Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 76 - Noon (Part 1)

Chapter 76 - Noon

Su Yu blinked and remembered that this was His Royal Highness King Zhao. He pondered whether he should pay his respects.

The little chubby cat completely ignored his intentions and rolled over with the tooth-grinding stick in its embrace, lying on his back on the Empress Dowager’s lap, while revealing his white fluffy belly, chewing and kicking its legs.

Thinking of Seventeenth Uncle who almost fell into the pond yesterday, Su Yu thought it would be better to not expose him for the time being, so he only saluted the Empress Dowager.

The Empress Dowager looked up and down at Su Yu’s outfit, with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

“You actually look better in more luxurious clothes than in plain ones.”

He wore very gorgeous clothes today, a sapphire blue gown inlaid with silver lining, outside covered with a layer of navy blue chiffon, a brocade cloak and jade belt, and majestic wide sleeves. In contrast with that gentle and handsome face, he looked elegant and noble.

Su Yu scratched his head in embarrassment. When he got up in the morning, he asked Wang Gonggong to rummage through the cabinets for a long time before he found such a high collar.

Although the wounds on his neck miraculously disappeared, the hickeys and teeth marks were still there. Comparing which was more embarrassing, wearing luxurious clothes or showing the hickeys, Su Yu still accepted his fate and put on this embroidered robe.

“Meoww---” The little chubby cat, lying on its back, tried to look up and saw an upside-down gorgeously dressed Xian Fei, so it called out.

“When the winter clothes are cut, instruct the Ministry of Internal Affairs to make a few more of these for Xian Fei.” The Empress Dowager turned to Lin Gugu and said.

“Yes, this slave has made note of it.” Lin Gugu said with a smile.

With a light cough, Su Yu decided to shift the topic away from his attire.

“I don’t know why Empress Dowager has summoned Chen for?”

The Empress Dowager raised her hand to touch His Royal Highness King Zhao’s head and the little chubby cat narrowed its eyes comfortably.

“Lu Fei will leave the Palace today, and De Fei and Shu Fei have also been demoted to Zhaoyi. Now you hold the highest rank in this Palace…”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu immediately had a bad premonition. As expected, the Empress Dowager's next sentence was, “The matter of managing the affairs of the six palaces will be left to you. ”

“Chen is a cook who merely knows how to kill fish and make dishes. The management of the six palaces…” Su Yu furrowed his brows into a knot.

“Just cooperate in managing, not letting you take care of everything.” The Empress Dowager scratched the little chubby cat’s chin.

When it felt so good that he let go of the teething stick, she moved her hand to the warm belly and rubbed it. The little chubby cat immediately stopped and held his Muqin’s hand to gnaw on it.

“However, Chen is a man, and this harem is mostly women, so Chen is afraid there will be many inconveniences.” Su Yu tried to struggle for a moment.

He was already busy enough now. In addition to cooking three meals for Cat Daye a day, he also had to go to Anguo Tower to study, help the State Teacher make sacrifices, and be tossed around by His Majesty every night…However, his monthly silver was still stuck at eighty taels!

“There’s no need for you to go gossip with them.” The Empress Dowager took her hand out of the cat’s mouth and tapped the little chubby cat’s nose.

“The Phoenix Seal is still in Aijia’s care, you only need to come every other day to help out.”

After saying all this, Su Yu couldn’t refuse anymore, and from then on, ‘managing the inner palace’ was added to his daily homework.

After agreeing with the Empress Dowager on the time to come to Ci’an Palace the next day, Su Yu stood up and asked to be excused. Today, he had to go to Anguo Tower before noon.

“Wait a moment.” The Empress Dowager picked up the furball on her lap and handed it to Su Yu.

“Take Hongyi with you as well. Yesterday, the State Teacher also said he wanted him to go a bit earlier today.”

His Royal Highness King Zhao, lying on his back gnawing on the teething stick, instantly froze and looked incredulously at his Muhou. Then tried his best to turn his head to see Su Yu’s reaction, but his neck was too short, so he didn’t not see it even after he twisted left and right.

Instead, he dropped the teething stick because he moved too much and then went to retrieve the teething stick in a panic.

The Empress Dowager was afraid that he would fall, so she hurriedly put her fidgeting little son on her lap and held him by the back of his neck at a different angle.

His Royal Highness King Zhao immediately grasped the Empress Dowager’s skirt, looking like he would rather die than surrender.

“This child, letting Xian Fei bring you over will save you from running there.” The Empress Dowager rubbed the chubby little ball.

This fella just for the sake of playing around turned into a cat, now he can’t change back, and running to the Anguo Tower with such short legs was bound to be exhausting.

“His Highness may feel it’s not suitable.” Lin Gugu stifled her laughter and came over to mollify him, casually bringing out a small basket.

His Highness King Zhao reluctantly nestled into the basket, tightly clutching his teething stick, vigilantly staring at Su Yu. He immediately realized that Su Yu had already known that he was his younger brother-in-law, so he should not grope around.

So, he was slightly relieved, but he immediately remembered that he had previously given his paw in front of Su Yu, rolled around, and even been forced to play dead by his older brother…

He silently buried his head in the silk blanket…

In the midst of his grief, a warm and firm hand covered the little chubby cat’s head and quickly rubbed it.

His Highness King Zhao was startled, his cat eyes widened and he raised his head in shock, what, what are you doing?

Su Yu laughed and couldn’t help rubbing the little chubby cat’s head again.

Finally, he knew why the little guy didn’t let him touch him before, however, although he couldn’t touch his younger brother-in-law indiscriminately, he could still touch his head.

“Your Highness, let’s go to Yexiao Palace to fish out the Ying Yu first, and then go to the Anguo Tower, okay?”

His Highness King Zhao turned around, he held his head, and pointed his tail at Su Yu, ignoring him.

“Today I will kill the Ying Yu, this kind of fish is even more delicious than mackerel.” Su Yu sat in the palanquin and put the basket on his lap, trying to resist the urge to poke the bottom of the furball.

Eat fish! The little chubby cat immediately raised its sears and turned its head to look at Su Yu with a burning gaze.

It decided not to worry about Su Yu touching his head anymore. If he can leave a big piece of fish for him when it’s done, he can touch his head as much as he wants in the future!

Su Yu didn’t know that His Highness King Zhao was being careful about exchanging his head for fish. He went straight to Yexiao Palace and retrieved the iron cage hanging in the water.


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