Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 85 - The Emperor’s Eldest Son

Chapter 85 - The Emperor’s Eldest Son

The State Teacher announced his verdict and then turned his gaze to Kign Li’s Third Consort.

“Since you are aware, there’s no need for Benzuo to say more. Today, you need to sign the blood pact.”

The Third Consort looked at the kitten on the table, which was extending its paws to scratch the sleeve of the State Teacher, before looking back at King Li.

King Li nodded at her.

“Sign, ba. After signing the blood pact, you will be this King Li’s, Zheng Fei.”[TL_Note: Zheng Fei -> Legitimate Wife, the main wife]

Zheng Fei? A flash of joy passed through the eyes of the Third Consort as she remembered that in the Qinwang’s household, whoever gave birth to a firstborn heir would be appointed as the legitimate wife, and the Qinwang would dismiss the concubines without offspring.[TL_Note: The firstborn heir refers to the noble son mentioned in the previous chapters]

Since giving birth to a cat, the Third Consort had been constantly worried.

Initially, she thought she had encountered a ghost, but it wasn’t until the Wangye revealed the truth that she learned that the royal family harbored such a big secret. It took her several days to gather the courage to face her son, however, Wangye didn’t let her hold the child much, always carrying him around himself.

Throughout the journey to the capital, she lived in constant fear, worried about being discovered. Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened, and they safely arrived at Anguo Tower. Until this moment, it felt like she was dreaming.

Looking at the Emperor and the State Teacher, she finally believed that the current royal family was not a normal royal family but a group of…cats…

“This concubine is willing to sign the blood pact and will never betray the royal family.” The Third Consort, now to be renamed Li Wangfei, devoutly kneeled before the State Teacher, extending a delicate jade-like hand.

The State Teacher stood up, raising a finger, and traced a small imaginary line above Li Wangfei’s wrist. A tiny bloodline appeared on her fair skin, and a round, plumb blood droplet separated from the wound and floated in the State Teacher’s hand, rotating ceaselessly.

Su Yu stared wide-eyed, earnestly watching this scene that seemed to only appear in movies. It turned out that the State Teacher wasn’t just putting on a show, he truly possessed great magical powers!

The crystal-clear blood bead rotated in the air for a short while.

Suddenly, the State Teacher’s fingers, which were like jade bamboo, swiftly came together. After a moment, they opened again, and the blood bead had vanished. He formed a complicated mudra with one hand and extended his index finger to touch the center of Li Wangfei’s forehead.

Li Wangfei felt something suddenly pull away, followed by something poured back into her body, and then returned to calmness.

“Contract established.” The State Teacher said calmly and sat back down, gazing silently at the little kitten on the table.

“Meow?” The little kitten didn’t understand what the adults were saying. It turned its head toward whoever spoke, and when it saw the State Teacher’s flowing sleeves returning to the table, it was once again captivated, reaching out its paws to scratch.

“The secrets of the royal family must not be revealed to anyone. Once the secrets are leaked, you will die suddenly.”The State Teacher reiterated the rules.

Li Wangfei responded respectfully, naturally not daring to raise any objections. After the State Teacher finished speaking, she hesitated momentarily before tentatively asking.

“This concubine dares to ask, what will happen to the child in the future?”

In a Qinwang’s household, once a noble child is formally acknowledged, they are immediately entrusted to the care of the Empress and must remain in the capital until the age of twenty.

However, since there was currently no Empress in the Palace, and considering that the noble son had the right of inheritance and that the Emperor himself had no heirs, could it be that her son would be designated as the emperor’s eldest son?

While chewing on spicy shredded fish, His Majesty the Emperor looked at the little kitten on the table and playfully flicked its head with a finger.

Unfazed by the flick, the kitten turned to look at him in confusion and, seeing that he was chewing something, let out a small meow.

“From now on, this child shall be the Emperor’s eldest son. Zhen will issue an imperial decree tomorrow to announce it to the world” His Majesty the Emperor swallowed the shredded fish in his mouth and lowered his head to confront the kitten.

“Mi!“ The little kitten was startled by the suddenly enlarged face but soon caught the scent of something delicious near the Emperor’s lips. It twitched its little nose and leaned over, licking the tip of the Emperor’s nose.

An Hongche sat up abruptly and snorted for no apparent reason.

“The imperial scion will be in the care of the Emperor from today onwards and won’t be shown to others until he turns one year old.” King Li lifted his son and waved him in front of Li Wangfei.

The freshly baked Crown Prince was lifted by his father, unafraid as he waved his four paws in confusion.

“Wangye!” Li Wangfei was startled and quickly reached out to hold him.

“Meowww…” The kitten tilted its head against its mother’s hands.

Li Wangfei looked at the small fluffy bundle in her hands.

Initially, she was very afraid and hesitant to hold the child. Coincidentally, King Li didn’t allow her to touch him, which made her breathe a sigh of relief. She truly didn’t know how to face the situation. Now, as the separation was imminent, she realized how reluctant she was to let go of him. Even if it was a cat, it was still her child.

Pressing her face against the soft fur of the little kitten, Li Wangfei gently rubbed it and tears welled up in her eyes.

“During this time, Mother hasn’t treated you well, did not properly hold you…”

“If you miss the child, you can come to the Palace to see it at any time.” King Li said casually, patting Li Wangfei’s on the back. He took their son and asked her to go back to the residence with the two side consorts[TL_Note: The rank of the consorts is Cefei]. The royal family still had serious matters to discuss.

As Li Wangfei departed, King Li, the State Teacher, and the Emperor exchanged glances before collectively looking at Su Yu.

Su Yu was still leaning over the table, his eyes gleaming as he stared at the little kitten in the bedding, almost drooling.

“I presume this must be Xian Fei.” King Li suddenly spoke up.

When Su Yu heard someone calling him, he reluctantly tore his gaze away from the kitten. Then he remembered that he and King Li had not greeted each other yet, so he quickly stood up.

“Su Yu greets His Highness King Li.”

“No need to be so polite, I am the Emperor’s elder brother. From now on Jing Tang will be like the Emperor, just call me Second Imperial Brother.” King Li said with a friendly smile, displaying the demeanor of a mature and considerate elder brother.

Su Yu blinked, King Li seemed to know quite a bit, even aware of his courtesy name.

“The Crown Prince will be raised in Beiji Palace, and I heard that Jing Tang is currently residing there. I’ll have to rely on you for looking after my dog child in the future.” King Li picked up the little kitten from between the blankets and rubbed it against his scruffy chin.

The little kitten, enjoying the attention, voluntarily rubbed its head against its father’s chin.

“Long-winded!” His Majesty the Emperor glared discontentedly at King Li, snatching the kitten and stuffing it into Su Yu’s arms.

Su Yu was stunned for a moment before realizing their intentions, the little milk kitten would be given to him to raise in the future!

Carefully cradling the tiny furball in his hands, the kitten showed no signs of shyness, sitting obediently in his palms and gazing at him with curious big eyes.

“Not a bother at all, not in the slightest.” Su Yu replied, doing his best to restrain the grin that threatened to spread across his face.

“It’s getting late.” The State Teacher, unable to bear it any longer, stood up, picked up the kitten, and placed it on the bedding.

“Let’s begin, ba.”

For the child to be handed over to the Emperor to raise, the royal family had to have a handover ceremony. They separated Li Wangfei for this reason. The State Teacher signaled Su Yu to stand farther away and not disturb the little prince. Su Yu honesty stood far away with the State Teacher.

King Li and the Emperor exchanged glances, and in a flash of white light, a big black and yellow cat and a smaller golden kitten appeared on the small table simultaneously.

King Li’s fur was also black and yellow, but it was different from King Ling’s.

The patterns on Seventeenth Uncle were irregular, and the last time when he rolled over, Su Yu even saw a spot on Seventeenth Uncle’s belly that resembled the ‘Nine Bamboos’ in Mahjong. On the other hand, King Li had a symmetrical striped pattern across his body.

The large striped cat walked over to the little striped kitten, and the small kitten purred with excitement before nuzzling into its father’s belly.

King Li lowered his head, licking his son’s head, and gently smoothed out the tousled fur on the kitten’s head.

His Majesty the Emperor slowly walked over and sat down beside the father and son.

After licking for a while, King Li pushed his son away and took a step back.

“Mi?” The small kitten was pushed away by its father and for some reason, the golden cat approached and licked its head.

The kitten looked up and saw the bright and dazzling golden fur. It slowly came over and sniffed, and then happily nestled into the golden fur, rubbing against it.

Su Yu couldn’t believe his eyes, the exchange of fathers seemed too smooth…

Therefore, the freshly baked Imperial Scion was carried back to Beiji Palace by the Emperor.

The State Teacher notified the royal family that the third son of King Li, with the blessing of the ancestors, had a pure and noble bloodline, recognized as a noble son. The Emperor announced to the world that the third son of King Li was to be recognized as the eldest son of the Emperor.

The news spread like wildfire, causing a commotion in the Palace.

Several Zhaoyis hurriedly went to Ci’an Palace hoping to inquire about the condition of the little prince.

“The Crown Prince had not been established, so naturally, the Emperor will personally raise him.” The Emperor said with a stern face.

Before the Empress Dowager had given birth to the current Emperor, King Li had already been granted the title of Second Prince. The late Emperor did not entrust him to any concubine, instead, he raised him personally until the birth of the current Emperor.

It was only after signing the blood pact that he brainlessly threw all the cat cubs to the Empress Dowager.

“But now, Xian Fei resides in Beiji Palace. Wouldn’t this child be considered Xian Fei’s?” De Zhaoyi anxiously remarked.

They were still plotting for the promotion in status before the New Year, how could they foresee a noble son appearing so soon.

“Now, Xian Fei holds the highest position. There’s nothing wrong with letting him raise the child.” The Empress Dowager waved her hand dismissively.

She had no intention of discussing this matter any further and advised the concubines not to interfere, so as not to disturb the little prince.

His Majesty the Emperor found it troublesome to have a tender and delicate furball by his side, but Su Yu was overjoyed.

In the evening, after the Emperor finished his dinner, he turned into a golden kitten and lay on a soft cushion, disgesting his food leisurely. With all four paws in the air, he casually swayed his tail.

The black and yellow furball staggered over, fixating on the big golden tail. Its eyes, like glass beads, followed the tail’s movements left and right. Then, lowering its body, it pounced onto the tail.

His Majesty the Emperor was startled and stared at the audacious furball with a dark face. His Highness the Royal Eldest Son, completely oblivious to the danger, continued to enthusiastically chase after the big tail.

At that moment, Su Yu walked over with a small jade bowl, sitting down on the cushion with a cheerful smile.

“It’s time to eat.”

The Emperor glanced at the mushy fish paste in the jade bowl that was obviously not meant for him to eat, and suddenly his face grew even darker.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Seventeenth Uncle: Guess who I am?

Little Fish: = = You’re Seventeenth Uncle

Seventeenth Uncle (Sitting next to King Li): Guess who I am?

Little Fish: = = You’re Seventeenth Uncle

Seventeenth Uncle: Yi? Didn’t they say that ordinary people can’t distinguish between cats with the same color?

Little Fish: = = Ordinary people can distinguish spots and stripes

Seventeenth Uncle: ( ⊙ o ⊙ )


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