Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 74 - Treasure

Chapter 74 - Treasure


Upon hearing the conversation between the two, King Ling, who had taken the opportunity to slip out with the silk mouse in his mouth, stumbled and dropped the mouse in his mouth.

He quickly stretched out his paws and caught the mouse falling off the crossbeam.

His Majesty the Emperor raised his head as if feeling something. The fur on the tail of the big tabby cat suddenly exploded, and it quickly hid in the shadow of the eaves with the mouse in its mouth.

“What’s wrong?” Su Yu followed the Emperor’s gaze and saw nothing.

“It’s nothing.” An Hongche put away his disdainful gaze and slowly walked down the jade steps of Ci’an Palace, holding Su Yu's hand.

Below the jade steps were Wang Gonggong and a palanquin who had already been waiting there.

“Where are those imperial concubines?” Su Yu sat on the palanquin and yawned, having gotten used to the ancient people’s routine, he began to feel sleepy after dark.

“Investigating a case.” His Majesty also yawned.

Investigating a case? Su Yu’s face was full of confusion. What case were the imperial concubines investigating?

In Yexiao Palace, De Fei and Shu Fei glared at Lu Fei resentfully.

Lu Fei herself had an ashen complexion, she pinched a stack of rice paper while standing on the nine-curved corridor, her sharp nails about to tear it to pieces.

“All Ladies, please hurry up. After midnight, the evil qi will be heavy, and it would not be good to offend the His Majesty.” The leading palace guard said coldly.

The surrounding guards lit torches, shining brightly on the nine-curved corridor. Several imperial concubines held rice paper and vermilion brushes in their hands, which had to be used to make rubbings of the runes on the corridor and wipe it clean before midnight.

Earlier, when Lu Fei called into question the Emperor’s purpose of cleaning the corridor, someone pointed out that the cat curse was a Yin evil thing.

Even if the cat had been taken away, as long as midnight passed, these runes would still be detrimental to the cursed person. Since Lu Fei said that the cat curse might have cursed the Emperor with nightmares, what was the purpose of keeping these runes which harbor evil intentions?

When asked, Lu Fei broke out in cold sweat and hurriedly wanted to explain, but His Majesty the Emperor lightly said.

“Since you and the others are so interested, then before midnight, you shall make rubbings of the runes and submit it to the State Teacher for a judgment tomorrow.”

If the tip of the spearhead was directed towards Xian Fei, then the suspected Xian Fei would naturally not be able to participate in the evidence collection. This important task will be entrusted to the loyal and devoted De Fei, Shu Fei, and Lu Fei.

Therefore, De Fei and Shu Fei, who could have left, were forced to stay with Lu Fei and make copies of those undecipherable symbols, while the other concubines happily went back to bed.

“How was this drawn, it’s so difficult to copy.” De Fei spat in a low voice at her own Deputy Chief Eunuch, who was kneeling at the side.

There were undecipherable runes all over the floor, crooked and disorganized without any rules to follow.

The eunuch’s face was pale and he didn’t have the heart to pay attention to the complaints of De Fei. He had just heard the Emperor say that he wanted to hand it over to the State Teacher for judgment, and he was already scared out of his wits.

The matter of witchcraft has always been unclear, and the previous dynasty’s cat curse could implicate a wide range of people. However, unlike the former Da’an dynasty, this Da’an’s State Teacher has true divine powers, and in front of him, this kind of matter would likely become clear.

Su Yu expressed his admiration for the persistent investigational spirit of the imperial concubines.

“What about the Ying Yu?”

“The palace guards are watching it and won’t let anyone get close.” His Majesty impatiently waved his hand.

There was nothing else to investigate about this matter, those people dared to court death, so he could only fulfill them.

When His Majesty returned to Beiji Palace, he lay down on the soft cushion in the center of the hall and waved his hand towards Su Yu.

“Come over and undress Zhen.”

Su Yu cozied over and sat down, poking the Cat Daye, who was lazily squinting his eyes.

“Your Majesty, Empress Dowager already knows that I have signed the blood contract.”

An Hongche abruptly opened his eyes, frowned slightly, and turned to glare at Wang Gonggong.

“Heaven and Earth as a witness, it was definitely not this old slave who told.” Wang Gonggong immediately swore, his face full of innocence.

After pondering for a while, His Majesty unhurriedly said: “It’s probably Imperial Uncle who told that.”

“State Teacher?” Su Yu widened his eyes, the State Teacher did not look like a talkative person.

Previously, the Empress Dowager sent him to get close to the State Teacher, but he had always thought that the relationship between the Empress Dowager and the State Teacher was not good.

Wait! A divine light suddenly flashed through his mind, and Su Yu suddenly asked a rather sharp question.

“Your Majesty, is the State Teacher also…a cat?” He didn’t know what to call the royal bloodline, but Su Yu firmly believed that these guys were a group of cats.

His Majesty glanced at Su Yu. “That’s natural.”

The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched as if he knew something. Thinking of the immortal like State Teacher, who may have been bribed by a silk mouse, made his mood a bit complicated.

Upon hearing this, His Majesty nodded in agreement.

“The mice made by Muhou are very fun.”

The Empress Dowager was not born from a prominent family background. She learned needlework when she was young, and her family did not hire a famous embroidery master.

She just learned it casually, so the Empress Dowager didn’t know how to embroider the complex and gorgeous dragon-patterned cloud brocade and so on. Instead, she liked to make some knick-knacks.

Speaking of this, the Emperor, suddenly not sleepy, got up and excitedly picked up a small camphor wood box from a cabinet in the Duobao Pavilion and placed it on the soft cushion.

“What’s this?” Su Yu looked at the camphor wood box curiously.

“Treasure.” His Majesty the Emperor said mysteriously, pushing the box in front of Su Yu.

Pausing for a moment, seemingly thinking of something, he quickly pulled the box back.

“Actually, there’s nothing interesting to see.”

Su Yu subconsciously pressed down the wooden box and looked up at the Emperor. Seeing him hesitating, with his ears beginning to turn red, he couldn’t help but become even more curious, what was inside the box?

Blinking, he moved closer to sit next to the Emperor.

“What’s in this? Didn’t Your Majesty bring it over for me to see?”

Su Yu had a hunch that there should be something very important to the Emperor in this box. At this moment, the Emperor took it out to show him, so the meaning of this was self-evident. Of course, he couldn’t disappoint Cat Daye’s wishes.

“Do you really want to see it?” His Majesty squinted at him.

“Let me see, ba.” Su Yu nodded and looked at the Emperor eagerly.

“Hmph, there’s no harm in showing it to you.” Only then did the Emperor snort with a helpless expression of 'Zhen spoiled you to allow you to be so unbridled', and then proudly opened the camphor wood box.

The box was about three feet square, not deep, and had no compartments. It contained a lot of things, scattered and piled up randomly.

Su Yu looked at the things in the box quietly and didn’t come back to his senses for a long time.

Among those seemingly messy little things, there are cloth mice of various colors, long strips of teething sticks, colorful bell balls, and even a golden stuffed toy kitten.

Su Yu picked up the stuffed kitten and took a closer look. It was only about the size of a palm, it was wrapped in a double layer of apricot yellow satin and filled with cotton.

It was soft when pinched but would not deform. The various stitches were so fine that the seams in the joints were basically invisible. Probably because they were worried that the young Emperor would swallow the pearls, the stuffed doll’s facial features were all embroidered, and the two ears on its head were also stuffed with cotton and stood upright with great spirit.

The stuffed doll was a bit old, with many small holes in it’s body. In fact, there were rows of small tooth marks and a bit of the silk had been sliced open in a few places.

His Majesty raised a slender finger and poked the kitten in Su Yu’s hand.

“This was made by Muhou when Zhen was still the crown prince.” Apricot yellow was the color used by the Crown Prince, and this kitten was made from the fabric left over from the Crown Prince’s clothing at that time.

Su Yu blinked and picked up a small ball with a silk ribbon and waved it in front of the Emperor.

“Pah!” His Majesty the Emperor grabbed the small ball and glared at Su Yu.

“Don’t make trouble!”

Su Yu remained unmoved and took another cloth mouse and shook it by its tail.

“Pah!”The Emperor strikes again, snatching the cloth mouse and smoothly pressing Su Yu down on the soft cushion.

“You foolish slave, you dare to tease Zhen!”

“Hehehe…”Su Yu couldn’t help laughing-

His Majesty the Emperor glared at him angrily. “Don’t laugh!”

Su Yu buried his face in the cushion and shook with laughter.

“Pah!” His Majesty raised his hand and slapped the upturned butt, and then angrily pounced forward and bit the back of Su Yu’s neck.

Su Yu couldn’t laugh anymore. Before he could make amends, he was picked up by the Emperor who strode towards the dragon bed. He was immediately scared out of his wits and said. “Your, Your Majesty, don’t…”

He was still injured, if the Emperor did it like this, he probably wouldn’t be able to climb up from the dragon bed in three days.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: Do all the big cats have toys given by the Empress Dowager? Where are they all hidden?

State Teacher: Yes, in the warehouse

Cat Gong: Yes, in the box

Cat Daddy: Yes, in the coffin

Little Brother: Yes, in the warehouse, the box, and the coffin…QAQ


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