorette. Because the game Immortal Legend was so popular, even the class belle got hooked on it. Fantasy Smoke Blue secretly found out that the class belle happened to be on the same server as him, so he approached her as an in-game expert.

It was quite common for relationships in the game to develop into reality, so he hoped to have the same luck.

But first, he had to gain Lin-lin’s favor in the game.

Fantasy Smoke Blue led the female mage and ran toward the location of the hairpin on the map. After running for about half the distance, Lin-lin's voice came from the earbuds again, sounding anxious, “Fantasy-gege, did you kill a player named Frostcloud Sect Principal when you cleared the field yesterday? I also remember a player named Sword Inscription Sect Dean beside him.”

Fantasy Smoke Blue was taken aback for a moment. He did remember these two people. For some reason, he felt an inexplicable repulsion with these two names. Maybe because they didn’t kneel and beg for mercy yesterday, which prevented him from showing off in front of the goddess, he massacred their two camps before going to bed.

“That’s right.” Fantasy Smoke Blue said in confusion, “Those two rookies can’t beat me even if they fought me two-on-one. Why mention them all of a sudden?”

Lin-lin, “Look at the leaderboard!”

Fantasy Smoke Blue clicked on the leaderboard and noticed his own name at first glance.

Tsk, he was still in 7th place. He should advance by one spot by the end of this week's competition. Then, he looked up. His eyes landed on the ID of the number one ‘Sky-high Pet Lan Ji-ji’ on the ranking list, and frowned imperceptibly.

Putting aside the tacky dim-wittedness of this ID, the player who owned this ID was a legendary existence in the game.

It was said that when the game was launched, this Sky-high Pet was the first-generation tycoon. His equipment was over the top, glittering from top to toe, and was ranked first in overall points. Countless people had tried to challenge his position, but he simply killed them by throwing money. Although this person had not been online for a long time, he still firmly occupied the top of the leaderboard.

Fantasy Smoke Blue couldn't help being jealous and thought inwardly that with his skills, he could dominate the game with only one-third of Sky-high Pet's investment. Unfortunately, his financial status didn’t allow him to become a pay-to-win player, but he was still very proud to reach sixth place with his own ability.

“Fantasy-gege, did you see that?”

Lin-lin urged again, and Fantasy Smoke Blue looked away and checked the leaderboard.

Soon, he found the ID of Frostcloud Sect Principal at No. 52.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

This disgraceful ranking couldn’t catch Fantasy Smoke Blue’s attention at all, but he was still a little surprised. That kind of rookie could be on the ranking list?

Lin-lin, “He’s already 52! He was only 68 when I told you to look at it just now! He suddenly rushed up from the ranks!”

Fantasy Smoke Blue was taken aback. “Impossible!”

It was very difficult to climb the leaderboard unless the player could greatly improve the character and equipment attributes in a very short time, but Immortal Legend had always been touted as a pay-to-win game. No matter which attribute was upgraded, it would cost a bomb!

Lin-lin, “It’s true. The world forum is talking about it!”

Fantasy Smoke Blue quickly switched screens, and the world forum was already going crazy.

“Yo, he’s up one spot to 51 now!”

“Who is it? What happened to him?”

“He must be doing it with diamonds, probably tens of thousands by now.”

“Heh, poverty limits your imagination.”

“Is he going to reach the top ten in one go? Even if the character attributes are maxed out, he can’t reach the top ten unless he upgrades his equipment, but that’s even more expensive, no less than a few hundred thousand.”

“Principal is too aggressive, which reminds me of Sky-high Pet back then. Who is this tycoon throwing money around?”

“Maybe it's the game company's tactic to create some hype.”

In such a short time, Frostcloud Sect Principal had advanced another 6 or 7 spots.  Fantasy Smoke Blue was uneasy and vaguely felt that it had something to do with him.

Lin-lin, “Fantasy-gege, is he trying to take revenge on you?”

Fantasy Smoke Blue thought so too, but if the other party wanted to defeat him, he must be in the top five to guarantee it. Not to mention the previous investment cost of Frostcloud Sect Principal, just from his current position of above 40, it would cost at least several hundred thousand to reach fifth place.

Would someone really spend so much money on a game for such a trivial matter? This person must be crazy. He even wanted to send a private chat to the other party, “Why don’t you give me real money, and I’ll let you beat me IRL.”

Of course, that was just a thought. The goddess was next to him. He could save 30 years of struggle once he got the goddess, so what was a few hundred thousand?

Fantasy Smoke Blue thought he had the foresight, but seeing the ranking of Frostcloud Sect Principal getting higher and higher, reaching 20 in the blink of an eye, he couldn't help but start to get nervous.

If his guess was correct, the other party would not let him off so easily. How could he gain favor in front of the goddess if he lost face here?

Fantasy Smoke Blue clenched his fists and stared at the ID of Frostcloud Sect Principal, hoping that the other party's wallet would be empty soon, but a line of words flashed in the center of the screen—Frostcloud Sect Principal successfully upgraded the Cloud Staff to five stars, and his prestige in the cultivation world will increase quickly.

Fantasy Smoke Blue, “…”

All the players were familiar with that prompt, which was a public announcement to upgrade the equipment. As long as the player upgraded any equipment to five stars, this prompt would appear.

But a piece of five-star equipment would cost tens of thousands. He only had two pieces in total, which he forged after saving up materials for several months, plus having a lucky break. Was this person going to upgrade everything to five stars?

Sure enough, Frostcloud Sect Principal lived up to his ‘expectations’. In the following time, he taught everyone the correct way to spell the word ‘nouveau riche’.

One after another, prompts flashed across the screen, and the game chat channel, official forum, and even the live broadcast platform were all discussing this matter, wishing they could kneel and call him Daddy.

When he saw that Frostcloud Sect Principal surpassed his ranking for the first time, Fantasy Smoke Blue felt a bad premonition. Sure enough, the next moment, he received a system notification—he was dead.

Fantasy Smoke Blue died without knowing what happened. Along with the scene of his dead body, he saw his camp being massacred.

But his nightmare was not over yet. On that day, Fantasy Smoke Blue was targeted by Frostcloud Sect Principal, killing him time and time again, and even using props to prevent him from going offline. The onlookers pieced the clues together and finally figured out why Frostcloud Sect Principal targeted Fantasy Smoke Blue. They silently thought that nouveau riche was not scary, but the scariest were petty nouveau riche who loved to hold grudges. This principal must be a Scorpio!

In the end, even the goddess couldn't stand it anymore. She just said, “How tragic,” and quit the game with a sigh.

As soon as the goddess left, Fantasy Smoke Blue finally exploded. He knew that the boyfriend image he worked so hard to get in front of the goddess had become negative, he couldn't help but yell and give Frostcloud Sect Principal a ton of ‘lessons’.

At this time in a villa, the blue phoenix was sitting on the sofa and controlling Jing-jing's account, watching the screen full of swear words, trembling with anger. “You dare to scold Ji-ji? Do you know who I am?”

Fantasy Smoke Blue, “I don't care who you are, &&%$%$#”

The blue phoenix, “I'm Jing Feng! I'm a big star! The number of my fans will scare you to death!”

Fantasy Smoke Blue, “And I’m Jing Feng's daddy!”

The blue phoenix was furious. “You dare to impersonate Jing-jing. I’m going to kill you!”

Fantasy Smoke Blue, “Come if you can. If you don't kill me, you lose.”

After saying that, Frostcloud Sect Principal disappeared.

Fantasy Smoke Blue only thought the other party dropped offline, so he quickly logged off too.

He threw away his phone angrily and sat alone in the dormitory, thinking about how to win back the favor of the goddess.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door.

Fantasy Smoke Blue thought his roommate had forgotten his key and opened the door impatiently. Three particularly good-looking men stood outside the door, one with frosty eyes, one with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and one…

“J-Jing Feng?” Fantasy Smoke Blue was stunned, wanting to rub his eyes, but thinking of the scene in the game just now, his mind was a little dazed.


Jing Yue raised his long eyebrows. He actually sensed a trace of causal effect in the person with greasy hair and acne in front of him. An illusion?

He tilted his head to look at Qin Yanzhi, who also frowned. Even the blue phoenix opened his mouth slightly with an expression of disbelief.

After a beat, Jing Yue chuckled. “So it’s you.”

Fantasy Smoke Blue was confused and subconsciously said, “It’s not me!”

Jing Yue smiled and said, “I wanted to beat you up at first, but let’s just forget it, seeing that you can barely be considered a cupid.”

Fantasy Smoke Blue: ???

Jing Yue sized him up and said meaningfully, “Thank you for your NIne Heaven Academy, Luo-zhenjun.”

Fantasy Smoke Blue's pupils constricted sharply. Luo-zhenjun… In his magnificent dream, he founded NIne Heaven Academy, and gained countless younger brothers and beauties, but how did these people know?

“Who are you?” Could it be that the dream was real?

Jing Yue didn't answer Fantasy Smoke Blue's question, but said to Qin Yanzhi, “All of a sudden, I want to go back and take a look.”

Qin Yanzhi smiled and took Jing Yue's hand. “Then let’s go.”

Jing Yue looked at the blue phoenix. “Ji-ji, have you had enough fun? Are you ready to go?”

The blue phoenix quickly expressed his loyalty. “Wherever Jing-jing goes, Ji-ji will go!”

Jing Yue rubbed the blue phoenix's soft hair and smiled maliciously at Fantasy Smoke Blue. “But you bullied Ji-ji and made Ji-ji angry. Before we leave, I have to give you a small punishment.”

Then, Fantasy Smoke Blue watched the three of them disappear in front of him.

WTH? Was he dreaming again? He slapped himself hard, and felt the pain, but still couldn't believe what had just happened.

However, at this moment, he suddenly felt dizzy and passed out.

When Fantasy Smoke Blue woke up, he found himself at the edge of a pond with many clovers planted in the surrounding mud. Not far away was a stone house with vines on the walls and a red mailbox in front of the house.

“Where is this?”

Fantasy Smoke Blue murmured to himself but heard a croak instead.

The sound came from his throat.

? ? ? Fantasy Smoke Blue was taken aback before he saw his reflection in the pool.

“Ding! Welcome to Frog Travel. From now on, you are a frog.”

The cold system voice rang out, shattering Fantasy Smoke Blue's three views.

“Croak (No) !!!!!!”

Author’s Notes:

Ji-ji: Jing-jing, why did you turn Luo-zhenjun into a frog?

Jing-jing: Isn’t he a stallion? Let him be green. 

(TN: stallion novels refer to MC with a harem of beauties, and green means being cheated on)

Still remember Luo-zhenjun? He’s the stallion boy who traveled to the World of Seven Continents to create Nine Heaven Academy, was killed by his female confidante, and transmigrated back. This time, Jing-jing sent him on a frog travel, and he had to collect all his friends and postcards before returning to Blue Planet.

(TN: This is the final chapter! Thank you for supporting this translation for more than 2 years. My next translation project will also be posted on ISO, an apocalyptic survival novel titled ‘Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator’. Stay tuned!)

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