Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 55 - Scaring

Chapter 55 - Scaring

“Your, Your Majesty is joking, right, haha, hahaha… ” Su Yu forced a laugh, completely scared stupid.

An Hongche glanced at him.

“Zhen asks you, what festival is on the tenth day of the tenth month of the lunar year?”

“Tenth day of the tenth month…” Su Yu hesitated. He thought quickly of the Mid-Autumn Festival of August 15 and the Double Ninth Festival on the ninth day of September.

“Ah, it’s Yan Emperor’s birthday.” At the critical moment of life and death, his mind suddenly cleared up, and he thought of such an unusual festival.[TL_Note: Yan Emperor -> Flame Emperor, legendary dynasty descended from Shennong]

“Who is Yan Emperor?” His Majesty the Emperor frowned.

“He is…” Su Yu’s lips twitched.

How could he forget that this is not the same time and space where he originally lived, no matter the geographical environment, historical changes, and even the gods and demons they worshipped were different. There were no such things as the Flame Emperor, Yu the Great, and so on.

His Majesty sneered.

“The tenth day of the tenth month is the Manxiang Festival of our Da’an Dynasty. You don’t even know such a grand festival, how dare you say you are not the foreign star?”

The Manxiang Festival of the Da’an Dynasty was mainly used to worship the ancestors of the Da’an royal family. October was the time of harvest, not only should the royal family go up to the Anguo Tower to worship, but the common people would also put up a rich feast at home in order to ask the ancestors to bless the coming year with good weather.

Because of the miraculous good weather every year in the Da’an Dynasty, the common people had a lot of faith in this festival, so the grandeur was no less than that of the Spring Festival.

He had just transmigrated here for half a year, it hasn’t passed October yet, how could he know there was such a festival.

Su Yu unconsciously shrank back, all he could think of was, it’s all over, I’m done for, he was going to be sacrificed to the heavens!

He grabbed Su Yu, who was about to fall out of bed and held him in his arms. His Majesty said in a deep voice.

“Don’t be afraid, as long as you are obedient, Zhen won’t tell anyone.”

Su Yu stared at the Emperor dumbfounded. He couldn’t see his expression clearly in the dark, he just vaguely saw a faint smile in his bright eyes.

“Be, be obedient…” He had always obeyed the Emperor’s words, how could he be more obedient?

An Hongche chuckled and suddenly rolled over and pressed Su Yu under his body, kissing him on the lips.

“Hmm…” Slightly cold thin lips, with the sweet fragrance of grass, shifted and grinded, gradually deepening the kiss.

Su Yu was stunned and let the Emperor do what he wanted until a warm and slender hand reached into his inner shirt, and then he came back to his senses.

“Your, Your Majesty!”

“Don’t move, let Zhen touch it.” His Majesty domineering placed Su Yu’s hand above his head and released his lips, slowly moving to his temples he lightly sniffed, and then moved to his ear and neck, as if a wild animal confirming whether the food was fresh before eating.

Such a move caused Su Yu to tremble, and his soul which has been scared away beyond the nine heavens gradually returned. He then remembered that the Emperor has long seen he was different and never did anything to him. What’s more, they were lovers now…

After confirming the freshness of the food, His Majesty the Emperor began to taste the delicious food in a happy mood.

The delicious fish should naturally be licked from head to tail and gently caressed inch by inch until you turn the fair white fish pink, and then turn it into braised fish.


The next day, the Emperor went to court very pleased with himself.

Su Yu’s head was smoking and pretended to be an ostrich under the quilt. Last night, he was touched by the Emperor and he couldn’t restrain himself for a moment and also touched the Emperor. This led to His Majesty discovering a new world and pestered him for most of the night.

Covering his face with one hand, Su Yu remembered the various unequal treaties he had agreed to muddleheadedly, and couldn’t help feeling a little angry.

The Emperor was clearly teasing him last night, the so-called obedience was to let His Majesty kiss and touch him, to be available at his beck and call every day, serve as a cook, masseur, pillow, and so on when His Majesty was bored.

As a cook, working part-time as a concubine was enough, but now he had to deal with more part-time jobs and there was no extra salary, even the luxury dormitory was confiscated. The future was really dark…

“There was a major event in harem yesterday, and presumably all ministers already know.” His Majesty’s voice was cold, but there was a slight smile on his lips.

The court ministers looked at each other in dismay, unable to tell whether the Emperor was angry or happy, but regardless of the Emperor’s mood, yesterday's incident was not a good thing. The Emperor raised this issue at this time and it was certainly not to reward them, and then they said in unison:

“These ministers are in reverence before your Majesty.”(TL_Note: This one was a pickle to translate so I would like to thank aeryn and Jade for helping me translate this. These are their novels I recommend checking them out, )

“Zhen was unaware that the imperial guards in the palace can already be instructed by the concubines.” An Hongche’s face turned cold.

“Today, they dare to add tranquilizing drugs to Xian Fei’s incense. Tomorrow will they be able to add Hedinghong to Zhen’s food?”[TL_Note:Hedinghong -> a highly toxic chemical]

“Your Majesty, please restrain one’s anger.” All the ministers knelt down one after another and Prime Minister Lu was already sweating profusely.

Last night, there was news from the palace that his daughter had gotten into trouble and was grounded. Although there was Empress Dowager’s protection and it had not been decided the nature of the crime, the Emperor obviously wasn’t willing to let it go.

“Reporting to the Emperor, since King Mu got involved in the guard of the palace, there have been frequent problems in the imperial palace. Chen thinks King Mu should be dismissed from the post of Minister of Defence.” Prime Minister Lu came forward and said.

The Emperor mentioned the guards first and then the concubines, so the key is the guards. Naturally, he would not be foolish enough to mention his daughter's affairs first, having been an official for so many years, he certainly knows what the Emperor wants.

The named King Mu stared coldly at the Prime Minister and hurriedly stepped forward and made a statement:

“Your Majesty, since King Su and King Ling entered the capital in July, the inner palace and the Xiaoqi Camp have been under the control of the two Imperial Uncles. Chen really was unaware of yesterday’s matter.”

This was a really vicious thing to say, the inner palace and the Xiaoqi Camp were both under the control of the two Wangyes. To put it in a bad way, all the Emperor’s assets were in the hands of the two Wangyes.

“Boy, what do you mean!” King Su grabbed King Mu by the collar.

“This nephew has no intention of criticizing Imperial Uncle, just telling the truth.” The long and narrow eyes of King Mu were full of coldness.

“Your Majesty, King Mu has stayed in the capital for more than a year. Now that Your Majesty is crowned, it’s time to give Junwang a proper fief.” Marquis Changchun suddenly said.

Prime Minister Lu looked at Marquis Changchun in surprise. This man has been very slippery and has always remained neutral in the court, why did he suddenly change his character now?

Marquis Changchun complained secretly in his heart, he didn’t want to be the first bird but it was because of his daughter who always made him worry.

Since the Empress Dowager elected Cen Xiaojie to enter the palace, Marquis Changchun’s Residence has never been peaceful, and he was worried every day. After all, the matter of the agarwood incense arose from his family, once the Emperor investigated Marquis Changchun’s Fu would be in danger. He had to hug the Emperor’s thigh tightly.

His Majesty took a deep look at Marquis Changchun and remained silent for a moment, then slowly said:

“Marquis Changchun has a point, let’s set the fief at Yongcheng, ba. You can depart the capital after ten days.”

“Ah?” King Mu and King Su exclaimed in unison.

Yongcheng was a small city in the northwest, and it would be fine as a fief for a Junwang, however, Yongcheng was under the jurisdiction of King Su. Junwangs couldn’t leave their fief without being summoned, and if the fief was still under the control of a Qinwang there would be even less freedom.

King Su didn’t like this nephew at all, if you throw him under his nose, will it not be a disturbance every day? He couldn’t help looking at King Ling.

King Ling bared his teeth and gloated at his elder brother's misfortune. His northern land was connected to the western region, it was very convenient to collude with foreign enemies, the Emperor will naturally not appoint Junwang to the northern land.

The ups and downs in court had no influence on Su Yu, he was preparing breakfast for the Emperor while reciting the book from memory.

In the morning, because the Emperor woke up and hugged and rubbed against him, it delayed the cooking, so he went to court hungry.

Su Yu felt a little distressed, although Wang Gonggong said that in the past the Emperor only ate after going to court, thinking of how he felt in high school when he went to study in the morning on a hungry stomach, he decided to make some pastries. In the future, the Emperor would eat some before he went to court, and then have a good meal when he comes back.

Therefore, when the Emperor came back from killing in all four directions, he saw a rich breakfast.

“Hmph, don’t think that if you fawn on Zhen with delicious food, Zhen will let you off the hook.” His Majesty took a bite of the shrimp and lotus root.

“Follow Zhen to the Imperial Study later.”

After breakfast, the Emperor would review the memorials in the imperial study and occasionally receive some ministers to discuss official business.

His Majesty, because last night he tasted the sweetness, whenever he had a chance, he wanted to hug Su Yu and kiss and touch him, just like now.

The Emperor sat on a broad dragon chair, holding Su Yu in his arms to support his chin. With one hand around his waist and a vermillion brush in the other hand, he marked the memorials.

“Your, Your Majesty, this is not appropriate, ba.” Su Yu moved uneasily.

Sitting like this, he could see the contents of the memorial clear as day, is it really okay to let a concubine see the memorials?

“What?” An Hongche raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

The meaning was very clear, as a foreign star if you wanted to live, you must be obedient. Don’t try to rebel against Zhen, Zhen’s patience is very poor.

“Nothing.” Su Yu conceded and silently took out the <Fish Killing Heart Law> from his sleeve and obediently memorized it.

“Reporting to the Emperor, King Ling requests an audience.” The guard outside the door reported.

“Let him in.” The Emperor replied without raising his head.

“Your Majesty, quickly let go of Chen.” Su Yu hurried to stand up, but the hand at his waist was firmly wrapped around him, preventing him from moving. The sound of King Ling’s footsteps was heard outside the door, and he suddenly broke out into a sweat.

“Chen pays respect to the Emperor, may my Emperor…” King Ling came in and started to make a solemn salute.

“All right, don’t be wordy.” The Emperor waved his hand and interrupted King Ling’s salute.

He could not bear to listen to these unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, besides he should also prevent Imperial Uncle from saluting Su Yu.

King Ling hadn’t knelt down yet, hearing this he looked up.

“Eh, Xian Fei is also here.” He immediately understood the Emperor’s meaning, so he didn’t insist anymore. Smiling, he took a small fish pastry from the imperial table.

His Majesty frowned. “What’s the matter?”

“Hmm, the things sent by King Jing have arrived at the capital.” After eating the pastry in his hand in two to three bites, King Ling took another one before speaking.

“Send it directly to the Anguo Tower.” An Hongche glared at his Imperial Uncle and took away the plate holding the pastries.

King Ling’s lips twitched, he looked at Su Yu and said with a smile.

“Xian Fei, ah. I sent someone to transport the chili peppers, they will arrive at the palace at noon.”

Su Yu blinked, not understanding why King Ling always wanted to give him chili peppers.

“Thank you, Imperial Uncle.”

“Why so polite.” King Ling waved his hand.

“Since you married His Majesty, you are naturally also my nephew. If you want something, just tell your Imperial Uncle.”

“Oh.” Su Yu nodded and expressed his understanding.

It turned out that the royal elders were so friendly, he thought if he could not grow chili peppers, he would have to exchange benefits with King Ling, who knew that King Ling was a living Lei Feng.

King Ling choked, this child was too sincere.

“...Cough, that, if you really feel bad about it, when you cook boiled fish you can also send a portion to Ling Wangfu.”

Su Yu: “...”

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<The Incapable Ruler Is The One That Likes to Touch Fish During Working Hours Record>

Minister A: Why is Your Majesty late for court?

Cat Gong: Touched fish for a while(⊙ω⊙)

Minister B: How can the Emperor bring his concubine to the Imperial Study?

Cat Gong: For the convenience of touching the fish(⊙ω⊙)


Yu the Great -> Yu the Great mythical leader who tamed the floods

Manxiang -> Grand Feast

Junwang -> A prince of the second rank in the Qing dynasty

Fu -> seat of government/government repository/ official residence/mansion

Lei Feng -> Lei Feng was allegedly a soldier in the People's Liberation Army who was the object of several major propaganda campaigns in China. The most well-known of these campaigns in 1963 promoted the slogan, "Follow the examples of Comrade Lei Feng."

Wangfu -> prince's mansion

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