Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 77 - Dinner Gathering

Chapter 77 - Dinner Gathering

The Ying Yu is a harbinger of water disasters and water belongs to Yin so it should be slaughtered at noon.

Su Yu pinched the squealing Ying Yu, looked at the time, and then stared at the State Teacher.

“Imperial Uncle, I should use inner energy to break this fish's wings, you see…” He didn’t have any inner energy.

Before with the Qing Yu, he used the State Teacher’s help to remove the fishy blood, so he prepared to hand over the Ying Yu to the State Teacher for treatment.

The State Teacher casually placed the small chubby cat on the rack where the dried fish were hung and then took a half-foot long jade box and handed it over to Su Yu.

“Take this with you.”

His Majesty the Emperor came over curiously and frowned slightly when he saw a pair of exquisitely carved silver wristbands in the jade box.

Su Yu put down the Ying Yu and picked up the wristbands for a closer look.

The wristbands were about four fingers wide, with intricate patterns carved on them. Upon closer inspection, it was not any common pattern, but it was like densely packed small characters.

They were regular and clear, looking more like runes. The tip of the wristband was embedded with a pair of navy blue gemstones, of which it was impossible to tell what kind, and they shone brightly in the sunlight, looking very beautiful.

“What is he wearing this for?” His Majesty glared at the State Teacher in dissatisfaction. How could his foolish slave wear something given by others?

The State Teacher picked up the little chubby cat, whose paws were about to reach the dried fish, and rubbed it, casually speaking.

“This thing can store inner energy.”

Su Yu blinked, can inner energy still be stored? Previously, His Majesty the Emperor held his wrist to transfer inner energy, allowing it to travel through his veins, thereby breaking the jade pendant.

Could it be that inner energy is like electricity, which can not only be instantly switched on but also stored in a battery? This seems different from the inner energy he read in martial arts novels.

No wonder when it was said that Su Yu could no longer practice internal martial arts, the State Teacher was not worried at all, so it turns out that there was such a treasure.

“From now on, Your Majesty will replenish these wristbands with some inner energy every day, and it will also expand his veins.” The State Teacher took the wristband and directly stuffed it into the hands of His Majesty the Emperor.

Only then did An Hongche’s face look better. If all the inner energy here belonged to him, he could let his stupid slave wear it. He took the wristband without any fuss, directly grasping the spot of the two gems.

After circulating his qi into his palms, powerful inner energy poured into the gems continuously.

This type of wristband was usually worn when wearing close-sleeved clothes. Su Yu glanced down at his luxurious brocade robe and pulled the corner of his mouth.

These clothes were really not suitable for killing fish, so he had to pull up the wide sleeve, tie it with a knot, and then fasten the wristband above the narrow sleeves.

At noon, Su Yu first knocked out the Ying Yu with a knife and then tried to chop it, but with a clang, the fish-killing knife seemed to have struck a steel plate, the Ying Yu did not have any damage except for a few scales falling off.

He honestly put down the fish-killing knife and silently recited the , gathering his inner energy to the palm of his hand, traveling through the veins between his fingers.

With a ‘Kacha’, the two wings were chopped off. Su Yu quickly picked up the scaling knife and removed the scales on the wings with a few swipes before starting to clean up the fish's body.

According to the , it was stated that the scales on the wings of the Ying Yu must be quickly removed after the wings are chopped off, otherwise, when the vitality of the fish flesh dissipates, the roots of the feather-like scales would be caught in the fish flesh, causing the flesh to be filled with countless spines, making it difficult to eat.

After removing the scales from the Ying Yu’s wings, they looked very smooth, somewhat like shark fins. Su Yu held them in his hand and stared at them, thinking that this was indeed a ‘shark fin’.

mentions that the best part of the Ying Yu is the wings, ‘It can be marinated with many seasonings, grilled or stir-fried.

The taste is excellent, like roasted squab’. A fish that can taste like squab, with the Qing Yu as a precedent, Su Yu did not doubt it for a second.

“Imperial Uncle, will this fish be kept until the evening to be offered as a sacrifice to the heavens?” Su Yu suddenly remembered that these strange fishes were meant to be used as sacrifices to the heavens.

If he just marinated it like this, he didn't know if it would affect its effect as an offering.

As he spoke, two big calico cats quietly sneaked in.

“How could we save it for the evening? If you leave it till night, it will be…Ow!” His Highness King Ling happened to hear this and immediately yelled.

“Shut up!” King Su slapped his younger brother with his paw.

“You hit me again!” The black and yellow cat immediately stopped and took a bite at his elder brother’s head.

Su Yu heard the cat’s meows and turned around to see the two imperial uncles. He blinked and looked at His Majesty, asking with his eyes what they were talking about.

His Majesty the Emperor glanced at the two imperial uncles who were huddled together again and about to launch a battle, gesturing for Su Yu to ignore them.

“This is the only one, there’s no need to offer it as a sacrifice to the heavens, just cook it to eat.” The State Teacher put the little chubby cat down and walked towards the two big cats.

The big cats that were biting at each other felt a shadow covering their heads, they slowly raised their heads and subconsciously took a step back.

The two noisy cats were quickly cleared out of the warehouse by the State Teacher. His Majesty the Emperor walked to the fish killing platform, pressed himself against Su Yu’s back, and placed his chin on his shoulder to watch him kill the fish.

The fish killing station, which was very simple a few days ago, was now equipped with a lot of kitchen utensils, pots, and pans, along with a full range of seasonings.

“Hungry?” Su Yu took a delicate knife and quickly removed the scales and gills.

Seeing that there was no one around, he tilted his head and rubbed his cheek sideways against His Majesty the Emperor.

“How do you eat this?” The Emperor saw Su Yu cut off the thin fins on the edge of the fish wings and put them aside, only marinating the thick flesh with seasonings in a basin, so the curiously picked them up to look.

“This can be used to make shredded shark’s fin.” Su Yu whispered to the Emperor.

“Hide this and when we go back I can cook shark’s fin soup for you.”

These on the edge of the wings are where the fins of the Ying Yu are located. Su Ji’s Recipes mentioned that the fins of the Ying Yu were similar to those of the sharks, but the taste was even more delicious.

However, the Ying Yu was too small, these thin slices were at most enough to cook a bowl of soup, so it was better to hide them for his own Sauce to eat.

Upon hearing this, His Majesty the Emperor’s dissatisfaction that had arisen today from his foolish slave cooking fish for Imperial Uncle vanished like smoke in thin air, and he proudly licked Su Yu’s lips.

Su Yu looked around with a guilty expression and seeing that the Imperial Uncles had not returned, he quickly gave a light kiss back.

His Royal Highness King Zhao, who was squatting on the dish drying rack, held the dried fish in his mouth and silently turned around. The cat was so small that it was easily forgotten by his elder brother.

The flesh of the Ying Yu was hard and needed to be repeatedly pounded with a wooden mallet before being fried in a pan, making it chewy;

The flesh of the wings was very tender, and after marinating, it was roasted over the fire, which gave it a great flavor and made the outer skin of the fish brown and crispy after being roaster;

The other wing was cut into small pieces by Su Yu, and after being steamed, it was stir-fried with chili peppers in a wok.

A fish made three dishes, and by the time they were brought to the second floor, the two big calico cats eagerly rushed to the table.

The lunch from the imperial kitchen had just been delivered, and the table was full. Su Yu put the fish dishes on the table and urged the State Teacher and the Emperor to eat them while it was hot.

“Hurry up and roll over.” His Highness King Su slapped his younger brother and gestured for the black and yellow cat to go and beg for food.

His Highness King Ling’s eyes widened. “Why should I go?”

“You did quite well yesterday.” The black and white cat wagged its tail solemnly, and His Highness King Zhao, who also didn’t have a place to sit, came over and sat down with his Thirteenth Uncle.

“Why don’t you go?” King Ling argued with his elder brother smoothly and licked the little chubby cat’s head, he then smacked his mouth and took another lick.

“Hongyi, did you secretly eat the offerings?” His head tasted like dried fish.

The little chubby cat shrank his head. “Just, just ate one.”

“If I do such a shameless thing now, when Xian Fei becomes the Empress, Benwang will be laughed to death.” King Su also licked the little chubby cat’s head. “Benwang’s not that foolish.”

King Ling and His Royal Highness King Zhao froze in union and looked at King Su resentfully.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Seventeenth Uncle: Why doesn’t my older brother take the bait, this is not logical!

Thirteenth Uncle: The difference in intelligence between cats in the same litter is too big!

Seventeenth Uncle: The Heavens have betrayed me!

King Jing: So the question is, which technique is the best for begging for fish?


squab -> young pigeon eaten as food

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