Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 82 - Fluffy

Chapter 82 - Fluffy

Qing Yu’s meat was thick and plump, so it could be made into smoked fish; Ying Yu’s meat was as hard as beef. so it could be made into spicy sliced fish, its fins could be sun-dried into dry shark fins, and as for the tender wing meat, it was better to make it into fish balls.

Su Yu calculated with his fingers, smoked fish and spicy sliced fish were not bad, but fish balls needed to be chilled before being stored, which was a bit troublesome, however, there was an ice cellar in the palace, so it should not be a problem.

Although these methods can’t be preserved for a long time like dried fish, it was still possible to last until the tenth day of October, and if there was any excess, it could be made into fish sauce.

Just…looking at the State Teacher, Su Yu suddenly thought of a question.

“Imperial Uncle, is there still a use in sacrificing these fish to the heavens if we cut them open?”

The State Teacher listened quietly to him mutter for a while and his cold eyes suddenly became deep and focused on Su Yu without moving.

Su Yu felt a little guilty, from a chef’s perspective, he was only thinking about the ingredients, but he forgot that protecting the country and the people was the top priority. It was too insincere.

He coughed dryly and thought whether he should say something to save himself, but was stunned by the next words of the State Teacher.

“It is truly a blessing for the country to have the foreign star come into existence.” The clear voice was like a cold spring under the moon, distant and moving as if coming from ancient times.

The State Teacher left this meaningful sentence and turned away, leaving Su Yu alone, stunned.

Foreign star come into existence, foreign star… The State Teacher knew he was the foreign star, and thought that he would bring good luck to the country…

Previously, Su Yu was worried about the matter of the foreign star for a long time. Although the Emperor did not care, he was still worried about the thoughts of the other members of the royal family.

After all, the oracle the State Teacher gave was vague, and even the Emperor was not clear about how the State Teacher viewed this matter. Now, the State Teacher had personally acknowledged that he was an auspicious sign, not a disaster star.

Su Yu couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. As for whether he could summon the divine beast as rumored…He shook his head to get rid of those unreliable thoughts. It would be better to think about how to deal with the fish on the first floor.

According to the State Teacher, the Qing Yu and Ying Yu needed to be executed within nine days. Because once these strange fish come into contact with people, they will trigger their nature to bring disaster.

For every nine, the possibility of such a disaster will increase by one point. Once the number of nine-nine is reached, it will inevitably cause a catastrophe.

Only the noble imperial family and Su Yu could go up to the second floor of the Anguo Tower. It was obviously inappropriate to ask the Emperor or the several Wangyes to help him carry the fish, so Su Yu discussed with the State Teacher about changing the place where the fish would be killed.

In the afternoon of that day, the imperial concubines of the Western Palace saw Su Yu with a team of guards carrying several large boxes covered in black cloth and grandly entering Yuluan Palace.

Yuluan Palace was the residence of the former Lu Guifei and was also the largest palace in the Western Palace.

“How much ability does he have, he couldn’t bear it so quickly.” The former De Fei, now De Zhaoyi, stood on the palace road from a distance, sneering at Su Yu’s busy figure.

“When one dominates over all others, it inevitably leads to complacency.” Shu Zhaoyi slowly walked over and looked eyes with De Zhaoyi.

The other Zhaoyis and Cairens who came to watch the show were whispering, but they dared not speak out as openly without fear as the two of them.

Although the two of them were demoted from their Fei positions, their titles remained, and they were of a higher status than those Zhaoyi who only had their last name.

“Should we go talk to the Empress Dowager?” Li Zhaoyi suggested carefully.

“Let’s wait and see, ba.” De Zhaoyi hesitated for a moment but still suppressed the urge to complain immediately. Now that they don’t have the Lu family’s daughter as a shield, they must act cautiously.

The news that Xian Fei was eager to take control of Yuluan Palace quickly spread in the harem, and the imperial concubines were all waiting for a good performance.

Su Yu had no idea of the intricacies involved, he chose to come to Yuluan Palace because it was large and remote.

In order to show her uniqueness, Lu Guifei deliberately chose the secluded Yuluan Palace when selecting her residence. Yuluan Palace was close to the Imperial Garden, but it was quite distant from the other palaces like Bixiao Palace and Yexiao Palace in the Western Palace.

That’s why the last time the fish in Yexiao Palace cried out in the middle of the night, Lu Guifei did not immediately know about it.

The cries are not easily heard from there, so it was more suitable to slaughter the Ying Yu in this place.

Moreover, Su Yu was interested in the vast open space in front of Yuluan Palace.

In Yexiao Palace, there was a scenic spot every five steps, a pavilion every ten steps, and winding corridors turning into nine bends. All the areas were intricate and fragmented.

In contrast, the elegant Yuluan Palace was not as complicated. The front courtyard was a large open space without trees or flowers, making it the most suitable place for sun-drying fish.

So, the favored and arrogant Xian Fei unabashedly took over Yuluan Palace.

The next day, when Su Yu went to Cian Palace, De Zhaoyi and Shu Zhaoyi happened to be there as well.

The two of them politely greeted Su Yu, who simply returned the salute. His attention was then drawn to furball on the soft couch holding a large red mouse. Unexpectedly, His Highness King Zhao was still here.

On the previous day, the Empress Dowager spent the entire day sewing with a small chubby cat in her arms. To facilitate the teething process of the chubby cat, the Empress Dowager inserted some beans into a toy mouse, one layer of cotton and one layer of beans, and wrapped it with bright red silk on the outside, sewing the two layers meticulously.

This process took a lot of effort, and by the time the large mouse was completed, it was already late in the evening. Taking advantage of being a cat, His Highness King Zhao shamelessly stayed overnight with his Muqin.

“How did Xian Fei find time? I heard that the Emperor didn’t go to court today, so doesn't Niangniang need to make breakfast for the Emperor?” Shu Zhaoyi said with a smile.

The Empress Dowager imposing slightly frowned.

“The Emperor didn’t go to court again?” When Wang Gonggong asked for leave yesterday, she immediately knew what was going on. The Emperor was young, so occasionally fooling around once in a while was normal, but if it happened every day…Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but look at Su Yu.

Su Yu coughed awkwardly, feeling a bit guilty. He swore to Heaven and Earth that they didn’t do anything last night. He quickly explained.

“His Majesty exerted himself in training yesterday, so he got up a bit later today.”

Seemingly like an ordinary legal wife, he complained to her mother-in-law about his husband’s laziness. While this statement sounded normal, in the ears of the other consorts, it was nothing short of bragging.

Look, while you only know that the Emperor didn’t attend the court, as a favored concubine, he could even report the Emperor’s behavior to the Empress Dowager.

His Majesty the Emperor, who was comfortably sleeping in Su Yu’s embrace, was disturbed by the noise coming from his chest. He yawned lazily and sleepily poked his head out, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

On the soft couch, the chubby cat clutched a slightly smaller big mouse. With swift kicks from its hind legs, it scratched rapidly, then tossed the mouse aside. Adopting a fierce expression, it pounced and bit the mouse in one swift motion.

“As we approach the Manxiang Festival, is it true that this year Empress Dowager will have Xian Fei preside over the Palace Banquet?” De Zhaoyi lowered her head, concealing the jealousy in her eyes, then looked up and smiled courteously.

“In the previous years, it was Lu Guifei who presided over it, and now letting Xian Fei take charge…” Shu Zhaoyi paused, quickly covering her mouth with a handkerchief.

“Aiya, look at my mouth, why bring up Lu Guifei.”

The matter of Xian Fei going to Yuluan Palace with the guards yesterday had already spread throughout the harem. They didn’t believe that the Empress Dowager was unaware of this. Moreover, there were several meanings in this statement.

Firstly, it suggested that usually, it was a Guifei who presided over things, and having a new Fei take charge this year might be hard to accept by many. Secondly, mentioning Lu Guifei served as a reminder to the Empress Dowager to not favor Su Yu as she favored Lu Guifei in the past, to avoid another arrogant and domineering Guifei Niangniang.

Su Yu couldn’t quite understand the intricacies of the conversation. While in a moment of distraction, the Cat Daye[TL_Note: Turns out it can also mean esteemed] in his arms suddenly kicked its legs and leaped down. Su Yu raised his hand to catch it but missed, the golden cat landing gracefully and taking a swift step forward, he jumped onto the Empress Dowager’s soft couch.

Shu Zhaoyi, who was speaking with enthusiasm, was startled, and her speech, which was halfway through, instantly got stuck in her throat.

His Highness King Zhao was biting the mouse when the fur on his back suddenly stood up. A shadow fell from the sky, and before he could escape, his neck was bitten.

His Majesty the Emperor held his fluffy younger brother, stomping and scratching him quickly with his hind paws, then suddenly let go of him, jumped far away, and then pounced on him, biting his brother’s ear fiercely.

“Don’t fight.” The Empress Dowager, who had been listening carefully to Shu Zhaoyi’s speech, suddenly shifted her gaze and raised her hand to try to separate the two kittens.

“Meow!” His Highness King Zhao released the big mouse from his grip and turned around to scratch his older brother.

Unexpectedly, the golden kitten let off his ear the instant he let go of the mouse, swiftly darting it caught the red mouse, and ran to the side, proudly flicking its tail.

The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched, not daring to look at the Empress Dowager’s expression.

The Empress Dowager found it amusing. Seizing the moment while the golden kitten was fixated on his little brother, she quickly patted its golden fluffy head.

His Majesty’s tail immediately puffed up, and he dropped the mouse in his mouth. He lifted his paw to swat away the Empress Dowager’s hand, giving her a resentful glare. How could she touch his head in front of the stupid slave?

The chubby cat quickly ran over and snatched back its teething mouse.

The prepared remarks of the two Zhaoyi were disrupted by this unexpected catfight.

The Empress Dowager seemed to forget what Shu Zhaoyi had said earlier, and in front of the imperial concubines, showed Su Yu the procedure for the Palace Banquet.

“On the Palace Banquet, there are only womenfolk present and you’re the only man.” The Empress Dowager sipped her tea.

“Aijia idea is to invite a theater troupe, what kind of play would you like to see?”

The imperial concubines looked at the thin booklet with jealousy. With no prince at present, if a Wangye’s child is established as the crown prince first, the position of the Empress would be at the discretion of the Emperor.

They originally counted on the Empress Dowager to suppress Su Yu’s arrogance for the sake of the heir, but now? Judging from the Empress Dowager's intent, it was clear that she was teaching Su Yu how to govern the Six Palaces!

Before the imperial concubines could finish their jealousy, Su Yu scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend the Palace Banquet. The State Teacher has instructed Chen to go to Anguo Tower that day.”[TL_Note: Chen means this official]

“What?” De Zhaoyi couldn’t control her exclamation upon hearing this. Seeing everyone staring at her, she quickly stood up to apologize, but inside, her heart was filled with turmoil.

On the tenth day of October, it was the day for the noble sons to offer sacrifices to the heavens. Only the noble sons of the imperial family could ascend the tower. Su Yu was just a male consort, but he was unexpectedly going!

This kind of glory was no longer just for showing off in the harem, it was unique in the whole Da’an!

The Empress Dowager nodded slightly.

“In that case, you need not worry about the Palace Banquet.” The national affairs were more important, and the Manxiang Festival’s Palace Banquet was merely for entertaining the women of the imperial clan.

It wouldn’t matter much if Su Yu didn’t attend. Subsequently, she assigned De Zhaoyi and Shu Zhaoyi to come and assist daily, putting them in charge of the preparations for the Palace Banquet.

Originally, the lengthy speeches they had prepared today aimed to delegate some of the responsibilities related to the Palace Banquet. They didn’t underestimate the significance of such an event.

If handled properly, leaving a favorable impression on the various Wangfeis and the Empress Dowager, there was a chance for a promotion by the end of the year. With a higher status, if a son of a Wangye was declared the crown prince, they would have the authority to adopt him… And now, without much effort, they obtained this task, however, the two of them couldn’t find much joy in it.

Xian Fei could even ascend the tower and offer sacrifices to the heavens, while they were just managing a palace banquet, so there was simply no comparison.

“Xian Fei Niangniang is indeed blessed with deep fortune, being able to ascend the tower to offer sacrifices to the heavens.” Shu Zhaoyi forced a smile.

“Empress Dowager, why not take advantage of the Manxiang Festival to elevate Xian Fei to a higher position, making it easier for him to take control of Yuluan Palace.”

The Empress Dowager separated the two little furballs that were tangled up again and smoothed out the messy fur on the head of the chubby kitten that had been nibbled by his older brother.

“Matters of status are not something you should be concerned about. ”

One sentence fell like ice-cold water from the frosty Ninth Heaven, pouring down on Shu Zhaoyi’s head. How could she forget, they were merely Zhaoyis, far from having the qualification to bring up such matters.

“If you have nothing more to do, why not go and assist Xian Fei.” The Empress Dowager smoothed the fur on the chubby cat and then tossed him back to the Emperor.

His Majesty willingly took over the well-groomed little brother and pounced on him again, rubbing his fur all over the place.

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes lit up. After he finished killing the fish, he would start marinating the fish slices and drying the fins. The fins of the Ying Yu’s fish were too thin can could easily be blown away if left on the ground to dry.

It was best to thread them with a string, and having the assistance of consorts who were skilled in needlework would be greatly beneficial.

Shu Zhaoyi and De Zhaoyi never expected that Empress Dowager was merely being polite to Su Yu but this man actually took it seriously. Within the next few days, they were genuinely summoned to Yuluan Palace to help thread fish fins!

After declining the management of the Palace Banquet, for the next few days, Su Yu focused wholeheartedly on killing fish at Yuluan Palace.

Wearing the wrist guard provided by the State Teacher, Su Yu was already quite proficient in using internal energy and he could handle a Qing Yu with just a few moves. However, dealing with such a massive quantity was truly draining on his internal energy.

In less than half a day, the internal energy in the wrist guard was exhausted.

Glancing around and finding that the Emperor was not nearby and the State Teacher was not accompanying him in the Anguo Tower, Su Yu looked at Gao Peng, the eldest son of Duke Lu, who was busy pounding the Ying Yu.

“Brother Gao, could you lend a hand?”

Gao Peng approached, holding a stick.

“What instructions does Niangniang have?”

Su Yu coughed lightly.

“Has Shizi practiced internal skills?”

“Of course I have.” Duke Lu’s Shizi was puzzled but truthfully responded.

“Good, as long as you’ve practiced.” Su Yu smiled, took off the wrist guard in his arm, and handed it to Gao Pend, asking him to infuse some internal energy.

He thought to himself that it was convenient, as long as there was a guard proficient in internal skill nearby, he could ‘recharge’ at any time.

The idea was good but reality often did not go as one wished.

Duke Lu’s Shizi stared at the wrist guard in his hand and then at Su Yu. He had never heard of a treasure that could store internal energy, let alone the idea of lending internal energy to others.

Although he was skeptical, he had to follow the orders of the Niangniang. Gao Peng earnestly grasped the wrist guard, earnestly channeling internal energy to the palm of his hand and then transmitting it to the wrist guard.

Su Yu put on the wrist guard that Duke Lu’s Shizi had ‘charged’ and the wrist guard was warmed by the internal energy, feeling a bit hot. Seeing that Gao Peng still wore a disbelieving expression, Su Yu waved his hand, seizing a Qing Yu, preparing to perform for him.

Internal energy flowed to the palm, flowed to the palm…

No response…

Faced with Duke Lu Shizi’s expression that seemed to say ‘Are you teasing me’, Su Yu awkwardly cleared his throat.

“I’ve practiced martial arts for many years and have never heard of the ability to lend internal energy to others. As for what Niangniang said about channeling internal energy through the wrist to others, apart from shocking and injuring the other party, there would be no other effect.”Duke Lu’s Shizi said solemnly.

Su Yu blinked and looked at the upright-looking Duke Lu’s Shizi, and suddenly felt that this seemed to be the correct world of martial arts. The so-called internal energy of the royal family was probably not true internal energy in the truest sense…

Thinking of this, Su Yu silently handed a Qing Yu to Duke Lu’s Shizi and asked him to use his internal energy to force out the fishy blood.

Duke Lu’s Shizi frowned slightly, he picked up the Qing Yu, channeled energy to his palm, and ‘Snap!’, the fish broke into two sections. He looked at Su Yu with an expression that said, ‘You are really joking with me’.

Su Yu: “...”

Only the internal energy of the imperial family could kill fish, and the several Wangyes couldn’t be relied on. Su Yu could only go find the Emperor, but the cost of labor for the Emperor came at a high cost…

Therefore, the speed of preparing the offerings intentionally or unintentionally slowed down, and it was only at the end of the ninth day that the fish were all killed.

Days passed hurriedly amidst the fish-killing and cooking. The weather gradually cooled, and in the blink of an eye, it was October. Just before the Manxiang Festival, King Li, who had been guarding the South Sea, suddenly entered the capital with his family.

A Qinwang was different from a Junwang, a Junwang could only enter the capital when summoned and must return to his fiefdom afterward. However, the Qinwangs were freer, they could enter the capital whenever they wished, and there were no strict rules about when they must return. For instance, King Ling and King Su, who had been in the capital for a long time, tended to celebrate New Year’s here.

King Li’s memorial had just arrived a few days ago, and the person followed immediately afterward. His third son had just turned one month old, and this visit was to have the State Teacher assess and determine his status.

The son of a Qinwang, once recognized by the State Teacher as a noble son, would stay in the palace, inheriting equal succession rights according to the order of imperial sons. Even if he couldn’t become the Emperor, he would surely hold the title of a Qinwang in the future.

The State Teacher’s assessment would decide the child’s future and destiny.

Su Yu was extremely curious about this appraisal ceremony.

“How does the State Teacher determine whether a child has inheritance rights or not?”

The Emperor laid down King Lu’s memorial and pulled the stupid slave cushion behind him into his arms.

“Want to know?”

Su Yu nodded vigorously. Everyone said that the State Teacher had extraordinary powers, but he had never seen the State Teacher cast spells before and he was extremely curious. It was said that every generation of State Teachers never made a mistake in appraising noble sons.

Every noble son gained recognition from the Emperor and all the Qinwangs. What kind of extraordinary power was needed to see through the quality of a child for decades to come?

“Zhen can also do the appraisal.” The Emperor couldn’t help but snort coldly as Su Yu praised the State Teacher more and more outlandishly.

“Eh? Your Majesty can also do it?” Su Yu blinked and stared at the Emperor with a look of admiration.

“How exactly does it look?”

An Hongche enjoyed the adoring gaze of his foolish slave and hooked his lips.

“Just see if there’s fur and you’ll know.”

Oh, see if there’s fur…fur, Fur!

Su Yu’s admiring gaze immediately froze.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: With so many imperial sons, who has the right to inherit?

State Teacher: The one with fur

Little Fish: With so many young brothers, who can become a Qinwang?

Cat Gong: The one with fur

Little Fish: With so many noble sons, who can become the Emperor?

Cat Daddy: After the fight, the one who still has fur

Younger Brother & Seventeenth Uncle & Thirteenth Uncle: QAQ


Manxiang Festival -> Feast of Plenty

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