Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 96 - Interrogation

Chapter 96 - Interrogation

The sight of the cat instantly transforming into the Emperor terrified the mermaid, causing her face to turn pale. She realized that those beautiful eyes were actually a pair of cat's eyes, and she no longer found the man before her exceptionally handsome. "Golden, there were two of them, and they can also transform into humans..."

"Where are those two cats?" King Su couldn't help but also transform into human form, wearing a long robe with a white base and black spots. He approached closely, his expression serious as he asked.

Su Yu blinked and looked at the fur robe on King Su. It was then that he noticed that the clothes that the Emperor transformed this time were no longer white but all in a light gold color, and there was a layer of short and soft fur on the outside.

He walked over and secretly touched the Emperor's back, the smooth and soft touch making it hard to let go.

An Hongche, who was tense all over, was soothed by this gentle touch, and he slowly relaxed his shoulders.

Su Yu finally noticed the tension in the Cat Lord and hurriedly gave him a few more strokes to soothe him. Then he turned his head and spoke gently to the mermaid who was frightened by King Su: "Don't be afraid, Miss. Tell us what you know, and I promise they won't hurt you."

The mermaid looked up at Su Yu and saw his gentle eyes and calm demeanor. He didn't emit the aura of a ferocious beast like the others did, indicating that he was likely a human. Yet, he seemed to get along well with these fierce cats. Seeing how close the Emperor was to him, she believed his words carried weight.

Receiving this assurance, the mermaid felt slightly relieved.

“What the big cat said was indeed true..." She sighed, observing the Emperor's reaction discreetly. She knew that the people on land were cunning by nature, and their royal families were full of intrigues and calculations. She wondered whether those big cats were allies or foes.

The Emperor frowned impatiently. "Seventeenth Uncle."

"Meow!" King Ling responded sharply, leaping onto the edge of the pool and bared his teeth at the mermaid, emitting a threatening ‘hiss’ sound.

"Ya!" The mermaid trembled, no longer daring to play coy.

In a moment of life-or-death urgency, she spilled out everything she knew, realizing that when it came to survival, it didn't matter what power struggles were at play.

Those cats were on an island in the East Sea, extremely vicious, and known to capture mermaids. According to legend among the merfolk, once caught by them, they would be forced to cry day and night, enduring various forms of terrible abuse until the cats grew tired of playing with them and threw them back into the sea.

So much so that even the children among the merfolk would burst into tears at the sight of that island.

The mermaid, because she often had to come to the coast, would occasionally pass by that island.

On the island, two golden cats leaned against each other, gazing into the distance. They spotted the mermaid emerging from the sea, one of them transforming into human form and grabbing the other, pretending to throw them into the sea. "Mermaid, here's a cat for you to eat!"

The mermaid's attention was drawn to this strange behavior, staring at them in confusion.

"Haha, look, she's scared!" The person pointed at the mermaid and said to the cat. As a result, the cat scratched him fiercely, bared its teeth, and cleared its throat, shouting at the mermaid.

"Little Mermaid, if you encounter a cat that wants to eat you on the shore, just tell them there are two golden cats on this island. They won't eat you then!"

"I always thought they were ancient ferocious sea beasts, so I didn't take their words seriously." The mermaid said. This was already a year ago, and if it weren't for the life-threatening situation, she might not even remember it.

The crowd fell silent after hearing this.

The sky had begun to snow again at some point, and there was silence all around, only the sound of snowflakes falling softly.

"Mew..." A snowflake landed on the little nose of the Eldest Prince, its cool touch making the kitten feel the cold, prompting it to nuzzle closer to the chubby cat beside it.

His Highness KingZhao regained his composure and extended his paw to embrace his nephew, enfolding him into a round ball of fur.

"Brother, is father...?"

"Father Emperor is still alive." the Emperor whispered softly.

"Still alive..." King Su muttered, cracks appearing in his usually solemn countenance.

"Is the golden cat the late emperor?" Su Yu widened his eyes.

The war back then was so brutal. All those who had a blood pact with the State Teacher on the same ship perished. And the blood connection between the State Teacher and his elder brother also grew weaker, until it disappeared entirely.

The State Teacher expended countless efforts but never sensed his older brother's presence again. He could only announce that the Emperor had fallen in battle. The late Emperor had long been enshrined in the imperial ancestral temple, yet now there's suddenly news of him.

"Hahaha, it must be true. Who else could have a full coat of golden fur besides those two?" King Ling transformed into human form and exclaimed cheerfully.

Suddenly, he was met with a stern gaze from the Emperor, which immediately silenced his laughter. How could he forget that The Emperor himself was also golden... He cleared his throat awkwardly and quickly changed the subject, explaining the situation to the bewildered Su Yu.

Among the royal family, only cats inheriting the pure Bian bloodline would display pale golden fur. Golden cats are rare in the world, so the simultaneous appearance of the two must be the First Emperor and King Hao, without a doubt.[TL_Note: Bian was one of the nine sons of the dragon. Unlike his siblings, there was no complaint lodged against him by his neighbors. Some claim that his ferocity earned him his position supervising doorways to great prisons. Others claim that his love of litigation and his wisdom and eloquence made him a good candidate for ensuring the guilty remained inside. ]

King Hao is the biological father of King Jing and the seventh uncle of His Majesty the Emperor.

"The Seventh Uncle and Father Emperor are twin brothers." An Hongche sighed in relief, resting his chin on Su Yu's shoulder.

Su Yu hugged the emotionally overwhelmed Lord Cat, gently stroking his back, then turned to the silent mermaid.

"Did the person transformed from the big cat never ask to bring them back to the shore?"

This merfolk maiden seems quite familiar with the people on the shore, suggesting it's not her first time on land. Since the merfolk had a way to reach the mainland, why didn't the late Emperor and the others negotiate with them?

The late Emperor coming back from the dead was indeed great news, but the words of this maiden cannot be fully trusted. Despite his not very bright mind, Su Yu suddenly becomes astute when it comes to matters concerning the Cat Lord. He fears this might be false information, leading to his Sauce becoming happy in vain.

"The aura of ferocious beasts on that island is very strong, not to mention the legends about those cats within the tribe... We dare not approach at all, let alone speak with them." The mermaid said timidly. With just a moment of hesitation, she heard a few words from the cat and hurriedly swam away, fearing being captured and forced to cry day and night.

The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched.

What's the deal with this ferocious cat legend? Would the esteemed cat catch fish but not eat them, and even abuse them? He couldn't help but look towards the Emperor.

The Emperor furrowed his brows slightly, finding this behavior quite strange. "What's the use of mermaid tears?"

The mermaid in the pool, upon hearing this, shrugged her shoulders, seeming reluctant to speak. "I... I still remember the way to that island. I can take you to find those cats..."

"Let me ask you, does anything special happen when a mermaid cries?" King Su also noticed something fishy and asked the mermaid coldly.

"No, it doesn't!" The mermaid girl said angrily, thinking to herself that these cats were indeed just as ferocious. Suddenly, she felt her fate was bleak, there was no difference between being in the palace and being on that isolated island.

“Where's your knife?" The Emperor asked, narrowing his eyes and pinching Su Yu's waist.

Upon hearing the Emperor mention the knife, Su Yu couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

The Emperor had thrown Su Yu a short knife slightly wider than a dagger the day before. "A reward for you."

Su Yu took it and examined it. The knife was encrusted with jewels all over, sparkling and splendid. At first glance, it didn't look like a knife at all, it resembled more of a piece of jewelry.

"It's newly made by the Flying Stone Department:" An Hongche said casually as if it were of no consequence.

Flying Stone Department, the place where covert weapons were made for the royal guards, although recently relegated to making kitchen utensils for Su Yu, it couldn't be denied that the things they produced were considered treasures.

Looking at the Emperor, who slightly raised his chin while his eyes kept darting towards his face, Su Yu immediately understood. He quickly expressed his gratitude:

"Thank you, Your Majesty, for this generous gift. This is indeed a precious knife!" He took the opportunity to lean over and peck the Emperor's handsome face.

"That, that is only natural." The Emperor said, his ears turning red as he waved his hand, looking every inch the benevolent ruler.

"Zhen permits you to carry the knife on ordinary days."

To permit wearing the knife meant allowing Su Yu to adorn it around his waist as an accessory, which was a rare privilege in the royal court. Only the most trusted confidants, those whom the Emperor trusts with his life, were granted this honor, much like the Chief Guard, Gao Peng. As for consorts and concubines, they were strictly prohibited from carrying knives, even within the palace chambers.

Su Yu was truly moved this time, sniffing as he drew the knife from its sheath.

The blade, four fingers wide, was perfectly straight with a slight inward curve, forming a graceful arc. Its surface was covered in densely packed hollows, each one razor-sharp. This was a jewel-encrusted, priceless, top-quality weapon—a scale-removing knife!

Su Yu looked steadily at this splendid scale-removing knife for a moment, his mouth twitching as he let the Emperor enthusiastically adorn him with the silk cord and hang it around his waist.

At this moment, when the Emperor mentioned wearing the knife, both the Emperor's uncles and younger brother looked over.

"Xian Fei is carrying a knife?" King Ling exclaimed in astonishment.

Su Yu chuckled dryly and took the knife from his waist, handing it to the Emperor.

The Emperor handed it to the King Su with ease

King Su was puzzled at first, but when he unsheathed the knife and saw its shape, he immediately understood. Skillfully, he twirled the gleaming scale-removing knife in his hand and presented it to the mermaid, saying: "Come clean, or I'll scrape off your fish scales!"

"Ya!" The delicate mermaid was immediately frightened to tears.

She wanted to shrink back, but she was held in place by the vigilant King Ling. She didn’t dare to move. Large tears rolled down her cheeks, dropping onto the edge of the pool and forming sparkling round crystal beads, which tumbled onto the ground with a clear tinkling sound.

"Meow!" The eyes of His Highness King Zhao, who holding a furball, lit up as he immediately dropped his nephew and pounced towards the bouncing round bead on the ground.

“Mew…” The Eldest Prince also noticed the sparkling bead. He ran to the edge of the soft cushion, anxious to jump down but hesitated. He stubbornly clawed at the edge of the cushion, seeming on the verge of falling.

Su Yu quickly reached out to grab the kitten by the vest, but the little one in his arms wasn't cooperative, struggling to jump to the ground.

‘Clatter’ The chubby little cat played with the pearls on the ground, thoroughly enjoying itself. King Ling, watching with envy, was snapped out of his reverie by his older brother's slap. He cleared his throat and said: "I think I know why my brothers made the mermaid cry..."

It was all just for playing marbles... that's all.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Fifth Uncle: I heard that mermaid tears turn into pearls.

Cat Daddy: Old Ninth, hold the fish, Old Seventh, go up.

Seventh Uncle: (With a fierce face) I am an ancient ferocious beast. Today, I will tear your body apart.

Unfortunate captured mermaid: Waaaah, divine beast, spare me! (Big and small pearls fall to the ground)

Cat Dad & Fifth Uncle & Seventh Uncle & Ninth Uncle: Marbles~~~

From then on, the mermaids cut off all contact with the Fierce Cat Island...


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