Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 72 - Scolding

Chapter 72 - Scolding

King Ling felt that today was really unlucky.

He was just curious for a moment and brought the Ying Yu up to take a look and this group of people broke in and hurriedly knocked out the screaming Ying Yu unconscious and hid it in the water, and then they put him in an iron cage.

In front of so many people, he couldn’t turn into human form and run away, so he could only keep his majestic presence as a Qinwang and squat in the cage with no expression on his face.

However, when he saw Su Yu’s shocked expression, His Highness King Ling couldn’t help but lift a paw to cover his face, he really wanted to go face the wall for a while longer.

Su Yu’s mouth twitched as he looked at his Imperial Uncle inside the cage and turned to look at the Emperor. The disdain in His Majesty’s eyes was about to turn into substance.

“This cat may just be passing by.” Su Yu wanted to come over and see if Imperial Uncle was injured but was stopped by the eunuch guarding the water pavilion.

“Impudent!” Wang Gonggong shouted loudly.

“Apologies Niangniang, this cat curse fiend is very ferocious and should not be approached.” The eunuch, who was the deputy manager of De Fei’s palace, in a moment of excitement, stopped Su Yu but came to his senses after he was scolded by Wang Gonggong.

The spearhead of the attack had not yet been pointed at Xian Fei, he was afraid that it would be self-defeating if he was too anxious to take credit, so he hurriedly explained.

“Get lost.” His Majesty the Emperor coldly spat out two words.

The palace eunuch froze for a moment and fell to his knees with a thud.

“Your Majesty please forgive me.”

An Hongche didn’t even look at him. He pulled Su Yu onto the waterside pavilion, squatted down by the cage, slowly extended a finger, and poked the big cat’s head.

The people around him suddenly had their hearts rising to their throats. If the cat suddenly went crazy and scratched the Emperor, they would all have to suffer.

The Empress Dowager was supported by Lu Fei and walked over.

“What on earth is going on…” Before she could finish her sentence she saw the big calico cat in the cage.

Being poked in the head by the Emperor’s slender finger, King Ling's heart fell like ashes inside the cage, he did not want to face his sister-in-law’s twitching dignified expression.

The Empress Dowager failed to catch her breath and immediately coughed twice.

“This place is overly heavy with baleful qi, we’d better stand outside ba.” Lu Fei promptly handed over her handkerchief and nervously pulled over the Empress Dowager to leave, as if staying here for an extra moment would shorten her life.

The Empress Dowager waved her hand.

“How did you catch this cat?”

“Reporting to Empress Dowager, this little one searched Yexiao Palace and found the blood symbols here. At that time, this cat was standing in the center of the blood symbols, with a sinister and terrifying face.” The palace eunuch in charge of Shu Fei’s palace hurriedly spoke.

King Ling, who had fallen to the ground, scratched the cage with all his might. These people lie with their eyes open, did they see Benwang’s upright face?

The Empress Dowager gave Shu Fei a deep look.

“Who allowed you to search Yexiao Palace?” The chilly and majestic voice shook everyone into trembling.

His Majesty stood up and looked coldly at those imperial concubines who were still gorgeously dressed in the middle of the night. How could this look like they were here to catch ghosts?

“This…” Shu Fei had a guilty conscience when the Empress Dowager looked at her.

She glared at the talkative eunuch and dared not to raise her head to meet the Emperor’s gaze.

“That ghost crying at night was too terrifying. This concubine really couldn’t bear it and just wanted to go to the bottom of the matter.”

“Empress Dowager, Yexiao Palace is suspicious in all respects. In this concubine’s humble opinion, we should conduct a thorough search.” Lu Fei glanced at Su Yu’s bewildered face and a sneer curled up at the corner of her lips.

The Empress Dowager looked at Lu Fei, and sick and tired in her heart, she raised her head to look at the Emperor.

His Majesty the Emperor lifted Su Yu, who was still crouching to watch the cat, and slowly raised his head. The inner palace guards quickly surrounded the water pavilion. The meaning was clear, no one could leave until this matter was clarified.

“Send this cat to Ci’an Palace.” The Empress Dowager sighed, she really couldn’t count on the Emperor to deal with this affairs of the harem. She spoke to Su Yu who was still in a daze.

“Xian Fei, carry the cat”

“Ah?” Su Yu blinked and realized that the Empress Dowager had asked him to carry the cat with her to Ci’an Palace. He quickly bent down to pick up the cage, holding it in his hands flat so as not to jolt Imperial Uncle.

“Empress Dowager, this cat is an ominous thing, it should not be taken to Ci’an Palace, ah.” Lu Fei hastened to dissuade her. She hadn’t used her good arguments yet, how could she just leave?

The Empress Dowager looked at Su Yu who was holding the cat carefully and then at Lu Fei.

She slowly pulled her arm out of Lu Fei’s hand and Lin Gugu quickly stepped forward to take her place and support the Empress Dowager, while at the same time preventing Lu Fei from coming closer again.

Lu Fei stared blankly at the Empress Dowager as she turned around and left.

All along, she could be said to have been walking sideways in the palace because the Empress Dowager was her paternal aunt. After her demotion, De Fei and Shu Fei came to curry favor with her, but it was only because of this point. However, just now, the moment Empress Dowager withdrew her hand, Lu Fei clearly felt that something no longer belonged to her.

Su Yu followed the Empress Dowager to Ci’an Palace. The Emperor was supposed to follow him, but the Empress Dowager requested him to stay and clear up the mess.

His Majesty, who was already in a bad mood, became even more unhappy now. He narrowed his eyes slightly and the people kneeling on the ground couldn’t help but to curl up shivering.

The brightly lit Ci’an Palace was no different from daytime, and Su Yu stood nervously in the center of the main hall holding the cat cage.

The Empress Dowager sat on the throne and found that Su Yu was still holding the cage and couldn’t help but smile. She gestured to Su Yu to put down the cage and waved her hand to dismiss the crowd, leaving only Lin Gugu to serve in the palace hall.

Su Yu obediently placed the cage on the ground. The cat looked left and right and then opened the latch and crawled out. Shaking its fur and squatting down he hung his head dispiritedly.

“Brother-in-law, Aijia isn’t blaming you, but you are not a child anymore. What are you doing running around in the middle of the night?” The Empress Dowager opened her mouth and began to criticize.

King Ling flopped down on the carpet and clasped his paws around his ears.

“How many times has Aijia said that the Empress has not yet been established, and there are many people in the palace with mixed voices. Unless it is necessary, don’t turn into a cat and wander around. You’re so good, you even turned into a cat curse.” The Empress Dowager chattered incessantly.

“This time, fortunately, you’re not injured. If you were injured by those who did not treat it seriously, how could Aijia have the face to see the Late Emperor…”

Su Yu stared wide-eyed, this seemed different from the cold and taciturn Empress Dowager he usually saw…

The Empress Dowager spoke for a while, then took the small cup handed over by Lin Gugu and took a sip of tea, and then realized that Su Yu was still foolishly standing.

“What is this child doing standing?”

Su Yu thanked her for the favor and prepared to look for a chair when Lin Gugo unexpectedly handed over a soft cushion and, blinking her eyes, looked at the Imperial Uncle, who was spread out in a pile at his feet. He put the cushion beside Seventeenth Uncle and sat on the ground.

The half-dead King Ling moved to the cushion, stretching his claws to scratch the cushion’s rough edges.

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<The Royal Family Love is so Desperate Record>

Seventeenth Uncle: Meow's life is hopeless, Benwang needs the protection of his elder brother

Thirteenth Uncle: Just give him a good beating

Seventeenth Uncle: QAQ

Seventeenth Uncle: Meow’s life is hopeless, Benwang wants to go to Anguo Tower to shave his head and become a monk

State Teacher: Just pluck the fur, don’t worry about shaving the head

Seventeenth Uncle: QAQ

Seventeenth Uncle: Meow’s life is hopeless, Benwang…

Empress Dowager: Come, come, this sister-in-law will properly enlighten you, #¥¥#¥……

Seventeenth Uncle: QAQ


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