Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 69 - Eating Fish

Chapter 69 - Eating Fish

After solving the Ying Yu’s accommodation problem, Su Yu returned to Beiji Palace and began preparing dinner.

The Emperor ate a lot of fried jumping fish in the afternoon, so Su Yu decided to make something soft and easy to digest at night, he killed a catfish and stewed it into a soup.

Fish soup emphasizes simmering on low heat, and there was still time. Su Yu prepared the ingredients, put them in the pot, and started to simmer, and then told the kitchen help to watch the fire and that he would come back to the pot in an hour.

Ever since Su Yu found out his true form, His Majesty the Emperor has been much freer in Beiji Palace.

For example, when Su Yu pushed open the door and entered Beiji Palace’s bedroom, he saw a golden kitten lying lazily on a cushion, flipping through the memorials with his paws as he wagged his tail leisurely.

A fluffy, meticulous reading the memorials, cat!

Su Yu suddenly felt his blood surge, he made a sudden big stride forward, threw himself on the soft cushion, and buried his face in the golden fur.

The set of movements was like moving clouds and flowing water, not in the least sloppy.

His Majesty the Emperor spread out his four paws under the pressure, and then he turned his head in dissatisfaction and slapped Su Yu.

Su Yu was unperturbed and continued to rub against the fur.

A white light flashed by and the soft little kitten instantly transformed into a slender man. Su Yu froze for a moment, realizing that he was holding the Emperor’s waist and his face was still pressed against the other person’s spine.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, he propped up his body and suddenly noticed that the soft white robe had a slight golden hue today, probably due to the cold weather.

Soft, transformed fluff, clothes!

Su Yu couldn’t help but stick to it again and rubbed against the yellow spots. Wherever there was yellow, it would be particularly warm, exuding the scent of sunshine and mesmerizing people.

An Hongche looked at Su Yu, who continued to rub against him arbitrarily, and narrowed his eyes slightly. Sure enough, the foolish slave wants it, right?

Seducing Zhen like this in broad daylight, really shameless. However, since the stupid slave wants it so much, Zhen will reluctantly satisfy him, ba.

His Majesty the Emperor curled his lips, as an indulgent master, he was so helpless. He freed himself, picked up Su Yu, and strode towards the dragon bed.

“Huh?” Su Yu, who was rubbing against him enthusiastically, looked up blankly and noticed that he was being carried by the Emperor in his arms.

Before he could react, he was thrown onto the dragon bed, and then immediately after his tall body jumped up and directly pressed him under him.

Su Yu pressed his hands against the chest that felt so good and said in a stuttering voice. “Your, Your Majesty, you, what are you doing”

“Eating fish!” The Emperor said bold and confident with justice on his side.

Seeing the yellow-spotted robe disappear into nothingness, Su Yu’s mind went blank for a moment, and then he said in a daze.

“The fish hasn’t been stewed yet…”

An Hognche ignored him and casually pulled out a small blue jade box from the bedside.

Su Yu suddenly blushed when he saw the transparent cream. Although he was mentally prepared, he was still very nervous at the moment.

He secretly glanced at the cold and handsome appearance of the Emperor, to have a well thought out plan in mind, he probably had stealthily done his homework, so there should be no problem now, right?

Thinking like this, Su Yu relaxed his body and then watched helplessly as the Emperor dug out a large piece of crystal clear ointment and applied it on his body like barbecue sauce…

“Pfft---” Su Yu couldn’t hold back and snorted out a laugh, that’s not what this cream is for, right?

His Majesty frowned, this foolish slave even laughed at such a time!

Discontented, he leaned over and kissed the mouth that dared to laugh recklessly.

Just then, Su Yu, who was laughing at the Emperor for failing to do his homework, accidentally remembered the correct usage method of using the oitment in his mind and His Majesty the Emperor saw it.

It turned out to be like that… His Majesty the Emperor propped up his body, and his fingers stained with ointment accurately found the right place, and Su Yu suddenly couldn’t laugh anymore.

Slowly simmer over low heat, and you can get delicious fish soup; Stir-fry over high heat, and you can taste crispy fish.

When trying small fresh fish for the first time, it is not advisable to overcook it, fish soup is the best.

Su Yu felt like the catfish in the kitchen, after the pain passed, there was an increasingly severe scorching heat until it stewed all the bones in his body.

It was night, and strange noises came from the Western Palace.

“GaGaGa…”The eerie cry echoed in the quiet palace, startling countless birds.

“What’s that sound?” De Fei woke up with a start and cautiously distinguished the direction of the sound.

“Niangniang!” The palace maid on night watch duty immediately hit the palace lamp, obviously having been frightened awake.

De Fei put on a coat and walked to the window, signaling that the palace maids should remain quiet. After a long time, there was no further noise, and she slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

It must have been some flying bird passing by. Just as she turned around and prepared to go back, the clear cry “GaGa!” rang out again, causing her entire back to bristle with fear.

“What ghost thing! Shu Fei was not as bold as De Fei. She surrounded herself with the quilt and dared not get off the bed. The noise sounded like a bird’s call, but also unlike it because the hoarse noise was also mixed with a whistling sound.

“Niangniang, the noise seems to be coming from Yexiao Palace.” The little eunuch that went out to scout for news came back to report.

That night, none of the imperial concubines in the West Palace slept well, except for Su Yu.

When His Majesty the Emperor woke up, Su Yu, who had always been a diligent early riser, was still sound asleep sleeping, with a faint red blush on the corners of his eyes that had not yet faded.

An Hongche tilted his head and looked at it, then slowly leaned over and gently licked the slightly red spot. He then buried his face between the fair white neck and rubbed back and forth before contently going to court.

Compared to the tranquility in Beiji Palace, the harem had already exploded.

A terrifying cry came from Yexiao Palace in the middle of the night. Many concubines couldn’t sleep the whole night and with dark circles around their eyes, gathered early in Yuluan Palace.

“Bengong is no longer a Guifei and is still under house arrest. What are you doing here?” Lu Fei's gaze swept around, and everyone’s faces showed some impatience.

When the Lu family met with a mishap, the Emperor was decisive and showed no mercy. The Empress Dowager advised her not to meddle with her natal family’s affairs.

Lu Fei was so angry it was unbearable, so she lured Su Yu’s cousin into making a mistake. That Su Ming was also determined not to fall short, causing a sudden loss of human life. This is great, she wants to see if the Emperor’s favorite Xian Fei, will not help her own natal family.

As a result, Lu Fei was greatly disappointed. News came yesterday that Su Yu came out of the Palace to take his Dimu and concubine sister out of the Su family.

He acted like he had drawn a clear line with his eldest uncle’s family branch, and sent a message to the capital magistrate, asking him to act impartially.

She had originally planned to pay respects to the Empress Dowager and talk about the scandal of the Su family. However, she didn’t expect that Su Yu would be such a ruthless character that he could even ignore the life and death of his cousin.

Her meticulous plan suddenly turned into a joke, and she was so angry that she didn’t eat breakfast, so she didn’t have the mind to care about these things.

De Fei immediately apologized and said with a smile: “We have always followed the lead of Niangniang. Moreover, this is also a good opportunity for Niangniang.”

“Oh?” Lu Fei raised her eyes and looked at De Fei who was making a solemn vow.

Shu Fei quickly helped out.

“That strange noise came from Yexiao Palace. Xian Fei may have hidden something unclean in Yexiao Palace.”

“Do you mean that the ghost cry from last night was spread from Yexiao Palace?” Lu Fei paused while drinking tea and immediately became interested.

De Fei and Shu Fei glanced at each other and nodded together.

The warm sun rose high over the capital, and by the time Su Yu opened his eyes, the yellow curtain could no longer block the bright sunlight, so it was shining straight in.

“Fish soup!” Su Yu suddenly remembered the catfish, who had been forgotten in the kitchen and sat up with a jerk. His sore waist suddenly crackled and he once again collapsed back to the bed helplessly.

He stared blankly at the roof of the bed for a moment and remembered what happened last night. He looked around and saw that His Majesty had disappeared.

The palace servants outside the door had no intention of waking him up, so Su Yu slowly pulled up the bright yellow brocade quilt and buried his face in it…

The exhaustion of his body caused the ostrich Su Yu to fall asleep again in a daze. His increasingly unclear mind vaguely remembered that there was something else to do today, but what was it? Huu Huu…

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Kitchen assistant: What about the agreed time to come back and start cooking?

State Teacher: What about the agreed fish head beheading at three in the afternoon?

Catfish: Crying and fainting in a soup pot

Ying Yu: Crying and fainting in Yexiao Palace

Little Fish: Crying and fainting in bed

Cat Gong: What are you crying for?

Little Fish: Didn’t we agree the Meow Star people are small gentlemen?

Cat Gong: (⊙ω⊙)

This chapter really worried me to death. Cough cough, you have to be low-key when eating fish, low-key, hahaha


Dimu ->first mother

Bengong ->This palace

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