My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 56: Talisman Pandemonium

The steward said anxiously, “If the little Gongzi is willing to tell me how you tamed the wood sparrow, not only will you get this one you caught for free, but the beast fortress will also give you another one.”

Jing Yue smiled and said, “This is wishful thinking on your part. Although it is difficult to tame a wood sparrow, it’s not that expensive for one. Once the master is recognized, we can buy one for 8,000 spirit stones, so it’ll only add up to 16,000 for two. This talisman of mine is supposed to make a lot of money for me. Is it only worth that much in your eyes?”

Steward, “Then how much is Gongzi asking for?”

Jing Yue, “The method of making the talisman is not for sale, but if someone is keen to tame a wood sparrow, they can find me in Bliss City.”

The steward’s expression changed instantly. “Bliss City? Are you from Nine Heaven Academy?”

Jing Yue, “Bliss City is such a big place. Must we be from the academy?”

He took out his sect token and waved it in front of the steward. “Just go to a shop belonging to Frostcloud Sect and state your intentions. I have my ways to find out.”

When the steward saw the token from Frostcloud Sect, his heart was a little more settled. Frostcloud Sect was such a big sect. This couldn’t be a scam, right? Could this kind of talisman really exist?

He felt even more agitated. If the beast fortress got hold of such talismans, and someone came to tame a wood sparrow in the future, they would be able to sell the talisman while selling the birds too. It could be said to kill two birds with one stone, a great income generator!

But the other party obviously wouldn’t reveal the method. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Gongzi, do you still have any talismans? Why don’t you sell us some first?”

Jing Yue pretended to be reluctant. “The raw material for this type of talisman is very expensive and the success rate is low.”

The steward thought that no matter how expensive it was, it couldn’t cost more than hundreds of beast-suppression charms, so he quickly asked for the price.

Jing Yue, “200 spirit stones for one talisman then.”

200! The steward still felt the pinch.

Jing Yue, “Alas, I also know the price is a little too high, but I can’t help it. If you find it difficult to make a decision, we can forget it.”

Steward, “No way!” He gritted his teeth. “We will take all that you have!”

At worst, they could sell it at a higher price! After all, the wood sparrow was already sold for thousands of spirit stones, so the cultivators might be willing to afford a few hundred more. Besides, maybe there was a chance to break the rune, and the beast fortress would be able to refine it on its own in the future.

Jing Yue, “I only have five left. I’ve tried my best to produce them.”

The steward nodded violently.

The steward who was immersed in the plan of making money didn’t notice the complicated expressions on the Ran sibling’s faces. In fact, after Ran Yu tamed the wood sparrow, Jing Yue used the remaining cinnabar to draw a dozen more talismans. Moreover, they had seen the materials Jing Yue used to produce the talisman, which added up to only a few dozen spirit stones. Besides, the most important skyspirit wood was taken from the beast fort and they picked a lot before leaving. This business was simply too profitable.

It seemed that the Laozu of Frostcloud Sect was very adept at doing business.

However, Jing Yue, who was silently praised by the Ran siblings, was rejoicing. Fortunately, during this period, he learned some ways of doing business from Wang Xiaoli. In the past, he would probably just sell it honestly at twice the cost price, but now… the price was black, but he was happy!

In short, during this trip to the beast fort, the Ran siblings got the wood sparrow they wanted, and Jing Yue also found a new way to make money, so everyone was very satisfied.

On the way back, Ran Yu took out the bag of spirit stones again. Jing Yue only took the money for the beast-suppression charm. As for Ku Sheng, he wouldn’t take a single spirit stone.

Ran Yu saw his determination and had to give up.

When they arrived at Nine Heaven Academy, it was already the third night.

The Ran siblings bade farewell to Jing Yue, but they did not expect to be stopped on the road.


As soon as Ran Yu raised her head, she saw a woman dressed in white standing quietly under the pale moonlight, giving off a hazy dreamlike atmosphere.

“It turned out to be Meng-shijie. Is anything the matter?”

Meng Wan glanced at her. “200 thousand spirit stones, you give Ku Sheng to me.”

Ran Yu was taken aback, and even Ran Ping, who was so mesmerized by Meng Wan that he was a little distracted, was stunned, and did not make a sound for a while.

Meng Wan only thought that the two of them were hesitating and she was filled with self-confidence. 200 thousand spirit stones, the Laozu of Frostcloud Sect could easily refuse. But Ran Yu, who came from a small clan, could hardly resist the temptation.

The only possible obstacle was that the Ran siblings were afraid to offend Jing Yue and had to reject her. However, no matter how high Jing Yue’s status, he was just the patriarch of Frostcloud Sect. Could he interfere in other people’s private trades? Presumably, the siblings would understand.

Sure enough, she saw a flash of hesitation in Ran Yu's eyes, and then her lips slightly parted.

Meng Wan was triumphant. She would make Jing Yue understand that the so-called destined person was just a big joke!

Unfortunately, there were always unpleasant misunderstandings in life.

“Meng-shijie, Ku Sheng said you cheated its feelings and it hates you.”

Meng Wan, “…”

She held back her anger and said solemnly, “Why does Ran-shimei say this?”

Ran Yu said in distress, “Ku Sheng told me this. I don’t know what’s going on. It said it tried to get close to you but you guarded against it and broke its heart.”

Meng Wan couldn't stand it anymore and said angrily, “How can a wooden sword have its heart broken? Stop talking nonsense!”

Ran Yu was unhappy now. “Meng-shijie, I finally understand why Ku Sheng hates you. In your mind, it’s just a wooden sword. But to me, it’s my friend and my relative!”

As soon as the words were spoken, Ku Sheng hanging on her waist immediately shook happily, making a cheerful sword sound, and Meng Wan was so angry that she waved her sleeves and walked away.

However, no one noticed a pair of beady eyes in the shadow that kept watching them, and hurriedly fled from the scene of the crime after the farce was over.

“Jing-jing, do you know? When Meng Wan offered to buy Ku Sheng for 200 thousand, Ji-ji knew that she won’t succeed. Because in the domineering CEO novels, the plot of ‘I give you money and you leave him’ is a classic cannon fodder trope and the true heroine will definitely refuse! But what a pity, they’re not fighting over you but over a sword.”

At this time, blue phoenix shook its head as it reported and analyzed.

“In fact, they can be regarded as the standard red and white models, but Jing-jing said your red and white models are Ji-ji!” Without any warning, blue phoenix became intoxicated and perfectly ignored Jing Yue’s previous retort. “I know you love Ji-ji the most!”

Jing Yue deliberately made a bored yawning posture and blue phoenix immediately said obediently, “Jing-jing is tired. I’ll help you make the bed!”

Since Jing-jing loved it so much, it must work harder. So it fluttered to bed, pulled the corner of the quilt with its mouth, and started to make the bed.

Jing Yue, “…”

At this time, he heard hurried footsteps in the yard and knew it was Meng Shan.

The door was pushed open. Meng Shan saw that Jing Yue was also there and immediately said, “A-jing, you’re finally back! It’s bad! Your light-body charm has been cracked!”

Jing Yue was very calm. “It’s only cracked now? It's almost half a year later than I expected.”

In fact, more than half a year ago, Wu Dao-zhenren had cracked the pseudo pattern on the light-body talisman. But as a teacher, he disdained to compete with the students for profit, so he never said it to the outside world, but Jing Yue knew about it.

Meng Shan suffered a blow at those words. He hadn't succeeded in cracking it yet, so he grieved and said, “It’s already very fast, okay? That disciple is also a talisman cultivator but not from Green Bamboo Sanctuary. I’m really useless!”

Jing Yue comforted, “There are many talisman schools in the cultivation world. Although Green Bamboo Sanctuary is famous, there are disciples with great talents in other schools too. Why bother about winning or losing over such a small matter?”

Meng Shan, “I know, but I’m still upset. Alas, let’s not talk about this anymore. The point is that the disciple is short of money. He sold the method to Mauve Aurora Sect. Now, the Mauve Aurora Sect has set up a stall in the market, and according to rumors, they plan to rent a shop in Bliss City too. They didn’t reduce the price but they have the manpower, so they produced more talismans than you.”

Jing Yue smiled indifferently. “It’s okay. Let them be.”

After thinking about it, he sent a message to Wang Xiaoli, telling the other party not to go to the market these few days. He had other assignments for him.

At this time, Wang Xiaoli looked at the stall that belonged to Mauve Aurora next to him, feeling quite annoyed and worried. Suddenly, he received a message from Jing Yue and his spirits lifted. He quickly packed up the stall and went away.

As soon as he left, the people of Mauve Aurora smiled at each other triumphantly.

Someone noticed that Wang Xiaoli’s expression was a little off when he left, seeming a little happy, so he nervously said, “Do you think the child patriarch will make the charm method public?”

Someone else said, “What are you afraid of? Let’s earn some money while we can. Just give us ten days and we can recover the cost. Besides, now that only two parties are selling this talisman, we can still sell it at a high price. If he made it public, won’t it hurt his profits too? Hehe, I think he can only swallow this loss!”

Several people laughed boisterously.

One day after that, Wang Xiaoli didn’t go to the stall, and the people of Mauve Aurora were even more jubilant, assuming that Jing Yue had suffered a great blow and was down and frustrated. As the exclusive seller of this talisman, it allowed them to make a lot of money. Notwithstanding ten days, as long as this situation continued for another five or six days, they would be able to make a clean profit.

But their good mood didn’t last long. On the second day, there were suddenly many more people selling light-body charms in the market.

The cultivator that said this situation would hurt Jing Yue’s profits turned green. He said angrily, “What the hell is that child patriarch doing? Did he really resort to such a detrimental outcome?”

Others whispered, “Isn’t this illogical? He doesn’t seem to be such a stupid person. Could it be… the person who sold us the method broke his promise and sold the method to others?”

“Does he have the guts?”

“In the face of interests, he may not be able to resist the temptation.”

Since the light-body talismans sold by other vendors were cheaper than theirs, they were no longer in the mood to continue setting up the stall.

After they returned and checked, Jing Yue had indeed announced the refining method. What made them even more stunned was that Jing Yue didn't take a single spiritual stone and directly released it for free, earning a horde of gratitude from countless people.

As for them? It cost them 50,000 spirit stones to buy the formula, and they only made more than 10,000 so far. Their eyes were nearly bleeding from the loss!

“Is the child patriarch’s brain full of sand? What good is it for him to do this to us? Even his business is ruined now!”

The blood-stricken people gathered around to curse heaven and earth. At this moment, the people who went out to investigate came back and yelled, “It’s bad! The child patriarch has set up a stall again! This time, he’s going to customize some sort of beast-suppressing charm. The rumor outside is spreading like wildfire, saying that one talisman can make a Wood Sparrow recognize the master. Now, it has attracted a lot of people to watch the excitement!”


“Damn! It!”

At this moment, Jing Yue’s stall was indeed surrounded by a lot of people. He said to the crowd, “I only succeeded in refining the beast-suppression charm against the Wood Sparrow, but if I can do it for the Wood Sparrow, it should be the same for other spirit beasts too. If anyone is willing to give it a try, you can take the talisman for different beasts first, and then pay me after you have successfully formed a bond with the spirit beast.”

When he spoke, Ran Yu was standing beside him, and the wood sparrow nestling in her arms was the best proof. After all, when Ran Yu approached Jing Yue for the beast-suppression talisman back then, many people in the market witnessed that exchange.

Coupled with Jing Yue's previous credibility accumulation, and they could also use the talisman before paying, most people were willing to try.

Seeing that Wang Xiaoli quickly recorded ten types of spirit beasts, Jing Yue said, “That’s all for today. For all the talismans recorded today, you may return one month later to collect the end product.” He took out ten yellow talismans and said, “This is the customized talisman for Wood Sparrows and the effect has been confirmed. One hundred spirit…”

“I want it!”

“The one in front, give way!”

“I have enough spirit stones!”

Before the words fell, he was already overwhelmed by the crowd.

When Jing Yue finally escaped from the market again, his hair was all messed up. Next to the wall beside him, he adjusted his appearance and saw that another person appeared next to the wall.

“Mountain Leader.” Jing Yue hurriedly turned around to greet him. His hand loosened and a few strands of hair fell. It should have been a little embarrassing, but against Jing Yue's appearance, it became a little dashing instead.

“Mm.” Qin Yanzhi actually returned the greeting. “I heard that you can make a beast-suppression talisman. I’d like to ask you for a favor.”

Jing Yue was surprised. “Qin-zhenjun needs a spirit beast?” Wasn’t it enough to spend the rest of his life with swords?

Qin Yanzhi, “I want a ferocious beast.”

Author’s Notes: Mini Theater

Jing-jing: Is it possible for Qin-zhenjun to stroke a sword for a lifetime?

Rouge: I’ll prove to you that the answer is no.

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