My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Extra 2: Blue Planet 2

“I’m dead!”

Jing Yue sat up abruptly and stared at the grayed-out screen while the miserable erhu music echoed in his ears.

He pinned his hopes on Qin Yanzhi who was still fighting, but unfortunately, the swordsman controlled by Qin Yanzhi also fell due to a lack of skills.

He turned his head and gave the other party a side-eye. “The number one swordsman in the cultivation world? Sword Immortal?”

Qin Yanzhi adjusted the glasses used to disguise his appearance and said calmly, “Swordsmanship has been deeply rooted in my heart, and my body has an instinctive response to every move. It’s difficult for me to restrain this instinct and only use my fingers now.”

Jing Yue, “You make a good point on the surface, but you have been getting used to it for half a year.”

Qin Yanzhi, “But I’ve been practicing swords for thousands of years.”

Jing Yue, “…”

The two of them played a mobile game called Immortal Legend, but for some reason, the two of them who had already ascended to the ascension were total losers at playing games.

In the beginning, the blue phoenix was still eager to play with them. Later, Lan Ji-ji reached the top of the game leaderboard, while the two still ran in circles around the level 30 small forest.

Later, the blue phoenix became busier with work and gradually stopped playing games. Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi had to fight alone. Fortunately, they reached the max level after bumbling around, and their equipment was so-so.

But today, they encountered a well-known expert on the leaderboard. Jing Yue didn't mess with him, but the other party directly killed him, implicating Qin Yanzhi as well.

Jing Yue was very angry and decided to resurrect on the spot, but when Jing Yue clicked the resurrect button, he realized that he was out of diamonds. He looked at Qin Yanzhi, wanting the other party to help him, but the latter said, “I’m out of diamonds too.”

Jing Yue sighed. They took the basic route in this game and never paid for anything.

They were not being frugal, but the source of income for the whole family was now provided by the blue phoenix. Qin Yanzhi originally had a job as a fencing teacher, but later the blue phoenix made a lot of money, so Qin Yanzhi quit his job and lived off Ji-ji… no, retired with Jing Yue.

They used Ji-ji’s money and lived in Ji-ji’s house. As ‘elders’, they were ashamed to ask for money to play games.

Jing Yue, “Forget it, it's late. Let’s have an early night.”

Qin Yanzhi said solemnly, “That’s fine.”

The two went back to the room together, enjoyed a soak in the bathtub, and slowly progressed to bed.

Amid the busy activities, Qin Yanzhi took out a book from the bedside drawer, with the title ‘ABO: One Hundred Ways to Pamper Imperial Stars’.

He temporarily left Jing Yue's lips, supported his body with one hand, opened the page with the bookmark in the other hand, and read the plot in the text in a low voice.

“Ye Yingchen’s clothes were messy, and his fair neck was full of red spots. The waves in his eyes rippled and reflected the sculptured handsome face of Admiral Caesar.”

“The two finally joined. Ye Yingchen’s gasp made the person above him stiffen. Caesar was like a wild beast that has been uncaged, constantly roaring and sprinting.”

“With Caesar's final heave, he finally formed a knot in Ye Yingchen's body, completing the marking.”

“The sweet aroma lingered in the air. Caesar stared affectionately at Ye Yingchen soaked in sweat, and sighed: Sweetheart, you finally belong to me. Do you know how delicious you are? I...”

“Ahem!” Jing Yue interrupted the other party with a fake cough. “There’s no need to read the afterthoughts. Are we going with the union plot today?”

Qin Yanzhi threw the book away, and said with a blank expression, “Sweetheart, you will completely belong to me tonight.”

Jing Yue, “…”

The two quickly kissed each other again. When emotions ran high, Jing Yue hooked Qin Yanzhi's neck and commanded in pretend shyness, “Come in, and move on your own.”

Qin Yanzhi paused, and then, like Admiral Caesar in the little yellow story, seemed uncaged.

In a daze, Jing Yue thought inwardly that these little yellow stories that Ji-ji secretly hoarded were more interesting than dual cultivation methods, embellishing his boring life after ascension with a lot of excitement.

To thank Ji-ji, he would personally order takeout for him tomorrow!

The room was full of blossoms, but Ji-ji, who was alone next door, didn't realize that another copy of his private stash hidden under the bed had gone missing.

At this moment, he stared blankly at a newly drawn SSR card. The nun Kong Miao on the card was staring at him shyly. A female CV's charming voice came from the phone, “Benefactor, are you lonely?”


The blue phoenix dropped the phone and cried tragically.

That night, the blue phoenix fell asleep with tears in his eyes.

He slept restlessly while dreaming of something. His delicate facial features wrinkled like creases on a steamed bun, and he murmured, “Don't come here. Stay away from me. I'm not lonely, I don't like nuns. I’m a eunuch. I’m not lying. *Sob*.”

The next day, the blue phoenix was jolted awake by the alarm clock with a groggy head. Remembering that he had to go to the recording studio to record a new song today, he took his work mobile phone and sent a text message to his manager Sun Ya.

“I'm sick, so I won't be recording today.”

Simple and willful.

Since everything had been arranged properly, it was a nuisance if he didn’t follow the schedule, but Sun Ya didn't complain, and instead called him anxiously, “Xiaofeng, what's wrong with you? Should I bring a doctor to see you?”

The blue phoenix wasn’t sick at all, just procrastinating. Afraid of being exposed, he deliberately said weakly, “Don't come. M-My father will take me to the hospital.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end.

Sun Ya thought of Jing Feng's ‘father’ who was four or five years older than him and fell silent.

Speaking of which, when she met Mr. Jing for the first time, she was shocked and tried to sign him, but Mr. Jing refused.

But she didn’t insist. Firstly, Mr. Jing's aura was completely different from Jing Feng's. He was very gentle, but no one dared to be presumptuous. Secondly, Mr. Jing introduced his same-gender partner to her, confessing that he didn’t want to expose this detail to the public.

In short, his reasoning was very convincing, but when she thought of Mr. Jing and his partner's good looks, Sun Ya couldn't help but feel a throbbing pain in her heart as if she lost a billion dollars.

As for calling him ‘father’, Mr. Jing said that he was actually Jing Feng's elder brother, but Jing Feng had no parents since he was a child. Lacking the love of a father, he was brought up by Mr. Jing, so he kept calling him Dad.

Thinking of this, Sun Ya couldn't help feeling sorry for Jing Feng even more, wishing she could fly to Jing Feng's side to take care of him. But in the end, she couldn’t win the argument, and could only give Jing Feng three days off. After telling him to take a good rest, she ended the call.

After taking care of the manager, the blue phoenix came out of the room listlessly and smelled the aroma of food. He subconsciously looked at the dining table and saw that the table was loaded with all kinds of breakfast. Jing-jing was smiling at him, which was the warmest look in his memory.

The blue phoenix rubbed his eyes, which were still swollen from crying all night, in disbelief. It had been a long time since Jing-jing was up at this time and even prepared breakfast.

“Ji-ji is awake, come down quickly, it's all your favorite food.” Jing Yue beckoned with a smile, and Qin Yanzhi beside him also nodded slightly.

The blue phoenix spared the table a glance, and it was indeed his favorite food. With a surge of happiness, his face immediately showed it, and his rosy face was full of complacency—Jing-jing really doted on him!

He grabbed the banister of the stairs with both hands and asked shyly, “Did Jing-jing make everything?”

Jing Yue paused. “I ordered takeout.”

Lan Ji-ji choked. He suddenly recalled the unfair treatment he had encountered these days, and his heart turned cold for a moment. He really wanted to throw a tantrum for once, but he was afraid of making Jing-jing angry.

In front of Jing Yue, the blue phoenix never concealed his true emotions. He stood on the stairs, feeling torn, when the annoying Hooligan said, “A-Jing woke up early because of you, and ordered food from six stores, okay?”

To sound more convincing, Qin Yanzhi went OOC and explained in detail, but the blue phoenix didn't

pay attention at all. He felt that Jing-jing had made an effort and was immediately happy.

So what if it was takeout? They came from six stores. Six! So many!

The blue phoenix swooped downstairs and began to eat breakfast. After all, his powers were sealed now. Crying all night was very exhausting, so he was very hungry now!

Jing Yue kept putting food on his plate. Seeing that the atmosphere was very harmonious, he said cautiously, “Ji-ji, I need your help with something.”

The blue phoenix perked up as soon as he heard it. He wiped his mouth and said heartily, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji will brave through fire and water for you!”

Jing Yue, “It’s about the game…”

As soon as he said that, the blue phoenix became dejected, but Jing Yue was mentally prepared for it. He knew very well that the real reason why Ji-ji didn't play games with him was not because his level was too high. He could get a side account if his level was too high, and it wasn’t because he was busy with work, or he couldn’t play ‘Ji and His Harem’ either. The point was that Ji-ji hated the game for taking away Jing Yue’s attention, so he was angry.

Therefore, Jing Yue decisively expressed his suffering. “I found out this morning that Frostcloud Sect has been massacred, but I’m powerless to avenge the sect.”

Qin Yanzhi, “Yeah, my Sword Inscription Sect too.”

In the game ‘Immortal Legend’, each account could open an ‘exclusive camp’ after reaching the max level. Jing Yue's camp was called Frostcloud Sect, and Qin Yanzhi's was Sword Inscription Sect.

The camp could generate gold coins and some supplies over time, but the camp could also be attacked. Players had three chances to plunder other people's camps every day. Once the plunder was successful, they could get everything produced by the invaded camp.

And how do players plunder? By using the guards in the camp.

Players could get camp guard cards by completing the dungeons, and each camp could have up to 20 guards. The guards could be upgraded later, and the higher the guard level, the stronger the defense of the camp.

But generally speaking, players would not plunder unless there was enmity between players, because this action was full of malicious intent.

“Who did it!” the blue phoenix asked angrily.

Jing Yue, “No. 7 on the leaderboard, Fantasy Smoke Blue. He killed me and Yanzhi for no reason last night, but we don't know him at all.”

The blue phoenix, “Hmph, loser!”

When the blue phoenix took Jing-jing's phone and saw the guard NPC Yi Ye lying in a pool of blood, he was so angry that he exploded!

Author’s Notes:

Jing-jing: Hurry up, someone is going to kill me!

Rouge: Courting death!

One minute later.

Rouge: I’m dead.

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