Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 78 - Lifespan

Chapter 78 - Lifespan

Soft cushions surrounded the low table, and the Emperor and the State Teacher sat on the floor, each holding a pair of jade chopsticks, staring at each other. Fire sparkled between their two beautiful eyes, hiding deep meanings.

No one else is allowed to eat the food cooked by Zhen’s foolish slave!

This is the Anguo Tower, everything belongs to Benzuo!

Do you want to fight?

Nothing more but a fight!

Su Yu had no clue about the turbulent undercurrent between the two of them, so he took four small plates and put a piece of fish, a piece of roasted wing, and a portion of stir-fried wing meat on each plate, placing them in the empty space at one end of the table.

He then sat down on a soft cushion and poked his head under the table.

“Two Imperial Uncles, Royal Highness King Zhao, please come to the table and enjoy your meal, ba.”

The two big cats who were blaming each other, immediately stopped talking and the little chubby cat, who was lowering its head to try to reach the wet fur on top of its head with his paws, suddenly looked up and saw Su Yu’s enlarged face.

He was so scared that his tail fur exploded, and he took a step back. He then immediately understood Su Yu’s meaning and cheered, quickly running out and rushing to the table.

King Ling stood up and quietly stepped back.

“Hehe, haha, Thirteenth Brother, let’s go up and eat first.”

His Highness King Su’s white furry face seemed to have darkened, and the entire cat’s face turned black.

“Xian Fei knows, and you want Benwag to go roll over?”

“Ouch! I was wrong, I was wrong!” The black and yellow cat immediately yelled out when his older brother took a bite out of his ear.

“Your Highness, eat slowly.” Su Yu’s chuckle was heard. The two big cats suddenly stopped biting each other.

They stared at each other and decided to put aside their previous grudges for the time being. They quickly got to the table, so as not to let that little fatso finish eating everything in a moment.

His Majesty, looking at the three cats and four plates on the table, was somewhat puzzled. Pointing to the extra plate, he frowned and asked Su Yu.

“Why is this here?”

Su Yu gave the Emperor a piece of roasted wing and said with a smile.


In his previous life, Su Yu had always liked to feed cats, especially a group of cats. Watching a pile of furballs squeezed together and eating sweetly made him feel good the whole day.

As a result, quite a few techniques for feeding cats were discovered. When several cats eat together, it is important to prepare an extra portion of food, as there will always be one of the weakest cats in the cat herd who will have its food snatched.

An extra portion of food can ensure that all cats have enough to eat.

His Majesty stared and sure enough, the black and yellow cat was eating and sticking its head into the small chubby cat’s plate. When His Royal Highness King Zhao was pushed away, he obediently turned around to eat the fish on the other plate.

“If you raise a prince in the future, you can’t raise him like this.” The State Teacher gracefully picked up a piece of stir-fried fish wing and took a bite.

“It’s only delicious if you snatch it with your own ability.” His Majesty the Emperor deeply agreed and nodded slightly.

The corner of Su Yu’s lips twitched, the educational model of the royal family was truly unique.

The Ying Yu’s flesh was firm and chewy after being beaten, the little chubby cat held a large piece of fish and chewed it hard. Such a chewy thing was very satisfying for its itchy roots, so it swung its short tail while chewing.

His Royal Highness King Zhao's tail was a yellow and white streak that flicked in the air, and His Royal Highness King Ling didn’t forget to stretch out his paw to swipe it twice as he chewed the fish.

Suddenly, the yellow and white striped tail froze, and His Highness King Zhao stood still with a large piece of fish in his mouth.

“Your Highness, what’s wrong?” Su Yu, who couldn’t help but look at the cats while eating, immediately noticed the abnormality of his little brother-in-law.

The rest of the group all looked towards the little chubby cat.

His Royal Highness King Zhao put down the fish in a wronged manner and opened his mouth with tears glistening in his eyes.

King Su reached out his paw and plucked at the piece of fish, suddenly revealing a small white pointed tooth embedded in the flesh.

“Hongyi milk teeth fell!” The loud voice spread throughout the table, and the little chubby cat lay on the table hugging its head with its paws.

“Oh, you grew a new tooth!” King Wang immediately leaned over to watch the excitement.

The State Teacher raised his hand and picked up the small fang.

“This is to be handed over, and any future teeth that fall out must be sent here in a timely manner.”

His Highness King Zhao nodded honestly, wilting and lying still.

“Haha, Hongyi, don’t eat anything hard for a few days. Be careful of your teeth growing crooked.” King Ling said as he took the untouched fish from the plate to his own plate.

“Seventeenth Uncle will eat it for you.”

King Su immediately slapped his younger brother’s paw and quickly snatched away the piece of fish.

“If you have something good, you must honor your older brother first.”

“Ow!” The black and yellow cat took a bite at the instant the fish was pulled away, tearing at it with his older brother for a moment, finally saving a small piece of it.

His Royal Highness King Zhao was lying on the table, allowing his two imperial uncles to fight over it above his head.

His Majesty looked at these shameful creatures with disdain and decided to quickly finish eating and take away his foolish slave.

He was already foolish enough, but if he stayed with these stupid cats, what would he do in the future?

Su Yu looked on with amusement for a long time, then chose a relatively tender roasted fish wing, carefully tearing off the tender flesh inside, and handed it to His Highness King Zhao.

“Your Highness, please eat this, ba.”

The little chubby cat smelled it, looked up at Su Yu, and then at his older brother who had a sinister expression, and immediately opened his mouth for a bite.

The wing flesh of the Ying Yu was actually the most delicious part, not only having the freshness of the fish itself but also the unique taste of a “wing”. The skin was thin and crispy, it really tasted like roasted squab, but not exactly.

Although the roasted squab flesh was flavorful, it was hard, whereas the fish flesh was soft and tender. The taste was excellent, with a long aftertaste.

After finishing a piece of roasted wing, His Royal Highness King Zhao’s frustration of being unable to eat hard food due to losing his teeth disappeared, and his short tail began to sway back and forth again.

After lunch, His Majesty the Emperor took Su Yu and left.

“He’s done all his tasks for today, so he doesn’t need to come here in the afternoon.”

The State Teacher raised his slender fair hand and pressed the back against his lips, yawning elegantly. He then slowly waved his hand.

“Go ahead, ba.”

Su Yu bowed to the State Teacher and was dragged away by His Majesty.

The three well-fed cats were still lying on the cushions.

The big black and white cat was lying on its back demurely, with a serene expression, and its long tail was swaying with each passing moment.

The big black and yellow cat leaned against its older brother, contentedly licking its paws and savoring the fish it had just tasted. The little chubby cat lay on its back by Thirteenth Uncle’s hind legs, focusing on catching the black and white tail.

“You guys…” The State Teacher’s cold eyes swept across the pile of furballs and raised his hand ready to see off the guests.

“Twenty-one, come here and take a nap.” His Highness King Ling waved his paw at his younger brother and patted his belly.

“Absurd!” The State Teacher glanced at the black and yellow furry belly. How could a hallowed State Teacher do such a thing as sleeping on a furry belly?

After a moment of silence, a big snow-white cat lightly climbed onto the cushion and walked slowly towards it. Then, he stomped on the black and yellow cat and stepped onto his head to climb up and sleep on the highest ground.

His Highness King Ling: “...”

A good nap time was very important to the Da’an royal family.

His Majesty the Emperor fell asleep on the road and turned into a golden kitten nestled in Su Yu’s embrace, allowing the foolish slave to carry him back. Su Yu hugged the Emperor lightly and found that he seemed to have grown larger.

A few days ago, he only had a palm’s length, but now it seemed to be half a foot long, which was clearly two circles larger than His Royal Highness King Zhao.

“Sauce, you’ve grown larger.” Su Yu lay on his side on the bed, taking the kitten into his arms and smoothing his fur.

His Majesty purred comfortably, and upon hearing the name ‘Sauce’, he only slightly opened his eyes and glanced at him, his purring did not stop at all.

Su Yu compared the Emperor’s length with his hand. The growth cycle of these royal cats seemed to be different from that of ordinary cats.

Wang Gonggong also said that a royal cat reaches adulthood at the age of twenty years old, and before that, it was a kitten as big as a palm, growing up gradually only after reaching adulthood.

Although Su Yu liked cats very much in his previous life, he never kept one at home.

On one hand, he was busy with work, as a cook he had to be busy from noon to midnight and had no time to take care of it; On the other hand, he was afraid to get attached to the cat and have to deal with the birth, old age, illness, and death of the little ball of fluff. The lifespan of a cat was only twenty years.

Now, the cat in front of him, whom he loved from the bottom of his heart, had a long, long-lasting lifespan, enough to accompany him for a lifetime. There was nothing better than this in the world.

Wrapping the long golden tail around his finger, Su Yu, who had stopped taking a nap, began to think about his next daily schedule.

The State Teacher said that the Ying Yu from the East Sea would arrive tomorrow and that a large number of them would need to be slaughtered to prepare for the festival on October 10th Manxiang Festival; the Empress Dowager had asked him to go to Ci’an Palace every other day to learn how to manage the harem.

Thinking of the Empress Dowager, Su Yu’s expression suddenly changed. So far, the oldest royal family member he had seen that could transform into a cat was King Su, who was less than forty years old.

The reason why the Emperor had been passive in court for so long was because the late emperor died young…

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty…” Su Yu panicked and poked the sleeping kitten.

“Meow?” The Emperor raised his head from between his paws unhappily.

“May I ask a very disrespectful question?” Su Yu looked at the kitten with a burning gaze, panic in his eyes.

The golden kitten tilted his head and a white light flashed, the Emperor wearing a light golden soft robe appeared. He turned over and pressed Su Yu under him.

“Speak, it best to be something important, otherwise…”His beautiful eyes narrowed dangerously, since he disturbed His Majesty the Emperor’s afternoon nap, he must be ready to pay the price.

Su Yu swallowed his saliva and immediately regretted it. It’s not a big deal, and it could wait for when the Emperor wakes up. He weakly looked at An Hongche, who was still sleepy, and raised his hand to touch his back.

“I, I just wanted to ask, well, how did the late emperor die?”

An Hongche's originally absent-minded eyes suddenly sharpened.

“ Why do you ask this?”

“Can’t, can’t I ask?” Su Yu froze.

His Majesty stared at him quietly for a moment, then lay down on his side.

“He died in battle.”

“Died in battle…” Su Yu muttered silently. Instead of feeling reassured, he fell into deeper worry. Da’an had no foreign enemies at all, how could he die in battle?

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: What kind of war took away the heroic soul of the late emperor?

Thirteenth Uncle: That year, the northwest border was flooded with snakes and mice. The late emperor bravely wiped out the mice and died.

Seventeenth Uncle: That year, the northern desert was covered with wild grass, and the late emperor pounced bravely against the grass and died.

King Jing: That year, when the crabs in the East Sea attacked, the late emperor fought bravely to kill the enemy, but in the end, he could not defeat the enemy’s strong defense and died.

Cat Daddy:... Guaren(This lonely one) has decided to have a good talk with you guys tonight


Benzuo -> This seat/ancestor

Manxiang -> Full Feast Festival

Guaren -> This lonely one

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