Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 71 - Cat Curse

Chapter 71 - Cat Curse

Gently and cautiously approaching the soft cushion on which His Majesty was lying, King Ling looked at Su Yu and then at the grilled fish. He slowly crouched down and extended his tongue to lick his mouth.

Su Yu stared blankly at the confident big cat sitting in front of him.

Shiny and smooth black and yellow fur, strong limbs, slender whiskers, and a pair of amber eyes that shone brightly full of spirituality. At first glance, it seemed to be an expert rat catcher…he just didn’t know if this was King Su or King Ling.

“Meowww--” The big calico cat meowed softly to Su Yu, with a gentle and mellow voice that was completely out of proportion to its robust figure.

Su Yu shook his hand and sprinkled an extra handful of chili peppers on the grilled fish.

The calico cat’s eyes lit up as he looked at the grilled fish on the charcoal fire with fragrant chili powder, and couldn’t help but once again lick his mouth.

He glanced at His Majesty the Emperor with his back facing him, he gathered his courage and boldly approached Su Yu’s lap, stretching out his head to reach the grilled fish.

“That…” Su Yu opened his mouth wanting to say something.

The big cat retracted its outstretched paws, flicked its long tail, looked at Su Yu innocently with its big amber eyes, and then squatted down again.

It used its back paw to rub its neck with an expression that said, “I’m very obedient, I won’t touch it randomly. I’ll wait for the fish to be cooked before eating.”

Su Yu swallowed his saliva and tried to resist the urge to reach out and touch its furry head. Such a well-behaved cat, if it was a real one, he would have been unable to resist grabbing it and kneading it in his arms. However, this was an Imperial Uncle, ah!

Remembering the mighty and domineering King Su and the shrewd and fearsome King Ling, no matter which Imperial Uncle it was, it was completely incompatible with the one in front of him… completely incompatible!

In the middle of the battle between heaven and man, the grilled fish in his hand had already been grilled out a crisp golden color. Su Yu raised his hand to remove the fish from the charcoal fire and took out a delicate knife to quickly dismantle the steaming fish.

His Majesty rolled over and lazily moved his head onto Su Yu’s lap, facing a black and yellow cat face.

The big calico cat was startled and suddenly moved back, then couldn’t help but look at the grilled fish on the plate. The fish flesh, filled with sauce, was grilled to a crisp yellow color, sliced into small pieces, and stacked casually onto the sweet white porcelain plate.

The white and tender fish flesh inside was carefully sprinkled with a layer of dry ingredients by Su Yu and mixed well with some elaborate chopsticks.

After mixing the fish flesh, Su Yu took a small piece to taste the saltiness and sweetness of the fish. Suddenly, he noticed a pair of big eyes fixedly staring at him from below, and the chopsticks in his hand turned and directly fed it to His Majesty the Emperor’s mouth.

The grilled fish was fresh, fragrant, crispy, and tender, with a hint of spiciness that stimulated the taste buds. His Majesty narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

“Meowww--” The big calico cat anxiously approached and stood up with one paw pressed against His Majesty’s shoulder, also hoping to get a piece of grilled fish.

An Hongche disdainfully smacked away his Imperial Uncle’s paw, and King Ling not to be outdone slapped back with one paw.

“Don’t fight.” Su Yu hurriedly dissuaded them and took a small plate to put some grilled fish on it.

“Meow!” Thinking that this was for himself, the big calico cat excitedly rushed over and rubbed his head back and forth on the corner of the small table.

Su Yu’s hand, which was holding the fish, couldn’t help trembling, and a large piece of fish fell back onto the plate.

The Emperor looked at Seventeenth Uncle below him expressionlessly. Is it too late to tell Su Yu that this was not an imperial uncle but a stray cat?

The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched and he placed the small plate filled with fish in front of the big calico cat.

His Royal Highness King Ling immediately jumped up and ate with great excitement, he even let out a threatening purr, warning the other cat not to snatch his food.

Not knowing what to say, Su Yu felt that it was not a good idea to play with his Imperial Uncle like this as they were all family, it would be awkward to see each other in the future, so he coughed softly and said:

“Imperial Uncle, eat slowly. I’ll grill another one later.”

Grill another one? Good! King Ling was about to respond but suddenly paused. Wait, what did he just call him?

Slowly looking up, he saw Su Yu’s stiff smile and His Majesty’s eyes full of mockery.

Splat! The fish in the calico cat’s mouth fell straight back into the plate.

“GaGaGa!” The Ying Yu, who woke up from its nap, shouted at the right moment.

In the Yuluan Palace, the other imperial concubine had long since dispersed, but De Fei and Shu Fei stayed until lunch.

“This concubine has heard that if a palace is felt empty for a long time, without Yang Qi to suppress it, evil things inside will come out to cause trouble.” De Fei said as reasonable evidence.

Shu Fei rubbed her arms in fear and said.

“This Xian Fei hasn’t lived in the Yexiao Palace for a long time, could it be that something unclean has escaped from the Palace?”

“If there is something, we have to go and see to find out.” De Fei said, intentionally or unintentionally looking at Lu Fei.

Lu Fei listened thoughtfully as the two sang in harmony without saying a word. She knew in her heart that these women by coming to talk to her about these things were just trying to get her to stand out.

Ghost crying at night, Yexiao Palace, this was an excellent opportunity and she really didn’t want to let it go.

De Fei and Shu Fei glanced at each other and said no more, they stood up and bid farewell. Too far is as bad as not enough, they just pointed things out, and it’s up to Lu Fei to decide what to do.

Lu Fei watched as the two of them left Yuluan Palace and raised her hand to beckon her personal eldest palace maid.

“Yulan, go and prepare some things.”

The palace on this day was destined to be restless.

In the Anguo Tower, the State Teacher was lying on a soft couch, looking faintly at the big black and yellow cat in the corner. “You’ve been facing the wall for an hour, what have you come up with?”

His Royal Highness King Ling leaned his head against the pillar, his ears pursed tightly backward, his majestic big tail dispirited and downcast wrapped around him, and his whole body shrunk into a ball, looking like he had nothing left to live for.

“The palace will be locked down soon, don’t stay here.” The State Teacher was too lazy to pay attention to him and started to chase the cat away with his words.

“I can’t leave in time now.” The big calico cat turned around and stared angrily and full of grievances at his younger brother who didn’t understand the pain in his heart at all.

“Then go out and find a place to sleep.” The State Teacher waved his hand, having absolutely no intention of taking him in.

He also had to offer sacrifices to the heavens at night, so no one else could be left in the Anguo Tower.

“Twenty-one, is that how you treat your older brother?” King Ling jumped onto the soft couch, tilting his head up to glare at his cold and ruthless younger brother.

The State Teacher lowered his eyes and looked back coldly.

One stick of incense later, the snow-white cat leisurely licked its paws, while the black and yellow cat spread out its limbs on the ground and silently knocked its head against a pillar.

“If you have nothing to do, why don’t you go to Yexiao Palace and watch over that Ying Yu?” The big white cat shook its tail.

Today, Su Yu missed the time and didn’t kill the Ying Yu. The Ying Yu was a dangerous thing, if left in the palace for a long time, there could be a water disaster.

The sun sets in the west, and the moon rises above the upper floors of the tower.

“GaGaGaGa…” The eerie scream echoed again in the Western Palace.

De Fei and Shu Fei, along with their palace guards and eunuchs, gathered outside Yexiao Palace. The Zhaoyi’s and Cairen’s from each palace also brought their servants to join in the excitement.

For a moment, lanterns and torches lit up the sky, all around Yexiao Palace was brightly illuminated.

In Beiji Palace, Su Yu took a comfortable bath and the hot water dissipated the aches and pains all over his body, allowing him to finally have some spirit after a day of sluggishness.

The Emperor, who had walked out of the bath first, put on his underwear and turned to hug Su Yu, who had difficulty moving. He saw that the fish had been steamed pink from the hot water and suddenly felt that his mouth was a bit dry and his tongue parched.

Su Yu was busy wiping himself fry with a cloth towel.

As he straightened up, he was surrounded by a pair of powerful arms from behind, and a gentle kiss fell on the back of his neck, then after gently rubbing against him, suddenly bit down.

“Hmm…” The feeling of a wild beast suddenly clutching his vital point made Su Yu shudder. Thinking of the meaning of Cat Daye biting the back of his neck, his white and pink neck slowly turned crimson.

“Your Majesty, don’t make a fuss, let me put on my inner shirt.”

His Majesty ignored him and carried the person on his shoulder.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, something has happened in the harem!” Wang Gonggong’s voice suddenly came from outside the door, accompanied by a burst of chaotic footsteps.

The Emperor, who was carrying Su Yu with great strides through the palace hall, paused and frowned slightly.

“What’s the matter?”

“The concubines discovered something quite terrifying in Yexiao Palace and Lu Fei has already gone to invite the Empress Dowager.” Wang Gonggong’s voice was somewhat anxious.

“Quickly put me down!” Su Yu secretly thought that it was probably because of the noisy Ying Yu's misdeeds. The State Teacher repeatedly warned that the matter of the sea monsters was of great importance and should not be made known to others.

His Majesty lowered the person on his shoulder with a displeased expression on his face.

The courtyard of Yexiao Palace was already filled with people, with people from all palaces standing together and palace guards surrounding the central water pavilion, prohibiting anyone from getting even half a step closer.

When Su Yu and the Emperor arrived, Lu Fei had just stepped out of the carriage with the Empress Dowager.

“Muhou.” An Hongche bowed to the Empress Dowager.

“How come Your Majesty was also disturbed?” The Empress Dowager frowned.

“Reporting to Empress Dowager, there was a strange noise coming from the Western Palace since last night. After searching for it all day, it was discovered that this strange noise was coming from Yexiao Palace. This concubine wanted to go to the bottom of a matter, but found, found…” De Fei hesitated and refused to speak anymore.

“Found what?” The Empress Dowager was a little impatient.

“Found that someone was practicing witchcraft in Yexiao Palace!” Lu Fei said quickly.

Witchcraft! When everyone heard this, their faces changed. In this dynasty where faith was paramount, witchcraft was a taboo.

“Muhou, stay here.” His Majesty the Emperor stopped the Empress Dowager from moving forward and signaled that he would go and take a look first. If there were no problems, he would show it to the Empress Dowager.

Su Yu followed the Emperor towards the water pavilion, his brows gradually furrowing. With the light of the lanterns, he saw a string of bright red symbols on the nine-curved corridor, which looked quite ominous.

They weren’t there when they were sunbathing at noon.

“Why do you think this is witchcraft?” An Hongche glanced at the inexplicable runes and looked coldly at the imperial concubines.

“This concubine wonders if Your Majesty has ever heard of the Cat Curse?” Lu Fei sneered.

Cat Curse was an extremely fierce curse. It was said that in the former dynasty, there was a concubine skilled in witchcraft, using blood as a talisman and civet cats as a guide to curse the Emperor with nightmares, and eventually led to the Emperor’s untimely death.

Lu Fei gestured to the guards to move away, her slightly raised chin indicating that she had a well-thought-out plan in mind. This was an unexpected blessing, while searching Yexiao Palace, she happened to catch a civet cat, so it speaks for itself.

The guards immediately gave way and exposed the iron cage in the center of the water pavilion.

In the center of the cage was, squatting, black and yellow, very suitable for a cat curse, His Highness King Ling!

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Small Theater:

<The why of King Ling making a cat curse>

Seventeenth Uncle: From now on, I have no face to see my nephew's wife again QAQ

Thirteenth Uncle: Serves you right for not coming to work!

State Teacher: Serves you right for running around all over the place!

Cat Gong: Serves you right for eating grilled fish indiscriminately!

Seventeenth Uncle: QAQ There’s no warmth in this family, I’ll draw a paw print to curse you!


Muhou -> mother

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