Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 9: Getting a Storage Room

“I don’t think you can use this anymore.” Yin Fuchuan held the saber horizontally and handed it back to Xun Yi.

“T-Thanks.” Xun Yi quickly took it from him.

Seeing that the blade was dented and cracked beyond repair, it was indeed unusable. The body would probably break into pieces before it could kill another zombie.

“You are the big star, Xun Yi, right? I've seen your movies.”

Gao Jin came over with his security team. He did not give up because he was ignored by Yin Fuchuan.

On the contrary, seeing Yin Fuchuan and Xun Yi talking so harmoniously, he became a little anxious, fearing that if the two of them joined forces, he might not be the one with the utmost authority.

Not long before Xun Yi brought the survivors over, Yin Fuchuan also fought his way over single-handedly with one weapon in hand. Except for the survivors who arrived later, everyone else had witnessed his combat ability.

Thus, he couldn’t allow them to join forces no matter what.

Xun Yi was nervous and cautious one moment, but his face turned cold the next moment.

He had no good impression of this villain who could negotiate with people's lives. If the gap in the anti-theft mesh door hadn't been insufficient and his saber got stuck, Xun Yi would have stabbed him already.

Then, he was surprised to find that an attribute panel popped up in front of him again.

Name: Gao Jin

Level: 3 (120/300)

Basic attributes: Strength (15/16), Agility (14/15), Constitution (16/17)

Xun Yi felt even more tired. He knew that his mental spirit must have dropped again. He took a glimpse and saw only 4 points remaining.

He suddenly realized that his mental spirit consumption should be related to reading other people's attribute panels.

After reading Yin Fuchuan's attribute panel, his mental spirit was consumed by 60%, while Gao Jin's attribute panel consumed 30%. Xun Yi vaguely guessed the reason.

To read other people's attribute panels, those with a lower level than him would consume 30%, while the higher levels would consume more.

Judging from the difference between his and Yin Fuchuan’s levels, it should be an additional 10% for every level higher than his own. The mental spirit he spent on Yin Fuchuan was exactly 60%. After figuring this out, Xun Yi knew that the ability to read other people's attribute panels was definitely not something everyone had.

Obviously, this ability required mental spirit. Yin Fuchuan's secondary attribute was precision, not mental spirit. As for Gao Jin, he didn’t even have secondary attributes.

With this in mind, Xun Yi felt that he seemed to have another trump card.

While no one had information about anyone, Xun Yi could read the other party’s data and thus had the upper hand.

Well, it would be better if he could protect President Yin, but unfortunately, he was not as strong as the other party. A weak chicken couldn’t protect the strong.

At Xun Yi’s silence, Gao Jin looked at him coldly and said, “As I said, this is my territory. If you want to avoid those man-eating monsters and stay here, you must obey my orders.”

Xun Yi had consumed too much of his mental spirit. He hadn't figured out how to control this ability so he couldn’t pick a fight now. He said coldly, “Your territory? I seem to remember that this building belongs to Yin Consortium.”

Xun Yi looked at the rightful owner in front of him while saying that, and was fascinated by Yin Fuchuan's sudden smile.

Gao Jin suddenly changed his mind and said, “President Yin just said that the first floor belongs to me now. If you don't obey my orders, you have to leave.”

He just thought of something. Since Yin Fuchuan wanted to go upstairs, let him. There were more zombies there.

When doomsday just started, many employees turned into zombies, chasing and biting others. Gao Jin killed a zombie and learned about the existence of the attribute panel at that time.

When he found out that he could level up by killing zombies, he led the team of security guards and locked the escape door leading to the second floor so that the zombies above could not get down, and the living people could not escape either.

Those who wanted to escape through the stairway bashed on the door and called for help, but no one came to open the door for them until they were all bitten to death by zombies.

In order to escape, many people jumped out of the second-floor window. It was true that no one would die from that height, but they’d be injured. When the streets were full of zombies, any injuries meant sure death.

After securing the first floor like an iron fortress, Gao Jin led the security team to kill all the employees-turned-zombies and completely occupied the area.

Yin Consortium was very big and had many employees. After Doomsday broke out, there were also many zombies.

Gao Jin’s initial plan was to wait until he had gathered more people before letting them go upstairs, clean up the zombies floor by floor, and then completely occupy the building as his base.

Since Yin Fuchuan wanted to go up, there was no harm in letting him clean up the zombies for him.

But how could Yin Fuchuan not read his thoughts?

“Mr. Xun and I won’t interfere in your plan to lead these survivors. In exchange, just give us a quiet place to rest. How you want to manage this place is your business. I think my conditions are acceptable, right?”

Hearing Yin Fuchuan including him in his plans, Xun Yi’s heart skipped a few beats.

Gao Jin's mind raced. The combat ability of these two people couldn’t be measured by ordinary standards. Since he couldn’t subdue them, it wouldn’t pose a big deal as long as they didn’t interfere with his plan.

However, Gao Jin was obviously a little unwilling to let them go like this.

“I can agree to this condition, but the entire first floor is my territory. If you want to stay here, you need to contribute something. Businessmen like you should be very particular about profit. Without profit, why should I let you stay in my territory for no reason?”

Yin Fuchuan smirked. “What do you want?”

“Nothing much. Just answer a few questions.”

Gao Jin glanced at Xun Yi. “What is it that came out of the zombie just now? What is the Doomsday Gaming Field? And what is the 'magic crystal' that the voice mentioned?”

Before Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan could say anything, Xun Ye spoke steadfastly, “It’s pretty obvious that you’ve never played any games before. Don’t you know that you get experience, equipment, and supplies from killing monsters? What equipment and supplies you get and when you get them all depends on your luck and character. Since you don't know that things will drop from killing monsters, it means that you don’t have the luck and haven’t looted anything, that's all.”

Gao Jin was stunned and only understood half of the kid’s lecture.

But a young security guard behind Gao Jin understood his explanation and said in disbelief, “I-Is this really a Doomsday game?”

Xun Ye waved his hand. “The facts are in front of you. Accept the reality.”

Since someone understood, Gao Jin was in no hurry. He would find out later.

“What about magic crystals?”

Xun Yi lowered his eyes. Since no one knew about magic crystals yet, he wouldn't take the initiative to tell them. This way, he could collect more magic crystals. If everyone found out that magic crystal was a good thing, his harvest would be limited.

However, he’d tell President Yin if he wanted to know.

Only him.

Xun Yi thought so in his mind.

Yin Fuchuan said, “We have the same information. Since you don't know, how can we answer that?”

Gao Jin said doubtfully, “You really don’t know?”

Yin Fuchuan waved his him.

Gao Jin glanced at Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan, and said bitterly, “You can have the employee storage room. Give me the key.”

Yin Fuchuan threw him the bunch of keys he grabbed.

He smiled apologetically at Xun Yi and Xun Ye. “It seems we can only get a storage room at the moment.”

Xun Yi was happy with that inclusivity again. If he could always be bound to President Yin, Xun Yi would be very happy.

He was delighted inwardly, but his face was calm, and he said politely, “It doesn't matter. It's good enough to have a place for us to rest.”

He picked up his things, took the zombie's head with him, and followed President Yin to the storage room.

Xun Ye carried his own small backpack and followed Xun Yi.

The storage room in the Yin Consortium office building was naturally not an ordinary place. The space inside was more than 50 square meters, and that was the most basic storage room. Many such storage rooms could be found, with several on almost every floor. Gao Jin was generous enough to allocate a storage room to them.

As soon as he entered the storage room and closed the door, Xun Yi considered whether he should act more modestly with his weapon in front of his crush, lest his savagery would scare him off. However, when he recalled that the other party was of a higher level than him after killing who knows how many zombies, no one would care about a little bit of blood.

A blade went through the ghoul's head and dug out a gray diamond-shaped crystal from the black and smelly rotten brain.

The ghoul was no ordinary zombie. The magic crystal in its brain was a higher-level gray magic crystal.

“Is that a magic crystal?” President Yin frowned. The smell was really unpleasant.

“Yeah, this should be a good thing in doomsday,” Xun Yi said frankly.

“I suddenly feel that I’ve wasted many magic crystals,” Yin Fuchuan said with a smile.

“Me too.”

While running for their lives, there was no time to stop and dig for magic crystals. That would be inviting death.

Yin Fuchuan said nonchalantly, “If you want more, just take a rest and continue killing zombies later.”

In this era, it was definitely not possible to stay safe and sound by hiding. If they didn't level up now, it would be more difficult to do so after the zombies leveled up.

Xun Yi was excited and nodded. “Okay.”

“Excuse me, don’t you think that you’ve forgotten something?” Xun Ye raised his little head and looked up at them.

Seeing his discomfort, Yin Fuchuan bent down to pick him up and asked with a smile, “What did we forget?”

Xun Yi was a little flustered and quickly stretched out his arms. “L-Let me hold him. He’s quite heavy.”

“Don’t worry, he’s not heavy.” President Yin avoided Xun Yi's arms and continued to carry Xun Ye.

Xun Ye waved his arms around fearlessly. “Where is my weapon? You don't expect me to punch zombies or kick monsters, do you?”

Yin Fuchuan smiled. “What weapon do you want?”

Xun Ye said thoughtfully, “A long saber probably won't work. I'm not even as tall as the weapon. A dagger is too short, while a short saber won’t do any good. After much consideration, I think guns and crossbows are more suitable for me. Once I level up and enhance my attributes, I should be able to withstand the recoil of guns. Crossbows have almost no recoil, which is definitely better for me, but unfortunately, crossbows are less common and may not be easy to obtain as compared to guns.”

Xun Yi was flabbergasted. The only thought in his mind was to take his son back and shut him up. Not only did he allow someone else to carry him, but he also demanded things from others, with no manners at all.

(TN: Xun Ye may seem a little obnoxious, but as mentioned earlier, he has the intelligence of a junior high school kid and is likely at the rebellious stage. His backstory will be covered in later chapters.)

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