Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 61 -The Natal Family (Part 2)

Chapter 61 - The Natal Family

A few days later, Mister Yuan came into the palace to report the recent business to Su Yu and brought an urgent message along the way.

“Su Ming beat someone to death?” Su Yu looked up in surprise from the account book.

His cousin, who only knew how to mess around, actually had the courage to kill someone?

Since Su Yu entered the palace, his eldest uncle's whole family has been afraid of him picking a quarrel with them, and his legitimate mother, Zhao Shi, has also been living well in the mansion.

These days in the palace, Su Yu was so busy that he almost forgot about his eldest uncle’s family. It turns out that the previous peace and quiet was just the calm before the storm. When a bird need not to cry, it doesn’t, but once it does it will startle everyone!

Su Ming fought with others over a courtesan, and after a word of disagreement, he accidentally pushed someone down the stairs. That person had bad luck and hit his head on the stone steps, immediately dying.

When people saw that the situation was not right and wanted to report it to the government, Su Ming panicked and shouted loudly. “My cousin is a favored concubine in the palace, who dares to touch me!”

Su Yu rubbed his forehead, why did this killing technique look so familiar?

“The fact that Master is a favored concubine is well known in the capital. The capital government arrested Su Ming, but they don’t dare to go to court to convict him.” Mister Yuan sighed.

Nowadays, rumors were rampant, it was said about Su Yu that when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven and the Su family relied on Su Yu being favored to commit all kinds of evil.

“Master’s Eldest Uncle asked me to deliver a letter to Master, please take a look.” Mister Yuan was a little hesitant, wondering if he should show Su Yu this thing.

He was originally under the orders of the Emperor, but the task assigned to him by the Emperor has always been vague, there were no specific instructions.

For example, when it comes to running errands for Xian Fei, the Emperor never said anything about what should be known to Su Yu and what should not be done, the only thing that he was told was to do everything at Su Yu’s command.

Su Yu took the letter, he thought he already knew what his Eldest Uncle was going to say, but since he brought it, he opened it and took a look.

In his letter, Su Xiaozhang first mentioned the incident of Su Ming killing someone, claiming that his son was extremely innocent, he just accidentally pushed the person and for some reason, the person died.

He thought that someone might have wanted to target the Su family and deliberately framed him, then he shifted the blame and accused Su Yu of being too conspicuous in the palace, which only implicated them. Not only did he not receive any benefits, but they were even more unlucky than before.

After a scolding, he began to say good things again, saying that as long as he blew some pillow talk with the Emperor, such a small matter the Emperor could smooth over with one sentence. If this matter spreads, his cousin from his natal family will be a murderer, which would be very bad for Su Yu’s reputation, and the Emperor may also despise him for it…

After reading it, was so angry that he laughed.

“Mister, go back to him and say, if it weren’t for Su Yu’s great fortune six months ago, I’m afraid he might have died just like this person. My cousin is so heroic and extraordinary, and I, as a chamberlain, can’t really help him.”

The good mood from hearing about the sprouting of chili peppers in the hamlet in the eastern suburbs was completely destroyed by this news.

Su Yu calculated with Mister Yuan the remaining money in his hands and considered buying another residence, so he could bring out his Dimu and concubine sister, and separate them from his Eldest Uncle to avoid being implicated again.

“It is inevitable to separate from the family, it’s just that we can’t split now.” Mister Yuan said.

“Just after Su Ming’s incident Master is in a hurry to separate the family, it might spread some bad rumors.”

“What do I want that good reputation for?” Su Yu said indifferently.

“Gossip is a fearful thing, if the people say too many bad things, someone might believe them. To accompany the Emperor is tantamount to accompany a tiger…” Mister Yuan was helpless and looking at his long-standing relationship with Su Yu, he couldn’t help mentioning a few words. Before he could finish speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by a cold voice.

“Such a small matter, how long do you want to talk about it?” The Emperor, dressed in a bright yellow court dress, suddenly walked in, grabbed Su Yu’s wrist, and pulled him up.

“This commoner pays respects to the Emperor!” Mister Yuan quickly knelt down and bowed, suddenly breaking out in a cold sweat. He didn’t know if the Emperor heard what he just said.

“Tell the capital government to handle it impartially.” His Majesty the Emperor clearly knew everything and waved his hand to Mister Yuan to pack up and leave.

“In the future, don’t disturb him with these things.”

“Abiding by the order.” Mister Yuan saluted and excused himself.

Looking at the familiar appearance of Mister Yuan, who was instructed by the Emperor, Su Yu’s lips couldn’t help but twitch.

Remembering the time when they were at Xianmantang and pretended to not know each other, Mister Yuan came into the palace to find him and mysteriously said that the Master behind the scenes could not be revealed…

An Hongche turned around and met Su Yu’s curious gaze, and couldn’t help but stiffen for a moment. At first, because Su Yu was short of money, he asked his foolish younger brother to help him manage the seafood restaurant for Su Yu, however, his foolish younger brother does not know anything other than eating. His Majesty could only throw Yuan Ce, a counselor, and have him pretend to be a Qingke of King Zhao’s Wangfu.

This disguise lasted for a long time, but just now because he was excited, he overlooked that he and Yuan Ce should not know each other in front of the stupid slave!

“Why is Your Majesty here?” Su Yu pursed his lips and suppressed a smile, not intending to poke at it.

After court, the Emperor saw that the sunshine was just right today and wanted to find Su Yu to accompany him to bask in the sun. He waited for a long time, but Su Yu didn’t come back, and thinking that his stupid slave was talking to other men and had forgotten about him, he angrily came to grab him.

The thin lips pressed into a straight line, His Majesty the Emperor remained silent for a moment and said: “The Yexiao Palace has been repaired, Zhen will take you to take a look.”

“Yexiao Palace has been repaired?” Su Yu was surprised.

After the last incident, Su Yu moved to Beiji Palace and Yexiao Palace remained empty.

The imperial censor has reported this countless times, and even Wang Gonggong was scolded, saying that he didn’t know how to admonish the Emperor and only knew how to flatter and curry favor, colluding with the Yao Fei to charm the superior.

In order to get rid of the reputation of being a treacherous sycophant, Wang Gonggong had Yexiao Palace reorganized, the servants replaced and the guards reequipped, striving to prevent the Emperor from finding any faults so that Xian Fei could move back as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the Heavens did not fulfill people’s wishes, the Emperor went down to take a look and was still dissatisfied with Yexiao Palace.

Today, he said that there should not be a side room in the bedchambers, and it was not good for Su Yu’s innocence for a palace maid to live in the side room; The next day, he felt that the pool was too deep if Su Yu were pushed down, it would be dangerous… In short, whenever Wang Gonggong said that the renovation has been completed, His Majesty would find an inappropriate part and prohibit Su Yu from living inside.

“The courtyard has been repaired, but the bedchambers are still unhabitable.” An Hongche said unhappily.

Su Yu blinked.

“Let’s take a look then, and return to Beiji Palace after lunch.” He was curious about what Yexiao Palace had been renovated into.

Upon hearing Su Yu say that he would come back after taking a look, His Majesty the Emperor snorted softly and led Su Yu towards Yexiao Palace.

Yexiao Palace remained as luxurious as ever and the scenery of the courtyard had not changed much. The central waterside pavilion has been made larger, with a layer of soft cushions on the wooden board surface, which was only slightly higher than the water surface. Lying on top, you could reach out and touch the cool lake water, it was very fascinating.

His Majesty the Emperor took off his court dress and pulled Su Yu to lie on the soft cushions. The autumn sun shone on him, making him feel very warm and comfortable.

“Sauce also likes to bask in the sun here.” Su Yu looked at the Emperor’s squinting his eyes, he always felt that it was exactly the same as the expression of the golden kitten.

“Mm.” An Hongche lazily responded, turning over and lying on his side to watch the swimming fish in the water.

“Eh? What’s that?”Su Yu noticed the ripples in the water and sat up to look into the water. He remembered that there were no goldfish in the lake before, only lotus flowers.

“Zhen let some fish be raised.” Replied His Majesty the Emperor.

Such a beautiful lake should be used to raise some good-looking fish. Sitting by the side of the lake to feed the fish and looking at the colorful fish scales, this was the life that the concubines in the harem should have.

Su Yu thought that His Majesty the Emperor finally knew how to have fun and craned his neck to take a look, wanting to know what kind of fish the Emperor had raised.

After this unimportant glance, Su Yu almost fell into the lake.

But seeing in the clear lake waters, there were plump carps, silver carps, and grass carps roaming around. The best-looking ones were probably just a few pink river catfish, but at first glance, they had a figure of over three pounds, not cute at all.

“These are so beautiful, plump and sturdy. Those skinny goldfish in the imperial garden are really ugly.” His Majesty laying down by the water reached out and gently stroked the surface of the water. The lake water wet his fingertips and the quickly shook it off.

Su Yu’s lips twitched and accepted the small plate of fish food that was handed over. This little thing, it’s probably not enough for these big fellows to eat, moreover, sitting by the beautiful lake and gracefully feeding grass carps it’s really…

His Majesty the Emperor did not feel that it was spoiling the scene, so he picked up a piece of fish food and threw it into the water.

Several big fish immediately came to compete, and big-headed silver carp also jumped out of the water, splashing Su Yu’s face with water.

An Hongche’s hand was like lightning, slapping the fish with one palm. The silver carp was hit and fell into the water with a “Plop”, turning over its belly before coming to its senses.

Su Yu watched dumbfounded as he watched the Emperor happily play the game of “Throwing fish food and slapping fish”. This game, he felt like there was something strange.

His Majesty handsomely slapped the fish for a while and feeling a bit sleepy from the sun, he yawned. Shaking his wet fingertips and bringing the back of his hand to his mouth, he paused and took out his handkerchief to wipe his hands.

Lying back on the cushion, he hugged Su Yu’s waist and rubbed it, squirting his eyes as he prepared to take a nap.

Su Yu looked at His Majesty, who was curled up in a circle next to him again, and helplessly smiled. The more he looked, the more he looked like a big cat.

Obviously, he didn’t want him to go back to Yexiao Palace, but because he was worried that he was troubled by the Su family’s affairs, he awkwardly dragged him to bask in the sun.

“If only Sauce was here too.” Putting the two awkward fellows together must be very amusing.

Upon hearing this, His Majesty, who was half asleep and half awake, gradually pursed his thin lips into a straight line.

Looking at the lightly pursed thin lips, shining a lovely pink amidst the sunlight, Su Yu couldn’t help but slowly lean down and kiss the warm softness. At the moment of contact, a familiar voice suddenly rang in his mind.

“Stupid slave, you are not allowed to call Zhen Sauce…”

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: Your Majesty, let me give you a brain teaser

Cat Gong: What?

Little Fish: Once upon a time, there was a snake entered the water and a turtle came out…

Cat Gong: Wearing a sockpuppet thinking Zhen doesn’t recognize you?

Little Fish: Once upon a time, a handsome nation king hopped into the water, and out emerged a cat

Cat Gong: … What do you mean?

Little Fish: The sockpuppet fell off, but I still recognize you!


chamberlain -> an officer who managed the household of a monarch or noble

Dimu -> address of legal mother by children of concubines

Qingke -> a hanger-on

sockpuppet -> Internet slang

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