Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 75 - Punishment

Chapter 75 - Punishment

Walking to the dragon bed, His Majesty threw the person on his shoulder onto the soft brocade quilt and pounced over on him.

“Wu…”Su Yu groaned under pressure and raised his hand to block the Emperor’s chest, only to realize that he was still holding the stuffed kitten in his hand and was between laughter and tears.

An Hongche clutched his hand, and along with the stuffed kitten, pressed it above his head, moving closer to bite Su Yu’s neck..

“En, don’t bite, we’ll still have to meet the State Teacher tomorrow…hiss…”Su Yu tried to dissuade him, seeing the elders with such marks, how embarrassing would that be.

However, the original gentle sucking and biting movements suddenly intensified, a sharp pain spread, and so he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. He guessed that he had bitten through the skin.

Hmph, what does it matter to the State Teacher if Zhen nibbles his own foolish slave once or twice?

His Majesty the Emperor propped himself up and tilted his head to look at his own masterpiece. He was very satisfied with the red ring of tooth marks, but he felt something was wrong when he looked at it. He found that the tooth marks were a little too red and even began to bleed.

In a great rush to let go of Su Yu’s hand, the Emperor moved back and hugged Su Yu into his arms.

Su Yu blinked. “What’s wrong?”

An Hongche frowned and reached out his finger to lightly touch his neck, not daring to touch the wound. He looked at Su Yu’s expression and saw that he was fine, then he breathed a sigh of relief and approached the wound with a cold face, slowly licking it.

The wound was in fact very shallow, only because His Majesty’s teeth were sharper than normal people’s, did they scratch the skin. The soft tongue licked the small wound, swirling away the blood beds on it, causing a tingling sensation.

Su Yu felt it tickling and twisted his neck to avoid it.

“Don’t move!” His Majesty clasped the back of his head and continued to lick earnestly.

“Itchy…” Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh and thought to himself, this big cat shouldn’t be hungry, right?

The wound on his neck gradually stopped bleeding due to the Emperor’s licking. His Majesty looked at it and was barely satisfied, so he continued to lick it all the way down in the same position as before.

“Your Majesty!” Su Yu hurriedly stopped this dangerous move.

“It’s getting late.”

“En.”Cat Daye responded and continued licking.

“Go to sleep early, ba. You still have to go to court tomorrow…hmm…” Su Yu’s eyes widened and his body suddenly trembled like a fish on a chopping board. He grabbed the Emperor’s wrist, his long slender fingers had already touched the dangerous place.

An Hongche looked up at him.

Su Yu raised his head and looked back.

The two of them stared at each other silently for a moment, and then Su Yu took the lead and coaxed in a low voice.

“Your Majesty, the injury is not healed yet, please spare me, ba.”

“Hmph!” His Majesty the Emperor snorted with an unclear meaning.

“I was wrong just now, I shouldn’t tease you with that.” Su Yu rubbed his face shyly against Cat Daye’s handsome face.

His slightly cold cheeks were smooth and tender, like fine silk, so he couldn’t help but rub against it a few more times.

His Majesty the Emperor was pleased by this action and looked sideways at his foolish slave who was trying hard to please him.

“You know you are wrong?”

Su Yu nodded hurriedly.

An Hongche’s face was sullen, but the tightly pursed corners of his mouth couldn’t help but slightly curl up. He snorted and said: “Today, you are spared. Next time, if you dare to tease Zhen again, hmph hmph…”

After saying that, he kissed Su Yu’s lips again.

A gentleman does not go back on his words, His Majesty didn’t really do anything to him, however, the death penalty can be exempted but the living sentence was hard to escape.

So once again, he was pressed by his kisses and touched until midnight, and only then barely got the right to sleep.

It was really not easy to let people who have eaten meat go back to drink soup. An Hongche woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the small white fish in his arms, and felt that the fire in his heart was difficult to put down.

With eyes that could see at night, he could clearly see the green shadows beneath Su Yu’s eyes. He frowned slightly and simply turned into a cat, curled up into a ball… and went to sleep!

Su Yu habitually opened his eyes in the middle of the night and noticed the furball nestled in his arms.

He slid down to meet the tip of Cat Daye’s nose and the warm air sprayed onto his face, accompanied by a gentle purr. He raised his hand and touched the head of the bed, he found the kitten doll that had been thrown aside and stuffed it into the embrace of His Majesty the Emperor.

The golden paws touched the soft doll and consciously stretched out his paws to take it into his embrace. Unconsciously, he rubbed his head against it and then continued to sleep with his head resting against the doll.

Su Yu’s eyes narrowed at the sight and he leaned over to kiss the exposed warm chin. After having some contact with the Empress Dowager today, he finally understood that part of the Emperor’s temper was innate, and part of it was probably enabled by the good-tempered Empress Dowager.

However, looking at such a small furball, he was also willing to spoil it.

The next morning, the symbols rubbings made by the three imperial concubines were sent to the Anguo Tower.

The Anguo Tower was the holy land of the country, and all evil spirits and crooked methods had nowhere to hide in front of the divinely powerful State Teacher.

Standing outside the Anguo Tower, the guards responsible for delivering the goods deeply felt the sacred and mysterious atmosphere, but… the Anguo Tower was not open in the morning.

Staring at the tall tower with its gates tightly closed, the guards looked at each other.

“Leader, what should we do?” The young imperial guard asked the guard captain anxiously.

The guard captain was Gao Peng, Duke Lu’s heir, who had just been transferred from the Xiaoqi Camp. Although he was suddenly promoted, he was kind and skilled in martial arts, so the guards were very convinced of him, and when they didn’t know what to do, they immediately asked him.

“Such evil things are naturally not meant to tarnish the eyes of the State Teacher.” Said Duke Lu’s Shizi, who took the rice paper filled with ghostly drawn talismans from the young guard and walked around Anguo Tower once seriously.

This was considered a demonstration for the State Teacher and then led the stunned crowd back to debriefing.

After hearing the report from Duke Lu’s Shizi, His Majesty, who was taking the opportunity to eat some snacks before going to court, waved his hand and said. “This matter will be left to the Empress Dowager.”

Su Yu looked curiously at Duke Lu’s Shizi who was fully concentrated. He hadn’t seen this dear friend for a long time, and he seemed to be doing well. You should know that the commander of the inner palace guards and the sword-wielding guards in front of the Emperor were very prestigious jobs for the children of aristocratic families.

Gao Peng received his orders and left. Feeling that Xian Fei was looking at him again, he politely saluted him.

“What are you looking at!” His Majesty the Emperor slapped Su Yu on the back of the head.

Su Yu rubbed his head. “Why did Your Majesty transfer Duke Lu’s Shizi to the Palace?”

When he was in the concubine selection, he heard Duke Lu’s Shizi say that he held a fifth-grade official position in Xiaoqi Camp, and even thought of going to the border to kill enemies. Unfortunately, there have been no foreign enemies at the border.

“Thirteenth Uncle’s decision.” An Hongche ate the last shrimp soup dumpling and got up to go to court.

There were problems with the inner guards in the Palace before, and even his Beiji Palace was not very safe. Now that he has thoroughly purged it, he can barely sleep with peace of mind.

The involvement in this was quite complex, and after looking at Su Yu who was staring blankly in confusion, said no more.

Su Yu just asked casually and then sent the Emperor away to attend court, then raised his sleeves and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast.

Ci’an Palace.

Having slept late last night, the Empress Dowager’s spirit was not so good. Looking at the concubines in the palace hall, they also showed a lack of spirit, especially the three Fei’s, each with red eyes.

“Yesterday’s incident, presumably you all know it well.” The Empress said with a solemn expression as she sat upright, resisting the urge to yawn.

“Is there anything else you would want to say?”

De Fei and Shu Fei looked at each other, then turned to stare at Lu Fei together. Last night, when they copied the symbols, the “GaGaGa” cry began to sound again.

The palace guards stopped them from looking, which almost scared them to death. They complained all night about the troubles caused by Lu Fei.

Lu Fei hung her head and did not speak. She heard that the symbols were sent to the State Teacher for examination early in the morning, but she didn’t know the result.

Now that the Empress Dowager no longer leans towards her, she does not dare to speak out rashly.

“The matter of the ghost crying at night in Yexiao Palace has been investigated by the palace guards last night.” The Empress Dowager was too lazy to talk nonsense with them anymore and slightly raised her hand.

Outside the door, Duke Lu’s Shizi handed over an iron cage to the eunuch of Ci’an Palace, who carried it to the center of the hall.

“GaGaGa!” A familiar cry came from the cage covered in black cloth, but it was much quieter than what was heard at night.

De Fei and Shu Fei, who were standing at the side, couldn’t help taking a step back, and the other imperial concubines couldn’t help but hold their breath as the eunuch stepped forward and lifted the cover.

In the cage stood a plump and strong, confused --- duck.

Lu Fei’s bloodshot eyes widened.

“How could there be a duck in Yexiao Palace?”

“You still have the face to say that!”The Empress Dowager grabbed a stack of imperial edicts and threw them into the face of Lu Fei.

“This talisman is not a Cat Curse at all, the State Teacher didn’t even want to look at it! Is it amusing to deceive Aijia with these things like fooling a three-year-old?”

Upon hearing this, Lu Fei suddenly felt like she was being drenched with a bowl of cold water from head to toe, and she kneeled on the ground with a thud.

“Empress Dowager is like a bright mirror, this concubine is not clear about what this talisman represents, but when this concubine went to Yexiao Palace, this concubine happened to see that tabby civet cat, and this is something that is witnessed by everyone!”

The Empress Dowager had no intention of listening to her and slightly raised her hand. Last night, the eunuch who was named by the Emperor to clean the nine-curved corridor was tied up and thrown out.

This eunuch was the person responsible for drawing the talismans, and when De Fei saw this person being thrown out, her face was as pale as death.

This matter was already very clear. The three Fei led by Lu Fei hated out of jealousy the favored Xian Fei and came up with such a malicious plan in a vain attempt to shift the blame onto someone else.

“For the sake of the past friendship, Aijia will not kill you.” Empress Dowager sighed tiredly.

“From today on, all of Lu Fei’s status is abolished, and is to be expelled from the Palace. The children of the Lu family are not allowed to participate in the general election for three generations!”

“Empress Dowager!” Lu Fei screamed in disbelief.

Being released from the Palace after being deposed was completely different from the release after the establishment of the Crown Prince.

These imperial concubines would be considered women with poor moral character, and it would be difficult for them to get married in the future. Some families would feel ashamed and would send these people directly to a temple, where they would worship the green Buddha lamp for a lifetime.

“De Fei, Shu Fei…” The Empress Dowager waved her hand for someone to drag away the screaming Lu Fei, turning to look at the two imperial concubines who were shaking like chaff.

“Empress Dowager is like a bright mirror, we were deceived by Lu Fei into doing such a foolish thing, ah!” The two of them cried as if their own mothers died, constantly kowtowing and admitting their mistakes.

They were both daughters of civil officials and had strict family rules, if they were to be deposed from the Palace, death would be only one way out.

In the end, the Empress Dowager did not completely eliminate them, she demoted them to Zhaoyi and left it at that.

When His Royal Highness King Zhao came to Ci’an Palace, he saw the Empress Dowager sitting alone on the main seat, lost in thought, and there was also a quacking duck in the palace hall.

“Muhou?” King Zhao approached his Muqin(mother) and looked at her with a tilted head.

“Aiyou, you scared me!” The Empress Dowager regained her composure and saw a chubby round face, blinking a pair of glistening big eyes. She couldn’t help but smile and raised her hand to pinch the flesh on his chubby cheeks.

“Why did you run over here?”

“Seventeenth Uncle has a new silk mouse and ran to Zhao Wangfu to show off early in the morning…” King Zhao’s chubby face was squeezed together.

“So that’s what’s going on, I’ll make you a bigger one for you today.” The Empress Dowager coaxed softly.

Upon hearing this, King Zhao was pleased for a moment, but then immediately furrowed his brows. “Make a harder one. The mouse that Seventeenth Uncle bit in the morning made my teeth itch.”

“Teeth itching?” The Empress Dowager furrowed her brow slightly, pinched her son’s chin, looked at it, and then smiled.

”Perhaps it’s time for teeth changing.”

After Su Yu waited for the Emperor to finish breakfast and arrived at Ci’an Palace as ordered, he saw the Empress Dowager holding a yellow and white chubby cat, while the small chubby cat was happily chewing on a tooth-grinding stick.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Seventeenth Uncle: Little Fatty, I heard that you recently changed your teeth?

Little Brother: …

Seventeenth Uncle: Come on, follow me and recite “Laoshu(mouse)”. Once you pronounce it clearly, I’ll give it to you

Little Brother:...Lao…Su…

Little Fish: Eh? Little brother-in-law is calling me? Do you want to eat grilled fish?

Little Brother:Ci…(TL_Note: Lisping Shi->Yes)

Cat Gong: Speak properly to your sister-in-law, if you can’t speak clearly, you won’t eat.

Little Brother: QAQ


Shizi -> heir/young master

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