Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 60 - Grilled Fish

Chapter 60 - Grilled Fish

Excitedly running upstairs, he was ready to do a big job but was dumbfounded when he reached the third floor. Facing the flimsy silk ribbon, how was he going to get up there?

Turning his head to look at the State Teacher who was still leisurely sipping tea on the second floor, Su Yu scratched his head and said.

“Imperial Uncle, how do I get up there?”

The State Teacher put down the teacup in his hand and had no intention of getting up to help. He just looked up and said to Su Yu.

“Call the Emperor to take you up.” Then, he continued to drink tea leisurely.

“The Emperor?” Su Yu blinked. Was the Emperor here?

He looked around and circled around the soft silk ribbon, then had no choice but to tilt his head and shout to the top.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty?”

There seemed to be a moment of silence in the Anguo Tower. Shortly after the Emperor, dressed in a white robe, held the silk ribbon with one hand and descended from the sky.

“Stupid slave, what are you calling me for?”

“Your Majesty, you are really here, ah!” Su Yu jumped up in surprise.

The third floor was filled with soft cushions everywhere, he only looked at the Emperor without looking at his feet, so he unsteadily fell directly into the Emperor’s arms.

An Hongche lifted his hands to catch the clumsy slave and held him steady.

“Outside, don’t throw yourself into Zhen’s arms.”

Who threw themselves into his arms? Su Yu felt helpless and looked at the serious Emperor, unable to argue with him.

“Your Majesty, please take Chen to the fourth floor, ba. Chen needs to go up and kill fish.”

“You called Zhen down just to use Zhen as a ladder?” His Majesty the Emperor was immediately unhappy.

Hearing the foolish slave calling so urgently, he thought the State Teacher had done something to him. He came down in a hurry, only to find it was just for such a stupid thing!

“Uh…” Su Yu blinked. It was a bit wrong to use the Emperor like this, however, there were only the three of them in the tower.

“But, without Your Majesty, Chen couldn’t go up on his own.”

An Hongche gave a cold snort upon hearing this, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help rising slightly.

Hey, this stupid slave is so dependent on him, it’s really annoying, but as a good master, this little request will still be satisfied. Holding Su Yu in his arms with one hand and holding the silk ribbon with the other, he applied force with his feet and “swoosh”, quickly rushed up to the fourth floor.

Up on the fourth floor, the Emperor suddenly thought of a question.

“How did you come up yesterday?”

“The State Teacher brought Chen up.” Su Yu replied honestly.

His Majesty the Emperor immediately furrowed his brows. “Damn it!”

Did the State Teacher also pick up the stupid slave like this? Even if it was Imperial Uncle, you can’t take advantage of him like this!

The Emperor angrily turned around and jumped down to the third floor, then charged straight towards the second floor.

Su Yu didn’t know what to do and only assumed that the Emperor had left on urgent business. Looking at the first stone chamber with the door open, he walked straight in.

There were five Qingyu in the stone chamber with the fishy blood removed, and there was also a bucket of boiling water. Recalling the method of killing Qingyu, Su Yu took a deep breath, picked up his knife, and started working.

The State Teacher instructed him to kill these fish and on the way roast them outside, he would offer this as a sacrifice to the heavens in the evening.

Although he didn’t understand why he still needed to roast the fish for the sacrificial ceremony, Su Yu put his reward - the largest Qingyu - into the fish basket and put it away, and then honestly roasted the remaining four.

It seemed that there were more seasonings today than yesterday, Su Yu mixed two kinds of barbecue sauce with great interest, one a salty flavor, and the other a kind of soy sauce, but the surface should be brushed with honey.

The grilled fish with honey sauce sizzled over the charcoal fire, and Su Yu started working from left to right, he was able to turn and grill two fish at the same time. He was working hard, but suddenly, he felt something was wrong.

Su Yu’s hand paused and slowly turned his head, only to see four pairs of sparkling eyes staring at him momentarily. Two big tabby cats and two small yellow cats squatted down in a row on the ground, looking straight at him.

He didn’t know when the State Teacher came up and sat behind the four cats, with one hand supporting his jaw, he gazed at him indifferently with his cold beautiful eyes.

Su Yu blinked, then blinked again.

“Where’s the Emperor?”

“The fish is burning.” The State Teacher reminded him softly.

“Ah!” Su Yu quickly flipped the fish over.

The two fish were grilled, and the State Teacher asked Su Yu to put them on a plate. Then, two more fish were grilled for the evening sacrifice to the heavens. By the time Su Yu finished grilling the two offerings to the heavens, the previous ones only had fishtails left.

After grilling fish at the Anguo Tower all afternoon and the attempt to coax Sauce back to Beiji Palace failed, Su Yu slowly returned alone, carrying his reward.

Considering the large group of cats in the Anguo Tower, Su Yu was very skeptical that the sacrificial offerings could be preserved until the evening.

Anyway, offering sacrifices to the heavens was none of his business. The top priority was to go back and cook a delicious grilled fish for the Emperor.

The tools at the Anguo Tower were rudimentary, and couldn’t be used to make high-end cuisine. There were chili peppers just sent by King Ling to Beiji Palace, so Su Yu was prepared to cook a meal of Wushan Grilled Whole Fish for the Emperor.

In the evening, His Majesty the Emperor came back with heavy footsteps, and as soon as he entered the palace hall, he collapsed on a soft couch and remained motionless.

“Your Majesty, what’s wrong?” Su Yu walked over and touched the Emperor’s forehead.

“Tired.” His Majesty the Emperor took the opportunity to put his head on Su Yu’s lap and stretched his waist.

A man’s body should be hard, and His Majesty the Emperor usually felt very firm to the touch, but when he stretches his back, he looks very flexible. His slender body was pulled into a bow and then quickly bounced back to encircle Su Yu.

“Did Your Majesty practice martial arts at the Anguo Tower this afternoon?” Su Yu looked at his high-risk movements and was very worried. He rubbed his waist for fear that he would pull a muscle.

“Hm…” Responding vaguely, His Majesty the Emperor was massaged so comfortably that he was about to fall asleep in a daze.

He and the State Teacher temporarily put aside their prejudices and returned o the fourth floor because the grilled fish was almost cooked.

After Su Yu left, An Hongche and his Imperial Uncle continued to discuss in depth the issue of “How did Imperial Uncle bring his niece-in-law up to the fourth floor yesterday.”.

King Ling and King Su, who ate and drank to their hearts' content, saw that the situation was not right, so they picked up the little chubby cat that was still licking its paws and ran away.

The result of the fight between His Majesty the Emperor and the State Teacher was that Su Yu no longer had to go to the Anguo Tower for three days, and only memorized the illustrated book with peace of mind at the Emperor’s side.

After three days, Su Yu went again and found a rope ladder built between the third and fourth floors. When he walked over, the yellow and white little chubby cat would appear on the fourth floor and then, puff and blowing with protruding buttocks, push down the rope ladder, then would climb up to the fifth floor in a flash, lest Su Yu climb up and touch him.

During these three days, Su Yu was tied to the Emperor. Accompanying reviewing the memorials in the morning, taking a nap in the afternoon, and playing around with him in the afternoon. In short, he was not allowed to leave half a step.

For three days in a row, the Imperial Censor tried to hit the pillar in the court hall, but His Majesty continued to do as he pleased. He insisted on using Su Yu as a cushion and for feeding him pastries when approving memorials, and also Su Yu was gradually immune to the minister's sharp gazes.

Su Yu discovered that the Emperor was starting to eradicate a portion of the forces in the court, using swift and resolute measures, not the slightest bit sloppy.

To put it mildly, in Su Yu’s opinion, the so-called pass like thunder and move like the wind actions could be summarized as simple and brutal. He wondered whether there was any problem with the Emperor ruling the country like this.

After all, many things were not as simple as they seem on the surface, and the Emperor’s speed in determining the right or wrong of a matter and a person's guilt or innocence were really too fast.

“Your Majesty, don’t you want to investigate again?” Su Yu watched the Emperor neatly write the word “Chop” on the memorial he just glanced at, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

“What’s there to investigate?” His Majesty threw the memorial aside, leaned against Su Yu and yawned.

“As long Zhen is here, the world will not lose its fairness.”


pass like thunder and move like the wind -> swift and decisive actions

“Chop” -> to behead

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