Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 67 - Leaving the Courtyard

Chapter 67 - Leaving the Courtyard

The farm that Su Yu asked his legitimate mother to move to was the one Mister Yuan had just bought for him in the eastern suburbs.

Eldest Uncle’s family was a pain to deal with, and he couldn’t go out of the palace easily. It was the most worry-free to take the people away, leaving an empty house so they can do whatever they want.

His legitimate mother, concubine sister, and a Yiniang, squeezed into a carriage just right, Su Yu gave the royal carriage to his female family.

It was reasonable to say that at this moment he should ride his horse handsomely and lead the way ahead, but when Su Yu enthusiastically took over the reins handed over by the guards, he suddenly remembered that he didn’t know how to ride a horse!

The tall and handsome horse in front of him made people fearful at first glance.

Su Yu swallowed his saliva, having been in this world for so long, he personally drove the most advanced means of transportation, that is the donkey cart. It was very difficult to suddenly upgrade from a donkey to a horse.

The scene was awkward for a moment, Su Yu let out a light cough and pointed to the gray donkey gnawing on carrots in the corner of the yard, saying to the guard beside him.

“Go and bring that donkey over.”

The dumbfounded donkey, not knowing what to do, was pulled over by the guard with a radish in its mouth.

Su Yu raised his hand and touched the donkey’s head.

“This donkey was left behind by my father, so let’s take it with us, ba.” With these words, he dashingly flipped onto the donkey gracefully.

The imperial guards dare not say much about Niangniang’s desire to ride a donkey. They rode on their horses and surrounded Su Yu in the middle, slowly moving towards the eastern suburbs.

“Hee-haw, hee-haw---” The little donkey was very excited about being able to come out for a walk, and he didn’t even want the carrot in its mouth anymore. Clattering away on his hooves, he started to run.

His Majesty the Emperor crawled out of his coat and jumped onto the donkey’s head.

“Hee-haw?” The little donkey looked up to see him, but the donkey’s eyes grew on both sides, so it couldn’t see him even when it looked up.

However, he had long been accustomed to this furball that often crawled onto its head. If you can’t see it, just let it go, and he continued to hurry on with excitement.

Recalling the days when I went to sell fish with a cat and a donkey, the corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help curling up and he reached out to touch the head of His Majesty the Cat.

His Majesty the Emperor disdainfully shook off his paw with disgust. This stupid slave how dare he let Zhen ride the donkey again without washing it clean first.

The eldest uncle watched helplessly as Su Yu took away three women and a donkey and sat dejectedly at the gate. How can the show go on after losing the final bargaining chip to threaten Su Yu?

Although the donkey who hadn’t come out for a long time worked very hard, it couldn’t resist the fact that it was a donkey.

When the group arrived at the farm, the sun was about to set. Once his legitimate mother and concubine sister were settled, it was already dark.

At this point, it was too late to rush back to the palace again, and the guards were all facing some difficulties. The palace imperial concubines were not allowed to stay overnight, no matter what they said, he had to rush back. But to rush back now, without mentioning the palace gate, the city gates of the capital were probably already locked.

Su Yu was not afraid at all and waved his hand to the housekeeper of the farm to arrange a resting place for the guards. The palace imperial concubines were not allowed to stay outside, but if the Emperor was by their side, that’s a different story.

His Majesty the Emperor was very dissatisfied with his inability to return to the palace and nestled in his arms ignoring him.

“I haven’t seen this hamlet yet, I heard there’s a fish pond. Let’s go and take a look, ba.” Su Yu took out the furball from his bosom and looked at his reluctant expression with amusement. He asked a servant for a lantern and walked towards the fish pond.

The fields were all planted with chili peppers, and the green and small seedlings looked very pleasing to the eye.

“Are these chili peppers easy to grow?” Su Yu asked the farm servant who led the way.

“Good seed, good seed.” The farm servant hurriedly replied.

“At first I thought it was a precious thing and I was afraid that it was not good to wait upon. Who would have expected this thing to be very sturdy and it doesn’t attract insects either.”

Su Yu nodded. In the beginning, he was worried that the chili pepper would not be able to adapt to the climate here, the rest was not a concern.

After all, it was a foreign species, there would be no natural enemies within several years. When the chili peppers mature in large quantities, he then can launch Sichuan cuisine in Xianmantang.

Now that he could no longer come out to cook himself, it was more appropriate to sell spicy chili shrimp and spicy chili crab and spread Xianmantang on the north and south sides of the Yangtze River.

Because as long as the base ingredients are prepared, you don’t need to be very skilled in cooking to make it. As long as you control the base ingredients, it is sufficient.

The hamlet was not very big, after a short walk, they arrived at the fish pond. The farm servants lit many lanterns around the fish pond, cleaned up a vacant area, set up tables and chairs, and laid cushions.

Su Yu saw that everything that he wanted was ready so he waved for everyone to step down

The servants looked at each other in dismay, leaving Niangniang alone by the pond in the middle of the night, how can they rest assured?

“I’ll sit here for a while, thou for the time being wait in the distance.” Su Yu pretended to sit down on a chair with an elegant attitude of admiring the night scenery.

The servant dared not speak much and retreated to the distance.

Su Yu looked left and right and only then brought out His Majesty the Emperor.

“There are still several large fish in the fish pond, I’ll go grab one and roast it for you.”

The ancients emphasized not eating after noon, the people in the palace were highly noble, and they would only eat some snacks and porridge at night.

The hamlet was not so particular that they did not open fire at night. Su Yu was afraid that the Emperor would be hungry, so he thought of bringing him to try something new.

An Hongche looked up at Su Yu and realized that this foolish slave had been tossing around for so long just to get Zhen something to eat. His furry ears moved.

Hmph, don’t think you can get away with this, when we return to the palace, hmph, hmph, hmph…

Su Yuu didn’t know what was on the Emperor’s mind, so lifted his feet, picked up a harpoon, and walked to the pond.

The previous owner of the hamlet didn’t seem to care about the fish pond. He raised some freshwater fish randomly and didn’t do much fishing.

Nowadays, the fish in the pond were all fat and strong, the pond was almost flooded with fish. If you don’t eat them at this time, when will you?

The pond was a bit muddy and covered with tall weeds. Fortunately, those farm servants were meticulous and placed two bluestone slabs here. Su Yu stood on a bluestone slab with a harpoon and looked into the water, although illuminated by the light of a lantern, the water was still dark and it was difficult to see clearly.

He swallowed his saliva, he was a bit excited today and forgot that he was not good at spearfishing. He secretly turned around and glanced at His Majesty the Emperor on the table, then bit the bullet and stabbed hard into the water.

“Splash!” Su Yu raised his heavy harpoon and hit a pile of water plants.

“Splash!” He raised the harpoon again and speared a lump of mud.

Su Yu wiped his sweat, he couldn’t lose face in front of his beloved. He walked to the edge of the bluestone slab and raised the harpoon again.

“Whoosh--” A sharp piercing sound came from afar, Su Yu froze and instinctively turned side-stepped to avoid it, but he was already standing on the edge of the bluestone slab, so with one step, he fell straight towards the pond.

“Bang!” A flying stone collided with the concealed weapon in the air and a pair of warm arms hugged Su Yu’s waist just in time, leading him to lightly jump away from the edge of the pond.

“Your Majesty!” Su Yu looked at His Majesty, who suddenly transformed into a human form, in shock.

“What was that?”

“Shut up!” An Hongche raised his hand and flicked out a flying stone. “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh”, the lanterns hanging by the poolside were instantly extinguished.

At the same time, he quickly hid in the weeds with Su Yu.

His night-discerning eyes carefully observed the movements around them. He slowly took the harpoon from Su Yu’s hand, and then fiercely threw it towards a short three not far away.

“Ah---” A silhouette fell from the tree and hit the ground with a thud.

“Stay still!” An Hongche whispered to Su Yu then jumped up on his own to the crown of a tree about ten feet tall in one move.

In the quiet countryside, Su Yu heard several sounds of bone breaking and shrank his neck. Suddenly, he felt some fuzz on his back and looked back in fear. He saw a man in black quietly reaching out to him.

“Ah!” Su Yu let out a loud cry, causing the man in black to tremble in fright. Su Yu took the opportunity to kick the man in the crotch.

The assassin clearly did not expect Su Yu to find him, while he was stunned, his reaction speed slowed down and he was kicked straight away by Su Yu.

Before he could scream out loud, a harpoon pierced through the air and directly stabbed him in the shoulder, nailing him to the mud.

His Majesty the Emperor's eyes were full of malice. He held the harpoon tightly in one hand and hugged Su Yu in his embrace with the other. Damn it, these people were actually trying to kidnap Su Yu!

“Niangniang!” The servants far away saw that the lanterns by the pool had gone out and quickly came over to check.

“Your Majesty, you…” Su Yu looked at His Majesty and gestured for him to quickly turn back into a cat.

An Hongche remained unmoved and held Su Yu tightly, refusing to let go.

The servants lit the lanterns again and found the bodies of three black-clad men lying under the tree. In the grass, there was another half-dead man nailed to the ground. These servants, who had never seen blood before, were frightened and their legs softened.

“You, go call the royal guards over.” Su Yu ordered a farm servant who could still stand and told him to call someone.

The royal guards rushed over very quickly and were shocked by His Majesty’s sudden appearance, and they all knelt down to plead guilty.

“Take these things and send them to Nu Tao Yuan.” An Hongche’s face was cold and solemn as he quickly issued several orders.

These people were obviously in ambush for a long time, so they naturally cannot stay there anymore. They needed to move to a safe place as soon as possible.

Su Yu was carried on horseback by the Emperor in a daze, taking him away from his hamlet and going to a big hamlet not far away.

That hamlet was not far from Su Yu’s farm. It was a luxurious royal palace with an exquisite plaque clearly inscribed with “Nu Tao Yuan”.

“What is this?” Su Yu blinked. This Nu Tao Yuan was full of exquisite and luxurious elements, no less than the palace. On this dry autumn day, one could actually feel a warm and moist vapor.

“King’s Jing’s private residence.” His Majesty the Emperor walked in and his tense body gradually relaxed.

Today was his carelessness, he had thought that Su Yu would return to the Su Residence and not leave the city. For the sake of convenience, he did not bring any secret guards, who would have thought that he would almost harm Su Yu?

King Jing? Su Yu blinked and remembered that it was the same His Royal Highness who sent the Qingyu to the State Teacher.

“Isn’t King Jing at the East Sea?”

An Hongche glanced at him, can’t he have a private residence if he’s at the East Sea?

Su Yu also found that his question was somewhat stupid. The relatives of the imperial family were so wealthy so it would be strange if they didn’t have one or two properties in the capital.

The servants at Raging Waves Residence seeing that it was the Emperor who came, were not at all flustered. They respectfully saluted the Emperor and cleaned up the courtyard as quickly as possible, then led the Emperor into the courtyard to rest.

The main courtyard was named “Ting Song”, as soon as he walked to the gate, he heard the sound of flowing water. Su Yu looked around curiously, there were many floor-to-ceiling palace lanterns scattered across the courtyard, all covered with a special blue colored glass, reflecting the entire courtyard with a blue hue.

In this azure courtyard, several pools of different shapes were built. The pond's azure water rippled and there was a hint of mist rising above the pool, it was actually a hot spring!

The Emperor pulled Su Yu and skillfully shuttled through the courtyard. The servants were not following too closely, only made themselves known from afar. After escorting the two of them to the bedroom door, they stopped their steps,

“This is really a nice place.” Su Yu was dazzled by the sights, and seeing that the bedroom was also decorated with sea blue glass lamps, he thought that King Jing must like the color blue very much.

“If you like it, Zhen will give it to you.” His Majesty said casually.

“Ah?” Su Yu was stunned.

“Isn’t this King Jing’s private residence?”

“Just snatch it.” His Majesty didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with robbing his elder brother’s property and giving it to his wife.

He planned to see King Jing on New Year's Eve and then just fight with him to snatch the private residence along the way.

Su Yu let out a dry cough. “No need, I’m just making a casual remark.”

He felt that the Emperor was becoming more and more inclined to be a despotic ruler, should he try to stop it?

King Jing’s private residence seemed to have many guards, and the sound of the regular patrols was unusually reassuring.

The Emperor confirmed that there was no danger around the main courtyard, so he left Su Yu behind and left with a frosty look on his face.

The assassins were clearly in ambush for a long time and knew the terrain of the hamlet like the palm of their hands. Su Yu’s visit to the hamlet today was just an impromptu one, it was impossible to have such a delicate layout in a short period of time.

That only means that these people had already infiltrated the hamlet or perhaps they may have been watching since Su Yu bought the hamlet.

The feeling of others coveting his own things was very bad. His Majesty looked coldly at the trembling man in black in front of him, if you dare to have ideas about Su Yu, you must be prepared to go into the frying pan.

Su Yu was bored alone in the courtyard, and looking at the steaming hot springs in the courtyard, he decided to do something meaningful before the Emperor returned.

The moon was high in the sky and tonight was full of passion.

So, when His Majesty the Emperor returned to the main courtyard after handling the assassin’s matter, he found that Su Yu was not in the bedroom but in the sea blue courtyard flickering with candlelight, and in the misty and dreamy hot spring pool, there was a feast for the eyes -- Seafood Noodles.

Su Yu squatted by the hot spring and waved to His Majesty the Emperor.

“I didn’t know when you’ll be back, so I put the noodles in the hot spring to keep them hot.” As he spoke, he reached out, grabbed a floating jade bowl, and handed over it to His Majesty, and then he also took out two eggs from a crevice in the stone.

Eggs boiled in hot springs are said to be very tasty.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: Indeed, all the relatives of the imperial family are local tyrants with so many villas

Jing Wangfei: Real name reporting, King Jing has multiple properties in the suburbs of the Capital that are not under my name

King Jing Ce Fei(Side concubine): Real name reporting, King Jing is stockpiling a large amount of dried fish in the East Sea and does not intend to sell it

King Jing Ce Ce Fei(Side Side Concubine): Real name reporting, King Jing is fishing extensively for Qingyu by the seaside and only a few have been submitted

Cat Gong: So the question is, who is the best at fishing?

King Jing: Look for King Jing by the East Sea


Yiniang -> father’s concubine

the north and south sides of the Yangtze River -> all over the country

Nu Tao Yuan -> Raging Waves Residence)

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