Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 95 - Recipe Book

Chapter 95 - Recipe Book

The concubines and palace ladies in the harem all perked up their ears, eagerly awaiting news. They needed to confirm whether the Emperor retired to the Bixiao Palace and if the favored Xian Fei was left sleepless in her own quarters. Only then could they sleep peacefully.

"Reporting to the Niangniang, His Majesty indeed went to the Bixiao Palace." The eunuch who gathered information returned to report.

"And Xian Fei? Did she return to the Beiji Palace alone?" Someone listening in chuckled, covering their lips.

"His Majesty went to the Bixiao Palace... with Xian Fei." The eunuch stated, bracing himself.

De Zhaoyi knocked over the cup in her hand, Shu Zhaoyi tore the handkerchief in her sleeve, and Zhang Zhaoyi, who was being helped back, sprained her other foot.

"Keep probing!" The crowd gritted their teeth.

His Majesty went to bestow favor on a beauty, yet he took the Xian Fei with him? Surely Xian Fei must have been unable to accept it and followed him eagerly. Humph, soon enough he'll return to the Northern Palace in a despondent state.

“Re, returned…” The little eunuch said out of breath.

"Xian Fei returned to the Beiji Palace?" The listener's eyes lit up.

The eunuch nodded. "His Majesty and Xian Fei returned to Beiji Palace together."

“...” So, the Emperor’s so-called visit to Bixiao Palace to see the beauty was just to take Xian Fei for a stroll.

De Zhaoyi didn't overturn any utensils, Shu Zhaoyi didn't tear any handkerchiefs, and Zhang Zhaoyi didn't have a third foot to sprain. Everyone unanimously rolled their eyes and fainted.

Extreme joy begets great sorrow, internal fire attacks the heart.

The imperial physician stroked his beard and prescribed the same heat-reducing medicine to all the palace consorts. Despite the cold weather, they were still experiencing internal heat, likely due to excessive charcoal burning in the palace.

He advised the Empress Dowager to reduce the daily charcoal allowance for the consorts.

Back at the Beiji Palace, the Emperor held a steaming bowl of seafood noodles, urging Su Yu to look at the recipe book while eating.

Su Yu reluctantly flipped through the pages of the , but there was no mention of how to cook a mermaid.

The Emperor crunched on a shrimp and said dissatisfiedly:

"This recipe book of yours is incomplete, get another one."

"Your Majesty..." Su Yu sighed, taking the empty bowl from the Emperor's hand and handing it to Wang Gonggong. He then used a cloth to wipe Cat Lord's hands.

"The mermaid has developed wisdom, just like any other sentient being. This… can’t be eaten."

"No matter how smart a fish is, it's still a fish." His Majesty the Emperor responded dismissively.

"In ancient times, which ferocious beast didn't have wisdom, didn’t Our ancestors still eat them without hesitation?"

"Can those primitive times of our ancestors be compared to now?" Su Yu scratched his head, wondering why he couldn’t explain it to the Emperor.

"Of course they can. Zhen’s still eating ferocious beasts now!" An Hongche pointed to the snacks made from Heluo Yu on the table.

"If my An family doesn't eat ferocious beasts, the world will be in chaos."

Su Yu shrugged helplessly, why was it so difficult to reason with the cat?

The Emperor lifted the listless Su Yu and threw him onto the dragon bed, then jumped up and cuddled with him. "Go to the third floor of the Anguo Tower tomorrow and see, maybe there are other recipes."

The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched.

"Your Majesty, the mermaid has a fishtail only on the lower half. If you want to eat it, what about the upper half?" The words sounded cruel, and he couldn't imagine himself sharpening a knife to slaughter a delicate beauty, chopping her into two pieces, discarding one, and boiling the other...

The imagined scene startled Su Yu, causing him to tremble involuntarily.

“Cold?” The Emperor, lying on Su Yu's chest while playing with the tassels, looked up at him. Without waiting for an answer, he swiftly removed his outer garment, slipped into the covers, and pulled Su Yu into his embrace.

"Your Majesty, no matter how I look at the mermaid, she's still a person, a relatively vulnerable woman. I just can't bring myself to do it..." Su Yu decided to abandon the roundabout attempts to dissuade him.

"Hmm?" An Hongche frowned, then remembered the appearance of the big fish’s upper body. His expression darkened instantly, and he gripped Su Yu's chin.

"What, are you feeling sorry for her?" Damn stupid slave, daring to pay attention to other women! Just thinking about how many good words Su Yu said for that mermaid after coming out of the Bixiao Palace made the Emperor explode with anger.

"No, it's not." Su Yu swallowed hard, his intuition telling him that it was very dangerous now, but he didn't know which words had angered the Cat Lord. "She looks like a human being, and I think... um..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Su Yu's undershirt was already torn to shreds by the cat's claws.

"Hmph, daring to mention other women in front of Zhen. Tonight, Zhen will have to teach you a lesson!" His Majesty the Emperor pressed down the fair-skinned fish, biting into his neck.

Poor fish pinned under the cat's paws could only bounce fruitlessly a few times before being devoured into his stomach.

While the Cat Lord was exercising his strength, he was thinking about how many sentences the stupid slave had said for the mermaid tonight, he would punish him accordingly, hmph, hmph!

Thus, amid the long night covered with winter snow, the Beiji Palace was full of spring.

"Your Majesty, I only spoke twice, two times is already... um, enough..." His words trailed off with a gasp.

"Nonsense, you spoke three times in total, this is deceiving the Emperor. One more punishment added!"


Due to the terrifying punishment of the tyrant, Su Niangniang collapsed on the dragon bed the next day and couldn't get up. His Majesty the Emperor wasn't bothered by the delayed breakfast, licked the sleeping fish contentedly, and went to court.

It began snowing lightly in the middle of the night but had stopped by morning.

Because Bixiao Palace was uninhabited, a thin layer of white snow accumulated on the road, imprinted with a series of paw marks resembling plum blossoms.

At the end of these prints were two large calico cats and one small chubby cat. The black and white calico cat also carried a small furball wearing a vest on its back.

"Is that the mermaid?" The chubby cat sat by the edge of the pond, curiously observing the mermaid curled up in one corner of the pool. "Why doesn't it have gills?"

"Meow—." The small kitten on the back of the big cat, dressed in a vest, jumped forward, eager to get closer.

King Su leaped onto the edge of the pond, walking effortlessly on the narrow stone ledge until he reached the side of the mermaid. The Eldest Prince excitedly called out a couple of times and reached out his tiny paw to touch the long hair shimmering with a blue glow.

“Ya!” The mermaid hastily avoided it, trembling in fear. She could sense the unusual aura emanating from this group of cats, a dangerous presence reminiscent of ancient ferocious beasts, which instinctively filled her with dread.

Due to the mermaid's panicked evasion, water splashed out of the pond. The big cat with the little one on its back quickly jumped away, shaking off their damp paws.

The mermaid retreated to the other side of the pool, watching the two cats, one big and one small, warily.

"Look at you, you scared her with your ugliness!" A cat's voice sounded nearby. The mermaid stiffened and turned around to face a black and yellow cat baring its teeth at her, seemingly attempting a smile. "Don't be afraid, beauty!"

“Wah!” The mermaid was so frightened that she splashed into the water with a thud.

Splashing and spluttering, the massive fishtail rose and fell, sending sprays of water everywhere, drenching King Ling to the bone.

"Ah-choo!" The black and yellow cat swiftly shook off the water from its body.

"Aiyo, Your Highness, quickly!" Wang Gonggong, who happened to accompany the Emperor, hurriedly took out a towel and wrapped up the soaked big cat.

The Emperor narrowed his eyes, looking at the lurking mermaid in the water, a murderous intent rising within him.

So, when Su Yu woke up and came to call the Emperor for dinner, he saw a group of cats sitting on the soft cushions laid out by Wang Gonggong. They were warming themselves by the charcoal fire, their gaze fixed intently on the water pond.

"Such a big one, enough to eat for several days, right?" The dried-off King Ling licked his lips after drying his fur.

King Su put down the little kitten on his back and held it in his embrace, licking its head. "It's a pity we can only eat half."

"Shister-in-law!" His Highness King Zhao saw Su Yu.

Although Su Yuy didn't quite understand, he understood that King Zhao was greeting him. He went up and rubbed the head of the chubby cat, then picked up the golden cat staring at the fish in front and said. "It's time to go back for dinner."

The cat in his arms stretched its neck for a kiss.

"Did you find the recipe?"

"I just woke up, so I haven't had a chance to look for the recipe." Su Yu glanced at the shivering mermaid in the water and coughed. How did he manage to scare the girl like this?

"Don't, don't eat me..." The mermaid finally saw someone who could speak and trembled as she floated up. "I've seen a cat that looks very similar to him, pure golden..."

Upon hearing this, all the cats widened their eyes and looked at the mermaid together.

The mermaid was so frightened that she almost passed out.

The little cat in Su Yu's arms jumped to the ground and instantly transformed into a handsome emperor. His voice was cold as he spoke: "Explain clearly, where did you see it? Was it truly golden?"

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: The mermaid is human, we can't eat her.

Cat Gong: Says who?

Little Fish: Look, a mermaid is made up of "mer" and "maid", half fish and half human.

Cat Gong: Then we'll eat the fish part, not the human part.

Little Fish: …


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