Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 66 - At Home (Part 1)

Chapter 66 - At Home

After having breakfast, Su Yu was once again dragged by the Emperor to the imperial study to be used as a cushion.

To be a cushion for the cat Daye, Su Yu naturally had no objections. He peeled a plate of fruits and memorized the <Mountains and Rivers Illustrated Book> while feeding the Emperor.

As it turns out, the <Mountain and Rivers Illustrated Book> could be memorized in three days, but after memorizing it, one quickly forgot it, mainly because there were many drawings and few words on it, and some fish look quite similar.

So, Su Yu took it out to review it when he had time, covering the text and looking at the drawings, then reciting the name, characteristics, and functions of the fish. Then he recited the killing method for this fish in the <Fish Killing Heart Law>.

“Ying Yu, with a fish body and bird wings, sounds like a mandarin duck, and when it’s seen it means a city-wide flood…”Su Yu carefully looked at Ying Yu’s appearance, the wings were drawn very long. He didn’t know if the fish’s wings were chicken flavored or fish flavored.

“Done eating.” The Emperor avoided Su Yu’s hand and refused to eat the small pieces of fruit.

“Eat another one, ba. You only ate two pieces.” Su Yu looked up from the book and frowned slightly.

He knew before that the Emperor was a picky eater and only liked to eat seafood, and didn’t care about anything else. Now when he thought about it, during this period, the Emperor had not eaten any fruits and even ate very little vegetables.

“Won’t eat.” An Hongche pursed his lips and firmly refused to eat anymore. It’s so sour, what’s so delicious about it.

Knowing that cats were picky eaters if His Majesty was just a cat, it would be fine if he didn’t eat any fruits, but he was still a human being and needed a balanced diet.

Su Yu couldn’t help it, he took a small fish pastry and fed it to him. This time, he ate it very well, and then when the Emperor turned his head to approve the memorial, he stuffed him with another piece of fruit.

The Emperor thought it was still a fish pastry, so he opened his mouth and ate it. As soon it reached his mouth, he furrowed his brow and turned to stare at Su Yu.

“Okay, okay, this is the last piece, no more.” Su Yu ate the rest in two to three bites and showed the empty plate to the Emperor.

Only then did An Hongche grunt and swallow the fruit in his mouth.

Su Yu stifled a smile as he looked at the Emperor.

His handsome yet domineering side face paired with this expression appeared cold and dignified, however, if it were replaced by a furry cat face, it would be so clumsy and adorable. Unable to resist, he leaned over and hugged the Emperor’s waist.

“What are you doing?” His Majesty remained motionless and let him hold him, the red brush in his hand kept moving, but his ears couldn’t help turning red.

Such a sticky and foolish slave really gives people a headache.

“Your Majesty, can you conjure your tail while in human form?” Su Yu had already recovered from his limp-legged state, and looking at the humanoid cat in front of him, his blood boiled and he thought about getting fresh with him.

“How could Zhen do such a foolish thing!” An Hongche glanced at him and continued to criticize the memorial.

“That means being able to transform?” Su Yu’s eyes lit up. He was just fantasizing, but he didn’t expect it to really work.


“Don’t think about it.” Before Su Yu could say anything, His Majesty the Emperor coldly rejected this unrealistic idea.

Su Yu blinked and said undauntedly: “I’ll cook something delicious for you at noon, so why don’t you transform a bit for me to see ba?”

“You have to do it even if there’s no transformation.” The Emperor raised his hand and tore Su Yu off his body, stacking him in the corner of the spacious dragon chair. Su Yu held the Emperor’s arm and did not let go.

The two were arguing when Wang Gonggong suddenly came in and reported that Mister Yuan had come to the palace to seek an audience.

“Mister Yuan said there is an urgent matter to report.” Wang Gonggong’s eyes looked at his nose and his nose at his heart, as if he could not see the Emperor pressing Xian Fei into the corner of the dragon chair, while Xian Fei was still struggling to refuse.

Su Yu looked at His Majesty the Emperor.

“Don’t delay Zhen’s lunch.” His Majesty the Emperor waved his hand and let him go.

“Yes.” Su Yu stood up, straightened his clothes, stepped out of the imperial study, and went to Muchun Palace Hall to find Mister Yuan.

Xian Fei left, so Wang Gonggong naturally stayed behind to wait on the brush and ink.

There was a moment of silence in the imperial study, and after a while, the Emperor suddenly spoke up.

“Wang Fuhai, is it very painful for men to receive pleasure?”

Wang Gonggong's grinding hand shook, and he quickly asked. “Did Your Majesty hurt Xian Fei?”

His Majesty furrowed his brows, and Wang Gonggong realized he had misspoken. If he had really been injured last night, Xian Fei would not have been so lively.

“He was afraid.” An Hongche put down the red brush in his hand and pursed his thin lips into a straight line.

The scene he saw in Su Yu’s Sea of Consciousness yesterday, he understood after thinking about it. He knew that men could be intimate like that, but last night when he was going to do it, Su Yu’s legs trembled.

“No, it’s no good, it’ll hurt to death.” Su Yu panicked and stopped his attempt at the advanced position, and refused to let him do it.

It’s not that Su Yu was pretentious, anyone who watches His Majesty the Emperor does nothing to prepare and go straight for the Yellow Dragon[TL_Note: Go straight for the goal, wink, wink.] would tremble with fear.

“This…” Wang Gonggong didn’t know what to say, he thought the Emperor understood.

“Has Your Majesty read those books on the Duobao Pavilion in Beiji Palace?”

Hearing this, His Majesty’s brow furrowed even deeper.

Only then did Wang Gonggong realize that something was wrong and hurried to Beiji Palace to bring the books.

They were a set of books bound in a gold velvet hard box, they were books that could only be viewed by the Emperor after they had come of age. There were two books inside, one titled <Spring> and the other titled <Yang>.

Wang Gonggong took out the <Yang> book and solemnly presented it to the Emperor.

“It was this old slave's negligence to not remind Your Majesty. Once the Emperor reaches adulthood, they can read it.”

An Hongche glanced at the book cover. “Zhen has read it.”

Wang Gonggong obviously did not believe that the Emperor had read it, so he raised his hand and helped the Emperor turn the page.

There was a moment of silence in the room, His Majesty the Emperor slowly raised his head to look at Wang Gonggong. Wang Gonggong held onto his eyeballs that were about to fall out and the corners of his mouth twitched.

The book was exquisitely crafted, illustrated, and detailed, but…

Every page in the book was filled with cat claw marks!

A good book has been scratched into a bamboo curtain by countless cat claw marks, and it was impossible to tell what was originally written.

It would be a wonder if his Majesty could learn anything. Wang Gonggong quickly glanced at the other book and sure enough, he was also dealt a deadly blow.

“Your Majesty…”

“This book has always been like this.” His Majesty the Emperor said innocently.

These books have been here since the reign of the late Emperor. After passing the crown Wang Gonggong reminded him that he could read them now, so he took them out and studied them for a while, then finally determined that the scratches of his Father Emperor were not a posthumous edict, so he threw them aside. Anyway, there were many books in Beiji Palace that looked like this.

Wang Gonggong silently placed the relics of the late Emperor back in the box, he finally realized that all of these were the sins of the late Emperor!

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