Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 61 -The Natal Family (Part 1)

Chapter 61 - The Natal Family

What does that mean? Su Yu was confused when he heard that. He was about to ask when the Emperor had already finished reviewing the memorial, he raised his hand and pulled the silk ribbon by the dragon chair, Wang Gonggong entered in response.

“Is it ready?” The Emperor asked in a serious tone.

“Reporting to the Emperor, everything is ready.” Wang Gonggong bowed and replied.

He didn’t know what the Emperor and Wang Gonggong were talking about, Su Yu took a bored glance at the memorial just approved by the Emperor and suddenly his eyes widened.

Not to mention the issue of fairness and unfairness, it was the legitimate lineage of the Lu family that was going to be beheaded. The Lu family has been in the court for many years and has deep roots, just look at Lu Guifei and you’ll know.

These people dared to be so arrogant and domineering, so they must have something to fall back on. The Emperor was cleaning them up so aggressively, is he not afraid of trouble?

“Let’s go.” An Hongche pulled Su Yu up. “The things are ready for you.”

“What things?” Su Yu asked in a daze.

His Majesty the Emperor frowned.

“Didn’t you say you were going to make whole grilled fish?”

Previously, he brought back the Qingyu but discovered that there was no iron plate frame to place the grilled fish on top of the charcoal fire, so the matter of grilling the whole fish in Wushan style was temporarily put on hold. After the Emperor heard about it, he had someone rush to make a set overnight.

“The people at Feishi have never done this before, so don’t know if it works.” Wang Gonggong brought out a tray covered with a layer of velvet, it looked very solemn.

Su Yu reached out and uncovered the velvet cloth, revealing a double-layered iron plate measuring about a one-foot square. The upper plate was exquisitely carved, with dark flowers carved in the center, and the grooves in the lower layer were even more surprising, the grooves were used to stone charcoal fire.

The person who built the iron plate took great care to make an air vent and water through, and also carefully added a layer of fine mesh to prevent the charcoal ash from drifting around. If the first layer was used, you could also cook barbecue directly below.

“What does Feichi Division do on a regular basis?” Su Yu looked up and down at the iron plate with great satisfaction, secretly sighing that these people had really good craftsmanship.

If there was any need for kitchen utensils in the future, he could entrust them to do a good job.

The corner of Wang Gonggong’s mouth twitched and he looked at His Majesty the Emperor.

“Making concealed weapons for the Imperial family.” The Emperor said casually.

“Cough cough…” Su Yu choked on his saliva and looked at Wang Gonggong to seek verification.

Wang Gonggong dutifully explained the origin of Feishi’s Division.

The An family was good at using hidden weapons, so they searched for well-known weapon masters from all over the world and established a Feishi Division in the palace, specifically for creating suitable hidden weapons for the imperial family and Secret guards. They not only have exquisite craftsmanship but also work quickly.

“If Niangniang has any dissatisfaction, you can have them take it and make further improvements.”

Su Yu’s cough became even worse, so they asked the hidden weapons grandmasters to make kitchen utensils for him…

He looked at the memorial on the table and then at the iron plate in his hand. Sure enough, he couldn’t comprehend such a complicated thing as imperial power with his brain of a cook.

The fish that was killed the day before has been kept in the ice cellar, and after thawing it out, the flesh of the Qingyu remained as fresh and tender as before.

Su Yu was very surprised, as he was ready to switch to another type of fish for grilling.

“This kind of sea monster, its fresh meat won’t rot in three days.” His Majesty, who was idle, was wandering about the kitchen again. Seeing Su Yu wanting to throw away the flesh of the fish, he quickly stopped him.

Su Yu looked suspiciously at the fish in his hand. Three days without rotting, it sounded like a preservative had been added, could this unknown creature really be eaten?

Although he was very worried, under the insistence of His Majesty the Emperor, Su Yu still grilled the rotproof Qingyu.

If the gills are removed, it will separate the flesh and bone of the Qingyu, but it cannot be called grilled whole fish without bones, it’s called fish nuggets.

Su Yu had to handle it gently to keep the meat and bones connected. He brushed it with oil over the charcoal fire and grilled it until it was almost done before loading it onto a plate and placing the ingredients.

Dried chili peppers were paired with enough peppercorns to cover the fish's whole body. The grilled yellow fish sizzled on the iron plate filled with spicy oil, and the aroma of the Qingyu itself, combined with the spiciness of the ingredients burst out in the spicy oil, enveloping the entire dining hall in a rich aroma.

Due to suspicions about the meat quality of the fish, Su Yu tasted it himself. He had cooked a lot of grilled whole fish in his previous life and had tried various types of fish, but no fish could match this strange fish.

Because the Qingyu meat itself was greasy and could not be boiled in soup, it was the best choice for barbecue dishes. Even better, was that the “hard as stone” but “melt in boiling water” fish bones slowly simmered in the oil broth and soaked into the fish flesh, forming a crispy outer film on the fish, very delicious.

At this point, there was no need to worry about freshness, so the two of them ate all of the one-foot-long fish with the side dishes on white rice.

The Emperor and his beloved concubine were enjoying themselves with delicacies, but there were many people in the harem who were still unable to eat, such as Lu Guifei.

Since the last incident with the incense, not only has she been forbidden to go out, but the Lu family had also been repeatedly suppressed.

Despite Prime Minister Lu’s leaving no stone unturned to divert the Emperor’s attention, such as expelling King Mu and dragging Marquis Changchun into the water, the Emperor showed no signs of being fooled. On the contrary, the number of memorials about the Lu family was increasing more and more.

And the power in the hands of Prime Minister Lu was gradually being hollowed out. For example, this morning someone reported Lu Guifei’s second uncle of committing crimes against the law and discipline, and the folder was directly handed over to the imperial study.

There was no chance for Prime Minister Lu to block it, and he didn’t even know the specific contents of the folder.

Lu Guifei’s heart was burning with anxiety, and coincidentally the eldest palace maid Yulan came to report that the concubines had finished weaving the birthday gift for the Empress Dowager.

“Truly heavens are helping me.” Lu Guifei was overjoyed.

The blanket was proposed by her to be jointly made by the concubines, so it was up to her to offer it. With this excuse, she could also meet the Empress Dowager.

The snow-carved fine velvet blanket was soft and smooth to the touch, it was a top-quality velvet blanket. On the snow-white blanket, there were many black plum blossom paw prints scattered, forming a beautiful contrast.

The Empress Dowager held a blanket covered in paw prints and liked it so much she couldn’t bear to part with it.

“Truly amusing, from now on, when the cotton-padded mattress for the Crown Prince is made, Aijia will also have these paw prints embroidered.”

“That’s right.” Lin Gugu followed along to make fun of it.

“It’s best to use this material as well, it’s fluffy and wrapped around the little Crown Prince. Aiyou, this slave can’t wait to see it.”

“His Majesty now dotes solely on Xian Fei, don’t know when the Crown Prince will be born.” Lu Guifei interjected with a deliberately ambiguous tone.

The smile on the Empress Dowager’s face faded and she said. “The Crown Prince’s matter is not something you should worry about.”

Lu Guifei’s face changed and knelt down immediately to plead guilty. “This concubine has made a slip of the tongue.”

The Crown Prince of the An family has always been determined by the State Teacher. Whether born to a concubine or a Wangfei, as long as the State Teacher says that this son is worthy of the heavy responsibility of governing the country, even if it was a Qinwang’s bastard son, he could ascend to the throne as the Emperor.

That’s why Lu Guifei reminds the Empress Dowager from time to time to not let the Qinwangs give birth to an heir before the Emperor.

As an imperial concubine, there was nothing wrong with reminding the Empress Dowager of the matter of her descendants, but to mention the Crown Prince, it was provoking the authority of the State Teacher.

“Aijia likes this blanket very much, you have a heart. Let’s go back, ba.” The Empress Dowager was unwilling to talk anymore and asked Lin Gugu to put away the blanket.

“Empress Dowager!” Lu Guifei moved forward on her knees to the Empress Dowager and wept.

“This niece knows she has done something wrong. I really have no face to see Gumu these days, but now the Lu family has encountered great difficulties…”

“Lu Fei, be careful of what you say.” The Empress Dowager interrupted her words.

Upon hearing the title “Lu Fei”, Lu Guifei’s face couldn’t help turning a bit pale.

She has already been stripped of her position as a Guifei, and the Empress Dowager deliberately pointed it out to remind her that if she had her hands full managing her own affairs she shouldn’t worry in vain about it.

“Empress Dowager, the Lu family is also your natal family, you can’t just ignore it like this!” Lu Fei said in a shrill voice.

“Aijia is just a woman from the deep palace, where can Aijia participate in the affairs of the front court.” The Empress Dowager frowned and said slowly.

“As soon as you marry into the imperial family, you should think for the sake of the imperial family. If you always want to help your natal family, it will chill the Emperor's heart.”

Previously, Lu Fei liked Empress Dowager’s gentle temperament the most, not anxious nor impatient, and was easy to speak to. However, now she hated this leisurely nature to death.

She was so anxious that she was sweating profusely, but she still uses these few words in a roundabout manner, it doesn’t hurt nor itch, and can’t help with anything.

“Always wanting to help my natal family? Which one in this palace doesn’t help her natal family!” Returning to Yuluan Palace, Lu Fei raised her hand and smashed a large vase.

“Empress Dowager said it lightly, is it not because the Lu family is not her legitimate natal family!”

“Niangniang!” Yuluan was scared out of her wits and quickly tugged Lu Fei’s hand.

“This mustn’t be said!”

“Make the Emperor’s heart go cold? Bengong doesn’t believe if something happens to her natal family that Yao Fei won’t help her natal family!” Lu Fei screamed in a sharp voice.

If she doesn’t want to help her natal family, then don’t help anyone. Otherwise, she will have something to say to the Empress Dowager.


Feishi ->flying stone

Gumu -> paternal aunt

Yao Fei -> demon Fei

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