Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 76 - Noon (Part 2)

“GaGa!” Ying Yu shouted discontentedly at him as soon as he came out of the water, flapping his long and powerful wings and splashing Su Yu all over with water.

Su Yu put the cage on the ground and patted the water drops on his body. The little chubby cat climbed out of the basket, crawled to the cage, and curiously looked at the Ying Yu inside.

“Ga!” The Ying Yu pounced and crashed against the iron cage with a bang.

Both wings were a foot long, almost the same size as the fish's body, and stretched out much wider than the slender fish’s body.

The things that looked like feathers on top were actually small scales, and the thin edges of the wings were clearly defined in the sun, looking like fish fins.

The little chubby cat was also splashed all over with water, and the fur on its head was wet and stuck together.

It lifted its paws to scratch, but its head was too big and its paws too short to reach, so it anxiously rubbed its head against the edge of the cage, but unexpectedly, the cage was also covered in water, and the more he rubbed, the wetter he got.

Su Yu was between laughter and tears as he picked up the velvet cloth in the basket and wiped the little chubby cat’s head. He then moved him back into the basket, put the basket on the cage, and walked towards Anguo Tower with a cat and fish.

The Ying Yu needed to be slaughtered at noon, and if he wanted to kill the Ying Yu, he could not cook for the Emperor. In the morning, Su Yu told the Emperor and His Majesty also expressed his understanding.

When Su Yu arrived outside Anguo Tower, he saw a man wearing a bright yellow dragon robe, standing with his hands behind his back.

Seeing him coming, he seemed to want to embrace him but felt that it was inappropriate, so he stood there with his chin slightly raised, waiting for him to pass by.

Hmph, as the master how could Zhen do something stupid like pounce on his foolish slave as soon as he sees him?

Su Yu didn’t pay attention to the Emperor’s small movements and quickly walked over with the cage.

“Your Majesty, why are you here at this time?”

His Majesty stared at the small bamboo basket above the cage with disdain, as well as the little chubby cat inside the basket.

“What’s going on here?” He raised a finger and poked the top of his younger brother’s wet furry head, and then used two fingers to pinch the teeth-grinding stick that his younger brother was holding.

“I met His Royal Highness King Zhao at Ci’an Palace and brought him along on my way.” Su Yu smiled and gave the small basket to the Emperor and carried the cage. He was afraid that the basket would fall when he went upstairs later.

An Hongche dug out his younger brother who was desperately drilling into the velvet cloth and raised his eyebrows. The small chubby cat tightly hugged the teething stitch and whispered to him.

“Muhou asked Xian Fei to bring me here, it’s not my fault!”

The gate of Anguo Tower slowly opened, and the white-clothed attendants inside respectfully bowed to them.

This was the first time Su Yu set foot on Anguo Tower in the morning and he looked around curiously.

The Anguo Tower was built in such a way that no matter the time of day it was, sunlight could shine in from the top of the tower and run down from the center that connected the seven floors.

The Anguo Tower in the morning looked even quieter than in the afternoon, and Wang Gonggong escorted the three of them to the second floor before retreating.

The snow-clad State Teacher was leaning on a soft couch, his beautiful eyes gently closed, and his long white hair softly spread.

The quiet and warm sunlight shone in from the window, divided into several beams, and shone softly on the soft couch. Meeting the jade-like handsome face, it spread out in all directions.

Upon seeing this picture, Su Yu couldn’t help but hold his breath, afraid of ruining the artistic conception.

His Majesty wouldn’t appreciate this. He strode over with his younger brother in his arms, raised his hand, and threw the furball at the State Teacher.

“What time is it, you’re still sleeping!”

“Meow!” His younger brother was startled and kept kicking his limbs in the air, unable to stop the trend of falling.

He bumped into his Imperial Uncle’s arms and was buried in the layers of his gorgeous robes.

His long eyelashes trembled, and he slowly opened his eyes. With his cold and beautiful eyes that had no trace of sleepiness, he quietly stared at the Emperor who was standing in front of the hole. He slowly sat up, and without looking, caught the small chubby cat that was trying to escape.

“Why is Your Majesty also here?”

“The Ying Yu from the East Sea will be delivered tomorrow, so Zhen came to take a look first today.” His Majesty the Emperor had his hands behind his back, with a solemn expression of concern for the national economy and the people’s livelihood.

The State Teacher stood up, looked at Su Yu, and paused slightly, his gaze lingering meaningfully on his neck for a moment.

Su Yu was startled and instinctively raised his hand to touch his neck. The gorgeous high collar still covered it quite well, and the State Teacher couldn’t see through it, could he, ba?

He immediately realized that he was here to kill fish today, but he was wearing an embroidered robe, isn’t that just telling others ‘I have a secret for having to wear a high collar’?

There are no three hundred taels of silver hidden here!

Just when Su Yu was about to blush, His Majesty the Emperor suddenly took a step forward, blocking the State Teacher’s teasing gaze, and stared coldly at the State Teacher.

The State Teacher withdrew his searching gaze and turned up the stairs with the small chubby cat in his arms.

“Hmph!” The Emperor snorted with an unknown meaning and pulled Su Yu, who was still in a daze, to follow him.

As soon as everyone went up to the third floor, two large calico cats, one black and white and one black and yellow, pushed and shoved each other as they jumped up to the window on the second floor.

“I’m not lying to you, I rolled around yesterday and my nephew-in-law gave me half a grilled fish and even removed the spines!” The big black and yellow cat stretched out its two paws to mark the size of half of a grilled fish.

His Highness King Su glanced at him and said. “Doesn’t the Emperor mind?”

“What is there for the Emperor to mind?” His Highness King Ling wagged his tail proudly.

“He can’t say, you can’t feed it because it’s the Imperial Uncle, right?”

The big black and white cat was silent for a moment and nodded his head quite seriously.

“Go up and take a look.” With these words, he took the lead in running up the stairs.

His Highness King Ling scratched his ears with his hind paws and bared his teeth silently. “Thirteenth Brother, wait for me!”

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Younger Brother: Brother-in-law is young and urgently needs feeding!

Empress Dowager: The management of the harem must not be abandoned!

State Teacher: Endorse the killing of fish and save the common people!

Cat Daddy: During the New Year and the holidays, cook fish with incense!

Little Fish: Pay raise, I strongly demand a pay raise!

Cat Gong: No problem, do you want five or seven times at night?

Little Fish: …No need, I just like working for free QAQ

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