Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 94 - Food

Chapter 94 - Food

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” The mermaid was quite astute and knowledgeable, not resembling someone who lived in seclusion in the deep sea and was oblivious to the world.

She bowed gracefully and looked at the Emperor with a smile in her eyes.

However, the Emperor waved his hand impatiently, signaling the guards to escort her away.

Su Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Today in the kitchen, this fellow had been pestering him for half the day, warning him that King Jing had sent a large unknown fish and asked him not to come near it at the banquet.

At first, he guessed that it was some strange ingredient, but he never imagined it would be a deep-sea mermaid—the mermaid from stories of the past life. This world was far more cruel than fairy tales, and Su Yu didn't believe that the mermaids here were kind-hearted people who would turn into foam for a prince.

According to the mermaids were fierce and dominated the deep sea.

When he saw the Emperor step down from the platform, he knew that the Cat Lord was curious and wanted to take a look, but he was unable to stop him, for fear that the mermaid would suddenly attack and hurt the curious cat. Fortunately, nothing happened.

However, letting the mermaid stay in the Bixao Palace... Su Yu furrowed his brows slightly and raised his head to look at the Emperor.

His Majesty the Emperor had already sat back on his high seat and happened to glance over. He raised his chin towards him and lowered his eyes gesturing for Su Yu to come up and serve him porridge. He had already finished the fish ball porridge and he wanted another bowl.

Su Yu gave the Emperor a pained look and blinked his eyes in response. Switching the laba porridge to fish ball porridge before serving it was one thing, but serving another bowl in front of all the imperial concubines might reveal the secret.

The Emperor shot Su Yu a displeased glare.

The imperial concubines, who had been eagerly waiting for a spectacle, froze midway through their gestures of laughter, their handkerchiefs poised at their mouths. The Emperor had just enthusiastically bestowed a palace upon the new beauty, so why did he turn around and start flirting with Xian Fei again?

This small family banquet was nothing compared to the grand palace banquet held on New Year's Eve. After finishing the Laba porridge, it was almost time for everyone to disperse.

His Majesty the Emperor didn't even glance at the concubines’ hard-working performances. He stared at the empty bowl in front of him for a moment, then snorted coldly.

"Disperse, ba." He tossed the furball that had sneakily climbed into his lap back to his mother. With three or four strides, he descended from the platform and grabbed Su Yu, who was stuffing snacks into his mouth, before turning to leave.

In the middle of the great hall, Zhang Zhaoyi, who was still energetically performing the Moon Invitation dance, suddenly twisted her ankle.

“Even such a stunning beauty can’t captivate His Majesty. It seems the Emperor truly doesn't favor women.” Complained De Zhaoyi angrily to Shu Zhaoyi as they made their way back to the palace chambers.

"If he truly doesn't favor women, then why did he grant her residence in the Bixiao Palace?" Shu Zhaoyi disagreed.

"His Majesty has favored Xian Fei for so long, so it's unlikely he'll suddenly fall out of favor. However, once a man's heart is divided into two halves, it can easily split into three or four. Just wait and see, ba."

Just as De Zhaoyi was about to reply, a little eunuch hurriedly approached and whispered:

" His Majesty the Emperor went straight to the Bixiao Palace."

"I knew it." Shu Zhaoyi smirked, exchanging a knowing glance with De Zhaoyi.

The Emperor's visit to the Bixiao Palace caused a stir in the harem. The days of favoritism towards Xian Fei had finally come to an end! The concubines were so excited they couldn’t sleep. With only one eldest prince and no crown prince, they all had a chance!

The four Fei’s Palaces were divided into Bixiao Palace, Zixiao Palace, Yuxiao Palace, and Yexiao Palace. Previously, An Hongche had three Fei, but Bixiao Palace was the only one that remained unoccupied and neglected, without any proper maintenance.(TL_Note: Azure Sky Palace, Purple Sky Palace, Jade Sky Palace, and Night Sky Palace)

The front courtyard of the Bixiao Palace contained a small pond, measuring only about two square yards. It seemed it was initially intended for growing water lilies or keeping goldfish. However, due to neglect, neither fish nor flowers adorned its waters.

Now, the beautiful mermaid rested in the clear and shallow water of this pond.

The sharkskin silk remained dry despite being in the water, and the woman's attire remained intact. However, beneath the hem of her skirt, her legs transformed into a fishtail. The blue scales shimmered brilliantly under the bright palace lights.

A handsome man, dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe, stood with his hands clasped behind his back by the edge of the pond, his expression stern as he gazed at the woman in the water.

The mermaid lowered her gaze, concealing the disdain in her eyes. The men on the land were all the same, they couldn’t move a step when they saw her beauty. She then spoke with a hint of grievance.

"If His Majesty wishes this slave to stay here, why are there guards stationed around?" As she spoke, the red marks on her wrist seemed to be exposed unintentionally.

Just moments ago, a group of guards escorted her here. She had expected servants to receive her, but instead, the leader of the guards, Gao Peng, the heir to the Duke of Lu, said nothing and simply grabbed her, tossing her into the pool with a splash.

It was freezing cold, the water in the pond had even formed a thin layer of ice. Although the mermaid was not particularly sensitive to cold, falling on the thin ice was still quite painful. The delicate beauty looked up at the tall leader of the guards with a sense of grievance.

“Big Brother Guard, why are you doing this?”

Gao Peng ignored her, standing guard at the edge of the pond with an impassive expression, sword in hand.

The other guards looked at the beauty on the verge of tears and felt a twinge of sympathy.

"Boss, why not let her go in and rest?"

The heir to the Duke of Lu, pointing at the water, replied expressionlessly:

"What His Majesty bestowed upon her to live in is this."

Several guards widened their eyes, glancing at the magnificent main hall of the Bixiao Palace behind them, then back at the humble pond. Suddenly, they felt that the Emperor’s heart was hard to fathom.

His Majesty the Emperor did not answer the mermaid’s question, still staring straight at her.

The mermaid was met with silence and lifted her gaze to the figure by the pool. Illuminated by the bright palace lanterns, the Emperor's tall stature appeared even more elegant, and his flawless features surpassed even those of the merman of her own kind.

In the flurry of emotions during their encounter in the great hall, she didn’t take a closer look, but now she realized that this mortal emperor was indeed remarkably handsome.

Su Yu, who was standing behind the Emperor, quietly poked his head out to take a look and couldn't hide his displeasure when he saw this scene.

After coming out of Dongnuan Palace, Lord Cat dragged him straight to the Bixiao Palace. Because he was afraid that the mermaid would leap out of the water like a Qing Yu and bite someone, His Majesty the Emperor shielded Su Yu behind him. Knowing Lord Cat was good-looking, let this woman look if she wanted, but why was she blushing?

The mermaid, swam closer with a blushing face, clinging to the edge of the pool and gently swaying her blue fishtail.

"This slave was originally from the deep sea, but I encountered a sea monster in the East Sea, and was rescued by His Highness King Jing. Now, being sheltered by Your Majesty, this girl..."

Su Yu couldn't bear to watch any longer, so he went around to stand side by side with the Emperor.

The Emperor turned to him, asking sternly: "How do you eat this?"

Gulp! The mermaid's heartfelt words got stuck in her throat.

Su Yu widened his eyes, stiffly turning to look at the twisted expression of the mermaid, then looked back at the serious Emperor and chuckled awkwardly:

"Uh, this... Can't be eaten, right?"

"Isn't this a fish? Why can't it be eaten?" An Hongche frowned, glancing at the motionless blue fish tail in the water, displeased.

"If it can't be eaten, why did King Jing send it?"

Su Yu’s mouth twitched, no longer daring to look at the mermaid's expression in the water. Seeing that Lord Cat was getting ready to throw a fit, he quickly coaxed him.

"I didn't see the mermaid, perhaps... it's edible..."

His Majesty the Emperor's expression eased slightly at his words and looked at Su Yu expectantly.

"Um, I'll go back and check the recipe book," Su Yu swallowed nervously. "To see if there's any mermaid-related…dishes..."

"En." His Majesty the Emperor responded, casting another glance at the large fishtail in the pool before leading Su Yu back to the Beiji Palace. "Zhen’s still hungry."

Since he couldn't eat mermaid today, he might as well eat something else.

"What would you like to eat?" Su Yu asked gently.

"Hmm, Zhen wants seafood noodles." Said the Emperor, taking a few steps before deciding he didn't want to walk anymore. He looked around and seeing that the guards hadn't caught up, he draped himself over Su Yu's back.

"Alright, but it's already this late, so you can’t eat too much. Just one bowl..."

As their voices faded into the distance, the disheveled mermaid remained alone, as if struck by lightning. She finally understood why the Emperor hadn't responded to her earlier, because... she was food! The mermaid clan also had this rule, don’t talk nonsense with food...

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Crown Prince Gong: What's a mermaid?

Daddy Cat: A fish, ah

Little Brother: Can we eat it?

Daddy Cat: Of course we can.

Crown Prince Gong: Have you eaten it before?

Daddy Cat: Yes, of course I have.

Little Brother: Daddy's so amazing.

Daddy Cat: Hehe, there's nothing your father emperor can't do.

Little Fish: Your Majesty, this can't be eaten.

Cat Gong: It can be eaten, Father Emperor has eaten it.

Little Brother: Yeah, Father Emperor is super amazing.

Little Fish: ...


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