Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 80 - Pan-fried Fish

Chapter 80 - Pan-fried Fish

The people of the Da’an Dynasty had not yet discovered the way to eat this kind of fish fin, so they naturally did not know that there was still such delicious food in the world.

The moment the bowl cover was opened, a fresh and fragrant aroma rushed toward his face, and His Majesty couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

“Try it, ba. You can drink the shark fin soup before eating the dishes.” Su Yu smiled as he handed the Emperor a small jade spoon.

A thin white jade spoon stirred the crystal clear shark fin for a moment, scooped up a spoonful, and slowly brought it to his lips.

The thick soup, accompanied by the flavorful shark fin shreds, also had a burst of fragrant sea cucumbers, mushrooms, and several kinds of tasty ingredients mixed together, and due to the prolonged simmering, they could not be distinguished from each other. All the flavors were integrated and brought an unparalleled aroma.

An Hongche took a bite, paused briefly, and glanced at Su Yu.

This thing turned out to be the most delicious part of the Ying Yu’s body, this foolish slave specially hid it for him to eat…He really wanted it, ba…

“Is it tasty?” Su Yu also took a small spoon and reached over to take a bite, and he couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

The raw material of the fins of this Ying Yu was not that different from that of a shark’s fin, but unexpectedly, the taste was completely different.

The shark fins he ate in his previous life didn’t have much flavor, relying solely on the flavor of the ingredients. However, the fins of the Ying Yu could assimilate the flavor of the ingredients, making it taste delicious and refreshing, with a long aftertaste.

His Majesty the Emperor remained silent and lowered his head, eating one mouthful after another.

Su Yu was pleased to see the Emperor eating well and picked up the crab on the table to start peeling. There was a whole set of tools for eating crabs, including a small silver hammer, a small silver hook, and a silver skewer… But for a cook, a hammer was enough.

Su Yu took the small silver hammer and pried open the crab shell in two to three knocks. He skillfully pulled out the crab roe and dug out the inedible bits. Then he knocked open the crab claws with two strokes and peeled off the white crab flesh. The crab legs were pressed against one another and the crab leg meat was pulled out and neatly stacked on a small plate.

The crab meat was intact and could be reassembled into a crab without a shell.

Just as he was enjoying himself, a spoon suddenly reached his lips and Su Yu opened his mouth to catch it. He then realized that it was a spoon handed over by the Emperor, filled with a spoonful of shark fin soup.

Su Yu blinked in surprise, it’s so rare that Cat Daye would share his favorite food with others!

His Majesty the Emperor snorted.

“Zhen can’t finish it.” This shark’s fin soup was delicious and seeing Su Yu’s greedy but reluctant face, he instinctively wanted to feed him a spoonful but regretted it afterward. Zhen really dotes on this foolish slave too much, it would make him proud of himself.

Su Yu looked at the empty jade bowl, bent his eyes and ate the soup swallowed the soup in the spoon.

“En, if you can’t finish it, give it to me. Your Majesty can come and eat the crabs, ba.” Saying this, he pushed the small plate filled with crab meat in front of the Emperor.

An Hongche glanced at him, picked up his chopsticks, and started eating the crabs. Forget it, such a good foolish slave, just spoil him, ba. Who let him be such a magnanimous master. Hmm, delicious.

Su Yu peeled the crabs and shrimps so fast that he could not only feed Cat Daye but also himself.

The spicy shrimps that were full of spicy sauce had their backs opened.

If the shells were peeled off, they would lose their flavor, so Su Yu just cut off the heads of the shrimps and put the bright red shrimps with thin shells directly into the Emperor’s bowl. He then sucked his finger and went to peel the next one.

Wang Gonggong stood at the side, watching Xian Fei’s ungraceful way of eating with his lips twitching, ready to go up and help.

His Majesty the Emperor looked curiously at Su Yu’s fingers that were covered in spicy sauce. The last time he ate spicy crabs at Xianmantang, Su Yu also ate and sucked his fingers like this.

At the time, he was worried about etiquette outside, so he didn’t follow suit. Now that he had no one around him, he reached out and grabbed Su Yu’s hand that had just pitched a shrimp’s head, and took the sauce covered fingers into his mouth,

“Your, Your Majesty…” Su Yu looked stiffly at the Emperor sucking his fingertips seriously and swallowed his saliva.

Wang Gonggong silently swallowed the words ‘let this old slave peel the shrimps’ and waved away the palace servants standing on both sides, standing in the shadows by himself.

His Majesty the Emperor smacked his lips. The taste on his fingers was really good, spicy shrimp should be eaten this way, but Cat Daye didn’t want to dirty his paws, so he asked Su Yu to pinch off the head of the shrimp and feed it directly to his mouth.

Su Yu was naturally happy to do so, and pinched off two shrimp heads at a time, feeding one to the Emperor and eating the other himself.

Having enjoyed the meal to the fullest, the Emperor was finally satisfied and lay lazily on the soft cushions, unwilling to move. Su Yu sat next to him and slowly rubbed his belly.

“Your Majesty, do you want to read the memorials?”

“Everything has been approved.” The Emperor felt comfortable and moved closer to Su Yu.

“So fast.” Su Yu blinked, recently the Emperor seemed to be more relaxed than before.

“When Old Man Lu is honest, naturally there is nothing to do.” An Hongche narrowed his eyes. his slender hands shrinking to his chest.

Since Lu Guifei has been deposed and returned home, the Lu family has finally realized their position.

In the end, they were just cousins of the Empress Dowager, and the Empress Dowager did not take them seriously, it was good that she didn’t kill the donkey when the grinding was done. And Prime Minister Lu also discovered that the current Emperor, like the late emperor, could see through the right and wrong of a matter at a glance, and cannot be fooled. After several attempts, he became honest.

Although the Lu family was ambitious, they did not intend to plot a rebellion. They just wanted to be powerful officials.

If the Emperor was a foolish ruler, they would take the Emperor’s power hostage and control his vassals, while if the Emperor was a wise ruler, they would work honestly.

Previously, it was obvious that he was bullying the young emperor and took all the insignificant memorials to him. Now that Prime Minister Lu decided to be a diligent and powerful official, he naturally had to put forward 120% of his enthusiasm for work, so the Emperor was idle.

Su Yu understood and looked down at the comfortably sleeping Cat Daye. He couldn't help but lie down as well, rubbing his belly with one hand.

His Majesty the Emperor opened his eyes and looked at the foolish slave lying down on his own. He curled his lips and rolled over, pressing Su Yu under his body.

“Hmm, Your Majesty?” Su Yu, who was in a daze, was startled.

“Hmph, Zhen knows you want it. Really, Zhen originally planned to wait until bedtime…” With this mutter, An Hongche began to untie Su Yu’s belt.

Who, who wants it? Su Yu was completely confused.

A warm kiss fell on his neck, and Su Yu couldn’t help but tremble. Perhaps it was because of psychological reasons, but he always felt that the Emperor’s kisses on his neck carried a deadly danger, like a ritual of a beast before eating, so one couldn’t help but tremble.

“Wu, Your Majesty, that, I just finished eating…” Su Yu tried to struggle.

What the Emperor just said made him panic, how come he has regained his energy now?

“It’s been half an hour now.” An Hongche let go of Su Yu’s neck and leaned over to his lips.

“Seeing how impatient you are, Zhen counted the hours.” Wang Gonggong specifically reminded him not to pamper the foolish slave within half an hour after finishing his meal, but he has been watching the water clock!

Su Yu choked for a moment, which eye of the Emperor could see that he couldn’t wait?

His Majesty the Emperor’s fingers were very nimble, and in just a few moves, he stripped Su Yu completely. However, Su Yu, who was entangled by the Emperor’s strange logic, soon became powerless to resist.

Su Yu felt that the Emperor regarded him as some kind of food and according to the habit of cats, he always licked him carefully.

The slightly rougher than ordinary people’s cat tongue, scratched against his body, provoking a wave of unbearable heat.

The bright yellow cushion was wide and soft, and Su Yu lay on his back, staring blankly at the silk ribbons hanging from the roof, which were directly connected to the crossbeam.

Suddenly, he thought that he could wrap velvet cloth on the crossbeam, which could be turned into a large cat climbing frame.

An Hongche frowned, this stupid slave, to even still have the mind to daze! Dissatisfied, he pulled his long, slender legs apart, successfully regaining Su Yu’s mind and making it impossible for him to lose focus any longer.

Su Yu felt like this cushion was like a flat-bottomed pan, and he was like a fried fish on top of it, being turned over again and again.

The next day, the Emperor did not go to court.

Su Yu slept until the third pole of the sun, and when he woke up, he was faced with a pair of sparkling beautiful eyes.

“Cough, Your Majesty, why haven’t you gone to court again?” Su Yu was too lazy to take care of this foolish ruler. He didn’t go to court twice every three days, and the imperial censor stopped banging into the pillar.

“Today is a day off.” His Majesty the Emperor moved closer to Su Yu and sniffed his temples.

Su Yu’s heart was tickled by this little action and raised his hand silently to the Emperor’s head. However, as soon as he moved, every bone in his body began to creak, and his arms were so sore that he couldn’t lift them up, so he could only give up.

An Hongche felt amused by his limp appearance and stretched out his arms to hold him in his embrace, licking the red corners of his eyes.

“You cried last night.”

“Cough cough…” Su Yu choked on his saliva and blushed.

“That’s a natural reaction!” The last time they did it for the first time, the Emperor was worried about hurting him, so they only did it once.

Last night, he didn’t know what he was excited about, but he was tossed and turned until the second half of the night. Later, he couldn’t bear it anymore so he lost some face…

The Emperor was a bit pleased with Su Yu’s shyness. He hugged him and rubbed around.

“The Ying Yu from the East Sea will be delivered today. Remember to bring back all the fins when you go kill the fish.”

“Hmm, okay…” Su Yu yawned and rubbed his cheeks against the happy Cat Daye. Suddenly, he remembered something.

“Oh no, Empress Dowager wants me to learn how to manage the Six Palaces today.”

“Go another day.” His Majesty waved his hand nonchalantly and pulled the silk ribbon above the bed.

Wang Gonggong walked in without looking askance, holding a washing tray in his hands.

“Go and send Hongyi to accompany Muhou, and say that Su Yu will not be going today.” His Majesty took a warm cloth towel and wiped his face, and in passing, he also wiped Su Yu’s face.

Yesterday, because he had turned into a cat, His Royal Highness King Zhao couldn’t go change for a while and could only stay in the side hall of Beiji Palace. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself dug out by a pair of slightly cold hands in the main hall of Ci’an Palace.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Empress Dowager: (It’s getting cold and Aijia doesn’t want to use the Phoenix Seal) Where is the agreed-upon assistant to manage the Six Palaces?

Cat Gong: The foolish slave is tired, send the younger brother to take care of it

Empress Dowager: (Stuffing her hands into Maomao’s fur) Aijia will take care of it for one more day

Younger Brother: QAQ


Maomao’s ->pet name for a child

kill the donkey when the grinding was done -> to get rid of somebody once he had ceased to be useful

water clock -> Probably made of wood or bamboo, the gauge was inserted into the hole in the cover and floated on the water. As the water drained at a constant rate through the tube at the bottom, the gauge sank steadily, allowing the time to be read at each mark. Water clocks were kept in every office throughout the empire.

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