Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 7: Hidden Feelings Over the Years

Gao Jin's expression changed. He wanted more than just this level. If he wanted to be the leader of a force, he would have to gather a lot of survivors, and he needed a lot of space for that. His goal was that everyone who entered the building would listen to him and hail him as the leader.

Now that the entire Puning District had turned into ruins, only this building was left intact, without even a speck of dust falling.

Soon, all the survivors in Puning District would seek refuge here. When the survivors submitted to him by then, he could realize his lofty ambitions. Even if he wanted to form a legion, it would not be a problem at all.

Just when Gao Jin wanted to express his intention of taking over the entire building, the zombies gathered at the door suddenly roared, turned around, and rushed toward the street.

Gao Jin became excited. Another group of survivors was coming.

Yin Fuchuan also looked at the street outside. One person rushed out amid the wandering zombies on the street.

The man was holding a saber, wearing loose outdoor clothes, and carrying a huge... backpack? Another small backpack was tied to his waist, and two short legs popped out on both sides of his waist, swaying as he ran.

Was that… a child?

Soon, Yin Fuchuan's attention shifted from the two short legs to the young man.

His speed was not hindered in the slightest. Even if a horde of zombies rushed toward him, the young man could still calmly slash with his saber, cutting through obstacles and approaching the building.

Lu Di's eyes nearly popped out. “Whoa, am I seeing a living sabersman?”

Not long after this killing machine of a young man appeared, a group of people ran out of the street behind him, following him frantically. Even though everyone was about to run out of breath, they still didn't give up.

Xun Yi used the obstacles of abandoned cars to keep slashing the zombies that approached him.

After cutting down another zombie, Xun Yi finally had time to look at the entrance of the circular building. The anti-theft mesh door at the entrance of the building was pulled down, and many survivors gathered inside were looking outside.

Xun Yi held the saber, jumped onto the roof of a car, and yelled, “Open the door!”

With one slash of his saber, he cut off a circle of zombies' arms that were trying to grab his legs and slashed down each zombie one after another.

Despite Xun Yi’s roar, the closed anti-theft mesh door showed no intention of opening.

Gao Jin responded loudly from inside, “Who is out there? I’ve occupied this place. This is my territory. If you want to come in, you must obey my orders.”

Xun Yi's eyesight was very good now. He could clearly see who was speaking from 50 meters away.

He looked in that direction coldly. He continued to fight the zombies and slowly approached the entrance of the building.

The survivors who rushed all the way here found that the entrance to the building was closed, and they cried for help.

“Let us in. Help us!”

Gao Jin and his team of more than 20 security guards firmly occupied the door and stood there shouting, “As long as you surrender to me, obey my orders, and take me as the leader, I’ll let you in immediately.”

The survivors who ran to the entrance didn’t hesitate at all. As long as they could be saved, as long as they could live, they were willing to do anything, not to mention surrender to anyone.

Gao Jin unlocked the door with satisfaction and opened the anti-theft mesh door a little to let the survivors in. The zombies that squeezed in together were quickly smashed in the head by more than 20 security guards with electric batons.

Xun Yi didn’t go in. He was waiting for Aunt Yu Xiao.

He had no idea where Xun Keru went. Xun Yi didn’t see her. He only saw Aunt Yu Xiao running behind him. She seemed to be exhausted and ran slower and slower. After all, she was in her 50s. Although she looked young and beautiful, her true age could never lie.

Xun Yi could only go back and help her. He hacked the two zombies chasing Aunt Yu Xiao to death and pulled Aunt Yu Xiao to run to the building entrance.

At this moment, Xun Yi heard a whooshing sound coming from behind. When he looked back, he saw the sharp claws and red skin. It was an evolved zombie—ghoul!

Judging from the time when Doomsday had just started, there shouldn’t be so many evolved zombies. This one was most likely the one they met in the residential area. It followed them here and ate countless people along the way.

A ghoul was very fast. Perhaps due to level restrictions, it was currently only a few times faster than ordinary zombies, far less dangerous than the one Xun Yi encountered in Land of Peril.

If Xun Yi was at full strength, he had a fighting chance, but now, he was exhausted from fighting all the way.

The hand holding the saber was trembling slightly. He took the time to glance at his attribute panel.

Strength (4/15), agility (5/17), and constitution (3/14).

The values ​​were dangerously low.

With the ghoul in pursuit, there was no way they could safely enter the building.

“Let’s go!”

Xun Yi cut off the heads of two zombies with one strike of his saber. Holding his saber in hand, he waited for the ghoul to approach.

At this moment, his exhausted body suddenly recovered as if he had just drank some holy water. All fatigue and exhaustion disappeared, and even his rapid breathing calmed down.

Not only that, he felt stronger than before.

Xun Yi had a guess. Sure enough, a prompt flashed before his eyes.

[Congratulations for reaching level 4.

Basic attributes: Strength (19/19), Agility (20/20), Constitution (17/17)

Secondary attribute: Mental Spirit (40/40)]

Xun Yi was stunned for a moment before he recalled that he did experience the relief of leveling up halfway through. At that time, he was only focused on killing zombies. He didn't realize that he had already leveled up once. It was the second time now, and he had reached level 4.

Xun Yi was now full of strength and his body became much lighter. Before the ghoul could pounce on him, he took the initiative to strike first.

A saber slashed at the grabbing claw. The ghoul's figure flashed and disappeared before Xun Yi's eyes. Xun Yi subconsciously flipped the handle and stabbed over his back. Sure enough, he hit the ghoul that was about to sneak up and attack him from behind.

Stabbing the body could not kill the ghoul. Xun Yi used his strength and turned the blade, cutting it horizontally. The ghoul's internal organs splattered all over the floor, and the rotten stench instantly filled the air. Its body was cut into two halves from the waist and fell to the ground.

The survivors who gathered around the entrance watching were all so frightened by this scene that their faces turned pale, and many of them threw up.

Just when they thought the zombie was dead, the upper half of the body clawed the ground and dragged half of its body around, crawling quickly and trying to bite people, making the survivors scream in fright.

Xun Yi was already on guard. Unless he chopped off the zombies' heads, they would still survive even if they were chopped into pieces.

With only half of its body left, the ghoul dragged its bloody body toward Xun Yi, who simply slashed its head off with a strike.

A prompt flashed before his eyes.

[You have killed a level 1 ghoul.  Reward: 3 times the EXP value from zombies of the same level, basic healing potion x 1, Squall Boots crystal card x 1.]

Xun Yi was shocked. When he looked down, a pale blue data light emitted from the ghoul's body, forming a pale red potion and a pale blue crystal card, floating quietly in the air.

After his experience in Supernal Magic Cube, Xun Yi reached out and grabbed the things without thinking. He picked up the ghoul's head by the way, turned around, and ran to the building entrance.

Many people at the entrance saw the blue light shining and the things floating in the air and became curious.

“What is that? I saw something floating!” someone exclaimed.

Gao Jin's eyes suddenly narrowed, and his mind raced when he saw the young man heading this way.

“Open the door!” Xun Yi shouted.

Gao Jin took his time and said, “Are you willing to surrender to me? If you agree, I’ll let you in immediately.”

Gao Jin had seen the strength of this young man with his own eyes. If he could rope the latter in, it’d be very useful for his future development.

Xun Yi hacked a zombie to death and reached the entrance. He continued to shout, “I’m telling you to open the door!”

“I said, as long as you surrender to me…”


The saber was inserted through the horizontal gap of the security mesh door and stabbed Gao Jin’s throat.

Gao Jin was so frightened that he sat down on the ground and narrowly escaped the attack, or he’d be a dead body by now.

“Damn it, don't even think about coming in!”

After Gao Jin finished yelling, a hand grabbed the key hanging on his waist.

The handsome man in a white shirt took the key and personally opened the security door for Xun Yi.

When Xun Yi bent down and rushed in, a dozen zombies nearby followed suit. The survivors gathered around screamed and ran inside.

Xun Yi swung his saber around and kept harvesting zombies. The handsome man in a white shirt quickly locked the security door. Seeing that Xun Yi hadn't finished killing them, he lent a hand too.

More than a dozen ordinary zombies soon died under the blades of the two men.

Xun Yi couldn't help but look at the man who let him in and was stunned at the sight.

It was him.

Yin Fuchuan.

The name that was deeply etched in his heart.

Xun Yi stared at the man carefully. The man's appearance was still so captivating, just like when he met him at Maple Hill seven years ago.

Seven years had passed, and Xun Yi had grown up. This man was still as good-looking as before, with no change to his appearance at all as if the mark of time lost all effect on him.

This man had unknowingly saved him three times.

Xun Yi knew that the other party must have forgotten him, but he always remembered this man. Seven years later, his memory of the man was still as vivid as seven years ago.

After climbing out from a pile of zombies and going on a killing spree, he didn’t seem nervous at all. But facing the man in front of him at that moment, he was so nervous that he didn't know what to do.

He held the saber in his hand tightly, lowered his head, and tried to calm himself down.

In fact, he had known for a long time that he could never be with this man. His admiration as a boy made him look for this man, but he couldn't find him, and there were no clues.

After finding out he was pregnant for no apparent reason and giving birth to Xun Ye, Xun Yi felt depressed for a while. Sometimes, when he sat by the window and stared at the maple leaves outside, he would shed tears all alone. That young and immature feeling sprouted in his heart and grew frantically but bore no fruits, and he couldn't even see the man again.

He had a child at such a young age. He seemed to be getting farther and farther away from the man he had admired for a long time. Even if the man stood in front of him again, he might not accept him, not to mention that he also brought along a child of unknown origin.

Often, he couldn't help but think that maybe the man was already married with kids somewhere in the world. After all, the man was so outstanding, and many others must be captivated by him.

Back then, the man was already a mature adult, while Xun Yi was only a 16-year-old young boy.

He kept telling himself to forget it, that it was just a beautiful dream that would yield no results. He only knew the man's name and nothing else. The world was so big. How easy was it to find someone?

Xun Yi carefully buried those secret feelings and hid them in the deepest corner of his heart.

Until two years ago, he was pulled up from the abyss of darkness because of an endorsement.

When he attended the cocktail party held by Yin Consortium with great gratitude and wanted to personally thank the president of Yin Consortium in this country, he saw the man whom he had been dreaming of for several years.

He was a member of the Yin family of the Yin Consortium and the person who rescued him on Maple Hill.

Xun Yi once wondered if Yin Fuchuan still remembered him and decided to help him when he was most helpless and suffering, and gave him such an important endorsement opportunity.

Reality proved Xun Yi wrong.

Yin Fuchuan showed up at a cocktail party held at his home and left after a glass of wine.

Xun Yi didn't even have a chance to say a word to him. He could only stand silently in the crowd, watching as Yin Fuchuan dazzled like a star and left amidst the clamoring crowd.

At that time, the feelings buried deep in his heart spiraled out of control again.

Xun Yi comforted himself. In the past, ‘Yin Fuchuan’ was as illusory as a bubble. Although he could not see him, at least he would feel at ease knowing that he was in Yin Consortium.

Yin Fuchuan smiled slightly and nodded to Xun Yi as a greeting.

Xun Yi’s words were stuck in his throat and only watched as the man walked away.

Had he really forgotten him?

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