Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 70 - Cat Imperial Uncle

Chapter 70 - Cat Imperial Uncle

The courtiers found that His Majesty the Emperor was in a particularly good mood today, he didn’t lose his temper, he didn’t tear up the memorials, and he even agreed to Marquis Changchun’s request for his daughter's early release.

Such an abnormal situation made Prime Minister Lu’s faction even more apprehensive.

After court, King Su and King Ling exchanged glances, and the two unspokenly walked towards the imperial study together. The Emperor was in a good mood today, so it might be possible to keep them in the Palace for dinner.

In the imperial study, His Majesty the Emperor casually reviewed a memorial. Today, there is no foolish slave cushion, so the memorials look much more boring than usual.

Stretching out the tip of his tongue, he lightly licked the corner of his mouth, recalling last night’s delicious meal. An Hongche couldn’t help but hook up the corner of his mouth.

Hmm, Zhen needs to quickly review the memorials and go back to let the foolish slave sleep with Zhen.

When the two Qinwangs came in, they saw His Majesty the Emperor writing at a tremendous speed.

“Paying respects to the Emperor!” The two imperial uncles saluted with propriety.

An Hongche waved his hand without raising his head.

“What’s the matter?”

King Ling gave his elder brother an elbow, he had nothing to report, he was purely following his elder brother to mooch a meal.

King Su coughed lightly and said: “The incident with the assassin the day before yesterday has been investigated, and there is also an understanding about the previous incident.”

The tip of the brush paused slightly and An Hongche finished writing the word “Granted”. He threw the red brush aside and looked up at the solemn expression of his imperial uncle. “Speak.”

“As Your Majesty expected, they were indeed aiming for Xian Fei.” Since the last time the Emperor was attacked in the hunting grounds, King Su has been tracking down the assassins.

There were many trails in his hands, but they were as messy as a hemp rope and difficult to distinguish. The assassin he took over yesterday, on the contrary, allowed him to find a clue.

“Who did it?” His Majesty narrowed his eyes, and the smile he wore because of his good mood disappeared.

King Su furrowed his brows and made no secret, speaking bluntly.

“I suspect it’s that kid, An Hongzhuo.”

The Emperor sealed the fiefdom of King Mu in the northwest. King Su was very familiar with the road to the northwest part of the country, and from the route given by the assassin’s confession, he could tell at a glance that they were planning to capture Su Yu alive and transport him to the northwest part of the country. Looking at the entire northwest, besides An Hongzhuo, there was no other person who would do such a senseless thing.

There was a moment of silence in the imperial study, and then His Majesty suddenly raised his hand and slammed it against the table, instantly shattering the cups and lamps on the table.

“This is going against the Heavens!”

Both the imperial uncles were startled, what’s going on?

Thinking back to the past in Xianmantang, the way King Mu looked at Su Yu, and then later sending 3,000 taels of silver to add to his dowry, An Hongche stood up and angrily walked back and forth behind the table with his hands behind his back.

Damn it, Zhen should have thought of that despicable guy who dared to covet his foolish slave!

“Draw the decree, escort King Mu back to the capital tomorrow!”

“Your Majesty, this matter should not be made public.” King Ling quickly advised.

“Then execute him on the spot.“ His Majesty was furious and was not easily deterred.

“Dare to cast greedy eyes on an imperial concubine, Zhen will give him a death from a thousand cuts!”

King Ling, who was about to say something else, suddenly choked and King Su’s cold and solemn face twitched.

”Your Majesty, please calm your anger. He should be doing this because of the foreign star.”

An Hongche froze for a moment and slowly sat back on the dragon chair, his face cold and silent.

“That kid heard from somewhere that those who get the foreign star can gain the ability to take over the world.” Pulling His Majesty the Emperor from the evil path of jealousy back to the main topic, King Su quickly revealed all the clues he had found.

Previously, due to the fact that King Mu controlled some of the inner palace guards, King Su suspected that the pursuit of the divine cat was related to him.

He had been monitoring his every move and gradually discovered his abnormalities. King Mu was the son of the late Emperor, but he was a ‘mortal son’ without rights of inheritance.

Since the oracle came into being, King Mu has been secretly searching for the foreign star, he was very confident that the foreign star could change his fate in defiance of the natural order!

“Pitiful.” King Ling shook his head and sighed.

“Seal up the news and mop up King Mu’s men along the way.” An Hongche said in a cold voice.

“The matter of the foreign star must not be divulged in the slightest. Send troops to garrison the fortress near the fiefdom and closely monitor the people who have dealings with King Mu.”

“Chen obeys the Emperor’s decree.” King Su accepted the order and walked out of the imperial study before realizing that he had only come to claim an achievement and by the way mooch off a meal.

Why didn’t he get the meal and instead he had so many more meddlesome things to do?

“Seventeenth Uncle, is there something else?” An Hongche looked at King Ling who was still standing in the study.

“Chen asks to be excused.” King Ling regained his composure and quickly excused himself.

Due to the delay of the two Wangyes, it was already noon by the time the Emperor finished reviewing the memorials.

“Your Majesty, Niangniang has not yet risen, the meal…” Wang Gonggong came forward to inquire with a troubled expression.

An Hongche frowned slightly. “Arrange it at Beiji Palace, ba.”

The bright yellow curtain was slowly pulled up and the golden sunshine poured in. The black head buried in the brocade quilt shrank downwards, attempting to avoid the dazzling light.

His Majesty waved his hand and ordered everyone to step back, lightly jumping onto the dragon bed.

He sat at the head of the bed and tilted his head for a moment, then lifted his hand to remove the blanket, revealing his sleeping face that was flushed from sleep.

“Hmm…” Su Yu struggled to open one eye, and blinded by the sunlight, simply closed it again.

An Hongche slowly leaned over and saw that the redness on the corners of his eyes had gone down, but his beautifully shaped lips were still slightly red and looked much softer than usual.

He lightly licked them and the sweet taste was no different from last night. This calmed down His Majesty’s somewhat agitated mood once again, and he reached out to wrap Su Yu in his arms, rubbing his cheek against his forehead.

Such a good foolish slave, there will definitely be many people coveting him. Fortunately, Zhen protected him just in time and sent him to the Palace early, hmph.

“Your Majesty?” Su Yu finally came to his senses after being licked and rubbed again and again, then he yawned and asked. “What time is it?”

“It’s past noon.” His Majesty the Emperor responded, pretending not to care.

“Noon? Oh no!” Su Yu immediately opened his eyes wide and sat up, then gave a muffled grunt and collapsed powerlessly to the side.

An Hongche hugged him and looked at his suddenly pale face, feeling anxious.

“What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?” At the beginning of last night, Su Yu’s pain was so severe he was startled.

Afterwards, he saw that he had indeed been hurt, but fortunately, it wasn’t serious. Seeing him like this now, he immediately panicked again.

“I’m fine.” Su Yu was just sluggish down for a moment but it wasn’t serious. He asked the Emperor again in disbelief.

“Is it already past noon?”

Upon hearing this, His Majesty’s tightly pursed lips gradually curled up. This foolish slave was indeed thinking about making lunch for Zhen. Hmm, seeing him so pitiful, as an indulgent master, Zhen could forgive his occasional laziness.

“Of course, Zhen ordered the imperial kitchen to bring both meals.”

“I made an agreement with the State Teacher to kill the Ying Yu today.” Su Yu scratched his head in distress.

“It’s already past noon, so I can’t kill it today.”

The smile of the Emperor’s face froze.

It had been a long time since the imperial kitchen had served the Emperor’s meals. Today, when they learned that the Emperor ordered meals, they were pleasantly surprised and at the same time put in a great deal of effort.

They didn’t expect the Emperor to return to the original state of affairs, but they hoped it could satisfy the Emperor so that he would think of eating a meal from the imperial kitchen every few days.

However, during the meal, His Majesty the Emperor did not show a trace of a smile, and he kept a dark face from start to finish. After taking a bite from each dish, he stopped eating, and in the end, he simply put down his chopsticks.

Su Yu blinked, wondering what the Cat Daye was losing his temper about.

“What’s the matter?”

“Not delicious!” An Hongche said in dissatisfaction.

“It’s quite delicious.” Su Yu looked at the dishes in the bowls. In fact, the craftsmanship of the imperial kitchen was very good, and many traditional seafood dishes were even better than his.

“Hmph!” His Majesty snorted coldly and ignored him.

After scratching his head, Su Yu moved closer to the Emperor, picked up a piece of fish for him, dipped it in the sauce, and put it in his bowl.

“How about eating a little more? Later, we’ll go to Yexiao Palace to bask in the sun.”

Looking at Su Yu’s awkward sitting posture, An Hongche pursed his lips and raised his hand to eat the food in the bowl.

Cat Daye was actually very easy to coax, Su Yu couldn’t help but smile and looked around. Seeing the palace servants lowering their heads, he quickly leaned over and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Eat properly!” His Majesty the Emperor glared at him, picked up a large pile of vegetables with his chopsticks, and piled them into Su Yu’s bowls.

When Su Yu had finished eating, His Majesty the Emperor, who was no longer angry, happily picked him up and carried him to Yexiao Palace.

Today’s sunshine was just right. Lying in the water pavilion and basking in the sun while waiting for the grilled fish was really one of the greatest pleasures in the world.

Su Yu was lying on the water’s edge for a long time. The cage of the Ying Yu was still there, but there was no sound. Through the water, he could vaguely see the winged figure swimming back and forth in the water, so he stopped caring about it.

His Majesty the Emperor casually slapped out carp and threw it to Su Yu. The meaning was very obvious, Zhen didn’t eat to his fill, so grill it.

After setting up the charcoal fire, Su Yu relaxed and leaned against the soft cushion, occasionally flipping the grilled fish. Watching the Emperor squint and bask in the sun, he suddenly thought of a question.

“Your Majesty, what’s going on with those cats that ate grilled fish with you at the Anguo Tower?”

“That’s…” An Hongche rolled over and frowned slightly. Although he was reluctant to admit it, he spoke.

“That’s Hongyi and the two imperial uncles.”

Im, imperial uncles? Su Yu widened his eyes and was about to say something when he suddenly noticed a large black and yellow calico cat crouching on the roof of the house not far away.

His Royal Highness King Ling, afraid to be caught by his elder brother to work together with him, took a turn and prepared to go to the Anguo Tower to hide for an afternoon. Suddenly, he smelled the tempting scent of fish and unconsciously found his way to this place.

Looking at His Majesty who seemed to be asleep, and then at the oily grilled fish in Su Yu’s hand, the big calico cat jumped off the roof and lightly hopped over to the water pavilion.

He tilted his head and looked at Su Yu’s sluggish face, then shook his tail. My nephew’s wife doesn’t know who he is, so it shouldn’t be a problem to ask for a piece of roasted fish, right?

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

King Mu: I’m clearly the eldest son of the Emperor, why don’t I have the right to succession? The heavens have turned their back on me!

Cat Daddy & State Teacher & Thirteenth Uncle & Seventeenth Uncle:(⊙ω⊙)

King Mu: I’m clearly a genius, why can’t I be the Emperor? The heavens have turned their back on me!

Cat Daddy & State Teacher & Thirteenth Uncle & Seventeenth Uncle:(⊙ω⊙)

King Mu: I ask you so solemnly, why don’t you answer? The heavens have turned their back on me!

Little Fish: Because… your painting style is different from theirs ah…


Daye -> great master

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