Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 65 - Bloodline

Chapter 65 - Bloodline

Su Yu didn’t realize the danger at all and stripped the Emperor’s clothes with great interest.

The soft and smooth white robe had no seams and the clothes were tied casually, easily unraveling with a gentle pull.

Su Yu reached out to touch the inside of the clothes, but surprisingly the inside was golden.

Remembering the first time he saw the Emperor’s figure when he raised his hand he saw the golden color on his cuff and thought he had stuffed Sauce into his sleeves, and he couldn’t help laughing.

The smooth clothes peeled off from the slender and muscular body, just inches away from the skin, and suddenly a white light flashed. The clothes on An Hongche’s body, along with the hem that Su Yu had not touched, instantly disappeared.

Su Yu’s eyes widened and stared blankly at the naked Emperor in front of him.

“Huh? Where are the clothes?” He touched the Emperor’s chest and relentlessly searched behind him.

His Majesty the Emperor couldn’t bear it anymore and turned over suddenly, pressing Su Yu, who was still fumbling on him, under his body, and began to take off his clothes.

“Your, Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Su Yu stuttered.

“Courtesy demands reciprocity.” In two to three moves, he opened the belt around Su Yu’s waist.

An Hongche took off Su Yu’s like peeling a zongzi[TL_Note:glutinous rice dumpling], removing his clothes, and the person was taken out.

Only then did Su Yu realize the danger and put his hands on the Emperor’s chest then dryly laughed.

“Your Majesty, we haven’t finished discussing what happening with the clothes and where they went, um…”

His Majesty was clearly not interested in discussing clothes now. The fish under his body has been stripped to the point where only his inner shirt was left.

The torn neckline revealed tender and fair flesh, so he naturally did not hesitate to stick to it and taste it.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, he didn’t think so before, but now that he knows that the Emperor was a cat, Su Yu felt that his tongue was different from that of a normal person.

Su Yu felt like a scaled fish, licked by the barbed tongue of a cat and eaten directly into his belly, leaving no residue behind.

The Emperor had already touched the fish from head to toe many times and naturally knew where it was more fascinating to touch, so Su Yu was quickly covered in sweat.

As his slender and fair hands wandered around, Su Yu suddenly thought, they were actually a pair of soft cat paws. Imagining a pair of pink meat pads gently stroking back and forth on his body.

“Hahaha…”Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

His Majesty’s movements paused, and upon seeing Su Yu's absent state, his face turned black. He forcefully pinched where the fish was the most fleshy and immediately grasped the vital point.

Su Yu became well-behaved and didn’t dare to laugh anymore. He was secretly surprised at how quickly the Emperor learned.

The Beiji Palace was as bright as day and the Emperor’s slender and flexible body shone with a pearly luster under the candlelight, very beautiful.

Su Yu finally couldn’t help but extend his hand to the Emperor, his warm skin was like silk on a steel knife, making people unwilling to put it down.

Suddenly a light of inspiration flashed, the Emperor has not yet learned everything, maybe he can push down the Emperor…hehehe.

Just as he was daydreaming, a pair of slightly cool thin lips suddenly pressed against him and kissed his half-opened mouth.

Su Yu, who was fantasizing about the Emperor being oppressed under him in one way or another, was startled by the sudden kiss and naturally forgot to expel those messy scenes from his mind, and the Emperor saw right through them.

His Majesty narrowed his eyes dangerously, this stupid slave who has no clue about death or danger!

Don’t get carried away when you are pleased with yourself, the ancients did not deceive me.

The next day, the Emperor did not go to court.

Su Yu was tossed and turned last night until his legs were weak, it was not until sunrise that he opened his eyes in a daze. The golden kitten woke up long ago and was jumping up and down on him.

“Good morning, Sauce!” With half-opened eyes, he reached out, picked up the furball, and kissed it on its furry head.

His Majesty kicked his hind legs and broke free, instantly transforming into a human figure, pressing on Su Yu and kissing him back.

Su Yu then came to his senses and looked at His Majesty who was naked on the sheets. The corner of his lips twitched, he lifted the blanket and dragged the person in.

“Your Majesty, where are your clothes?”

“If it’s not necessary, there’s no need to wear them.” His Majesty the Emperor crawled into bed and casually hugged Su Yu into his arms, rubbing against his neck.

Last night, although the two did not go all the way as they saw in Su Yu's sea of consciousness, after touching the fish two to three times, the Emperor reluctantly satisfied his craving, and naturally felt in a good mood. Since he was in a good mood, he would not go hold court.

Su Yu understood that his fur clothes could transform if he wanted to wear them, but unless necessary, the Emperor usually wore normal clothes because if his fur gets dirty it was not easy to wash.

Moreover, he discovered that the clothing transformed from his fur seemed to be just one piece, without any underwear or anything…

His Majesty the Emperor held Su Yu, who was still feeling sleepy, and his warm body was very comfortable to rub against. He couldn’t help but to put his hand on it again.

“Your Majesty!” Su Yu quickly pinched the hand that was groping around.

Although he wasn’t completely eaten up last night, it was also very tiring for a normal man to be compelled to vent two to three times, he couldn’t bear the tossing and turning anymore.

“Hmm?” An Hongche looked at him inexplicably, his beautiful eyes were radiant, with no signs of fatigue at all.

Su Yu suddenly thought of a serious problem. Most felines were very energetic and seven times a night or more was definitely not a problem, leopards could even toss around for seven days and seven nights…

“Your, Your Majesty, when all is said and done are you a cat demon, an immortal, or an alien?” Su Yu looked at His Majesty carefully, particularly hoping that the Emperor was an alien. If he were a real cat demon, his future outlook would be bleak.

“Alien?” His Majesty frowned, this stupid slave was saying something he didn’t understand again.

“That is, from another world, such as Meow Star…” After saying this, Su Yu also felt a bit foolish, facing the Emperor’s expression that was like he was looking at an idiot, he coughed dryly.

“I was just talking nonsense, haha.”

“Do you think everyone has an unknown origin like you?” An Hongche was too lazy to argue with him and stared deeply into the distance.

“Zhen is a descendant of the bloodline of the ancient deities, so Zhen is different from you and other mortals.”

“Ancient times, descendants of gods…” Su Yu blinked, don’t tell me the ancient god that split heaven and earth apart and created all things was… a cat?

The ancient deity, splitting open the chaos, standing upright between heaven and earth, flipping one’s hand can create rain, thunder, and lightning, flipping again creating all things in the world.

When the grass and trees were flourishing and the world was prosperous, he smiled in satisfaction at the world, stretched out his paw then stroked his head. “Meow---”

Shocked by his own imagination, Su Yu couldn’t help but shiver.

“My An family are the descendants of Bi’An and Bai Ze.” Ignoring Su Yu who was thinking wildly, An Hongche simply explained everything to him.

How far were the ancient times, the Emperor doesn’t know either, he only knew that were many divine and fierce beasts at that time, endlessly fighting and struggling between heaven and earth.

Afterward, the world underwent a great transformation, and no one had seen them again since they were first recorded.

Nowadays, the ancient divine beasts have long been extinct, and the An family may be the only surviving divine lineage in the world today.

The ancestors of the An family were the descendants of the True Dragon Bi’an and the Divine Beast Bai Ze, possessing the bloodline of both divine beasts.

Bi’an ensures the fairness of the world, judging the good and evil in the world; Bai Ze brings auspiciousness, ensuring the prosperity of the country and the safety of the people.

In the past dynasties, due to being ruled by mortals, wars and natural disasters were inevitable, but the An family was different.

Their divine bloodline was not diluted from reproduction so the Da’an Dynasty has been in a prosperous golden era for many years, with the border quiet and covered with dog’s tail grass.

After listening to the Emperor’s story, Su Yu couldn’t close his mouth for a while. He at long last recognized that it was not the Emperor himself who was special, but that the entire royal was not normal!

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: Emperor, after a long time of talking, are you actually a Meow Star person?

Cat Gong: What do you think?

Little Fish: Bi’An is a Meow Star person, while Bai Ze is a Baa Star person, so it’s not easy to decide!

Cat Gong: Just give it a try and you’ll know(⊙ω⊙)

…After one night…

Little Fish: QAQ it’s a Meow Star person… I can’t live these days anymore!


Bi’an (狴犴) –> also called the Bi’an Tiger. It looks like a hybrid of a dragon and tiger. Known for its awe-inspiring presence and love of justice and righteousness.One of the nine sons of the dragon king.

Bai Ze -> The Bai Ze was first described as a dragon with the body of a goat with a single horn on its forehead1. It is also written that should anyone succeed in killing Bai Ze, they would be struck down by a bolt of lightening.

In future adaptations, Bai Ze's appearance changed to that of a lion with a single horn and the beard of a mountain goat. Regardless of version however, Bai Ze is often depicted with wings.

In addition to the above, another reason Bai Ze is reveared is that it is said Bai Ze knows the name and appearance of all living beings, in all the realms, can communicate with all (including humans), and knows how to dispell, exorcise and/or protect against all evil creatures.

It is for these reasons that drawings of Bai Ze were often placed on walls and doors to protect the occupants from evil. Images of Bai Ze have also been found on the banners of past armies, and many even practiced sleeping on a pillow that was shaped like a Bai Ze (白泽枕 bái zé zhěn) to protect them during the night. Many children have been named Bai Ze throughout history, even to this day.

dog’s tail grass -> a type of grass that cats love

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