Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 83 - Identification

Chapter 83 - Identification

In other words, the fluffy ones that could transform into cats were the noble sons, while those who could not transform into cats were common sons. This was really… Su Yu couldn’t find the words to express it.

However, he was still very curious about how one could tell if a child could transform into a cat.

His Majesty the Emperor glanced at him and casually spoke.

“Tomorrow, King Li will enter the Palace and go directly to Anguo Tower to meet with the State Teacher, Zhen will also go.”

Su Yu immediately understood.

“Your Majesty, please take Chen with you, ba.”

“Hmph.”An Hongche responded with a cryptic hum, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

Su Yu naturally understood the meaning of the Cat Lord.[TL_Note: Cat Lord -> Cat Daye, please comment down below if you want it the way it was before]

Looking around he saw that the Imperial Study was empty, not even Wang Gonggong was there. He smiled and leaned over, planting a resounding kiss on the handsome cheek.

The Emperor stiffened for a moment, glared at Su Yu, and quickly wiped his face with the back of his hand. Wretched thing, in broad daylight, like this… Hmph, considering the foolish slave’s diligent efforts.

“Zhen will make an exception and take you to see it.”

Su Yu couldn’t help laughing, the Cat Lord had clearly intended to take him there earlier, but now, because of that impulsive kiss, His Majesty framed it as if he exchanged a kiss for the chance to witness the identification.

The morning sun streamed through the pure white window screen of the Imperial Study, casting a glow on Su Yu’s fair face. His gentle eyes shimmered with a barely perceptible layer of water under the clear sunlight because of his laughter, reflecting a gentle radiance.

“Why are you laughing!” The tip of the Emperor’s ears turned slightly red. This foolish slave, his smile was increasingly captivating.

He couldn’t help grunting, with such a smile directed at Zhen, was he trying to seduce Zhen, ba?

Truly, dealing with this foolish slave was quite a challenge. There were still many memorials to review, but as a considerate master, one must satisfy the foolish slave’s desires.

In vexation, An Hongche tossed aside his vermilion brush and pushed the foolish slave in his arms down on the spacious dragon throne.

“Your, Your Majesty?” Su Yu bewildered, was caught off guard as the Cat Lord pushed him down.

He watched in surprise as the Emperor began to unfasten his belt, hurriedly reaching out to stop him.

“It, it’s broad daylight…”

“Hmph, you know it’s broad daylight now.” The Emperor continued, leaning forward to nibble his neck.

“Zhen really can’t control you.”

What do you mean he can’t control him? It sounded as if he were the one pushing the Emperor down! Su Yu choked on his words, not given a chance to speak as the Emperor pulled open his clothes.

In the middle of the day, when Su Yu walked out of the study, he felt like he was walking on cotton, every stop light and soft. Luckily, he had prepared an ‘Eight-Treasure Seafood Stew’ for lunch, which he started cooking early in the morning, sparing him the effort of making lunch.

With an abundance of Qing Yu and Ying Yu ingredients these days, the Emperor could enjoy these delicacies every day, so Su Yu replaced some of the ingredients in the seafood stew with the strange fish.

Thick soup, fresh mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, and the addition of abalone, fresh shrimp, crab meat, Qing Yu’s belly, and Ying Yu’s fins, meticulously simmered all morning. Just this main dish alone was enough for Su Yu and the Cat Lord to enjoy a meal.

His Majesty The Emperor, having exerted himself ‘mentally and physically’ in the study in the morning, consumed three large bowls of seafood stew for lunch. Watching him relish the food, Su Yu couldn’t help adding half a bowl more than usual.

The batch of strange fish sent from the East Sea were all slaughtered. Although the flesh of these sea creatures was unique and could last three days in the ice cellar without spoiling, there was still a need to process them promptly.

Su Yu was busy for several days in a row, finally turning these fish into offerings. Smoked fish, spicy shredded fish, and fish meatballs, barrel by barrel, were transported to the fourth floor of the Anguo Tower.

Surprisingly, Su Yu discovered that there was even a cellar in the Anguo Tower!

The cellar was dug deep, with three floors in total. The first floor contained several bottles of wine, while the remaining two floors were filled with ice.

The crystal-clear ice blocks were neatly stacked together, resembling rows of treasure cabinets.

He stored the smoked fish and fish balls in the ice cellar. As for the spicy shredded fish, because it had been dried and fried in oil, rich in sauce and chili, it won’t spoil for the time being.

Apart from these, there were still many Qing Yus left over, so Su Yu made a jar of fish sauce and sealed it on the fourth floor of the Anguo Tower, it would be almost ready to eat during the New Year.

The State Teacher observed him as he went about his work from start to finish with a profound and meaningful gaze, occasionally picking up a strip of spicy shredded fish and putting it into his mouth without saying a word.

After all this work, Su Yu was finally able to rest for two days. The State Teacher told him that he did not need to go to the Anguo Tower for these two days. So, after lunch, Su Yu nestled on the soft cushion, blissfully idling with the Cat Lord in his arms.

The Emperor ate quite a bit, turning into a golden kitten lying on his back on the soft cushion, letting his foolish slave rub his belly.

“Your Majesty, is the little prince of King Li’s family born as a human or a cat?” Su Yu stroked the furry belly, thinking of the little princes he would meet tomorrow.

The golden kitten leisurely swayed his tail, ignoring him.

“If he’s born as a cat, will the Wangfei faint from fright?” Su Yu envisioned the scene of a midwife holding a little furball that couldn’t open its eyes and loudly proclaiming, “Congratulations Wanfei, it’s a male cat!” Most ordinary people would probably faint from shock, ba…

Ignoring him, His Majesty the Emperor yawned and fell asleep.

Without any hints from the Emperor, the next day, Su Yu, carrying a mix of apprehension and excitement, went to the Anguo Tower early.

When a Qinwang enters the Capital, he should first pay his respects to the Emperor. However, if he brought a child to have his identity verified, he must first meet with the State Teacher as soon as he entered the Palace, and the Emperor would also be waiting in the Anguo Tower.

Just past noon, the State Teacher was reclining on the soft couch on the second floor, half asleep. He was a little surprised to see Su Yu.

“Didn’t Benzuo say that you take a break for two days?”

Su Yu scratched his head awkwardly, he could hardly say that he came to join the fun.

“Zhen brought him to have a look.” His Majesty the Emperor sat casually on the cushions, picking up a strip of spicy shredded fish on the table and taking a bite.

Su Yu finally realized that in the jade plate on the low table was the shredded fish he had just made for the sacrifice.

“Your Majesty, this is the sacrificial offering.”

“What’s wrong?” His Majesty the Emperor was confused, what the matter with the offerings?

Shouldn’t sacrificial offerings be taken out and presented during the ceremony of offering sacrifices to the heavens? Su Yu swallowed nervously, looking at the State Teacher.

The State Teacher frowned slightly at the Emperor’s act of indulging in the sacrificial offerings, getting up and sitting on the soft cushion, he moved the jade plate to his side.

“Is King Jing returning for the ceremony?” The State Teacher elegantly picked a fish strip and put it into his mouth.

“Not coming back.” His Majesty the Emperor was a little unhappy that the shredded fish was taken away, however, after having spicy crab for lunch, he felt a little full just after eating the shredded fish, so he didn’t try to snatch it back.

“The situation in the East Sea is chaotic, and we can’t do without people. He should be back before the New Year. ”

The State Teacher didn’t say anything more, contemplating the number of Qinwangs in the Capital this year.

“Reporting to the State Teacher, King Li has brought three young princes for an audience!” A report echoed from downstairs, instantly halting their conversation.

King Li currently had three sons, each born to a different concubine. When a prince underwent the identity assessment, his mother had to accompany him. The three concubines each led one child, following behind King Li as they slowly entered the main hall of Anguo Tower.

The eldest son, now five years old, was being held by his mother and was curiously looking around. The second son, who was three years old, felt overwhelmed by the towering roof of the Anguo Tower.

He was a little scared and clutched the corners of his mother’s clothes with a hesitant expression. The third son, who had just turned one month old, was securely wrapped and cradled in his mother’s arms.

“When you meet the State Teacher later, remember how to pay your respects, okay?” The mother of the eldest son softly instructed, casting a satisfied glance at the mother of the third son.

She had previously complained about Wangye taking too long to bring the child, but now it seemed that allowing the child to grow a bit more was better, as being able to speak eloquently could win the favor of the State Teacher.

“What's wrong with Little Sanzi? He didn’t cry or make a fuss the whole way here?” The mother of the second son comforted her child, curiously approaching to take a look.

The third son’s mother instinctively held the child closer, showing a trace of a bitter smile on her face.

“This child has always been well-behaved.”

The other two consorts looked at her skeptically and then glanced at the carefully wrapped little bundle. They couldn’t help but sneer, isn’t it just a son, the baby has been hidden from them since birth, who cares!

King Li, dressed in a moon-white Qinwang robe, walked like a dragon and paced like a tiger to the front of the hall, standing with his hands behind his back and loudly proclaiming.

“Chen, with three sons, pay his respects to the State Teacher. May the blessings of our ancestors continue and may our Da’an thrive!”

“May the blessings of our ancestors endure, and may the descendants thrive.” A distant and melodious voice came from the tower as if carrying a divine power, calming the hearts of those present.


Chen -> this official

Little Sanzi -> Little third child

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