My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Extra 1: Blue Planet 1

In Phoenix Nest Stadium in City B, the stands for 80,000 spectators were packed to the brim, the lights had been dimmed, and people were holding up neon signboards and waving colorful fluorescent sticks like stars twinkling in the dark night sky.

The large LEDs on both sides of the stage displayed a video. The main character of the video was a youth in his late teens. His eyes were like stars, his lips were red like cherry blossoms, his skin was smooth and lustrous, and he was as delicate as the most perfect artwork of a god.

Most people would feel like their breath had been taken away when they saw the youth for the first time. That beauty impacted the soul directly, making others forget his gender or age, but only fall in love with him.

Suddenly, the LED screen turned black, and with the cheers of 80,000 people, the stage lights gradually brightened.

In the gorgeous flashing lights, the platform rose slowly.

Although the audience could only see a back against the light, they broke out into excited shouts.

“Jing Feng!”

“Jing Feng!”

The person on the stage turned around slowly, picked up the microphone, and sang a cappella, and the audience immediately fell into a weird silence.

After a while, someone whispered, “WTH, the first line is already out of tune. I shouldn’t have any expectations.”

“The first line is so monotonous that it’s difficult to go out of tune. How the heck did he manage that?”

“I'd rather he lip-synch. I feel my heart dropping when I think I have to endure two hours of demonic singing piercing my ears.”

“After all, he’s an amazing young man who can produce electronic sounds even when his voice has undergone post-editing.”

“Forget it, just look at his face. With such good looks, why ask for anything else?”

The whispering audience slowly took out their earplugs, and many people around them followed suit.

The person on the stage couldn't hear their discussion. He was completely immersed in his emotions, with his eyes half closed, totally lost in himself.

The youth’s stage name was Jing Feng, and his real name was Ji-ji (which the agency issued an order to keep top secret). He debuted as a singer half a year ago, and his first MV attracted countless fans, making him so popular that he could be called the ‘airdropped star from heaven’ within the fan circle.

Of course, everything happened because of his face, nothing to do with his singing skills, but Ji-ji didn't know the truth and was still complacent about his professional standard.

Ji-ji's real identity was not a human being but the only blue phoenix in the celestial world. As for why he came to this world and entered the entertainment circle, it all started seven months ago.

It was because he was bored in the celestial world, so he begged his favorite immortal, Jing Yue, to have an adventure with him in the lower world. Under his persistent coquettish demands, Jing Yue finally relented.

So, seven months ago, Ji-ji, Jing Yue, and Jing Yue's Dao partner Qin Yanzhi (nicknamed Hooligan) came to a small world called Blue Planet.

But Blue Planet was a low-level dimension in the universe and couldn’t withstand the energy of the three of them. They could only seal their magic powers and become ordinary people for the time being.

At the beginning, Ji-ji was very excited. Blue Planet's unique lifestyle, as well as countless movies and TV dramas, little yellow… novels, made him feel as if he was lost in a treasure trove. On top of that, Jing-jing would cook and wash for him, making him feel surrounded by love all the time, so Ji-ji simply didn't want to go back.

But good times never lasted long. Ever since Jing-jing came into contact with smartphones and became obsessed with pay-to-win games, his concern for him plummeted.

One day half a year ago, Jing-jing was exhausted because of playing games until midnight, and from doing this and that with Hooligan, that he didn't even cook breakfast for him, and Ji-ji finally exploded!

He decided to run away from home!

Ji-ji walked angrily on the cold and windy street. When he realized no one chased after him, his heart broke into pieces.

At this time, a fashionable middle-aged woman suddenly approached him, grabbed him vigorously, and asked him tremblingly, “You...what's your name?”

Ji-ji immediately became alert. He had heard that there were many human traffickers in this dimension, and a beautiful boy like him was at high risk. So, he shook off the other party's hand and put on a vicious look. “What are you doing? My dad is a cop! I also have an Alsatian at home! It’s super fierce!”

Unexpectedly, not only was the middle-aged woman not frightened, but she clutched her chest and gasped. “S-So cute…!”

Ji-ji frowned and crossed his arms. “Say, what do you want?”

The middle-aged woman rubbed her chest and smiled kindly. “I’m Sun Ya, the manager of JJ Entertainment Group, and the artists under me include…”

Before she finished speaking, Ji-ji interrupted, “Do you want to make me a star?”

Ji-ji was immediately excited. Being omniscient, he certainly knew what it meant to be a manager. From the day he was born, he had always longed for a life where he was in the limelight and loved by everyone. He really wanted to be a star!

Sun Ya didn't expect it to go so smoothly, but on second thought, who didn’t have the dream to become a star? Not to mention a child that looked like this.

So, she smiled and said, “Yes, you have great potential. I hope to sign a contract with you.”

“Sure!” Ji-ji clapped his hands and laughed, forgetting to be wary of human traffickers. “I want to be a star!”

Sun Ya was full of confidence. “Trust me, you’ll be popular.”

So, Ji-ji followed Sun Ya back to the company. After meeting the boss of the company, he got a contract with good terms.

It wasn't until Ji-ji was about to sign the contract that Sun Ya realized that she didn't know anything about the youth. This was an impossible mistake for a professional manager like her. Even the boss didn't ask a question just now, they were all stunned by the youth's appearance.

Sun Ya coughed lightly and asked, “By the way, I don't know your name yet.”

Ji-ji, “My name is Ji-ji!”

Sun Ya, “Say… what?”

Ji-ji realized that Blue Planet's “ji-ji’ meant a totally different thing, and hurriedly explained, “Not this Ji-ji but that Ji-ji!”

Sun Ya automatically classified ‘Ji-ji’ as a nickname. Although she thought it was weird, many parents nowadays liked to use weird names, so she didn’t take it seriously. “Then what is your real name?”

Ji-ji was very impatient. “I told you my name is Ji-ji!”

Sun Ya hesitated. “Your surname is Ji?” Did this surname exist in the Hundred Family Surnames?

Ji-ji rolled his eyes. “My surname is Jing! My name is Jing Ji-ji!” After speaking, he fished out his forged ID card.

Sun Ya looked at the harsh reality in front of her and fell silent.

“It’s like this…” Sun Ya glanced at Ji-ji hesitantly, and said cautiously, “When entering the entertainment industry, many people will adopt a relatively fashionable stage name…”

Ji-ji didn't realize that the other party thought his name was tacky, and said with great interest, “Okay! Then I’ll call myself Aisin-Gioro Phoenix Meizi Jing Ji.”

(TN: Aisin-Gioro is a Manchurian surname, and one of the most famous Emperor Qian Long bears this name. Meizi should be referring to ‘pretty boy’.)

Sun Ya, “…”

She looked down at the contract on the table and suddenly regretted it. After a long while, Sun Ya said weakly, “It sounds good, but such a long name is inconvenient for publicity. We should make it simpler.”

Seeing that his perfect name was rejected, Ji-ji was not very happy, so he reluctantly said, “Aisin-Gioro Phoenix Jing Ji then.”

Sun Ya said numbly, “Let’s make it Jing Feng. The company has predicted that this name is very auspicious.”

Of course, Ji-ji was reluctant, but under Sun Ya's coaxing and deceiving manipulation, he finally agreed to only take the double-character name but changed the Feng character.

(TN: The first Feng 枫 proposed by Sun Ya is ‘maple’ while the one Ji-ji decided on is 凤 = phoenix as in ‘fenghuang’)

Whatever, Sun Ya thought. At least it was a normal name.

After that, they talked about other things. It was said that when Sun Ya came out of the meeting room that day, her footsteps were wobbly.

In this way, Ji-ji became an artist under JJ Entertainment. When the company planned the direction for him, they initially thought of making him an actor, but Ji-ji learned from many entertainment industry novels that filming was full of hardships, and big stars would use the process of filming to bully newcomers. Most importantly, it would take at least half a year for a drama to be broadcast, and he could not immediately become popular.

Thus, Ji-ji resolutely decided to become a singer. It was rumored that the music director of the company had a heart attack and went to the hospital after hearing his singing. He complained to the boss while on drips, but nothing changed.

After that, Ji-ji released singles, released records, held concerts, and became a super rookie who attracted the attention of the entire entertainment circle, but Jing-jing was still obsessed with games and didn't care about his great career at all!

At the thought that Jing-jing would not come to his concert, Ji-ji on stage became sadder, and his voice took seven or eight twists and turns.

Another wave of viewers took out their earplugs, and the medical staff prepared by JJ Entertainment awaited in full gear.

At the end of the concert that day, Ji-ji was sent back to his home in the lakeside villa by his manager.

This house was a reward given to him by JJ's boss when his photobook sales exceeded 100 million copies.

Yes, a photobook, not his record.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Jing-jing lying on the sofa, with his head resting on Qin Yanzhi's leg. Both of them were holding mobile phones, and they looked like they were playing games.

Ji-ji was very angry, and deliberately closed the door vigorously, drawing Qin Yanzhi’s attention. “You’re back. Have you eaten yet?”

Ji-ji, “Ye… No, not yet!”

After that, he looked at Jing-jing eagerly, but the latter didn't give him a look, just said, “Be good, Ji-ji. Why don’t you order takeout?”

Ji-ji felt so upset that he wanted to cry. He rushed to his room upstairs angrily and slammed the door behind him.

Qin Yanzhi glanced at the second floor, lowered his head, and hooked Jing Yue's chin. “Your son is angry. Don’t you want to take a look?”

Jing Yue, “When is he not angry? At most, he runs away from home for half a day and then comes back. It's dark and quiet outside, so he dare not go out.”

Qin Yanzhi thought it made sense, and Jing Yue said urgently, “Hurry up, someone is coming to kill me!”

Qin Yanzhi frowned. “Courting death!”

The two immersed themselves in the world of gaming again, and everything was the same as it was before Ji-ji came back.

At this time, Ji-ji was standing behind the door to eavesdrop. He didn’t hear someone coming up after a long time, and felt even more upset, with tears in his eyes.

He threw himself on the bed and sulked for a while. He then took out a mobile phone from under the pillow and clicked on JJ Entertainment's specially customized game at his request—Ji and His Harem.

Ji-ji looked at the card he had drawn, and a dozen beauties smiled at him coquettishly. The names on the cards were Jing Yue, Qin Yanzhi, Yi Ye, Cheng Nian, Kong Miao, Han Guang, and etc.

Ji-ji vowed bitterly that he must get Jing-jing's SSR card tonight and ask Jing-jing to accompany him on a date!

Author’s Notes:

Ji-ji: My dad is a cop! And I also have an Alsatian at home!

Alsatian Rouge: …

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