Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 58 - The Contract

Chapter 58 - The Contract

Su Yu immediately understood the meaning and picked up a large piece of grilled fish, blew it, and then passed it to Cat Daye’s mouth.

His Majesty loosened his tail and looked at the grilled fish covered with sauce. He tilted his head, opened his mouth, and gestured for a moment, then closed his mouth again and tilted it to the other side to ensure the sauce won’t get on his whiskers, then he took a bite.

Wretched stupid slave, don’t you know how to pinch a small piece.

Su Yu stole a glance at the State Teacher, he intentionally pinched a large piece of flesh, fearing that the State Teacher would not like to eat with a cat at the same table.

If he chased the cat off the table, he could say that the cat had bitten into this piece and then give it all to the cat.

However, it seems that the State Teacher did not care about the two cats squatting on the table. He didn’t know where he found a jade pot, in which was a clear-colored wine. He conveniently poured a cup for Su Yu.

The wine had a light taste, a little sweet and sour. It was very refreshing and a perfect match for the slightly oily grilled Qingyu.

“What kind of wine is this?” Su Yu looked curiously at the light red liquor in the white jade cup.

“Look at the color, what kind of wine do you think it is?” The State Teacher elegantly picked up a piece of fish and moved it to his mouth, then took a sip at the white jade cup.

“This…” Su Yu scratched his head. He didn’t have a deep understanding of these ancient flowers and fruit wines and only know a few.

“Mulberry wine.” Raising his finger to flick away the chubby furry head that tried to steal a drink, the State Teacher added another cup to Su Yu.

“I will teach you how to make wine some other day.”

Su Yu didn’t care much and casually agreed, his attention was drawn to the fluffy golden kitten.

Seeing that the Cat Daye did not want to gnaw on the big piece of fish, he handed the rest to the little chubby cat, then he picked up a piece to fill his mouth and ate it one bite at a time with His Majesty the Emperor in turns.

His Highness King Zhao did not care a bit about his elder brother’s bite, and blissfully held the fish and gobbled it up.

A foot-long Qingyu was enough for two people and two cats to have a good meal.

Before leaving, Su Yu asked the State Teacher for the two fish skeletons. Originally, he wanted to beg for a Qingyu to bring back to the Emperor to eat, however, the State Teacher said that this strange fish was still a top secret and that it could not be taken out of Anguo Tower, so he could only retreat and ask for that instead. The two skeletons were taken away.

According to <Su Ji’s Recipes>, this Qingyu not only was rich and flavorful, but the soup made from fish bones was also very delicious.

Fish soup was usually cooked with fish meat, but because the Qingyu flesh had a high oil content it wasn’t good for boiling soup to drink, roasting over fire was more suitable to eat it.

The fish bones were quite magical, after being put in boiling water, within a quarter of an hour there were already signs of cooking, and after half an hour, all the fish bones disappeared without a trace.

Su Yu carefully stirred with a thin colander, but he could not find a single fish bone, moreover, the soup had turned into a milky white color. Just sprinkling some fine salt and scallions, the taste was very delicious.

The Emperor was originally very dissatisfied with Su Yu’s offering of “Fish bone soup” but after a sip, he drank three bowls in a row before stopping.

His Majesty, who ate and drink to his heart's content, became idle again. He lay on a cushion and circled Su Yu, leisurely wagging his tail, then he remembered that he was now in human form and had no tail, so he took a step back and waved his feet as an alternative.

“Your Majesty, do you know about the blood pact?” Su Yu tried to retrieve the memorial thrown by the Emperor, but the Emperor hugged him too tightly, so he couldn’t move at all. He had no alternative but to give up and instead asked about the blood contract.

According to the State Teacher, if he wanted to have a deeper relationship with the imperial family, he must sign a blood contract.

Su Yu was not interested in the work of preparing sacrificial offerings for the ancestors of the An family. If he wanted to learn how to kill fish, he had to make a “blood pact”, such a mysterious and scary sounding thing, it was not a good deal.

However, when he left Anguo Tower, the State Teacher said something that forced him to re-examine the issue of the blood pact.

“If you want to have a long and lasting relationship with the Emperor, the blood pact is a must.”

An Hongche was originally concentrating on fiddling with the tassels on Su Yu’s waist when he heard the words “Blood Pact” and his exposed ear twitched slightly.

“The State Teacher asked you to sign a blood pact?”

“En.” Su Yu gave an account of what happened in the Anguo Tower today, but he was embarrassed to say the State Teacher’s last words.

“This blood pact is extraordinary. Once it’s signed, it will last forever.” An Hongche frowned slightly, looking up at him.

“Do you want to sign a blood pact just to learn how to kill fish?”

“Of course not…” Su Yu scratched his head somewhat sheepishly. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to “Have a long and lasting relationship with the Emperor”.

If he didn’t say it, he would appear a bit foolish, but if he did he would be embarrassed to say it.

“Why is it?” His Majesty sat up and stared directly into Su Yu’s eyes.

The blood pact with the royal family is very different, he must know Su Yu’s true thoughts.

“Hm, because the State Teacher said, um…” Su Yu clenched the corner of his clothes a little awkwardly, he really didn’t know what to say.

An Hongche carefully recalled what the State Teacher had said today, and suddenly a flash of light came to him.

When the State Teacher finally said that sentence, His Majesty the Emperor was nestling in Su Yu’s arms to digest… The corners of the eyes that were slightly raised gradually curved into a crescent moon.

Hmph, Zhen knew this stupid slave cannot beat to leave Zhen!

As expected, even Imperial Uncle could see that the stupid slave likes Zhen to an inconceivable degree!

Su Yu stammered and couldn’t speak clearly, he hadn’t seen the irascible Emperor interrupt him for a long time. Just as he was thinking, the Emperor suddenly said: “Since you want a sign a blood pact, why not sign it with Zhen.”

“Ah? You Majesty can also do it?” Su Yu always believed that this esoteric and mysterious thing only existed with the esoteric and mysterious State Teacher, he didn’t expect that the Emperor could do it too.

“Hmph!” His Majesty was very dissatisfied with Su Yu’s behavior of questioning him. With one hand, he pulled Su Yu into his arms, and before he could say anything else, he sealed his mouth with his lips.

Su Yu’s eyes widened, wasn’t he seriously discussing the issue of blood pacts? How did it suddenly become…Hm…

The warm lips became soft during the shifting and grinding. There was a hint of fragrance of mulberry wine between the lips and teeth, fresh and delicious.

An Hongche held Su Yu’s head tightly and wouldn’t let him move. Instinctively, he wanted to taste more, so he followed his heart and explored deeper.

“Hmm…” Su Yu, who had been kissed to the point of becoming a mess, suddenly felt the tip of his tongue hurt, which was quickly bitten by His Majesty the Emperor. The taste of blood suddenly came into his mouth, then His Majesty’s tongue approached and matched the tip of his tongue.

He felt the blood on the tip of his tongue suddenly being drawn away, and his tongue began to tingle from the blood loss.

At this strange moment, Su Yu felt no fear at all, and thought to himself in a daze, the secret of the imperial family isn’t that they are all vampires, right?

Vampire? His Majesty frowned slightly, what was this stupid slave thinking about again?

When Su Yu thought his tongue was about to be ruined, a warm stream of blood suddenly poured back from the joined spot, and it felt incredibly comfortable. Suddenly, a sentence popped into his mind.

“Stupid slave, what are you thinking about again?”

Slowly separating, Su Yu blinked and said: “Your Majesty, did you speak just now?”

“Contract complete.” The Emperor ignored him and just faintly spat out these two words.

“What contract?” Su Yu was somewhat unable to react.

“Was that the blood pact just now?”

An Hongche smiled smugly.

“But…” Su Yu pursed his slightly swollen red lips and looked at the Emperor suspiciously.

“Is it also like this to make a blood pact with the State Teacher?”

His Majesty’s smile froze for a moment, and a suspicious blush appeared on his ears.

“Of, of course not!”

The author has something to say:

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Wang Gonggong’s friendly reminder: I am also a male(?) who has signed a blood pact with the State Teacher

Little Fish: …Your Majesty, be honest, what kind of contract did you make with me?

Cat Gong: Selling one’s body(⊙ω⊙)


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