Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 62 - Verification

Chapter 62 - Verification

KaKaKa! It seemed as if an invisible thunder had fallen from the heavens, making him numb from head to foot.

Su Yu widened his eyes, stupidly holding the posture of touching the Emperor’s lips, unable to come to his senses for a while.

Just now, he heard the Emperor’s voice clearly, just like when he completed the blood pact. The sentence that came from the depths of his sea of consciousness was definitely not an illusion.

To test this conjecture, Su Yu called out softly in his heart.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty?”

“So noisy!” The clear and cold voice broke into his sea of consciousness again.

His Majesty furrowed his brows and slightly opened his eyes, then he fell back to sleep. During this period, their lips have never separated.

Su Yu slowly sat up straight, his whole person was in a state of stupor. He didn’t expect this blood pact to have such an effect. When kissing, one could actually know what the other person was thinking, if that was all it was okay. What took notice were the words the Emperor spoke just now.

Not allowed to call Zhen Sauce…

Call Zhen Sauce…


The details that Su Yu often overlooked suddenly rushed into his mind like a torrential flood.

The Emperor who inexplicably appeared at the Su family and slept soundly on his bed at the beginning; The Emperor who wakes up in the middle of the night every day and wants him to accompany him to play around; In the field of dog tail grass, the Emperor who was tirelessly enjoying rolling and throwing himself on the grass…

Besides the Emperor himself, those conflicting things also flashed before his eyes one by one.

His Royal Highness King Lei Feng Zhao, who went out of his way to help him because of a cat; Mister Yuan, who obeyed the Emperor’s orders but helped him take care of Xianmantang from the very beginning…

The silk ribbons that were hung everywhere in Beiji Palace, most of which had no use except for decoration; The Emperor’s soft and tactile white robe, which he had never seen in the wardrobe of Beiji Palace…

Most importantly, he had been in the palace for so long and the Emperor and the cat Sauce had never appeared together!

“Hmm…” The Emperor unconsciously rubbed his cheek against Su Yu’s body, then as if not satisfied, turned his head sideways and rubbed a bit, then continued to sleep soundly with his neck tilted.

Su Yu quietly watched the Emperor’s movements and a bold guess loomed in his heart. This guess made him feel bad all over.

Mister Yuan ran into Su Yu’s eldest uncle as soon as he left the palace.

Su Xiaozhang, worried about his son’s situation, followed Mister Yuan all the way but was stopped by the guards outside the palace gate, so he just squatted in a corner waiting.

Previously, due to the family property and the matter of the concubine selection, Su Xiaozhang and his nephew had basically shed all pretenses of cordiality, but he never expected that Su Yu would be selected to enter the palace.

Su Yu was favored in the palace, and the people in the capital were not aware of the affairs in the Su family, they only thought the Su family hadn’t separated yet, so they looked up to the Su family.

Su Xiaozhang gradually realized the benefits of this and boasted outside about how much he loved his nephew and his son, Su Ming, bragged about how close he was to Xian Fei since childhood, then he actually managed to trick a lot of cronies into following him.

Su Ming originally had a thug-like character, but when praised by his cronies he became unable to tell west from east. These days, he caused many troubles in a row, if it weren’t for his relationship with Su Yu, he would have been imprisoned long ago.

But this time the matter was not insignificant, many people saw that Su Ming killed that person, and even the capital magistrate couldn’t turn a blind eye, so Su Xiaozhang panicked and begged for help from Mister Yuan.

“Mister, what did Niangniang say?” The eldest uncle smiled and stepped forward to inquire.

Mister Yuan looked at Su Xiaozhang, who was all smiles, and shook his arm. He thought to himself that this person’s face was really thick. “Niangniang said that as a chamberlain, he could not control these things, so you should think of another way.”

“His cousin is about to be beheaded, and he is still not the least concerned!” Su Xiaozhang immediately flew into a rage.

Although there were old grievances before, they were still one family, shouldn’t they help each other in the face of such great difficulties?

“Master Su, be careful of what you say!” Mister Yuan pointed to the guards around and reminded him.

Su Xiaozhang looked around and saw the guards in front of the palace gate were all holding swords and halberds with solemn expressions.

“What we say in front of the palace gate will definitely reach the ears of the Emperor word for word.” Mister Yuan stroked his beard and watched with satisfaction as Su Xiaozhangs’s face changed.

Upon hearing this, the eldest uncle couldn’t help but shrink his neck and stop the conversation. Mister Yuan parted ways with him contentedly.

“Is that really what he said?” When he returned to the Su family, the eldest aunt urgently asked her husband for news.

Upon hearing that Su Yu was not planning to intervene, she immediately screamed.

“This white-eyed wolf, he is just hoping for his cousin's downfall, isn’t it?”

“Keep your voice down!” Su Xiaozhang immediately shouted to stop.

“Why should I keep my voice down! My son, ah, my poor son, ah!” The eldest aunt glanced at the courtyard of Su Yu’s legitimate mother, Zhao Shi, and burst into tears.

Her dry triangular eyes rumbled with thunder but without rain, full of calculation.

No matter how restless the Su family was, after Su Yu dismissed Mister Yuan, he didn’t plan to interfere anymore. He now had more important things to do.

In order to verify his guess, Su Yu began to carefully observe the Emperor’s words and actions, and the more he looked, the more suspicious he became.

The two of them were lying on the cushion of Beiji Palace playing around. Su Yu pulled the dangling silk ribbon in front of him and shook it, then shook it again.

His Majesty’s slender and fair hand reached out at the first opportunity and grabbed the flailing silk ribbon, then he let out a cold snort in response to Su Yu’s surprised gaze.

“Its swaying made Zhen dizzy.”

When the Emperor fell asleep, his arms and legs were soft and loose, not guarded against him in the least. Su Yu held on to stay awake and lay on the pillow, gently blowing on the Emperor’s cheek.

This was a game he often played when sleeping with Sauce, when the little furball was asleep he blew on his beard and he waved his paws to drive him away or directly cover his face, then its two paws would press against his chest to stretch his waist.

It’s just that the cat was too small and the fur was too smooth, usually pushing himself out, and if he can’t touch Su Yu he would come over and rub against Su Yu in a daze.

The slightly cool wind disturbed His Majesty’s good sleep. Yawning, he shrank down his body, then slowly stretched both his hands and pressed against Su Yu’s chest… and pushed Su Yu out!

Su Yu watched helplessly as His Majesty the Emperor pushed him into the bed, then rubbed over and squeezed him between his body and the wall, feeling like weeping but having no tears.

How could he forget that there was a huge difference in strength between humans and cats!

A few days later, after going to the Anguo Tower to kill fish, he once again met the golden kitten and told it a secret.

“Sauce, I made a special kind of delicious shrimp slices for you, even the Emperor has never eaten it.” Su Yu grilled the fish while tickling the kitten lying on his lap.

The golden kitten narrowed its eyes slightly, stupid slave, what are you doing behind Zhen’s back?

“It’s on the third floor of the black Treasure Pavilion in the main hall of Beiji Palace, in the celadon jar on the left.” Su Yu leaned over and spoke mysteriously to the furry ear, regardless of whether the kitten could understand.

“You can go back and eat it yourself, ba.”

In the evening, when Su Yu returned to Beiji Palace, the Emperor had already returned and was lying idle on a bolster playing with the tassels, and sneakily chewing something in his mouth.

“What are you eating?” Su Yu mover closer to look at him.

“Hmph.” An Hongche snorted, not intending to pay attention to him.

This stupid slave, even though he had such delicious food but didn’t offer it to Zhen first, how dare he leave it to a stupid cat!

Su Yu scratched his head and hesitated for a moment, then he slowly leaned over and quickly licked His Majesty’s lips. The fresh taste of shrimp was mixed with light garlic and chili powder, which was exactly the taste of shrimp slices he left in the celadon jar!

“You, what are you doing!” His Majesty the Emperor was startled by Su Yu’s sudden action and sat up with a jerk.

Su Yu blinked and his tongue failed him. Although he had anticipated it earlier, when the facts were in front of him he still felt that… His whole person felt uncomfortable!

Not getting a reply from Su Yu, An Hongche snorted. This stupid slave likes Zhen so much, it’s not a big deal to let him have a lick. He stood up with red ears.

“Zhen is going to take a bath.”

Su Yu looked up at the Emperor whose back was turned to him and naturally called out: “Sauce.”

“Hmm?” His Majesty reflexively turned back and then stiffened.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: I call you three times, do you dare to answer?

Cat Gong: Why not?

Little Fish: Your Majesty

Cat Gong: Meow =ω=

Little Fish: Hongche

Cat Gong: Meow >ω<

Little Fish: Sauce

Cat Gong: Meow…meow?(⊙ω⊙)!!!


chamberlain -> an officer who managed the household of a monarch or noble

celadon -> pottery

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