Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 81 - Dried Fish

Chapter 81 - Dried Fish

King Zhao originally slept in a cat’s nest in the side hall. The cat nest not only had soft cushions but also a decent layer of bedding and sheets. The white and yellow furball was deeply sunken between the soft bedding, and a small quilt was covering his body.

He opened his eyes drowsily, unable to react to the situation in front of him. His Royal Highness King Zhao felt a chill all over his body and then he was lifted up from the cat nest. He suddenly woke up and looked up, staring at the Empress Dowager's smiling eyes.

“Good child, cuddle with Muhou, ah, and then go back to sleep.”

The little chubby cat blinked its eyes, its sleepy brain couldn’t figure out why Muhou had brought him here so early in the morning. He simply decided to not think about it, closing his eyes and going to sleep.

The Empress Dowager put the little chubby cat on her lap and uncovered the small quilt. His Royal Highness King Zhao, who was about to fall asleep again, couldn’t help but shrink back.

Lin Gugu quickly handed over a white velvet blanket, which was covered in black paw prints and felt very warm to the touch. The Empress Dowager wrapped her legs in the blanket and also covered the chubby small cat on her legs, leaving only a furry head outside.

“Xian Fei is not feeling well today, so His Majesty asked this old slave to come and take a leave of absence.” Wang Gonggong said softly when he saw that the Empress Dowager had finished her work.

“Enough, enough, let him remember to come tomorrow.” Empress Dowager waved her hand and then retracted it into the blanket, rubbing the warm little chubby cat.

The Empress Dowager did not use perfume, she only had a faint scent of honey locust[TL_Note:smells like honey] on her body. His Royal Highness King Zhao felt very comfortable smelling his Muhou’s scent. He rolled over and hugged that hand.

“Ai, my Hongyi is also grown up, in the future when he marries a daughter-in-law, he won’t cuddle with his Muhou anymore.” The Empress Dowager touched her youngest son’s warm and fluffy belly, suddenly feeling saddened.

Lin Gugu came over with some pastries and smiled.

“Wangye is still two years away from reaching adulthood. Besides, there may be a little prince in a while.”

The Empress Dowager used her other hand to comb the fur on the top of the little chubby cat’s head. When Lin Gugu mentioned it, she remembered something.

“Isn’t King Li family about to have their third child?”

“Counting the days, it’s almost time.” Lin Gugu picked up a booklet and flipped through it.

“The pulse came out to be in the first month, so I can’t say if it’s already born.”

King Li ranked second among the Princes and was the son of the Fifth Wangye King Zhong. As a noble son with inheritance rights, he grew up at the side of the Empress Dowager since he was a child and now guards the South Sea.

The South Sea was located in a remote area, and delivering letters required taking the land route. Traveling through the mountains and rivers was relatively slow, resulting in delayed news.

The Empress Dowager nodded slightly and flipped through the account books boringly. It was almost October 10th, and she gets a headache every year at this time.

During the Manxiang Festival, some Qinwangs who were guarding the border would bring their wife and children to the capital.

The nobles of the royal family would go to the Anguo Tower to offer sacrifices to the heavens, and their wives and children, along with the Palace’s imperial concubines, would attend the Palace Banquet.

Lu Guifei hosted last year’s Palace Banquet. Although it was not very outstanding, it was decent and did not have any major mistakes. Now that Lu Guifei has been demoted and left the palace, these things have fallen on the head of Empress Dowager again.

“Except for Su Yu, everyone at the palace banquet are women, so singing and dancing will be omitted, ba.” Empress Dowager raised her hand to cross out singing and dancing.

“Without songs and dances, we have to keep talking and Empress Dowager will lose her patience to deal with them.” Lin Gugu quickly stopped her.

“Why don’t we hire an opera troupe to sing.”

His Royal Highness King Zhao was hungry from sleep and too lazy to move, so he hugged the Empress Dowager’s finger and chewed it.

However, he had lost a tooth, and the Empress Dowager’s slender finger got stuck between the teeth, and he couldn’t bite it no matter how hard he bit.

“Hungry?” The Empress Dowager lowered her head to look at him and saw the chubby kitten struggling to nibble on one of her fingers. She couldn’t help laughing.

“Why are you losing your teeth so quickly?” She instructed Lin Gugu to bring a bowl of fish soup.

The Empress Dowager lifted the little furball and looked at it. His Highness King Zhao yawned, revealing his missing teeth.

The Empress Dowager's eyes bent as she smiled, she raised her hand and closed the account book, deciding to wait until Su Yu arrived tomorrow to look at it. Today, she will make a big mouse toy for her son.

Therefore, the matter of the Palace Banquet was put on hold for the time being, waiting for Su Niangniang to handle it tomorrow.

The busy Su Niangniang was still unable to get up from the dragon bed, his waist was really sore, so he had to lie down on the bed and let Sauce step on it.

His Majesty the Emperor turned into a golden kitten and jumped around on Su Yu’s waist. However, his jumping power was too strong and his narrow waist was not enough for him to jump, so he would always cross the line and fall onto the bed.

So, the Emperor who was stepping on his back decided to run vertically, starting from his beautiful waistline to the top of Su Yu’s head, ruffling the hair on the back of his head into a mess, and then run back, pouncing on the soft and rounded place, grabbing Su Yu’s shorts with his claws.

Su Yu turned around and glanced at the Cat Daye who was playing happily. Helplessly, he buried his face in the pillow and let him play around.

He really doesn’t understand the Emperor’s physical strength, they obviously did this kind of thing together, why is he tired as a dead dog and this Daye[TL_Note:show-off/great master] can still do a hundred-meter sprint on him?

By the time His Majesty the Emperor finally had enough fun, Su Yu’s hair had turned into a chicken nest, and his expensive brocade shorts were full of threads. However, the soreness on his waist and thighs had eased a lot.

Su Yu scratched his messy head. “It’s really a little useful.”

The golded kitten squatted on Su Yu’s waist and licked its paws slowly.

Nonsense, Zhen channeled his inner energy into his four legs to step on the back of a foolish slave like you, how could it be useless?

His Majesty the Emperor transformed back into human form and lay beside Su Yu, lazily stretching his body. He kicked Su Yu’s calf with his toes and said.

“Go and cook if your waist doesn’t feel sore anymore.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s body, which had just been propped up, immediately fell back onto the pillows and he quietly rubbed his nose against the soft light yellow cloth on the Emperor’s shoulder.

“It’s sore again.”

“Don’t get snot in Zhen’s fur.” The Emperor said disdainfully, pushing away Su Yu’s head with one finger.

The sun rose high in the sky, and from then on, the Emperor would not go to court early. The two of them spent the whole morning doing nothing on the dragon bed, missing morning court and breakfast…

A large number of Qing Yu and Ying Yu were sent from the East Sea, it was said that King Jing himself figured out a way to capture the Ying Yu and it was so accurate that he almost killed all the Ying Yu on the East Sea. However, sometimes being too capable is not a good thing.

The State Teacher stared at the rows of cages arranged in the main hall of Anguo Tower, his beautiful eyes filled with coldness.

“GaGa, GaGa…”One Ying Yu was already very noisy, and a bunch of Ying Yu were about to lift the roof of the Anguo Tower! The sacred and tranquil holy tower suddenly turned into a fish market.

“Shut up!” The State Teacher stood in the center of the hall, and his cold voice instantly spread throughout the hall.

It wasn’t loud, but it exploded in everyone’s ears like a thunderbolt, making people’s hearts and minds tremble.

“Ga!” The Ying Yus’ voices came to an abrupt end. They instinctively sensed the danger and did not dare to make another sound.

“Don’t let Benzuo[TL_Note:this ancestor] hear a single sound.” The State Teacher calmly glanced at the guards in the hall.

Previously, one Ying Yu could still be taken away by Su Yu, but now there were too many, so they could only be placed in Anguo Tower.

“At your command.” The commander of the guards, Duke Lu’s Shizi, immediately knelt down to accept the order.

So, after Su Yu had lunch with His Majesty, took a nap, and came to kill the Ying Yu without any soreness in his waist or legs, he saw Duke Lu’s Shizi holding a wooden stick and leading a group of guards in the main hall, patrolling back and forth.

Once a Ying Yu shows the first sign of screaming, he swings the stick down and knocks it unconscious.

The Ying Yu’s cages were arranged in a vertical column, with two squadrons walking on the left and right opposite of each other. At this time, they had reached the end and a Ying Yu in the center flapped its wings and seemed to be ready to call out.

It was too late to run over, so Duke Lu’s Shizi used his lightness skill to vault forward.

The wooden stick in his hand was thrown in the air and hit the sturdy fish head with a ‘dong’ sound. The Ying Yu collapsed and the wooden stick bounced back.

Duke Lu’s Shizi caught the wooden stick in the air, sprinkled the water on the ground, and slowly walked back to the front of the line.

When he saw that Su Yu had arrived, he took the lead and gave him a silent salute, and then continued to lead the imperial guards on patrol with a solemn expression.

The corner of Su Yu’s lips twitched and he glanced at the large number of Qing Yus in the water tanks from a distance.

The Qing Yus were so fierce that he didn’t dare to get close, lest he be bitten on the nose, but today’s Qing Yus seemed to be relatively well-behaved. None of them jumped out of the water and they all sank to the bottom.

On the second floor, the State Teacher held the list of sea monsters sent by King Jing and solemnly spoke to Su Yu.

“It will soon be the tenth day of October, and all these fishes must be made into sacrificial offerings.”

“All of them?” Su Yu blinked. The only offering that he had seen so far was the dried fish from the first room on the fourth floor. Are these strange fish also going to be made into dried fish?

These two kinds of fish were delicious only when they were fresh, the flesh of the Qing Yu was greasy and the flesh of the Ying Yu was hard, neither was suitable for making dried fish.

Without further ado, the State Teacher led Su Yu to the fourth floor, slowly pushing open the second stone door.

The second stone room was not as full as the first one. On the Treasure Shelf made of black stone, there were all kinds of different…dried fish.

Qing Yu, Ying Yu, Wen Yao, Sao Yu, Heluo Yu

There are only one or two of each kind of fish, not many. This stone chamber was more like a museum, turning the strange fish in the into real objects one by one.

Su Yu was dazzled by the sight, trying hard to match these strange specimens with the pictures in the book, and thinking about how to eat them.

“In the previous years, these fish only appeared once or twice by chance, and catching them to offer as sacrifices to the heavens can ensure peace in the world.” The eyes of the State Teacher remained fixed on the ‘one head and ten bodies’ of the Heluo Yu.

Su Yu walked around the room and looked at the seemingly melancholic State Teacher, roughly understanding the so-called catastrophe. The strange fish that used to appear one by one were now coming in baskets. Unfortunately, these fish could also cause disasters and could be used as sacrifices to the heavens. The deities in heaven couldn’t eat so many fish at once, so the problem arises.

“Then what to do now?”

“Kill those fish as soon as possible.” The State Teacher stared at Su Yu with a cold gaze.

Su Yu scratched his head. To the State Teacher, those fish were a disaster, but in the eyes of a chef, they were precious ingredients. Making salted fish in such a simple and crude way was a waste of resources. He thought for a while and then spoke.

“Can we make something else instead of dried fish?”

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: With so many offerings, how much can be consumed in one sacrifice to the heavens?

State Teacher: One

Little Fish: What about the rest?

State Teacher: (Profoundly and inscrutably) Those who offer sacrifices to the heavens will solve it themselves

Little Fish: It’s really not easy, how much(Magic Power) does it cost?

State Teacher: A big pot

Little Fish: …


lightness -> qinggong

‘one head and ten bodies' -> Soul Body/Negative Mind/Positive Mind/Neutral Mind/Physical Mind/Arcline/Auric Body/Pranic Body/Subtle Body/ Radiant Body, of Kundalini Yoga

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