Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 73 - Muhou

Chapter 73 - Muhou

Su Yu lowered his head to look at the big cat scratching the cushion and then looked up at the dignified and awe-inspiring Empress Dowager, he then belatedly realized that the Empress Dowager seemed to know everything!

The large black paws quickly scratched the delicate cushion into pieces, and then as if not satisfied, lifted its paws to scratch the corner of Su Yu’s rove.

Su Yu took the opportunity to look and saw the cat’s amber eyes desperately winking at him.

Su Yu blinked, its fluffy cat face made a winking expression, but he really couldn’t see what the Imperial Uncle wanted to express, so he coughed lightly and tried to hold back his laughter.

“Ai, don’t scratch that.” The Empress Dowager sighed helplessly as she saw that Su Yu’s clothes had also been scratched, and then raised her chin towards Lin Gugu.

Lin Gugu turned around and took out a small object from a large wicker basket. She took off the needle that was still pinned on it, tied the thread into a knot, and respectfully placed it in front of King Ling. Then she smiled and said:

“This was made by Empress Dowager the past few days, and originally it was going to be sent to Wangye in the next few days.”

Su Yu looked at Lin Gugu who had a calm face and thought that she should be the same as Wang Gonggong who had made a blood contract with the State Teacher.

In ancient times, most women knew how to do needlework, and once women from noble families became mothers-in-law, they basically stopped touching needles and threads, let alone the incomparably noble Empress Dowager.

It goes without saying how precious the needlework made by the Empress Dowager is, but he didn’t know if the one given to King Ling was a precious scented sachet or an exquisite handkerchief. Su Yu looked over curiously and choked immediately.

The little thing on the floor was a silver-gray silk, exquisitely embroidered, toy mouse…

The big cat lying on the ground was still hooked on Su Yu’s hem, and upon hearing this, he looked up and stood frozen for a moment.

He immediately released his claw hooks and hugged the small gray mouse. The smooth Sichuan brocade was wrapped around soft cotton, and the feeling of holding it in his embrace was excellent.

The big cat excitedly kicked it with his hind paws and took a few quick bites as if it couldn’t get enough.

There was a moment of silence in the main hall. King Ling lifted his head from the soft and tender countryside mouse and saw Su Yu staring blankly at him.

He stiffened for a moment, stood up, and holding the silk mouse in his mouth hid behind the pillar.

On the other hand, His Majesty the Emperor summoned a large number of guards, and countless lanterns reflected the courtyard of Yexiao Palace as if it were daytime. The blood-red runes on the nine winding corridors were also clearly presented in front of everyone.

“Who painted these?” An Hongche asked, pointing at the twisted symbols.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. ”This slave doesn’t know.”

His Majesty glanced around coldly and focused his gaze on the eunuch kneeling by the water pavilion.

The eunuch suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, these runes were really drawn by him, he was the deputy manager of De Fei’s palace.

Today, Lu Fei said that this matter could be reported as witchcraft, and in order to show her sincerity, De Fei recommended him, saying that he could draw talismans…

“You.” An Hongche looked at the eunuch who was shaking like a leaf.

“Wipe this ghost talisman clean for Zhen.”

When the Emperor looked at the eunuch, De Fei had already turned pale with fear. She and Shu Fei glanced at each other and could make out the look of fear in each other’s eyes.

The Emperor did not point to just anyone but the person who drew the talisman, the meaning of this is self-evident.

Throughout history, any involvement with witchcraft would result in countless deaths in the harem and front court. Today’s incident occurred in Yexiao Palace, and it would be extremely detrimental to Xian Fei if the news spread.

The Emperor’s handling of this was clearly aimed at suppressing the situation.

“Your Majesty, the matter has not been investigated yet…” Lu Fe secretly gritted her teeth.

The Empress Dowager took away Xian Fei, so half of her prepared moves were basically useless, if this continues, today’s arrangement would be in vain.

The Lu family was now in a precarious situation in the front court, and her situation in the harem was getting worse day by day.

If today’s scheme is done well, it would be a good opportunity for the Lu family to change their fortune. How could she be willing to give up so easily?

An Hongche stared coldly at Lu Fei and narrowed his eyes slightly. “You want to investigate? Very good.”

Yexiao Palace instantly fell into a deathly silence.


“You are a good child. Since you have signed the blood contract, take good care of the Emperor from now on.” It was the first time the Empress Dowager spoke with Su Yu with so kindly, making Su Yu feel a little overwhelmed by favor.

“Chen will do his best.” Su Yu cautiously agreed.

Although he still hasn’t figured out what the blood contract was, one thing he knows is that only the Empress of the harem could sign the blood contract. Ordinary parents would not be happy to know that their son was devoted heart and soul to a man.

The Empress Dowager began to mutter to herself. “The Late Emperor left early, and His Majesty suffered a lot of difficulties in court. Although Aijia was distressed, she couldn’t help…”

From the danger of the front court and the monopolization of power of their relatives, the Emperor’s body was unstable before reaching adulthood, so the Empress Dowager had no choice but to support the Lu family.

Su Yu was confused when he heard this, but it was quite heartbreaking to think that such a little kitten had to face a bunch of scheming ministers so he nodded along.

“The Emperor has had a bad temper since he was a child, so you need to be a little more patient with him.” The Empress Dowager sighed.

She only learned yesterday that the Emperor had Su Yu sign the blood contract in advance. Her son’s temper was clear to her, he was likely to make a forced contract regardless of the other’s wishes, so she had been on tenterhooks all day.

Su Yu blinked, he didn’t feel that the Cat Daye’s temper was that bad, after all, even if he was irritable and difficult to coax, he wouldn’t think so when he thought about the fact that he was a cat.

The Empress Dowager looked at Su Yu’s expression and slowly smiled. “The Emperor has been blessed to meet you.”

“Hmph!” Before Su Yu could answer, he heard a cold snort coming from behind him. He turned his head and happened to face the displeased Emperor, who grabbed his wrist.

“Your Majesty?” Su Yu was startled and stood up following the Emperor’s strength.

His Majesty the Emperor grabbed Su Yu and said stiffly.

“It’s getting late, Zhen’s taking him back to Beiji Palace.” After saying that, without waiting for the Empress Dowager to respond, he dragged Su Yu out.

Su Yu stumblingly bowed to the Empress Dowager and followed the Emperor out of Ci’an Palace.

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

“Hmph, Zhen is telling you, Muhou is just being polite with you.” An Hongche glared at him angrily.

“It’s your good fortune to meet Zhen!”

Su Yu was stunned and looked at His Majesty, who was fuming. He bent his eyes and quietly looked around for anyone, he then leaned over and kissed those beautiful eyes.

“Yes, meeting you is the most fortunate thing in my life.”

His Majesty stiffened for a moment, and his ears gradually turned crimson.

“That, that’s only natural, as long you have this self-awareness.”


Muhou -> Mother Empress

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