Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 63 - Confession

The two gazed silently at each other for a long time, then Su Yu swallowed his saliva. “That, Your Majesty…”

His Majesty the Emperor remained silent as a grave and stared straight at Su Yu.

Su Yu stood up, stepped forward, and walked in front of the Emperor, then cautiously asked in a soft voice. “You, you are Sauce, right?”

An Hongche slowly clenched his hand under his wide sleeve, then made a sudden move and took hold of Su Yu’s wrist. His eyes were cold as he spoke. “Are you testing Zhen?”

“I…” Su Yu was startled and looked up at the Emperor. His beautiful eyes were filled with a fierce light that was about to burst out, and suddenly he realized that his joke could be an offense to the Emperor and quickly explained. “I’m sorry to ask you directly, it’s just, just…”

“Hmph!” The Emperor yanked Su Yu into his arms, pinched his jaw with one hand, and said in a cold voice. “Zhen will tell you, you have already signed a blood pact and you are Zhen’s person. You will never be able to escape for the rest of your life, even if Zhen is from a different kind, you will never leave unless you die! ”

Su Yu looked at the Emperor in a daze, different kind, different kind…That is to say, the Emperor admitted that he was Sauce, the Emperor was the golden kitten, and the golden kitten is the Emperor…

An Hongche saw that he hadn’t spoken for a while and gradually tightened his arms. The hand gripping his jaw also became more and more forceful, if Su Yu had looked at the Emperor’s eyes at this moment, he would have noticed the shame and nervousness hidden under the ferocity. Damned stupid slave, if, if he dares to be afraid, dares to leave Zhen, Zhen will…

Su Yu didn’t notice the Emperor’s mood in the slightest, he didn’t even care about the increasingly tight confinement of his body. At that moment, his mind was buzzing, the incomparable handsome Emperor was actually a soft and fluffy kitten, he was his lovely Sauce! The tsundere and awkward cat Daye(term of respect for older man) was his lifelong sweetheart! The feeling of combining the two he liked becoming one was really, really great!

“Hehe, hehehe…” Su Yu’s eyes turned into hearts and his mouth was half-opened, almost drolling.

He wasn’t scared silly, was he? The Emperor heard the weird laughter and looked down at Su Yu, who had a silly smile on his face. He frowned slightly and was about to say something when the fellow, not knowing where he got the strength, suddenly broke free and pulled him to start to look up and down.

“Your Majesty, how do you turn into a cat? What happens to the clothes when you turn into a cat?”Su Yu excitedly walked around the Emperor feeling here and there. “Can you transform the cat’s ears or tail alone?” Then he groped behind the Emperor and tried to find the long fluffy tail under the lower hem of his robe.

Now it was His Majesty’s turn to be stunned. He never expected that Su Yu would react like this, he thought that Su Yu might be surprised and afraid, and the best situation was to slowly guess and calmly accept it…Fancy that he was nervous for a while now, really, damn it!

His Majesty, who became angry with embarrassment, threw Su Yu down on the cushions. Su Yu was still unconsciously holding the Emperor’s head in his hands, trying to pull out the cat ears among three thousand fine black hair.

Grasping Su Yu’s hands he pressed them above his head, and His Majesty the Emperor looked at him with a commanding gaze. “You already knew, didn’t you? You deliberately pretended not to know and took advantage of the opportunity to molest Zhen for so long!”

“Mo, molest, how could I? ”Su Yu’s eyes widened and past scenes flashed before his eyes one by one.

Since he met Sauce, he never stopped being frivolous towards Cat Daye. Every day, he would kiss his head and rub his belly; Sleep together at night and try to stuff the cat into his inner shirt as a warm water bag; Bathing the Cat Daye from head to toe, even his bottom and eggs were not spared…

Su Yu’s face gradually turned red, and he remembered all the foolish things he had told the kitten. His Majesty had already known everything, and he had been afraid of the issue of the “foreign star” for a long time. He even told the kitten that he liked the Emperor…

His Majesty the Emperor watched as Su Yu transformed from a fair fish into a cooked shrimp, turning red from the top of his head to his toes. With a proud smile, he slowly leaned over and said. “What you have done, Zhen remembers. Now, Zhen will get back for them one by one.”

“How, how will you get back?” Su Yu now wished he could find a crack in the ground to crawl in, he didn’t dare to look into the Emperor’s eyes at all. He kept shouting in his heart, it’s over, it’s over, a lifelong reputation has been ruined like this, he won’t have the face to see cats in the future!

“Of course, it’s getting back frivolously!” An Hongche smiled and kissed Su Yu’s lips.

Empresses throughout history only learned about this secret after giving birth to a crown prince, and most Empresses’ reaction when they learned the truth was -- to faint from fear. If they wanted to survive, they must sign a blood contract. Previously, there was a Wangfei who was scared senseless because she couldn’t accept this fact and attempted to tell someone the secret and then was beheaded by the State Teacher. Although most Empresses eventually accepted this fact and were able to calmly raise the crown prince, not everyone was willing to spend their entire life with a non-human being.

Su Yu, who was immersed in his ostrich world, was kissed in a daze by the warm thin lips with the taste of shrimp slices mixed with the sweet scent of grass. The moment the two lips touched, he heard the Emperor’s sigh-like voice. “Stupid slave, that’s great…”

He didn’t know if it had a connection to that special blood contract, but Su Yu could clearly feel the full happiness conveyed by the Emperor. The feeling of sourness rose and filled the heart, making one’s lips curl up uncontrollably. Slowly extending his hands, he wrapped his arms around the neck of the person on top of him and kissed back.

The originally shallow and restrained kiss gradually grew out of control, from shallow to deep, gradually entwining.

Su Yu’s breathing gradually became rapid, his body also began to heat up, and his mind couldn’t help but fly over various beautiful scenes. As a normal youth in his previous life, he had some general knowledge and many small films to watch, even those between men, cough cough, that kind, he also saw one of two out of curiosity. At that moment, those scenes suddenly flashed through his mind and the characters in it were replaced by the unparalleled handsome Emperor in front of him and… himself...

“Hmm?” The Emperor, who was getting excited by the kiss, suddenly made a puzzled sound. His voice was a little husky from the emotions, making Su Yu shiver when he heard it.

Slowly releasing Su Yu, who had been kissed into utter confusion, His Majesty the Emperor propped himself up and looked at him suspiciously. “What was that just now?”

“What?” Su Yu looked up in a daze, did something happen just now?

An Hongche frowned slightly and said. “What were you thinking just now? Zhen saw two men, it seemed to be you…”

Su Yu’s eyes suddenly widened, this damn blood contract, how could even this be passed on!

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: What the hell, how can you even transmit brain resources, this is not scientific!

Cat Gong: Show a new position

Little Fish: No!

Cat Gong:(Press a kiss) You’re thinking of this kind of position, how shameless

Little Fish:(A shameless image flashed in his mind) Hmm…

Cat Gong: New skill get√

Little Fish: QAQ


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