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Chapter 64 - Cat Slave

Chapter 64 - Cat Slave

His Majesty the Emperor leaned over and touched the tip of Su Yu’s nose.

“Do you want Zhen to treat you like that?”

“No, it’s not… ” Facing the Emperor’s extremely clear eyes, Su Yu was so embarrassed that he felt like dying from embarrassment.

Showing such a dirty picture to a little milk cat, it’s too sinful.

An Hongche looked at Su Yu’s distressed expression with great interest and slightly curled his lips.

“Just now Zhen didn’t see clearly, give Zhen another look.” After saying that he was going to kiss him again.

“Wai, wait!” Su Yu wanted to reach out and stop him, only to find that his hands were still pressed down, there were no extra hands so he could only turn his head away.

His Majesty’s kiss immediately fell on his cheek, and he was not annoyed. He kissed his way down the cheek, sucking, licking, and biting on his fair neck.

“Hmm…” Su Yu couldn’t help trembling. Before, he kissed and touched the Emperor, and the Emperor liked to bite his neck.

He didn’t think it was a problem at first, but now that he thinks of it, that was simply the instinct of wild beasts of liking to bite the fatal part of their prey. Thinking of this, he suddenly felt a sense of danger that made him shiver, but his body became more and more excited.

“Your, Your Majesty!” Realizing that he was on the verge of becoming more and more heavy-handed, Su Yu hurriedly reigned him in.

“What?” There was a pause in the nibbling action, and His Majesty looked up at him.

“You be honest, what’s the matter with this blood contract?” Su Yu broke away from the hand that was holding his hands down and pressed against the Emperor’s chest.

An Hongche frowned slightly.

“The blood contract is the blood contract, what’s the matter?”

Su Yu looked straight at the Emperor, but he didn’t believe that The State Teacher also signs blood contracts with others with such a side effect of kissing transmitting the other's thoughts.

“I mean, this is not an ordinary contract between us…” He needs to figure out what other side effects this thing had.

“Naturally, it is not an ordinary blood contract…”Upon hearing this, His Majesty’s ears gradually turned red.

Su Yu looked at the Emperor’s ears in surprise and the unfinished question was stuck in his throat.

Your Majesty, are you shy? Could it be… various conjectures about the contract were whizzed through his mind.

Maybe this was a life and death contract, once signed it meant sharing a long lifespan with him;

Maybe this was a marriage contract, once signed it meant that the two persons' feelings were connected and will never separate;

Maybe this was a mate oath contract, once signed it meant from now on never to be part and will never fall in love with someone else…

Various beautiful speculations softened Su Yu’s voice, and he sat up and looked at the Emperor with a smile.

“Then, what kind of blood contract is it?”

An Hongche pursed his lips and his ears were getting redder and redder. He glared at Su Yu at snorted coldly.

“Master-Slave Contract.”

Ah, it turned out to be a master-slave contract…

Su Yu still had a smile on his face and suddenly froze, Master-Slave Contract!

“Having signed this contract, you will be Zhen’s slave for the rest of your life.” His Majesty the Emperor proudly pinched Su Yu’s chin and rubbed it back and forth with his fingers.

“For, for what reason, draw, draw up this contract?” Su Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“You said it yourself, you wanted to be Zhen’s lifelong slave.” His Majesty the Emperor let go of Su Yu’s chin and lazily lay back on the couch, yawning.

“As a good master, Zhen will certainly satisfy you.”

Who would say such a stupid thing? Su Yu scratched his head feeling that there was a miscommunication between him and the Emperor.

“When did I say that…”

Halfway through, An Hongche took out a piece of green jade from under the cushion.

Sauce, please lend me some money, ba. I will be your cat slave for the rest of my life…

I will be your cat slave for the rest of my life…

Cat slave for the rest of my life…

Cat slave…

Su Yu silently glanced at His Majesty the Cat Emperor, who was squinting his eyes, and finally understood when he had sold himself.

“Cough, that doesn’t count, that money was King Zhao’s!”

“When you see Hongyi next time, you might as well ask him who exactly gave the money.”Said His Majesty, who was busy stuffing the jade piece back under the cushion, then he touched the stunned Su Yu with his toes.

“Zhen’s hungry.”

That is to say, the money for the opening of Xianmantang was actually owned by the Emperor, and His Royal Highness King Zhao did not actually produce a single copper coin.

Besides, even if the money belonged to King Zhao, in front of the imperial prestige, King Zhao probably wouldn’t admit it…Anyway, Sauce really lent him the money, so he would have to be the other cat slave for the rest of his life…

After mourning for himself for the time of finishing a cup of tea, Su Yu slumped his shoulders and resignedly stood up to cook.

In the evening, His Majesty, who ate and drank to his heart’s content, lay on the bed unrestrainedly fiddling with the tassels on the bed.

Su Yu had long since recovered from the blow of the master-slave blood contract and excitedly threw himself onto the bed.

“Your Majesty, turn into Sauce for me to see, ba.”

An Hongche glanced at him and said. “Don’t call Zhen that stupid name.”

“Okay, okay, I won’t call.” Su Yu quickly smoothed the cat’s fur and leaned over with a smile.

“Change for me to see, ba, just once.”

His Majesty ignored him and continued to focus on the bright yellow tassels. Su Yu refused to let it go and chattered incessantly.

Finally, the Emperor reluctantly agreed to show him, but he repeatedly ordered.

“No touching is allowed.”

“You have my word that I won't touch randomly!” Su Yu raised his hands and fully demonstrated his sincerity.

After a burst of white light, the slender body disappeared, and the bright yellow robe embroidered with five colored dragons lay empty on the bed, with only a small lump bulging in the middle.

Not long after, a small golden furball emerged from inside, shaking the messy fur on its head and glancing at Su Yu, who was staring at him motionless. Stupid slave, your saliva is flowing out!

“Your Majesty!” SU Yu looked at the exactly the same eyes as the Emperor and felt that his whole heart had melted.

He could not help but pounce on it, bury his face in the golden fur, rubbing from the head to its back and then from his back to its belly.

Suddenly realizing that had once again taken advantage of His Majesty the Emperor, Su Yu chuckled and was willing to bear the slap of the cat Daye.

After slapping Su Yu down on the bed, His Majesty the Emperor changed back into human form, propped his head on one hand, and looked at Su Yu expressionlessly.

“Eh?” Su Yu wriggled over with his face pressed against the bed sheet, touched the familiar white robe on the Emperor’s body and then looked at teh bright yellow robe scattered on the bed.

“Is this one made of fur?” Thinking that the clothes were from the cat’s soft fur, Su Yu lovingly touched them with his hand.

“En.” The Emperor replied perfunctorily, too lazy to talk to him.

This foolish slave, where have all the previous submissiveness and modesty gone to?

“Then how come it’s white and not yellow?” Su Yu rubbed his face on the wide sleeves, the soft and smooth feeling resembled the white fluf on his belly.

“When the weather gets cold it’s yellow.” His Majesty couldn’t bear it anymore and reached out to grab Su Yu and hugged him into his arms, not allowing him to move around again.

Su Yu blinked, will it turn yellow when it gets cold? That is to say, this clothing, like fur, will thicken and become thinner with the changes of the season?

“Can it be taken off?” Su Yu curiously put his hand into the collar and felt around. Inside was the soft and supple skin, there was no connection with the clothes.

His Majesty’s eyes darkened. “You can give it a try.”

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: Wangye, did the money really come from the Emperor?

Younger Brother: …Can be considered, ba.

Little Fish: Your Majesty, what does Wangye mean by this?

Cat Gong: Younger Brother is Zhen’s person, so, of course, my Younger Brother’s money also belongs to Zhen(⊙ω⊙)

Younger Brother: QAQ

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