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Chapter 57 - The Sacrificial Offering

Chapter 57 - The Sacrificial Offering

Su Yu was indeed shocked when he entered the fourth floor.

Unlike the bright second and third floors, the fourth floor was dark without lights. The floor, columns, and furniture were all made of black stone with gold sand.

The clear sunlight poured down, connecting with the light from the third floor, and forming a pillar of light in the middle of the tower. In the light pillar, there was a silk ribbon with tiny silver bells, and where the light pillar could not reach was pitch black.

The State Teacher flicked his fingertips, and with a “whoosh”, the candles on the stone pillars instantly ignited.

The candlesticks were shaped like a coiled dragon, winding up along the stone pillar. Hundreds of candles were lined up in order and they ignited spontaneously one by one from the bottom.

Su Yu clenched the fish basket in his hand and the Qingyu in the basket splashed twice in response to this scene. No matter how you look at it, this scene looks like it’s from a horror movie.

The candles on the eight stone pillars lit up at the same time and the originally dark fourth floor was suddenly as bright as day, even overshadowing the light pillar in the center.

Su Yu discovered that the reason why the fourth floor was so dark was because there were no windows. The eight walls were divided into eight stone chambers by stone slabs, and the stone gates were closed, completely shutting out the light from outside the tower.

“Imperial Uncle, what’s in these stone chambers?” Su Yu got his courage and opened his mouth to ask.

“Sacrificial offerings.” The thin pink lips poured out two words.

The State Teacher glanced at the stone chambers and a bit of mockery appeared in his cold eyes.

Sacrificial, sacrificial offerings!

All kinds of terrifying scenes flashed through Su Yu’s mind.

Maybe there were countless young boys and girls kept in there like lambs to be slaughtered; Maybe there was an unrivaled beauty with tears in her eyes, not knowing when tomorrow will come; Maybe there were ninety-nine chopped-off heads of villains stored there, only waiting for the day of the sacrifice to burn the offerings to the heaven…

The imperial family sure enough had many hidden secrets, Su Yu regretted that he followed the State Teacher to the fourth floor.

Today’s affairs must not be good, he decided to speak less, the more you know, the faster you die. Once you know what those sacrificial offerings were, it is estimated that the blood contract must be signed.

The State Teacher watched Su Yu’s face change several times with interest, then he slowly said:

“ The matter of the sacrificial offering is related to the fate of the nation. From the first time Benzuo saw you in the concubine selection, Benzuo could see that you are very suitable to make a sacrificial offering.”

“Clang” The fish basket in Su Yu’s hands suddenly fell to the ground, and his whole body felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

You are very suitable to make a sacrificial offering, suitable to make a sacrificial offering, sacrificial offering…

The great calamity is coming, a foreign star descends to the world…

Are you sure? This concerns the fate of the nation…

The Qingyu flopped out of the basket, it left the water for so long but it was still alive and kicking. It struggled to move its ugly body on the floor and opened its mouth to bite Su Yu’s foot.

Su Yu took a few steps back, his hands and feet ice-cold. The only thing that came to his mind at that moment was the handsome face of the Emperor. “As long as you are obedient, Zhen won’t tell anyone.” The man said he would protect him, where was he now? Does he still have any hope of leaving Anguo Tower alive? How sad would it be if he never saw him again…

The State Teacher walked slowly to a stone gate and put a white almost transparent hand on the gate. His beautiful voice was like a chant from ancient times.

“Let me show you, the sacrificial offerings to our ancestors.”

The thick stone door suddenly opened, and a blinding light surged out of the door. Su Yu closed his eyes, then he summoned the courage to open them to take a look and suddenly froze.

However he saw behind the stone gate, there was a spacious stone room, with many black and gold shelves, and the shelves were densely packed with countless…dried fish.

“Ka Ka Ka!” A strange sound came from his feet, Su Yu lowered his head and saw the Qingyu going all out still trying to bite his foot.

Raising his hand, he picked up the fish, put it into the basket, and walked over with it.

“Imperial Uncle, this, is this, the sacrificial offerings?” The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched.

“This is just one of them.” The State Teacher picked up a dried fish casually, elegantly tearing off a small piece, and put it in his mouth.

“Only after you sign the blood pact can you see the rest.”

Su Yu held his forehead, the State Teacher's statement “You are very suitable to make a sacrificial offering” turned out to be “You are very suitable to help make dried fish”.

As for what’s in the other stone chambers…he no longer has any more hopes.

In the center of the stone room, there was a dark golden stone table, and on it lay exquisite cutting boards and fish knives.

“Today, let me show you how to use Inner Force to kill fish.” The State Teacher threw the dried fish in his hand aside, took out a jade bucket carved with intricate cloud patterns, and twirled out a jade knife about an inch long.

The jade knife was as thin as a cicada’s wings, and a lifelike jade dragon was carved on the handle of the knife. Pinched in the slender and white hands of the State Teacher brought out the best of each other, very pleasing to the eye.

Taking the Qingyu handed over by Su Yu, the thin knife the in the hand of the State Teacher gently rotated, quickly making a slit in the fish’s spine. Pinching the belly of the fish with one hand, he applied force with the palm of his hand.

Even if Su Yu was a layman, he could feel a surge of force, and with a “hualala”, he saw some black liquid spraying out from the knife edge, spilling all over in the white jade bucket.

Su Yu leaned over and looked, the black liquid exuded an indelible stench. No wonder “Su Ji’s Recipes” emphasized that it was necessary to remove the fishy blood with Inner Force, unless this thing was removed it couldn’t be eaten at all.

The State Teacher lightly threw the fish in his hand into the air and the jade knife flipped between his fingers and his hands were like Fa Shi making seals.

The technique was complex and magnificent. Before Su Yu could see what was going on, the fish had already been beheaded and gilled, and all its bones and flesh were separated.

Su Yu stared blankly for a moment. It was only after a while that a sentence popped out:

“Imperial Uncle, you forgot to cut the hair.”

The State Teacher paused while wiping his hands with a silk handkerchief and slowly glanced at the fish whose flesh was separated from the bones but still with black hair. His long eyelashes trembled slightly and after a moment, he said: “Kill another one.”

This time, apart from removing the fishy blood, Su Yu will do the rest of the steps. It was not difficult for Su Yu to remove the black hair by boiling it in hot water, then the fish gills were grasped and the flesh and bones automatically separated.

Although the Qingyu was rather unattractive, the quality of the meat of the fish was really good. The recipe said that it would taste like a roasted suckling pig after roasting, so he couldn’t help but be a little eager to try.

Fearing that the fire might damage the sacrificial offerings, the State Teacher led him out of the stone chamber and found a charcoal brazier outside, then from nowhere conjured a bag of seasonings. He sat happily on a black gold stone chair, holding his chin with one hand and watching Su Yu roast fish.

The flesh of the Qingyu was white and tender, with a slight pink hue. Being roasted over the fire, it quickly turned brown. Su Yu carefully sprinkled seasonings on top, then improvised a dish of barbecue sauce, and brushed it repeatedly.

Because according to the recipe, it could taste like a roasted suckling pig, he brushed another layer of honey on it.

After brushing with a honey glaze, the fish began to ooze with oil and an indescribable aroma spread out.

The State Teacher’s eyes slowly opened, and the silver bell on the silk ribbon hanging in the center of the hall suddenly emitted a crip ring.

Su Yu was startled. There were only two people in the tower, he and the State Teacher, and there was no wind on the fourth floor, so how did the bell ring? In the darkness of Anguo Tower, anything could happen.

Su Yu suddenly turned around and saw the silk ribbon swinging from side to side, two fluffy kittens were hanging from it, wiggling and slowly climbing down.

The golden kitten reached out neatly, and his claws hooked on the silk ribbon and quickly moved downward, while the chubby yellow and white kitten was not so good, and hung on it at loss for what to do.

“Sauce!” Su Yu ran over pleasantly surprised and raised his hands to catch the kitten jumping down.

Unexpectedly, the fella he hadn’t seen in several days was on the fifth floor of the Anguo Tower.

“Meoww--” The little chubby cat felt like weeping but had no tears and turned to the State Teacher for help.

The State Teacher glanced at him and without consulting anyone set forth to pick up a pair of jade chopsticks and gracefully tasted Su Yu’s freshly roasted fish. There was absolutely no intention of helping his poor nephew.

“Meow!” The golden kitten in his arms immediately struggled to jump onto the table and the little chubby kitten also stopped meowing. He jumped straight down, rolled on the ground, staggered along and grabbed the snow-colored hem of the State Teacher’s clothes, and climbed up.

“How is it, does it taste like a suckling pig?” Su Yu sat down with Sauce in his arms. He tasted it himself and suddenly froze.

The aroma was unlike any other type of fish in the past, the fragrance was very thick and heavy. It really tasted like roast suckling pig, but unlike real pork, the fish was tender but not greasy, and it melts in the mouth immediately.

After swallowing it, the delicious aroma of seafood remained between his lips and teeth. Really delicious!

His Majesty the Emperor broke away from Su Yu’s hand and jumped onto the stone table, slapping his younger brother who was trying to bite directly, then he wrapped his tail around Su Yu’s wrist and tugged it towards the grilled fish.

Stupid slave, still not giving Zhen food yet!

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<Sacrifices to the Ancestors Should be Safely Preserved>

Little Fish: It must be very hard for the State Teacher to guard the sacrificial offerings

Thirteenth Uncle: (Solemnly picking up a dried fish) Recently, snakes and mice have been spreading unchecked. Let me see if there hasn’t been any damage to the sacrificial offering

State Teacher: (Lift his paw, slaps him flying)

Seventeenth Uncle: (Chuckles and picked up a dried fish) Recently, the weather has been cloudy and humid. Let me help you move the sacrificial offerings to bask in the sun

State Teacher: (Lift his paw, slaps him flying)

Younger Brother: (Secretly hides a dried fish) Imperial Uncle, I think there’s a shortage of cleaning rags in this storeroom, let me lend a hand.

State Teacher: (Lift his paw, picks up the younger brother, wipes the dried fish rack, and swats him flying)


Fa Sh -> Master, a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest

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