Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 66 - At Home (Part 2)

Mister Yuan brought some news to Su Yu, the Xianmantang’s branch store was almost ready, just waiting for the newly recruited cook to learn the craft from Wang Cheng and Wang Feng before opening;

The servants of the farm had also everything, and the chili peppers were growing very well.

“Mister said there was an urgent matter, what is it?” Su Yu nodded. These were all good news, Mister Yuan has always been capable, so he doesn’t leave much to worry about.

“Something happened to the Su family.” Mister Yuan sighed and conveyed the words entrusted by Zhao Shi to Su Yu.

“Muqin wants me to go back?” Su Yu furrowed his brows.

Since entering the palace he had not yet returned to the Su family, but had someone send Xianmantang dividends to his mother every month, Mister Yuan also handled everything on his behalf.

Zhao Shi was a smart person, and with these supports, she would naturally have a good life. To suddenly require him to go back, she definitely must have encountered something that she could not solve.

“It’s still because of Su Ming.” Mister Yuan didn’t ask much about other people’s families troubles.

According to Zhao Shi’s message, it seemed that Su Xiaozhang wanted to sell the Su family’s ancestral residence in order to save his son.

“Fancy that he thought of this solution!” Su Yu was so angry that his teeth were itching.

The Su family only had so little family property left and he wanted to sell their ancestral residence. Did he want those old and young, women and children to sleep on the streets?

By doing so, Su Xiaozhang has made it clear that he was pressuring Zhao Shi, in order to use this to blackmail Su Yu to help him to retrieve Su Ming.

“It’s still better for you to return for this matter, I can’t handle it well as an outsider.” Mister Yuan could not help, as this matter involved the inner residence. Moreover, Zhao Shi was also Su Yu’s legitimate mother, so he as an outsider cannot take action to settle this.

“Are you going to the Su Residence?” The Emperor ate a griller shrimp and looked up at Su Yu.

“Zhen’s is going with you.”

“Your Majesty is also going?” Su Yu was stunned.

He just wanted to borrow a few people from the Emperor to keep up appearances. For having a confrontation with someone like his Eldest Uncle letting the Emperor go up, isn’t it making a big fuss over a minor issue?

An Hongche snorted and continued to eat, making the final decision without giving Su Yu a chance to refuse.

The incident of the last assassination was still vivid in his mind, and it was clearly aimed at Su Yu. If he wasn’t by his side, this stupid slave would probably be gone forever.

In the afternoon, Su Yu led a team of guards, carrying a golden kitten in his arms, to the Su Residence in a grand manner.

The Su Residence remained as before, it did not experience much luxury due to the birth of a pampered imperial concubine. The circle of nobles was large, everyone knew what the situation of the Su family was like.

Although some low-ranking people flattered Su Xiaozhang and Su Ming due to their bragging, no one was a fool. The relationship between the Su family’s patriarch and Xian Fei was not good, so it was impossible for them to get close to Su Xiaozhang.

The palace guards' attire was unified, and their footsteps were neat and uniform. As soon as they entered the courtyard, they quickly guarded all the main passages, standing expressionless and solemn.

When Su Xiaozhang and his wife saw this display of force, their original arrogance suddenly became eight points short, and they reluctantly bowed to Su Yu.

“Paying respects to Xiao Fei Niangniang.”

“Rise, ba.” Su Yu lifted his chin slightly, without being too polite to them. He walked directly into the main hall and sat in the main seat.

Upon hearing that Su Yu had returned, Zhao Shi hurriedly rushed over from the backyard.

“My child, I figured you came back.”As she spoke, she also wanted to salute Su Yu.

Su Yu quickly raised his hand to support her, asking Su Xiaozhang to salute him was an initial show of strength, so Zhao Shi didn’t need to.

After all, she was also the mother of this body, so he could not accept this salute no matter what.

Zhao Shi looked at Su Yu, who was dressed in luxurious clothes and had a noble temperament and felt great comfort in her heart.

Her son was indeed grown up, and then she glanced contemptuously at the timid Su Xiaozhang and his wife and sat directly on the other side of the main seat. Her son was an Earl, she held the highest position in this family, so naturally she should sit close to the main seat.

“I heard that Eldest Uncle wants to sell the ancestral residence, but why wasn’t I informed.” Su Yu poured a cup of tea to his Muqin and asked preemptively.

“Your cousin has been locked up by the government for so long, if he is not rescued I’m afraid he will be crippled.” Upon hearing this, his eldest aunt cried at once.

“If it weren’t for your refusal to save him, how could we be willing to sell our ancestral home!”

“Su Ming violated the law, so he should go to the government for a clear trial. Why should we save him?” Zhao Shi said coldly.

When she heard that Su Ming had been arrested, don’t mention how happy she had been these days. When Su Ming pushed Su Yu on the stone steps, he almost killed Su Yu.

She was just a married woman who was sick, she couldn’t sue to the officials. If it weren’t for Su Yu’s great fortune, he would have probably died unclearly.

“I made it clear at the beginning, the two shops on East Street are for Su Yu, and the rest belong to the head branch. I want to sell my ancestral home, it’s not your turn to intervene.” Su Xiaozhang stretched his neck.

He had begged Su Yu before to no avail, and he knew that did not intend to help, so his wife came up with this solution.

Zhao Shi was a widow and Su Yu couldn’t take his Muqin to the palace, she could only live with them. Once they sell this ancestral home, she has nowhere to go, so Su Yu, for the sake of his Muqin, has to help them save Su Ming.

“Su Yu, it’s not that your aunt is blaming you, but saving Su Ming is just a matter of one sentence for you. We are all family, do you have the heart to watch your matter sleep on the streets?” His eldest aunt wiped her tears and scolded in a sharp voice.

Su Yu looked at his aunt silently.

“If I hadn’t been so lucky back then, I would have died on the stone steps like that person. How could I still have the ability to solve this in one sentence for my cousin?”

Aunt Li choked for a moment and suddenly raised her voice.

“Good, it turns out you’re taking revenge and intentionally trying to kill your cousin right! Okay, tomorrow I’ll show everyone in the capital how Xian Fei treats her own family!”

“It’s natural for a murderer to pay with one's life, Auntie by all means go ahead and talk about it.” Su Yu was too lazy to argue with them and turned to Zhao Shi.

“Muqin, go tidy up and stay at the farm for the time being. When the house is ready, this son will pick you up.”

Logically, Su Yu should have stopped the Su family from selling their ancestral home, but considering the trouble involved and looking at the fur ball in his arms, there’s really no point in wasting time on these things.

If he had the time, I’d rather pester His Majesty to transform his tail.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Shi was slightly taken aback, and then immediately understood her son’s meaning. Although she was unhappy to let off the eldest branch, considering that her son will become an Earl in the future, he’ll be able to buy any residence he wants, she won’t care about this old house.

Moreover, Su Yu was now favored in the palace, she should not burden him with the family’s mess, a quick fix was the most important thing.

So Zhao Shi stood up without hesitation and went to the backyard to pack up her belongings.

“You, how could you do this!” His eldest uncle was dumbfounded and rushed forward to argue with Su Yu.

The guards standing next to Su Yu quickly stepped forward and with a swipe, pulled out their swords.

“Stand back!”

When Su Xiaozhang saw the shining sharp blades his feet gave away and fell to the ground.

The Emperor, nestled in Su Yu’s arms, yawned in boredom and showed no interest in the troubles of the Su family. Stretching its paws and lying on its back on his lapel, he looked at Su Yu’s fair chin and licked the corner of his mouth.

Wang Gonggong brought him a box of ointment and said with that, it wouldn’t hurt anymore. His Majesty the Emperor shook his tail, how does the capital government handle affairs, the case should be closed early so that it won’t waste Zhen’s important time!

If tonight he can’t use the ointment, Zhen will exile the magistrate and Su Ming together tomorrow!

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<How to Achieve Fairness in the World Record>

Magistrate: Your Majesty, what the fair and just world we agreed on?

Cat Gong: If Zhen cannot eat fish, there is no justice!

<You Don’t Understand Papa’s Good Intentions>

Wang Gonggong:(Heartbroken) Late Emperor, why did you do this?

Cat Papa: (Transparent, licking its paws) Be a healthy kitten and refuse the little yellow book


Muqin -> mother

Niangniang -> imperial concubine

little yellow book -> pornographic book

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