Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 6: The Inevitable Doomsday

Xun Yi planned to stay in this position, kill more zombies, and get more magic crystals. Zombies that were easy pickings were rare and shouldn’t be wasted.

Unfortunately, the building didn’t allow him to do so.

The building suddenly sank, and the sudden weightlessness caused Xun Yi to hit the wall.

Due to the tilted angle, the wall almost became the floor, and the tilt became even more severe.

Xun Yi gave up on the zombies and turned around to run back instead.

The building continued sinking.

He ran to Aunt Yu Xiao’s house and saw that they had already changed their clothes.

They were just about to climb up when the building suddenly tilted down, so they fell back to the innermost wall.

“Come up quickly!” Xun Yi urged.

Aunt Yu Xiao and Xun Keru climbed up using both hands and feet. Their shoes were replaced by hiking boots, which made it much more convenient for climbing.

Seeing them coming up, Xun Yi turned around and climbed to the door of his house heading to the window of the master bedroom.

Looking outside, the building almost tilted into a high slope. They could escape from the building by running down this slope.

The quality of the building was reflected in moments like this.

Many buildings in this high-end residential area collapsed as a whole instead of breaking into pieces. Otherwise, none of them would be able to escape and would be buried in the rubble. If that happened, no rescue team could ever save them.

“X-Xun Yi, help me, I... I can't climb up,” Xun Keru asked Xun Yi for help.

Xun Yi turned around and saw that Aunt Yu Xiao had almost made it. He stretched out his hand to her and pulled her up to sit on the wall outside the window.

“Ah! Xun Yi, Xun Yi, save me!! There are monsters, there are monsters!!!” Xun Keru's shrill scream rang again.

Xun Yi looked over and saw a zombie with red skin scratching the floor with its claw-like hands and crawling toward Xun Keru very quickly.

This zombie was a lot faster than ordinary zombies. Looking at its appearance, Xun Yi quickly went on high alert.

A ghoul?!

How long had it been since Doomsday arrived? An evolved ghoul had appeared?

Thinking of the hole in his abdomen caused by a ghoul’s sneak attack during his last attempt in the Land of Peril, Xun Yi felt his scalp tingling.

He was attacked by a ghoul even with his strength in the Land of Peril, not to mention now. With its lightning-fast speed, there was no way he could defeat it.

“Xun Yi, save me!” Xun Keru howled. Instead of moving up, she slowly slid down.

Xun Yi grabbed the curtain on the window, slid it down, and quickly grabbed the door. There was a loud bang.

Xun Yi slammed the door shut, and the ghoul crashed into the door.

Xun Yi locked the bedroom door, grabbed the curtain, and climbed up quickly. “Xun Ye.”

Xun Yi handed the saber to Xun Ye who was perched on his back. Xun Ye understood, grabbed the saber with both hands and stuck it into the strap for fear of losing it.

Passing by Xun Keru, Xun Yi grabbed her and lifted her.

“I'm warning you one last time. If you yell again, I’ll leave you behind.”

Aunt Yu Xiao was lying on the window. She stretched out her hands to pull Xun Keru up. Xun Yi used the curtains to flip over and out of the window.

“Let’s go!”

Without stopping, he stood up and ran down the wall quickly. At the same time, he took the saber handed over by Xun Ye, ready to fight.

As they ran down the outer wall of the building, the ghoul emerged from the window of another bedroom and chased after them quickly.

Yu Xiao and Xun Keru looked pale and ran as fast as they could while the ghoul kept chasing them.

The closer they got to the ground, the paler they became.

Only one chased after them, but countless others wandered the streets. If they rushed down like this, they would definitely be surrounded by zombies.

Of course, Xun Yi knew this. Rather than hiding in a dangerous building where he might be buried at any time, there was still a chance of survival if he ran out.

Since Doomsday had just started, he believed the levels of these zombies would not be too high. With his speed, it would be no problem to shake them off his tail.

Reality proved that Xun Yi was not the only smart person around. Seeing that they could no longer stay at home, the survivors who had been hiding at home climbed out of the windows and ran down the walls too.

As long as they didn’t want to be buried alive, they must run out even though there were zombies outside.

The ghoul chasing them jumped up and pounced on a survivor next to it. It bit the man's face, tore off a piece of flesh, quickly swallowed it, and took a second bite.

The man screamed and called for help. However, everyone was scared out of their wits and just wanted to escape. Who would save him?

As more survivors escaped, the zombies wandering outside also spread out.

Xun Yi held the sheath in his left hand and the hilt in his right as he jumped to the ground. While he was still in the air, he unsheathed his saber and chopped off the heads of the roaring zombies with one strike.

One, two, three zombies…

Xun Yi rushed forward, killing zombies one after another, leaving corpses of zombies wherever he passed.

He didn't have time to get the magic crystals. Saving his life was more important at this moment.

The survivors running around were constantly being knocked down and eaten by zombies.

As they scurried around to escape, they saw a young man wielding a saber in his hand. With every strike, a zombie would fall.

Everyone ran toward the young man unconsciously, following behind him, hoping to get his protection.

As a result, the spread-out zombies gathered together again.

Xun Yi frowned and glanced over his shoulder. Zombies from all directions were converging in their direction.

With a curse under his breath, he had no other choice but to keep running forward, which was all he could do.

Fortunately, these zombies were ordinary zombies of the lowest level. Their speed and strength were no match for Xun Yi, who was already at level 2, so he could fight his way out of the residential area single-handedly.

Xun Yi didn't know how many zombies he had killed. He could only see a flood of ‘+10, +10, +10’ flashing before his eyes.

He had no time to think about that. He only had zombies in his eyes, kill all the zombies that stood in his way!

Although many survivors followed Xun Yi, there were more zombies. Many survivors were knocked down by zombies while they ran. Only those who were lucky enough to run in the middle of the crowd survived.

Xun Yi rushed to the street and paused. As far as he could see, all the buildings had collapsed. The clean and neat city had turned into ruins, and he couldn't even find a hiding place.

However, amid these ruins, an intact and exquisite circular building with a pure white appearance and European architectural style stood at stark attention. Luxurious and gorgeous, it was a dazzling landmark of this city in the past, but now it had become a beacon in the night.

Xun Yi ran to the circular building without even thinking about it.

That was the only place where they could hide.

Xun Yi used his level 2 speed and ran to the circular building quickly. Fortunately, the distance was not too far, and he reached it after going through three streets.

Xun Yi initially thought that he would encounter many zombies on the way, but when he ran down the street, he found fewer zombies than he thought. He saw many corpses along the way, however, so someone must have passed by not long ago.

That made sense. That was almost the only intact building in this area. Where else could the survivors go besides running there?

Xun Yi's guess was correct. The closer he got to the circular building, the more corpses of zombies appeared. With the help of scrapped cars all over the street, he successfully delayed the zombies' advance.

The zombies’ limbs were relatively stiff. They could run in a straight line, but it would be difficult to avoid obstacles flexibly.

The zombies that chased after them fell in piles, giving the survivors in front who almost ran out of breath a chance to breathe.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the lobby on the first floor of the circular building was very tense. Two groups of survivors confronted each other.

One group of survivors was led by a man in a security uniform, and many of his followers wore the same uniform. They warily stared at the group of people opposite.

Another group of survivors was led by a man wearing a white shirt and long trousers.

He was tall and extremely handsome. The cuffs of his shirt were rolled up and he was holding a black saber in his hand. The saber was covered in black blood. He had obviously killed many zombies.

“Gao Jin, has your conscience been eaten by a dog? The whole building belongs to the Yin Consortium. You, a small security captain, actually want to take advantage of President Yin's absence to occupy the entire office building. Who gave you the courage?”

Lu Di pointed at the middle-aged man wearing a security uniform opposite and yelled.

The security captain Gao Jin no longer displayed the respectful attitude he used to have. He stood upright with his head held high and his chest puffed, looking very imposing.

Before doomsday, he dared not even raise his head in front of his boss, and his waist had never been straight. He felt extremely honored to work as a security guard at Yin Consortium. He worked diligently every day and cherished this job very much.

He never thought about anything else. He always thought that if he could work at Yin Consortium until retirement, he’d have nothing to worry about for the rest of his life.

Until doomsday suddenly arrived, all the rules were broken and everything was reshuffled. As the security captain, Gao Jin suddenly had ideas.

Doomsday was a world where the fittest survived. As security guards, they had been trained. Whether it was physical fitness or fighting skills, they were not comparable to ordinary people. Their starting point was higher than others. If they could level up and gain strength by killing zombies, who else could control them?

In that case, could he lead his security team and make a name for himself in Doomsday, where strength was the most important factor?

A cold smile appeared on Gao Jin's face. “Times have changed. It's doomsday now. No matter how rich the Yin Consortium is, can they use money to crush zombies? This is an era where the size of your fists has the final say, also the time for us little security guards to rule for once.”

Gao Jin looked at the handsome man in the lead sinisterly. “This building used to belong to your Yin Consortium, but now it's doomsday. Me and my people cleaned up the zombies here. Even if you are the president, you can't just rob others of the fruits of their labor, right? How many comrades did my security team sacrifice in order to clean this place? Why should we give it up to you?”

Yin Fuchuan straightened his rolled-up cuffs with graceful and slow movements, like a well-educated medieval nobleman, without any anger on his face.

“You have a point. In that case, you can have the first floor, and the second floor and above will belong to me.”

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