Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 59 - Illustrated Book

Chapter 59 - Illustrated Book

The Emperor who signed the blood pact seemed a bit tired, and he didn’t even read the memorials anymore. He leaned on Su Yu’s back and clamored to go to bed.

Su Yu could only drag the big plaster behind him to get up, then staggered and dragged the Emperor to the dragon bed. The big plaster fell onto the bed without letting go, taking him down to the bedding.

The Emperor hugged Su Yu’s waist and rubbing his cheek against his back, he fell asleep contently hugging him.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty?” Su Yu moved his body and couldn’t get a response for a while, so he could only struggle to sit up by himself.

His Majesty actually didn’t even take off his outer garment and just fell asleep straight away. Su Yu slowly removed the hand on his waist, then turned around to help him undress.

The candlelights in the main hall of Beiji Palace were bright enough to clearly illuminate the sleeping face of the Emperor.

The sleeping Emperor looked much cuter than when he was awake, quiet and well-behaved, but his originally light pink thin lips seemed a bit pale today.

Su Yu frowned with some worry. He didn’t know how the blood contract signed with the Emperor was different from the one made with the State Teacher, but he knows that the State Teacher would not use this method to make a contract with someone.

He didn’t feel anything special now, but he was afraid that there was some harm to the Emperor’s body.

Su Yu leaned down and took a closer look, gently poking those beautifully shaped lips with his finger. In his sleep, the Emperor couldn’t bear the disturbance and raised his head slightly upwards. With a slight smile on his lips, Su Yu withdrew his evil hand and slowly brought his face closer, dropping a light kiss on those thin lips.

And then, he got up and began to peel off the dragon robe.

His Majesty the Emperor slept so deeply, that he didn’t even wake up when Su Yu took off his middle coat, but his ears buried in the bedding had already turned beet red.

That night, the Emperor didn’t wake him up in the middle of the night, but Su Yu consciously woke up. When he opened his eyes in a daze, he saw the tassels moving around the bedside, his unclear mind couldn’t think clearly, and he thought that Sauce was up again in the middle of the night to play around.

Moonlight shone through the window ledge, and in the gradually clear vision, His Majesty, with a hand outstretched, was playfully fiddling with the tassels on the head on the bed.

“Your Majesty?” Su Yu called out softly.

His Majesty’s movements paused for a moment and he turned his head to look at him.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Su Yu moved over to the Emperor’s side.

“Hmph.” The Emperor gave an ambiguous snort, reached out, and embraced him. He rubbed his head against Su Yu’s neck and didn’t speak.

Skin to skin, there was a more subtle sense of connection than in the previous hug. It felt very comfortable, but it also reminded Su Yu of the unfinished question he had before going to bed.

“Your Majesty, I heard you say something when the contract was completed, but at the time we were still…hmm…”

The unfinished words were blocked between the lips of His Majesty the Emperor, he kissed the wordy fellow until he was dizzy and then the Emperor grunted.

“If you want Zhen to kiss you, just say it directly. What’s the point of doing things in such a big circle.” Then he roughly cradled the person into his arms, rested his chin on Su Yu’s head, then closed his eyes to sleep.

“It’s not…” Su Yu mumbled. He gently pushed the strong chest in front of him, and unable to move it, had to give up.

He slightly tilted his face, revealing his nose, and listening to the Emperor’s steady and powerful heartbeat, he gradually fell asleep. About the blood pact, I’d better ask the State Teacher tomorrow, ba.

The next day, when he went to the Anguo Tower, Su Yu, who was seeking help from others, brought a large food box.

Pancakes with seafood flavored sauce, fried shredded squid with chili sauce, fried shrimp with garlic, spicy razor clams, and the newly developed spicy crab sticks.

A dazzling array of seafood snacks were placed on a low red sandalwood table, just looking at it makes one’s mouth water.

The State Teacher, who had originally closed his eyes to rest on the soft couch, slowly opened his eyes. His clear and cold gaze wandered between the snacks and Su Yu for a moment.

“Speak, ba. What do you want to ask?”

It was always a little embarrassing to be seen through at a glance. Su Yu scratched his head and sat on a footstool beside the soft couch with a place of fried shrimp.

“Chen just wants to know, how should Chen complete this blood pact, what impact will it have on both parties?”

The State Teacher twirled a shrimp and slowly and methodically took a bite. The stir-fried garlic powder had a special aroma, which was delicious when sprinkled on the open back of the shrimp. Gradually finishing a whole shrimp elegantly, the State Teacher slowly spoke.

“Just hand over a drop of blood from the fingertip, and the rest will be dealt with by Benzuo. This blood pact can let Benzuo know if you have leaked any secrets, and as for the rest, it doesn’t affect anything.”

Blood from the fingertip, not blood from the tongue tip! Su Yu blinked.

“Then is there any difference in using blood from other places?”

Upon hearing this, the State Teacher frowned slightly and said.

“The ten fingers are linked with the heart, and half of the blood on the fingertips is from the heart, so it’s natural to use them.”

“Then…” Su Yu handed over another shrimp and stealing a glance at the State Teacher’s expression, carefully asked.

“Is there any special phenomenon at the moment of signing the contract, such as hearing what the other person is thinking in their hearts?”

“Nn?” The State Teacher’s hand holding the shrimp paused for a beat and he looked firmly into Su Yu’s eyes.

The clear and cold eyes reflected the sunlight, seemly as if there were streams of light flashing through them. Su Yu was in a trance for a moment, secretly sighing that the beautiful eyes of the State Teacher were really too beautiful.

“You signed a blood pact with the Emperor?” The State Teacher’s originally casual voice suddenly became cold and solemn, and the person also sat up.

“Yes…” Su Yu swallowed his saliva.

“Is this blood pact any different from the usual ones?”

The State Teacher lowered his eyes and said.

“Ordinary blood pacts, only Benzuo can draw up, the kind the Emperor…”

“Meow!” Before finishing the sentence, a golden kitten suddenly came down from upstairs and threw himself into the arms of the State Teacher.

“Sauce, don’t make trouble!” Su Yu quickly went to fetch the cat so as not to offend the State Teacher.

“Meoww--” The kitten slapped away Su Yu’s hand grumpily, his amber eyes glaring at the State Teacher, warning him not to speak carelessly.

The State Teacher gave Su Yu a deep look.

“How is this blood pact different, you will know in the future. Anyhow His Majesty will never harm you.”

Since the blood contract has been signed, Su Yu could freely enter and leave the fourth floor of Anguo Tower. The State Teacher also seemed to treat him a lot more casually.

“Go to the third floor and find a copy of <Mountains and Rivers Illustrated Book>, come and while you’re at it hang this cat on the soft silk ribbon for it to go up.” He threw the golden furball to Su Yu, then the State Teacher took out a pot of ginger tea and began enjoying the snacks.

Su Yu honestly went to the third floor to search. Looking at the silk ribbon hanging from the fourth floor, and then looking at the furball in his arms again, he decided to hold the cat for a while longer and put it back when he found the book.

The entire third floor was filled with books, making people dazzled. After searching for a while, Su Yu couldn’t see any pattern in the arrangement of the books. Next to the <Da’an Laws and Regulations> was the <Intrumental Music Classics>, and next to the <History of the Former Dynasties> was <The Legend of the Scholar White Fox>...

His Majesty the Emperor, who was nestled in Su Yu’s arms couldn’t bear to look at it anymore. He jumped off his shirt and in two to three jumps, he climbed to the top of the bookshelf.”Clatter” Large and thick books poured down, almost burying Su Yu.

“Sauce, come down quickly!” Su Yu hurriedly picked up the books and put them back one by one.

Suddenly, he saw a three-fingers thick <Mountains and Rivers Illustrated Book> among them.

Hanging the golden kitten on the soft silk, he patted the furry little butt and said. “Go play by yourself.” Then he gleefully went downstairs, leaving the stiff His Majesty the Emperor hanging on the silk ribbon swaying with the breeze.

When Su Yu returned to the second floor, the food on the five plates was already cleaned up. The State Teacher held a cup of ginger tea and the two big tabby cats stared at each other in consternation.

“Eh?” Su Yu, seeing these two cats, immediately approached curiously.

“Why are they here?”

“Freeloading for food.” The State Teacher took the book from Su Yu’s hand and ignored the two big cats.

“Last time His Majesty said the same thing.” Su Yu suppressed a smile, and seeing the two tabby cats' smooth and glossy appearance, he reached out to pet them.

The two big cats were naturally more agile than the little chubby kitten, and they definitely wouldn’t let Su Yu’s wandering hands succeed. “Whoosh”, Leaping off the table, they ran upstairs in unison.

Grabbing the silk ribbons and climbing up, they bumped into His Majesty the Emperor who was still hanging in place.

“You Majesty, can’t climb anymore?” The black and yellow cat approached and asked with a smile.

His Majesty glanced at his Seventeenth Uncle and stepped on his head, rushing up to the fourth floor.

“Ow!” King Ling let out a mournful cry and turned around to complain to his elder brother.

The black and white cat in charge of the bring up the rear caught up and gave him a paw without hesitation.

“What are you doing in a daze, get up there!” Then, following the footsteps of the Holy One, stepped on his younger brother’s head.

“Are these cats all kept in the Anguo Tower?” Su Yu asked as he listened to the noisy cat calls upstairs.

“No, it’s not.” The State Teacher flipped through the <Mountains and Rivers Illustrated Book> in his hand and threw it to Su Yu.

“Memorize everything on it within three days.”

“Ah?” Su Yu’s eyes widened. Su Yu didn’t accompany the Emperor to approve the memorials this morning so he finally managed to memorize the <Fish Killing Heart Law>.

After memorizing he gained a deeper understanding of how to kill Qingyu, he had originally planned to practice at the Anguo Tower again today, but unexpectedly the State Teacher asked him to memorize another book.

You can tell by the title of the book that this was an atlas about the geographical environment of the Da’an Dynasty. As a cook, what is he memorizing the <Mountains and Rivers Illustrated Book> for? Wrinkling his brows and flipping it open, Su Yu was dumbfounded.

The drawings in the book were all meticulous colored paintings, exquisite and lifelike. But the question was, who can explain why there are so many different kinds of fish painted in “Mountains and Rivers” illustrated book?

In the beginning, there was a vivid Qingyu, and there was written a detailed annotation.

“Shaped like a carp with swine hair, to see it means a severe drought in all lands under the heaven.” The next fish Su Yu had never heard of, such as:

“Yingyu, fish body with bird wings, sounds like a mandarin duck, to see it means there will be a great flood.”;

“Lenggui, fish body with a tortoise shell, to see it means there will be a great storm.”...

Remembering the flashy drawings in Su Ji’s Recipes, Su Yu blinked.

Could those indistinct ink dots be these strange fish? If it’s related to the recipes, he’s quite willing to study it, so he got up and was about to bid farewell.

“Slow down.” The State Teacher raised his hand to stop Su Yu’s movements.

“Go back and memorize this book. Tonight, we will offer a sacrifice to the heavens, on the fourth floor Benzuo has already removed the fishy blood of several Qingyu, you go and kill them all.”

Su Yu: “...” Sure enough, neither the school assignment nor the homework could be escaped.

“After killing, you can take away one of the killed ones with you.” The State Teacher took a light sip of ginger tea and said with pleasure.

“Chen will go now.” Su Yu was full of enthusiasm when he thought of making grilled fish for the Emperor.

Although the State Teacher did not tell him the difference in the blood contract made with the Emperor, considering the pale lips of the Emperor last night, he knew that this unconventional thing was harmful to his body, so he had to give him a good tonic no matter what.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Answering Questions in Anguo Tower Classroom

Little Fish: What is the relationship between the Mountains and Rivers Illustrated Book and Fish?

Thirteenth Uncle: Mountains and Rivers are related to the country!

Seventeenth Uncle: The illustrated book is related to the ancestral teachings!

State Teacher: The Mountains and Rivers Illustrated Book is related to the fate of the country!

The ancestral motto of the An family: Consolidate my rivers and mountains, guard my fresh fish!


dragon robe->emperor's court dress

Benzuo->this seat


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