Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 86 - Getting Along

Chapter 86 - Getting Along

Children love to sleep. Although His Highness the Royal Eldest Son was currently in the form of a little kitten, he was also a newborn baby who had just turned one month old.

The child was still asleep during the meal, and Su Yu didn’t have the heart to wake him up.

Su Yu carefully inquired with King Li and Wang Gonggong that the child didn’t need to drink milk and could eat soft fish and shrimp, and even fruits and vegetables.

So, Su Yu cooked the fish, mashed it, added some broth made with fresh shrimp, and a bit of seafood soy sauce, and adjusted the flavor to be mild and easy to chew.

“Meow, meow!” The little kitten that had just caught the big tail smelled the scent of food, immediately abandoned the tail, and turned to Su Yu, meowing softly.

Su Yu scooped a spoonful of fish paste with a small jade spoon, blew on it gently, and fed it to the little kitten’s mouth.

The black tiny mouth immediately opened, took the fish in the spoon into his mouth, and chewed it quickly. There were only a few teeth in its small mouth, but the paste was mashed finely, so it didn’t require much chewing. It tossed it in its mouth twice and swallowed it down smoothly.

Staring at the small one sitting obediently, tilting its head in anticipation of the meal, Su Yu couldn’t help but bend his eyes and scooped another spoonful.

The Emperor lying down couldn’t bear to watch any longer. He turned over, jumped up, and squeezed away the black and yellow little furball. The jade spoon was then offered to the golden cat.

Su Yu blinked, the jade spoon froze in mid-air.

His Majesty glared at him. Stupid slave, feeding the prince like this would spoil him rotten. Put down your bowl quickly, and come over to rub Zhen’s belly.

“Does Your Majesty want to try?” The jade spoon paused for a moment and continued forward, feeding it directly into the mouth of the golden kitten.

His Majesty the Emperor took a mouthful of fish and his eyes widened even more.

“Is it delicious, ba?” Su Yu smiled and looked at the bulging cheeks of the golden kitten. Finding it irresistibly cute, he couldn’t help but lean over and kiss its furry face.

“Mi?” His Highness the Royal Eldest Son, pushed aside by the larger cat, tumbled a bit on the soft cushion.

Not understanding what happened, he crawled back up, and seeing Su Yu kiss the Emperor, he decided to imitate. Clinging to the front legs of the golden kitten, he stood up and leaned over, sniffing.

There was a scent of fishy porridge in the fur, making the little furball happy. He stuck out its tiny tongue, licking the Emperor’s whiskers and his cheek, licking away a small piece of fish residue.

Wre, wretched thing!

The golden cat stiffened for a moment, pursed its somewhat red ears, disdainfully tilting its body and casting a sidelong glance at the little creature.

“Mi?” The little furball persistently clung to his neck, tilting its head and locking eyes with him.

“Hahahaha…” Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh. He brought the spoon over and shook it, successfully diverting the little kitten’s attention and freeing His Majesty the Emperor from his son’s clutches.

From the time he went to the Anguo Tower for identification at noon until now, His Highness the Royal Eldest Son had not eaten anything. Now, after taking a bite, he suddenly felt hungry.

He quickly swallowed a spoonful of fish paste and eagerly clung to Su Yu’s hand, its small furry head almost reached into the bowl.

Su Yu, seeing that he was hungry and unable to feed him in time, put the small bowl down for him to eat on his own.

“It is indeed easier to raise than an ordinary child.” Su Yu lay on the soft cushion, watching the little kitten eat voraciously.

At some point, the Emperor returned to his human form and lay next to Su Yu. He poked the little furry head, and the kitten, eating with gusto, suddenly stumbled with fish paste smeared on its mouth and raised its head in confusion.

“Really foolish.” This was the Emperor's first assessment of his eldest son.

When it was time to go to bed, Su Yu noticed the big cat’s rejection of the kitten and was a little distressed. He glanced at the sprawled Cat Lord on the dragon bed and then looked at the small crib by the bedside.

To maintain appearances, the crib was designed exactly like a normal one for human infants, except it was fixed on both sides and couldn’t actually sway. It was covered with a soft plush blanket, and a small pillow was placed inside.

Su Yu placed the little furball in the crib, covered it with the small blanket, and then climbed onto the dragon bed himself.

The Emperor squinted his eyes, watching Su Yu closely, thinking that if this stupid slave dared to bring that stupid thing to bed, he would have to give them a lecture on household rules.

However, to his satisfaction, the stupid slave put the child in the crib, took the initiative to take off his clothes, and crawled to his side. The Emperor was very pleased with Su Yu’s awareness of current affairs and raised his arms to embrace him.

“Wu, Your Majesty, don’t…” Su Yu had just laid down on the bed when a pair of slender arms wrapped around him, pulling him over. Without saying a word, the Emperor began to tear off his inner garments.

“Mi?” Having finally crawled out from under the blanket, the Little Prince stood up by the edge of the crib, observing the two people on the bed with curiosity.

Su Yu gasped and looked away, meeting the big crystal-clear eyes of the Little Prince, and suddenly stiffened. In front of the child, seems, not good…

An Hongche naturally noticing Su Yu’s discomfort, frowned slightly and followed his gaze.

“Meow--” Seeing his new father looking over, the little kitten happily called out to him and jumped out excitedly.

The crib was three feet above the ground, and if the tiny one fell, it would surely get hurt. Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. The little furball, completely oblivious to the danger, climbed up the edge of the crib.

Suddenly, its hind legs slipped, and half of its body fell outside the cradle. Su Yu, frightened by what he saw, pushed the Emperor aside and reached out to pick up the little kitten hanging on the crib.

“Your Majesty, the child is too young. It’s better for him to sleep on the bed.” Su Yu discussed with the Cat Lord.

His Majesty the Emperor snorted, how could he be so delicate! When he was a child, his father would just throw him onto a soft cushion, not to mention covering him with a quilt, he would also throw King Jing, who was close to his age, onto it. The two of them would to fight, and whoever lost became the heater and contributed his furry belly to the other.

Even though that was the case, Su Yu still felt that it was too cruel to leave a month-old child to fend for itself on a cold cushion. In the end, Su Yu exchanged the right for the Little Prince to sleep on the bed with three baskets of seafood soup dumplings.

The Emperor had been wanting to eat seafood soup dumplings for a long time, but it was quite troublesome to make. Su Yu had been tossed around at night lately, so he didn’t have the time to prepare such a time-consuming and labor-intensive breakfast in the morning.

His Majesty the Emperor’s mood improved at the thought of enjoying delicious seafood soup dumplings the next day. However, he also remembered that the foolish slave had only agreed to make them because of the little furball, which dampened his mood again.

At that moment, the excited little furball, having explored the bed, climbed onto the pillow.

“Hu…” An Hongche blew a breath at the little kitten attempting to get close to him, causing the little furball to become disheveled, and one soft little ear flipped over.

“Mi?” The Little Prince froze and then used his hind legs to scratch his ears, but his legs were a bit short, and he couldn’t quite reach his ears, so he struggled with all his might.

The Emperor slightly furrowed his brows, feeling that this son seemed even more foolish than his younger brother. He let out a soft hum, pulled his stupid slave into his embrace, closed his eyes, and decided not to bother with his son’s foolishness for the time being.

As the moon rose to its zenith, the Palace fell into a tranquil silence, but Beiji Palace remained restless.

“Meow…Meow…” The soft and delicate cat calls were incessant. Su Yu opened his eyes drowsily, and in the moonlight, saw the black and yellow little kitten lying alone on the bedside, calling out once, looking around, and then meowing again.

After all, it still couldn’t adjust to its first day away from its father.

Su Yu immediately felt a surge of tenderness. He reached out, picked up the little furball, and placed it in the blanket, allowing the kitten to snuggle against him. He gently stroked its fur.

“Mi…”Feeling the warmth, the little kitten suddenly stopped meowing.

The Emperor naturally was also awakened by the noise. His eyes, capable of seeing in the dark, observed Su Yu’s series of movements clearly. Watching the little furball being caressed by Su Yu, he felt the veins on his forehead begin to twitch.

A burst of white light flashed, and a golden kitten suddenly appeared, squeezing away the little furball that was hugging Su Yu’s fingers and acting coquettishly.

Su Yu watched the Emperor’s reactions in amusement. He quickly placed his hand on the Cat Lord’s body, gently stroking the smooth golden fur.

The child’s fur was just starting to grow and was thin and soft, so he didn’t dare to stroke too hard. However, His Majesty’s fur was different, glossy and sleek golden fur, providing a very pleasant sensation to the touch.

Not only did Su Yu like this fur, but the Little Prince also loved it. As soon as the golden fur appeared, he couldn’t wait to dive in. Warm and soft, it’s father’s fur!

The Emperor slowly lowered his head, looking at the small furry ball nestled in his fur. He narrowed his eyes dangerously and stared for a long time, but he didn’t see this little thing scared.

He lifted his paw and poked it, only to find that the previously tense little kitten had actually fallen asleep. He waved his paw and bared his teeth in disgust, but in the end, he didn’t push it away.

In the quiet of the night, Su Yu, accustomed to waking up in the middle of the night, cautiously peeked under the blanket. He was afraid that the big cat would not be pleased and might throw the little kitten onto the soft cushion to fend for itself.

Slowly lifting the blanket, he saw the half-grown golden cat, its back pressed against Su Yu’s chest, and its front paws hugging a bundle of black and yellow fur.

Perhaps because of the cool breeze caused by Su Yu lifting the blanket, the cat woke up with a start, opened its eyes drowsily, looked around, yawned, pulled the little kitten closer to its chest, licked its furry head, and drifted back to sleep.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Bird: Little Fish, help me choose a name for the little one, ba!

Little Fish: What options do we have?

Little Bird: We have ‘Vinegar’, ‘Garlic Sauce’, ‘Cumin‘, ‘Spicy Crab’...

Little Fish: Any non-food options? = =

Little Bird: Oh, yes, there’s the most popular one ‘Thirty Thousand’

Seventeenth Uncle: I'm Nine Dots.

King Li: I'm Six Stripes.

Royal Tutor: I'm Blank Tile.

Little Bird: I'm Little Chick.

Little Fish: …I think Da Mao is quite good

[TL_Note: The names correspond to mahjong tiles]


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